Video: Police Patrol With New T3 Trike

January 18, 2011

Motorists in the east end today [Jan 18] may have witnessed an unusual sight travelling the streets. The Bermuda Police Service has introduced a new vehicle to their fleet.

T3 Police Trike Bermuda Jan 16th 2011-1-2

Bernews caught up with Sgt. Dates as he rode along on the new T3 trike. Sgt. Dates informs us that the Bermuda Police Service has deployed one T3 trike in the east, central and western areas. The T3 will be used for added high profile policing.

T3 Police Trike Bermuda Jan 16th 2011-1

See the T3 trike with siren in action on the video below:

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  1. Terry says:

    Bwahaaaaa…..Is Desilva serious……………………….Lord…I need my meds…………………….I’ll get back later if I recover from this……………Sgt. Dates might have one sooner than he thinks…

    • John Jones says:

      Come on Bermuda. This vehicle is being used by all modern police forces throughout the world. Because the reporter caught up with the officer on Kindley Field Road, does not mean that the vehicle will be utilised mainly on our highways. I happened to know that it is going to be primarily operated in an around the environs of the LFWI Airport. It is designed to give riders a wider visibility and a commanding presence which it undoubtedly does. Way to go Bermuda.

  2. College Graduate says:

    hope they dont try pull me over when i overtake

  3. Curious George says:

    WTH !!!!

  4. It Is What It Is? says:

    I thought were trying to save money…Oh my bad I guess these were purchased BEFORE the recession….

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    The mall cops have arrived. Oh good grief! What next!

  6. Eric says:

    when the police pull out to some drug or weapons bust in this, WHAT?!? ALL of them hooligans are gnna be shakin in their boots! :| embarassing….

    • John Jones says:

      While some of us may see the operation of this vehicle as a joke, do note that it is one which will help the officers of the BPS to get from point A to B in a more timely manner in those environments where they are normally on beat patrol such as the Towne of St.Georges, Dockyard, and the Airport. They can hardly be missed and no doubt as the tourists season approaches, their true value and positive impact will be felt. In that regard, their use cannot be discounted or taken for granted. Mr. Desilva and your team, they are many members of the public who salute you on this initiative.

      • It Is What It Is? says:

        Policeman can also be visible and hardly missed whilst on foot as well…whole point of uniform….This is really a waste of money and the powers that be don’t want to admit it…….No wonder the island is in debt…Ideas not fully though out…let’s see how long they’re in use before another “Police Toy” is found…

      • Lissa says:

        Pay them no mind. Their just having fun. This is a good idea particulary in areas such as Dockyard and St Georges and will allow the beat cop to move around faster.

  7. mixitup says:

    Like hello: Let me see this thing on the road, Imma overtake so fast he’s gonna spin around.

  8. I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure they purchased these at least 2 years ago… I vaguely remember seeing them in the news back then… then they disappeared until now.

    • It Is What It Is? says:

      Woo hoo! I don’t care if they were purchased two hours ago..still a waste of money….

  9. Terry says:

    Oh Clinton…get a life.

    Today is the “Date”……………………………

    Nothing personal Sgt Date.

  10. White Jesus says:

    You guys dont know what cha talking about these things are VERY useful…………..for patroling Marketplace!! BWAHAhahahahahaaaaaa cough omg my ribs ache.
    Of all places why they show him on kindly field rd? I can see this used in Hamilton or St.geo town but c’mon 20 mph??? I KNOW that poor officer feels vulnerable and scared riding in front of buses and trucks on that mr. bean mobile. Please please take em off the road NOW!

    • White Jesus says:

      OMG correction it’s 20 KILOMETERS per hour?????? WOW just what de heeyll is he gonna do with that thing. Are they trying to kill our officers? is he under punishment? The video shows him riding it to the perfect destination. Please put it back on the cargo plane and de heeyll out of bermy.

      Oh and slap yourself…….
      I said slap yourself…….

  11. BermyGuy says:

    New police escort for the end to end walk. No police bikes needed. Hope the battery last’s til Dockyard.

  12. A JOKE says:

    lmao, this kills me about bermuda
    we all know that no one goes the speed limit and you put these tired excuses for vehicles on the road… seriously accomplishing nothing, wow you speed past them and they turn on their sirons but they have no ability to catch you up?
    typical Bermuda squandering money for stupid things… prime example. yay PLP :D

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    Who thought these would be a good idea & who authorized the purchase of them? Want to cut some costs? Fire the people resonsible for these things right now.

    In some seriousness, perhaps the 2 wheeled Segeway would have an application around Hamilton.

    I am all for giving the cops the tools they need but please…these trikes are rediculous. In no time they will be abandoned in storage next to the mountain bikes (remember them?) bought for patrol around St Georges. How about the useless patrol boat? Lets not also forget the $500,000 motorhome mobile command post. Another colossal waste of money. Sure there is a need for a mobile command post but a basic RV trailer complete with galley, bathroom & bunks could have been had for well under $50,000 plus another whatever needed for the police gear inside. They could have had a tool capable of doing the same job for well under $200,000.

  14. WHAT!!! says:

    That is HILARIOUS!!!!!
    Credibility fail-o-rama!!!!!

  15. Call as it is says:

    ROBO COP is here…

    watch out for other secret weapons in the war on crime.

  16. Yawn says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel safer already.

  17. just wow says:

    I hope someone like steve harvey doesnt come here and see this hot mess………we will be the talk of BET for a while….this guy is standing up driving a Segway with an oversized shopping cart wheel on the front. are you kidding me???…………im guessing his insurance out of his pay is a little higher due to the fact that even a regular kiskadee could hit and injure him……..I wonder what it feels like to be on that thing and have someone like Jay Donawa overtake you while hes out running??

  18. Tam Bagan says:

    Bermuda is a laughing stock now with a law force like that. they could not arrest a pensioner.

  19. Uncle Ruckus says:

    That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. More annoyances on the road and less crime being tackled. Another BRILLIANT move by the powers that be.

  20. Rockfish says:

    If the BPS waste taxpayers money on such an asinine idea like this, they have too much of it, and their budget should be reduced!
    Whomever approved this idea should be sent packing pronto!

  21. Gypsy says:

    Where do the bags of Ice Queen go?

    • Geza says:

      In your caravan lol

    • island girl says:

      in the trailer that he can attached to the back…500 lbs of Ice Queen food can feed at least 1/2 of the police force!

  22. Not even worth says:

    I can’t believe this…

  23. rubber bong says:

    i hope that wasn’t wide open…i think a Segway would have been a better choice if they absolutely wanted to waste money

  24. Rich says:

    As a replacement for low-end foot patrol, I can foresee some use for them. But it really does raise the question of whether the cost is in any way proportionate to the marginal benefit. The Police Service do get very enamored bye every shiny piece of kit they come across.

  25. Icarus says:

    An exercise embarrassment to the Island and humiliation to the officers assigned to operate them. These are childrens toys. Muck like this can be bought on B2B sites like alibaba.
    How many motorcycle/scooter dealers are there on the island? Was any thought given to putting constables on smaller capacity bikes/scooters for extended regional/Parish patrols? Evidently not!
    BPS, support existing local businesses instead of wasting money and embarrassing yourselves with sloppy, ill-conceived gimmicks like this!

    • Bermudian abroad says:

      Embarrassing!! I played this in class and they laughed at our policing.. :% Not only is that used as a child toy I also question how fast does it travel?

  26. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    Info from the below website link (2007) gives some info on the Trikes.

    In brief:
    • Riders step on platform and insert a traditional metal key to start the T3
    • A digital display shows speed along with the trip mileage and battery status. • Standard bicycle type squeeze brakes are used.
    • Shell will provide no protection against gunfire, ballistic panels are available to stop small caliber rounds.
    • Holders for shotguns, rifles, batons and flashlights can be attached to the side of the T3.
    • The T3 can carry up to 425 pounds and you can tow an extra 500 pounds with a specially designed trailer.
    • The top speed of the T3 is 25 MPH and the twin lithium-ion batteries give enough juice for up to 75 miles of travel
    • Batteries can be charged in three hours.
    • Very little maintenance cost. Belt-driven wheels use normal automotive belts that can be purchased at any automotive supply store.
    • T3 costs around $8000 each in 2007

  27. Joe Crew says:

    Great idea, increased visibility is what Bermuda needs!!

  28. college student 2 says:

    Maybe the police force could use these in town when we have ignorant people double parked along reid street. just pull up along side and slap a ticket on their window. hey that might be a good idea, we all know that double parking is illegal but everyone turns a shoulder to it. not everyone is lazy and inconsiderate of others.

    Added high profile policing…can someone explain in further detail to what that means?

  29. nurse confused says:

    So our police will ride these instead of walking??? Hmmm just a thought… Aren’t a lot of our o
    Police out of shape NOW??? This will increase our health costs folks..just saying

  30. White Jesus says:

    I just had a brilliant idea!
    Buy motor powered skateboards for the officers
    Or those little kiddie kick scooters.
    Remember who said it firt people. :)

  31. elante says:

    This is soo cool not a lot of petrol needed. great for rush hour traffic.

  32. S says:

    Do any of you read??? ITs for the airport mainly and the town of St.Georges and Dockyard… They can patrol around tight corners and small allleys .. If they see someone running/riding/driving away at a speed where they cant catch them they can call for a car unit to do the job and let them know the location! Its a ver good idea .. Its very useful and obviously weont be used on the main road you idiots.. get alife

  33. Oh my DER! says:

    Seriously people can run faster than that so what will the point be other than a higher amount of police presence which won’t scare anyone…not on that thing.


    Pretty sure I saw a police officer once on a segway, even those are a waste here.

    Sucks for them.