39 Unsolved Murders, Deaths & Disappearances

March 23, 2010

Below follows a list of thirty nine unsolved murders, dubious deaths, and disappearances spanning the past fifty years in Bermuda; from 1959 to present. It is not completely comprehensive, and we will update it as able. As a disclaimer we were unable to verify beyond all doubt in the cases from decades ago. Any corrections or additions please contact us.

  • May 6, 2010: 40 yr old Jamaican national George Lynch was shot and killed by a single bullet to the chest. He was standing outside a home in which witnesses to a trial lived, the same home in which the incident occurred. The trial had resulted in guilty verdicts 2.5 hours earlier. This murder is too recent to have achieved a conviction, so hopefully we can remove this from the list in future.
  • Apr 2, 2010: Kimwandae Walker was murdered in a case that shocked Bermuda; during a Good Friday holiday kite flying event he was shot and killed in front of numerous people, including his own children in broad daylight. As of this writing [April 9] it does not look likely a conviction will occur. This murder is too recent to have achieved a conviction, so hopefully we can remove this from the list in future.
  • Mar 19 2010: 26 year old Jamaican national James Lawes was shot and killed in a triple shooting that also saw two other men wounded. This murder is too recent to have achieved a conviction, so hopefully we can remove this from the list in future.
  • Jan 3 2010: 34 year old Perry Puckerin was shot and killed in Hamilton Parish at 9.30pm.
  • Dec 17,2009: 30 year old Shane Minors was shot and killed on Friswell’s Hill, only weeks after his brother Shaki Minors was non-fatally shot outside Southside Cinema along with his girlfriend Renee Kuchler. His was the 3rd murder in 12 days. [Update July 19: 2 men have been charged in his murder]
  • Dec 15, 2009: 22 year old Gary “Fingas” Cann, was shot and killed on Southview Road, Sandys after leaving the home of Sancha Durham and her parents.
  • Dec 5, 2009: Kumi Harford was gunned down at 5 a.m. on St. Monica’s Road. His brother Jakai Harford was shot and injured only a few weeks later in March 2010, after being shot prior in 2007. [Update May 31: A man has been charged with his murder]
  • Jan 2009: 30 year old French tourist Medhi Yahi disappeared after flying in to the island from Europe for a concert by Bermudian singer Heather Nova. On Jan 31, he jumped on stage to lay flowers and had to be escorted away as Ms Nova performed at Fairmont Southampton. His personal belongings were found on the beach at Chaplin Bay, Warwick, and it is generally speculated that he may have drowned. The Bermuda Police conducted land and marine searches.
  • August 24 2007: Shaki Crockwell was shot and killed. The 25 year old national footballer was a father of two young boys. His body was found on the Railway Trail at Loyal Hill in Devonshire just after 10pm.
  • October 26 2006:  Marcus Sheldon Gibbings, a national of Trinidad, was found murdered in his Derwent Lane, Devonshire apartment. Mr. Gibbings was last seen alive at 8pm the day prior in the Ramgoat Hill, Smith’s parish area.
  • July 23 2006: 18 year old Jason Lightbourne was behind the wheel of a white Daihatsu Charade sedan motorcar traveling in a westerly direction on Ord Road in Paget when he was shot and killed. Two people were arrested in connection with the crime, but they were eventually released.
  • Nov 2003: 55 year-old Mr. Leonard “Sam” Outerbridge from Hamilton Parish went out fishing, never to return. Despite a search by US Coastguard airplanes, Marine Police units, and volunteer fellow fishermen he was not found. Mr. Outerbridge is generally accepted to have been lost at sea.
  • Sept 5 2003: Following Hurricane Fabian four Bermudians were reported missing, having been swept off the Causeway by the high winds. Despite a full-scale search only one body was recovered;  37 year old police officer Stephen Symons. The bodies of fellow police officers Nicole O’Connor, 29, and Station Duty Officer Gladys Saunders, 48, were never found. 23 year old Manuel Pacheco also was swept of the causeway. It is generally accepted that all three are lost at sea.
  • Jan 5 2003: Micah Battersbee, 29, and Alan Edness, 56, disappeared after the sinking of the fishing boat New Nuts. Also on the boat was Robert Lambe, who managed to escape and was picked up 20 hours later by an American naval ship on its way to the Persian Gulf, after being spotted by an US Coastguard airplane. It is generally accepted that both men are lost at sea.
  • April 28 2003: 20 year old Shaundae Jones was shot to death outside West End nightclub Club Malabar. He left the nightclub at 3am and made his way back to the car where he was talking with friends when his assailant walked through the crowd and shot him once in the chest, and escaped the scene on a motorcycle. Mr. Jones had previously testified in the murder trial of Tekle Mallory [listed below] and it is speculated that this may have been a motive for his murder. His close friend Jahni Bean was a defendant in the case, and was acquitted.
  • Sept 11 2001: Bermudians Rhondelle Tankard and Boyd Gatton were both employed by companies based in the World Trade Center in New York during the now infamous 9/11 attacks. It is generally accepted they died on that day.
  • July 2001: Tekle Zion Mallory: Killed in a brawl outside Paget Ice Queen late night, with reports there were more than 100 onlookers. Two men were charged but not convicted of murder. Quincy Brangman was acquitted of murder, but sentenced to eight years for wounding Lemuel Weeks during the same incident. Jahni Bean was acquitted on lack of evidence.
  • Nov 17 1999: 43 year old Gleen “Glen” Wolffe was found stabbed to death at his home in Heathcote Hill, Sandys Parish, with it believed his body had been there for several days. There was no sign of forced entry, and his car was found on Union Street in Pembroke. Mr.Wolffe was openly homosexual, it has never been determined if homophobia may have been a motive. Mr. Wolffe had a previous criminal conviction for attempted murder of a former lover.
  • A 37 year old woman, Katherine Gartlan, an art teacher at Berkeley died in what police said appeared to be suicide. It is reported that one officer said “Basically she just boiled to death”. Another officer allegedly admitted that “circumstances were unusual for a suicide.”
  • July 3 1996: Rebecca Middleton: Considered by many to be the biggest prosecution error in history, the 17 year old Canadian tourist was raped, sodomized, tortured and stabbed to death in Ferry Reach. Prior to receiving the DNA results back from a Canadian lab, the office of the Attorney General [who was Barbadian Elliot Motley] plea bargained with 21 yr old Jamaican national Kirk Mundy, letting him plead guilty to being an accessory to the murder, receiving 5 years prison time. When the DNA proof came in, it was determined the Kirk Mundy himself had committed the crime, with only his semen found in Ms. Middleton. When he committed the murder, he was out on bail for the 1995 robbery of a Bank security van, for which he later received a 16 year sentence. It is whispered the sentence for the unrelated robbery was especially severe due to the Middleton case.  In 2004 he received his GED in prison, and made claims of “going straight”. In 2009 Mr. Mundy was given another 18 months in prison after cannabis was found in his cell. 17 year old Justis Smith was tried for Ms. Middleton’s murder, and acquitted. In 2003, Mr. Smith was convicted of stabbing another lady, Shanae Outerbridge.
  • Oct. 9 1994: Brian Simmons, 29, discovered with his throat slashed inside the main gates of the Pembroke Dump.
  • Dec. 21 1993: Irvin Dunlop, 48, part-time Mid Ocean Club golf caddy, found stabbed to death in an alley. Policed have no suspects.
  • April 5, 1992: 4 year old Chaona Woolridge disappeared from her Cove Valley, St. David’s home. The daughter of John and Donna Woolridge, the young child had Downs syndrome. Due to her young age and the fact her shoes were found in close proximity to the water, her case is generally accepted to have been a disappearance, not a murder.
  • 1990: 22 year old Mark Leonard Alexander Martin was killed while floating off Admiralty House during the first day of Cup Match. The family hired a forensic scientist who concluded that Mark had met his death as a result of massive trauma consistent with a boat propeller. This appears not to be a case of intentional murder, but accidental marine vehicular homicide.
  • Nov. 13 1989: British expat Jacqueline Meredith, 32, died of head injuries from three blows to the head apparently inflicted as she slept in her Smith’s Parish home. Her husband, Michael Meredith, a well known folk singer, was tried for her murder and found not guilty.  He is reported to have moved to Florida and re-married.  Mr. Meredith is said to have claimed that the police stopped their investigation when he was arrested. He was defended by Julian Hall, in a case once described by lawyer Delroy Duncan as “Bermuda’s OJ”.
  • Jan 25 1988: Stephen Daniels, 29, found stabbed to death in a Glebe Road, Pembroke apartment.  A man was tried in 1989 for his murder, but was acquitted.
  • May 4 1985: 19 year old Aaron Easton was found dead of head injuries and stab wounds.  It is said that the next day a lynch mob at Spanish Point may have tried to force a confession from a man seen running from the scene, and that he was released after police found he was running from a different crime.
  • May 2 1975: Webster “Stringy” Simons was stabbed to death. The 45 year old was an Assistant Manager of the Palm Cafe on South Shore.
  • March 1975: Margery Wade, a 34 yr old British expat Berkeley Institute school teacher, was sexually assaulted and killed by a blow to the head with a wooden plank inside her Laffan Street, Hamilton apartment. Police are said to have questioned over 1,000 people including young Berkeley Institute students, which created extreme controversy. Despite a forensic scientist from Britain’s Home Office brought in to assist, the case remains unsolved decades later.
  • Oct. 22 1967: Cynthia DeSilva, 17, was shot in the back from a moving car on Dundonald Street. The owner of a coffee shop on Queen Street, 40 year old William “John Casablanca” Forbes was charged.  Ms. Desilva had reportedly been in a relationship with him. Supreme Court juries deadlocked in two separate trials. Mr. Forbes is speculated to have died in the U.S. after plunging down an elevator shaft.
  • March 24, 1960: Kevin Outerbridge. A little boy disappeared from his grandparent’s home in Bailey’s Bay.  It is said that a wealthy neighbor offered to set up a reward for his safe return, but his mother allegedly claimed that police officials of the day refused claiming it would frighten off tourists.
  • Sept. 19, 1964: Two year old  toddler Wendy Caines died of head injuries. Police reportedly had a strong suspect; however no one was charged.
  • March 7 1959: 72 year old Gertrude Robinson was murdered in an case dubbed the “Murder Mile Inquiries”. Scotland Yard investigated the murder of the elderly woman, who was raped and beaten to death near a banana patch outside her Warwick Home.  There was rampant speculation that 19 year old Wendell Lightbourne [who was convicted in the murder of 29 year old British secretary Dorothy Rawlinson that same year] committed this crime – as well as the one listed below.
  • May 9 1959: Mrs. Dorothy Pearce, 53, was found badly battered in her cottage only weeks after the murder of Gertrude Robinson [listed above]

Anyone with any information about any of these incidents is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8115 or the independent 24 hour confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477. In addition, you can send an anonymous tip via the Crime Stoppers Bermuda website at crimestoppers.bm

Crime Stoppers Bermuda reminds the public that a reward of up to $100,000 is available to any person who gives information that leads to the arrest and conviction of any individuals involved in firearm incidents or in the recovery of any firearms.


  • We would appreciate it if rather then reprinting this list, it is linked or an excerpt is used.
  • “Dubious deaths” we refer mostly to cases in which a body was not recovered

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