Police: “Relatively Routine New Year’s Weekend”

January 3, 2011

police logoThe Bermuda Police have thanked the public, and said that “Overall, this New Year’s Weekend ended with very few incidents of note.” They noted they arrested 11 people for driving whilst impaired, and arrested others for various infractions including minor drug possession, affray, and domestic deputes. In addition, Police state they issued 47 stop and search forms.

Police, who had their numbers bolstered by reserves, could be seen out in high numbers in various ‘hot spots’ on New Year’s Eve, with a very high presence visible through the night in the Hamilton areas including Front and Court Street.

The New Year’s period was not without incident, as on New Year’s Eve a man was attacked, beaten and dragged, and two men were hurt after they collided with a Police vehicle. On January 2 an armed man entered a business demanding money.

On December 27, the Police also issued a similar statement in reference to the Christmas period, saying it was a “relatively uneventful holiday,” and they “would like to thank the public for their assistance over the Christmas period thus far.”

The Christmas period saw no reported firearm incidents, however Police report that Christmas Eve saw a business robbed, as well as an attempted robbery on Boxing Day. In addition, a man was airlifted overseas following an accident on December 27, and two arrests on suspicion of impaired driving were made after accidents on December 28th.

The full Police statement follows below:

Overall, this New Year’s Weekend ended with very few incidents of note. It can be classified as a relatively routine New Year’s weekend especially when compared to past New Year’s weekends, with police having to monitor private parties and liquor license premises.

It should noted that some arrest were made for infractions such as minor drug possession, affray, domestic deputes and drink driving. In fact, 11 people were arrested over the weekend for driving whilst impaired and police issued 47 stop and search forms.”

“There was a large police presence from east to west with officers from all units being called upon to police over the New Year’s period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for their support and cooperation; we recognize we could not achieve any of our weekend success without the support of the community.

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