Bermudian Entrepreneur On Aussie Mag Cover

November 9, 2010

Bermudian Will Young has taken the poet’s advice to heart and is measuring out his life — and career — in coffee spoons.

Now based in Australia where he runs the speciality Campos Coffee, a now-legendary cafe he opened seven years ago that draws draws connoisseur crowds from all over Sydney, the young entrepreneur was featured on the cover of this week’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald’s magazine.

will young coffee

Mr. Young, the son of Bermudian businessman Ward Young and his wife, Kim, a former Member of Parliament, landed the cover story because Campos recently opened a cupping room — a purpose-built facility where coffee aficionados called “cuppers” can evaluate coffee aroma and the flavor profile of particular blends .

“Young’s idea of turning an unused space above his espresso bar into the Cupping Room was in response to customers’ demands to know more about what goes on behind the roasting scenes,” reports the magazine.”

Campos Coffee was recently named Sydney’s second-best coffee house by “Time Out Sydney” magazine.

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  1. 32n64w says:

    Congratulations Will.

    Not the first time Campos Coffee has been cited in a major newspaper. Four years ago the NY Times remarked:

    “A visit to Campos, a coffee bar in Sydney, or to Batch Espresso, in Melbourne, is worth the 22-hour flight from New York — not to mention a great way to kick the jet lag.”

  2. Bermuda Cazza says:

    Campos coffee is the nectar of the gods! I lived in Newtown (Sydney) for 3 years and it was my favourite coffee place. I had no idea of the Bermuda connection… which just makes it even more near and dear to my heart :)

  3. PW says:

    Thought readers would like the Campos website