African Bound Delta Flight Diverts to Island

September 15, 2010

Delta Air LinesYesterday morning [Sept 14] a Delta flight traveling from the US to Nigeria with over 200 people onboard diverted to Bermuda due to a female passenger requiring urgent medical care.

The flight landed, an awaiting ambulance transported the passenger to King Edward Memorial Hospital, and the flight then left Bermuda around 2 hours later.

New York Centre Air Traffic Control informed Bermuda officials that Delta flight 54, a Boeing 777, with 255 persons on board was diverting to Bermuda with a medical emergency. With the tower unmanned, Bermuda Radio initiated the airport emergency call out page and the aircraft landed safely at approximately 4:30am.

An awaiting ambulance transferred the 36-year-old female passenger to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, and at 6:43am Delta 54 was airborne to continue her flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Lagos, Nigeria.

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