Resisting Arrest, Assault & Offensive Words

December 30, 2010

Felicia Johnson, 23, appeared in Magistrates’ Court today [Dec 30] on a number of separate charges relating to an incident last night [Dec 29].

She was charged with assaulting an individual, damaging a cash register belonging to the Ice Queen restaurant, assaulting at least four police officers — read out as separate counts –resisting arrest and using offensive words to the Police, which the Magistrate read out: “F&#k all you f%$kers. Can’t wait for people to start killing you”.

felicia johnson

When asked to enter a plea on the offensive words count, she attempted to plead “partially guilty” and admitted to swearing at Police — although she denied saying she hoped officers would be killed.

The court adjourned the matter until tomorrow morning at 11.30 and remanded Ms Johnson in custody until then.

The defendant said she had custody of a small child under two years old and asked for bail. The Magistrate denied her request, and replied if she was acting in this manner, the child might be better off with someone else.

Update Dec 31: Ms Johnson appeared in court this morning, asked for time to obtain a lawyer, and has been released on $2,000 bail and is due to re-appear in January 2011.

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  1. BDADIVA says:

    Such a lady! I’m sure her parents are really proud of her!

  2. SMDH :/ says:

    My heart aches for this poor child (the child under 2years) I also feel sorry for the young man who has a child with her as she seems to provoke the drama in her life.

    Read this related article involving Ms. Johnson from yesterday’s paper:

    • murda says:

      A yo u dun no situations to judge no one like dat. Lucky u hiding b hind a screen name.

      • whynta says:

        more den lucky! know dat!

      • MPP says:

        Ummm… how is she SMDH lucky, exactly?

        I hope you and whynta aren’t writing (or txtin) threateningly while, dare I point out, hiding behind a screen name.

        • murda says:

          A$$ that is my real name it’s pronounced mur-da not murder. dumb f*ck

      • White Jesus says:

        You’re the one who’s lucky pal. The day is coming soon when the law abiding citizens will not take you thugs crap anymore.You harm one innocent person and its YOU who better be hiding behind more than a screen name punk!

    • whynta says:

      how u feel sorry for a man who u dnt even kno? fyi this young lady is a subject of many things due this young man who she has a baby with> dnt go throwin stones ppl!

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Was she forced to have a baby from this guy?

        Is she forced nowadays to still be with this guy?

        Didn’t think so.

        Life is about choices…thus she only has herself to blame for her current circumstances and soon to be new residence…

        I also feel for the child…with parents like these it just becomes a vicious cycle…

        • murda says:

          nonsense must b the one who has made every right choice in life. children after marriage, lost your virgingity to the same man she married too… HUH??

  3. Call as it is says:

    take the child off her,put it with Good people

  4. wondering says:

    Let us not be so quick to judge. Our young people need serious guidance (as do we all) and I trust that the father and mother and young child don’t join countless others of lost souls in this our Isles of Devils.

  5. 21- Year Old Female says:

    I agree with SMDH!! I was just thinking the same thing. What does her actions say about herself??? Lock her the hell up, she obviously don’t learn and doesn’t care about her innocent child, let alone herself.

    • murda says:

      Ur a fool! U n evryone else one here who claim tht takin her son n lockn her up is the ansa. Wts tht gonna do? Another angry black man is wht u dumb ppl r tryna create when his mother is lockd up because she was treatd nasty and retaliated. Yes she needs some anger management but u wud b a living fool to say tht the ansa to tht is take away her child. N u who claimed to have been there obviously didn realize tht her sons father was there with her n wud hav went further than she did if he didn’t have something hangin over his head. Since u want to bring up her previous involvement in the newspaper which also concernd him. U feel sorry for him? U dnt even know these ppl. Nor the whole story. Hear both sides and all the twist n turns b4 u put ur two cents in and look like a fool in the process. Creating another black male out of her son because the cashier got out of line wuld not b justification. B realistic.

      • Ummm... says:

        ….by the sounds of it, she’ll be the one “creating another angry black male”!!!!! She obviously has no discipline over herself…how can she discipline a child?!!

      • Young Bermudian says:

        @ murda

        Wow what a more than appropriate name to match your mispelled comments and horrible grammar. Before you go spilling this young woman’s personal matters all over an anonymous internet site, how about you try to support change in her life and be positive. Also, do not threaten people who are more than entitled to their opinions just as you are. Clearly people will base opinions on what is presented to them, and in this case it is a very unflattering representation of her due to her inappropriate and unnecessary behaviour for a “woman” her age, let alone any individual at all.

        And instead of stating that people are “lucky” to be hiding behind computer screens, I’m sure that you are lucky that with the attitude that you appear to have that you haven’t graced the court pages of our daily paper yet. To really make a difference, try being positive to others that can actually decipher right from wrong. It just might actually make a difference.

        • murda says:

          P##sy this my name

        • murda says:

          o and i have graced the pages of our daily, over assed like you that swear you know it all and the u never made a decision that later you regreted. point blank if any of u was or is real put ya name address and tel # below and see what choices get u. You all running round degrading this girl and non of you know her. Choices choices… LOFL

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        So what happened then?

        Ran out of seasoning salt?

  6. Concerned says:

    What is up with young people in your island??Its like they do whatever they want and think there aren’t any consequences! You have to teach children from a young age that there are consequences for their actions like prison! I take it that most kids in your Island are spoilt rotten than they become worthless adults!!

    • Jays says:

      “I take it that most kids in your Island are spoilt rotten than they become worthless adults!!”

      Thank you for generalizing an entire country to be “worthless” adults, but we’re not all like this barbarian.

      Go study spelling and use of punctuation, you’ll fail your next test. I take it that you’re a 12 year old foreign boy. Wait a minute..

      • areUserious says:

        @ Jays you are killing me!!! LOL! For real “If you’re trying to be direct than you need to come correct”

  7. Totally Disgusted says:

    I get so tired of hearing people say young people this and that, but truth is no matter how much guidance they receive some just don’t care and won’t ever take heed to it. She did what she wanted because that’s what she wanted to do. I guess she thought the judge was going to say ok since there is a young child involved I will grant your wish, but she surly wasn’t worrying about the child at that moment when she carried out her actions. I’m not judging her (because we all make mistakes, I just get frustrated when people get caught the first thing they try and use is their yound children to escape going to jail) since she was big and bad at that moment, then she should be able to deal with the consequences. Young or old people need to be held accountable for their actions and people need to stop find excuses. Enough is enough.

  8. whynta says:

    one thing if u dnt know a person ya advice about em dnt count! evrybody has a breakin poin n none of u p##syholes placing stupid dumb comments kno dis girl personally!! das y ppl get slapped! shot n all tht other stuff ths goin on in dis island! ur negative comments n feedback on her personality dnt count nor does it help. if u wanted to help u woudnt b so negative up in here> i feel sorry for all of u sitting here throwing stones like u dnt live in a glass house! wait till ya day comes n judgment falls on all of u1 wht she needs is prayers as well as all of u! IDIOTS

    • James says:

      Question for you whynta, since it sounds like you know the girl?

      Would she accept help or an offer to talk if it was offered? Most young people don’t seem to want to listen or accept help, they think they know it all.

      You were right about judging people and not knowing all the facts.

      I will wait for your answer.

    • Jays says:

      Every single person in prison I’m sure has someone going “you don’t know the situation!” (sorry I can not mimic the poor spelling and language)

      So hold on to your horses there buddy, we’re just making observations.

      PS; no one has ever gotten slapped or shot due to a Bernews comment. I’m pretty sure people who are getting “slapped and shot” are doing much different things.

    • Goldie says:

      I have to agree with James. We may not know all the facts regarding this situation, but hopefully we have all been brought up to respect ourselves and act accordingly.

      There are places here that offer advice on how to handle life situations and it is ok to request help.

      I hope that she will get the guidience that she needs.

    • Concerned says:

      Wow!! You sound soo educated talking to people like that and calling names! If you are a friend of hers I feel sorry for both of you! How Disrespectful! I really feel sorry for her child if she has adults like the two of you to look up to! Sad..very sad!! She was arrested and your mad at us for commenting. Grow Up!

      • murda says:

        Ur ignorant Risa Parks was arrested! So was Nelson Mandela! When ur standing up for urself anyone can get arrested. And ill tell u what. Go and let a cashier throw ur food across the counter at u n tell u to stop bitching and then c how happy u are when all u were hoping to accomplish was getting what you already paid for! Smdh @ tht. This is all foolishness. Mayb she was wrong to push the cash register. Like I said she could benefit by anger management but no one is perfect and she was assulted n insulted first and foremost. Nobody deserves tht and they definitely dnt deserve to have their child taken away because of it. Foolishness. All around foolishness!

        • #Thatisall says:

          You are trying to compare this girl to Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela?!?! YOU are ignorant.. they got arrested for taking a stand against segregation and apartheid.. READ A BOOK! Educate yourself… and don’t EVER try to draw similarities between Your friend and these great people ever again.. what an insult. She has problems as many of Bermuda’s youth do…

          And are you REALLY trying to justify assaulting someone OVER A BURGER!?!? You need to go to Mirrors… Good ol’ Gov’t paid for YOUTH MENTORING because clearly you have judgment problems too.

          • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

            yea because thts wht they believed in!!!! whose mama do u know raised them to believe tht they r trash and should b treated as trash??? or better yet PAY SOMEONE to treat them like trash? and then b told u ank gettn ur money back??? i am more than shure that they would have stood up for their rights also> this is a young hard working mother! and if i dont get what i am paying for then str8 up! I WANT MY MONEY or the service that i just paid u for! and upon my request to have either one or the other your gonna try and disrespect me and call me a B##CH?! u must b crazy! your all talking out the side of your neck! no one in their right mind is gonna stand for that ignorance!!!!!

      • Ray says:

        You have no damn right to call them disrespectful when I recall just a few posts ago you were calling most Bermudians kids “spoilt rotten than they become worthless adults”. Do not come on this site and generalizing my people. Yeah, there are a good bit of rude and spoiled children here that take it upon themselves to become rude and greedy adults that have no respect for anybody else.

    • White Jesus says:

      I hear people say it all the time. “We can’t judge people”! Well that is true to an extent. The one thing that we all sure as hell can and MUST judge is people’s ACTIONS! We absolutely CAN and WILL judge your filthy public behavior to be anti-social and destructive to our society. And guess what? We don’t want it. So yes save the judgment of souls and hearts for a higher power. But da#nit dont you dare tell me that I cant make a citizens judgment about your trashy crime-ridden lifestyle. Furthermore, why do you think we have JUDGES and COURTS??? Yes we CAN JUDGE you and we WILL! When you live in a community with other people they have every g##damned right to make sensible judgments concerning your dangerous behaviour.

      • Hmmm.... says:

        Well Said!!!!!

      • Sarah says:

        If you do something stupid or illegal, you should be judged…and if I did something stupid or illegal, I would EXPECT to be judged and would be disappointed in the community if I wasn’t. (That’s not to say I’d enjoy the judgement, but I know I’d deserve it.)

        • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

          well let all men b judged fairly and accordingly. both parties should b said to b in the wrong NOT JUST ONE! and who has the right to say that the INNOCENT party is the one who phoned for the police to come????

          and my i add that a fair judgement of something so trivial should not be “TAKING HER CHILD FROM HER!”

          anyone can call the police and overexagerate a story and the police come and act on what that person has said not knowing the REAL DEAL!

          its 2 easy for all of the people commenting to accuse, assume, and makunfair comments.
          i wonder who would comment if bernews was as public as alowing your identity to be revealed?

          one thing i MUST say in THANK GOD! that no one is judged according to the comments made in these post. some are just ridiculous.

  9. MPP says:

    The current generation was raised by us. As long as we’re shaking heads our heads at them, let’s be sure that we’re shaking our heads at ourselves, too.

  10. ha!!!!!! says:

    this site is worthless, a bunch of ignorant n###ers post on it, f### bernews.

    • bernews says:

      Actually, in over 10,000 comments we have never, ever had anyone use the “n” word. Sad to say, your post changes that. You will not, however, post anymore….

      • Truth is killin' me says:

        You should check his ip address…contact the isp and find out who posted ha!!!!!!’s comments. People like him/her contribute to declining morals in our country. One Love Bermuda!

    • CHECK YOURSELF says:

      Your comment is so…you should have checked yourself before you posted your IGNORANCE!

  11. Sharon says:

    All I can say is WOW! And this is why our island is going down the drain! Where is the love Bermuda…..we have none or don’t know what love is! There are no kind words only fighting words even for small situations! Things are constantly being blown out of porportion and we wonder why these children that we gave birth too can’t communicate! As adults we have to start setting some examples and standards! the old way of do as i say not as i do is finished guys!

  12. ONE LOVE says:


  13. reality says:

    i dont see what the big deal is with this! someone had a bad day. all this press coverage over 1 person. articals a waste of time. put something good in the news for one not just the bad stuff. people get labeled for the bad stuff they do not the good.

    • bernews says:

      As a point of interest, we post approx 85% good news.For example, today alone we posted about a Local actor getting a great reviews, Sailors competing in the Worlds, People donating to charity, Approx 50 sports highlights for the year, Local cricketer being spotlighted etc…

      You say this article is a waste of time, however you clicked through to the second page to read it and make a comment. Please always feel free to instead visit the many positive stories we carry, and comment on those. They get very few, and more are always welcome.