Former Fugitive Omari Gordon Given 10 Years

November 1, 2010

omari gordon bermudaFormer fugitive Omari Gordon was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the Supreme Court today [Nov 1]. Mr. Gordon discharged a firearm on 29th November, 2008 whilst frontline operational Police Officers were attempting to stop Mr. Gordon during a routine traffic patrol. Mr Gordon plead guilty to the charge of discharging a firearm in a public place on October 1st, nd denied an additional charge of using a firearm with intent to resist arrest.

Mr. Gordon, of Derwent Lane, Devonshire, fired at Police as they chased him through Middle Town in the early hours of November 29th 2008.

He was arrested in July 2010 after being on the run since late 2008, with Police capturing him in Sandy’s parish residence, with Mr Gordon having substantially changed his appearance.

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  1. BermyGurl says:

    Funny how there are no comments on the 2 people put away today, yet everyone is bashing each other on the political stories. Same old crap there. Good for the courts to take a few of these idiots off the street for only for a while.

  2. bermyguy says:

    Totally Agree With You BermyGurl.

  3. T says:

    I totally agree with u as well Bermygurl! SMH!

  4. vern says:

    well this is what we expect to happen and what should happen.I wonder if this means will some of these guys do 4-5 years and be out because in Bermuda it seems people never do the entire time they are sentenced.

    • bdashotta says:

      @vern…ya he’ll do a 1/3 of de time, get out on good behavior. 10-12 ain’t a deterrent if ya don’t do all de time!

  5. Call as it is says:

    should have got LIFE plus 99 years.

    bring in the 3 strikes and you out too.

    Get rid of all the idiots forever.

    • Friend says:

      but he didnt he got 10 yrs and will be out before you know it!!!!!!

    • LOL says:

      3 stricks was that a UBP thing. Right “locks us all up” says Bean makes me……..


  6. Friend says:

    Keep ya head up Mori FUK what ALL the haters got to say before you look you’ll be out!!!!!!! And the haters aint gonna have nuffn to say!!!!

    • Jays says:

      Cute. The majourity of Bermudians are happy when fugitives are locked up. Those who are friends with fugitives probably don’t have the brains to realize that in doing so makes Bermuda safer.

      • Stunned says:

        Thank you! How small minded are you really “friend”. Right is right & wrong is wrong! How can you condone that? He shot at police what if that stray bullet would have hit ANYBODY?!

        • Friend says:

          I never not once said he was right for doing what he said he is my fukn friend and Im telling him to keep his head up and fuk what pl got to say, thats what friends are for!!!!!

      • Friend says:

        Jay shut the fuk up!!!! RIP HATERS

        • Jays says:

          Just wondering your opinion on the above statement, Bernews.. I’ve just been told to “shut the f#ck up” and RIP haters I can only see as a death threat. Do you want your site to have stuff like this on it?

    • Stunned says:

      Just IGNORANT….until your on the receiving end

    • Joke says:

      Streets are safer with your friend in the clink. Hope he has to serve his full sentence.

  7. Brasco says:

    I wish the Judicial system would stop kidding itself….10 or 12 years for trying to kill someone is a joke!!…..don’t you get like the same time for drugs!?!….

    Can someone in Judical Land help us Bermudians understand why Bermuda is so soft on crime?!?….STILL!!

    • Friend says:

      Sad part is for murder or manslughter you get the same time so ya blame it on the system!!!!

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Defintitely the systems fault that Mr. Gordon got a gun, pulled chase and then attempted to shoot police officers.

        I can see your “logic”

  8. Sara says:

    This guy got NO charges for hiding out from police for a year????????
    10 years for using a firearm (illegal to posses) and nobody serves the full sentence. The guy that killed Yankee gets only 12 years??????? And he KILLED A MAN. This only gives these guys more of an incentive to keep doing what they doing cause they will be out in five years or so. What a joke system.

    • bernews says:

      As a clarification – as sad to say we now have sufficient shootings that they can be confused – the man who got 12 years was not convicted, nor charged with murder. He was convicted of a previous attempt made on Yankee’s life in 2009.

      The man alleged to have shot and killed Yankee in a separate incident in 2010, is awaiting trial.

      • Sara says:

        @bernews, thank you and I apologize for getting my shooting mixed up, so hard to keep track like you say. Hopefully, the guy that actually killed him will get life. I don’t care if this guy was a hard core gangster, you don’t have the right to take someones life period.

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ Sara please get your information correct.. The gentleman that is being held for alledgedly killing Yankee has not been to court yet. He has been charged and he is still on remand currently awaitng Trial. Mr. Swan went to court for ATTEMPTING to kill Yankee.

      At the end of the day it is the judges decision on the time that they serve. What you should be looking at is not so much how much time they are serving but are they receiving any form of rehabilitation so that they don’t re-offend upon their release. This is an area in which we fall short as well because the resources are not available.

      According to recent newspaper acticles they are not getting any form of rehabilitation for gang activity while thay are incarcerated, therefore no resolution will be reached with those involved in the gang culture. This is an area in which we need to push. At some point while these young men are incarcerated they should be made to come to the table and bring their differences and hash things out. This currently is not happening….

      There are so many twist and turns in this lifestyle than one would begin to imagine…and if you don’t know you don’t know….and before anyone flips their lid because they don’t agree with what I am saying…let’s just say that I know more than most

      • Lineage says:

        @Peace and Love! I give you a standing ovation! Give thanks that you can see the bigger picture!

      • Sara says:

        Got it guys, thanks and as you can see above, I said I was sorry for the error. But, I don’t agree with you on not worrying about how long someone is locked up. I DO WORRY about someone getting too light of sentence because they are BACK on the street. AS far as I am concerned the longer your locked up, the more rehabilitation you can receive.

        • Peace and Love says:

          Speak to those who make the laws… if you go online and review the firearms act.. he was sentenced accordingly…you are so wrong as far as the longer you are locked up the more rehabilitaion you can receive..please explain to me what YOUR idea of rehabilitation is..because in my line of work ..theraputic services are a part of rehabilitation amongst other things..just because you are on lockdown does not make one rehabilitated…You can be locked up for example let’s say for being a pedophile for 10 years, and if you receive no treatment or services for your “illness” than when you come out chances are you will re-offend because you have not been rehabilitated…if you did further research on your own as far as it relates to rehabilitation you would be able to fully understand where I am coming from….

      • Sara says:

        BTW, blame your government for these rehabilitation problems, not me. When are you guys/girls that voted for the PLP going to stand up for your community and yourselves? If you don’t hold politicians accountable, there will ALWAYS be more of the same. It doesn’t work any other way.

    • Friend says:

      sweetie before you try bring anybody dwon get your information CORRECT the man that got 12yrs did not kill Yankee neither did he attempt to kill Yankee.

  9. Cousin says:

    @Peace and Love, you come with your hammer and you hit the nail on the head…and I Thank You for that! @sara to your first post….that’s how rummors start but thanks to Bernews for clearing it up!

  10. The Danger of FreeMason/Lodges says:

    FreeMasonry is part of the cause as to why we have no justice here in Bermuda. Check the history because if a person has been charged for an indictable offence and they have a family member who is involved with the Lodges/FreeMasons than they are always obliged…Actually it looks as though these FreeMasons are above the law!!!!

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ The Danger of FreeMason/Lodge ..hhmmmmmm! finally somebody brave enough to go there!!!!

  11. 123 says:

    Keep ya head up Mori

  12. StarLeeLee says:

    The world is governed by opinion….

    But here is mine,

    Omari didn’t get charged for shooting at a police officer nor did he kill or harm anyone. Also, I feel that it takes a REAL MAN to take full responsibility for their wrong actions and to apologize to his family and friends for causing heartache and stress. When Omari’s time is completed, he WILL better himself. Keep your head up Mari . XO