100 Days Old: Our Thanks For Your Help

June 8, 2010

thank-youSlightly borrowing the practice of American Presidents, Bernews is pleased to announce we are 100 days old today. We are extremely pleased with all we have accomplished in our first 100 days, which has seen our traffic far exceed our expectations, and our statistical rankings climb extremely well.

We are proudly 100% Bermudian run, and in many ways have operated in an old fashioned Bermudian grassroots manner, relying on the kindness and assistance of others to rise as fast as we have.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the numerous people who have assisted us in our first 100 days; Andrew Stephenson, Bermuda Inline Hockey Association, Bright Brigade, Department of Communications and Information, Kaleidoscope Media, Earl Basden, Jamahl Simmons, Lieutentant Roberts of the Fire Service, Only the Best Gift Shop, Robin Simmons and Dwayne Caines of the Police Media Relations Department, Somers Coopers of the Bermuda Sailing Association, RDIS, Troncossi Public Relations, the BDA, PLP and UBP and others whom we are aware like to remain nameless.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our sponsors, with whom this website could not exist. They jumped onboard in our initial first 20 Р50 days to support a fledging organization and it has been appreciated; Bermuda Motors, BermudaSupply.bm, Cablevision, and Northrock.

In something that may surprise many, we would also like to thank so many of those in the pre existing media for welcoming us onboard; offering tips, guidance and the voice of experience. It has been much appreciated.

Those listed above represent only a fraction of the help we have had.If you ever provided us with a comment when we asked – thanks. If you have a blog/forum and you linked Bernews – thanks. If you are one of the people who emailed us to say how much you like the site – thanks. If you are one of the people who comment on our articles on either our website or our Facebook page – thanks. If you joined our Facebook page – thanks. If you ever retweeted us on Twitter, or posted a link to your Facebook page – thanks. If you ever sent in pics, or let us use yours – thanks. If you told a friend about Bernews – thanks.

We have truly enjoyed our first 100 days, and look forward to many more.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Here’s to the next 365!

  2. It has been our honour and pleasure to watch (and help along) the birth of a new Bermuda-based media organisation. You have done remarkable work and you’ve done it with accuracy, creativity and lightening speed. Kudos to you and we look forward to many hundreds of days more.

  3. berwife says:

    Happy 100 days, Bernews! Look forward to many more days of your excellent, fast, local coverage.

  4. Tired of the nonsense.... says:

    You are now the first website which I click on every morning nowadays.

    Thoroughly enjoy your impartial reporting and numerous historic tidbits about our lovely island.

    Happy 100 and wishing you many more!!

    Keep up the good work guys…

  5. bernews says:


  6. Glad to have been of service! It’s been exciting to have been part of your journey and Bermuda’s new media revolution. And this is just the beginning …

  7. T Payne says:

    This is 100 days old? Damn I had just come across it recently and figured I was behind the times. Kudos to your team for a great job in such a short time.

  8. RISE UP says:


  9. Absolutely love Bernews! Thanks for all the daily updates.

  10. Erica says:

    Congratulations. I too click on your site throughout the day. Love the updates, and also love that you do not sensationalize stories.

    May your success be an inspiration to other young Bermudians.

  11. bernews says:

    Thanks again :-)