Brothers Jailed After North Shore Brawl

February 15, 2011

Keino Lambert, 20 and Kevin Lambert, 21 both of Sandys parish appeared in Magistrates’ Court yesterday [Feb 14] to stand trial regarding a disturbance that took place outside Gravity Nightclub on North Shore Road, Devonshire during the early morning hours of Saturday, December 18th 2010 where both the Taser and Captor spray were deployed by attending police officers.

A Police spokesman said: “The Lambert brothers were both charged with affray (for fighting each other) and violently resisting arrest, while one of the brothers faced an additional charge of assaulting a police officer. In their initial court appearance they pled not guilty to all the charges against them and the prosecution offered no evidence regarding the affray.”

“However, yesterday Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner found Keino Lambert guilty of violently resisting arrest and assaulting police, sentencing him to 10 days imprisonment and 30 days imprisonment respectively. The sentences are to run concurrently, meaning the younger brother will serve 30 days behind bars. His older brother Kevin Lambert was found guilty of violently resisting arrest and sentenced to 10 days imprisonment.”

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  1. Downderoad says:

    Ummmm I have nothing funny to say bout this, it’s already funny as he’ll LMAO!!!!!!!

  2. Reality says:

    Don’t put them in the same cell!!!!!

  3. k says:

    The return of caan and abel . Was it daddy adam or momma eves fault??????????

  4. Sandgrownan says:


  5. charles richardson says:

    On a real note I would caution people who believe that they can and should act out violently for any reason that the courts have taken a zero tolerance approach towards those who resist police officers in any way. Yes there are circumstances in which the police behave in a manner which is antagonistic and aggressive, but resisting them or engaging them in a confrontation is always a bad idea. If they have steppe out of thier bounds there are ways to make them pay for their mistakes financially. However, if you decide to avail yourself of some form of immediate self help (i,e, fighting back) you run the real risk of going to jail.

    My advice? Stay calm and let them do whatever they plan to do. If they have stepped out of bounds you can then sue them AND win provided you dont act out violently and stay calm and get badge numbers!! Most late nights the police are prowling looking for someone to provoke so they can make an arrest, and after a few drinks you’all are easy targets…..always feel you have the “right” to fight or act out or “defend” yourselves. Please…stay calm… observant…..and then seek your remedies elsewhere. If not we will see more and more of our brothers and sisters caught up in this game the police play…..they provoke…you respond…they arrest…they charge….they prosecute….usually you lose.

  6. Here we go again ... says:

    Pity the 2nd half of your post ruined the 1st part Charles…

    To a degree “some” of our local boys in blue could improve their interpersonal skills but your suggestion that they go out of their way to provoke is utter BS.

    Idiots who chose to act in an anti social way in a public setting will always get the attention of the Police. Your sugggestions are malicious and appeal to the myriad of idiots/troublemakers who want to hear such nonsense as it soothes their ‘po little me’ mentality.

    You might have a problem with the Police but stop trying to visit it on other weakminded individuals !

    • Grizz says:

      @ Here we go again….you obviously don’t go out nights. SOME do go out of their way to provoke, yes they do. Have seen it with my own eyes, not just talkin random. It’s always hard to understand some things if you haven’t been through it. And for the record I don’t recall Charles saying he had a problem with the police, you are not putting words in his mouth.

  7. Onlooker says:

    To Hear we go Again….STOP BEING A HATER!!! Bermudians truly make me SICK!! You uttered straight BS!!! Here we have a person of HIGH standard offering sound advice to individuals who get caught up in the statistical behaviour after a night out and all you want to do is clown his efforts.

    For once won’t Bermudians just stand together…Are you even Bermudian? Ar you a police officer? My advice to you, is until you are in a situation that involves the police keep your mouth closed.

    What you wont hear is how the police have allegedly beat a 16 yrd old? how the police allegedly try to overpower their authority? Or how when the police allegedly attack a man who suffers EXTREME wounds from alleded brutality its swept under the carpet. WHAT ABOUT MY PEOPLE!!!!!

    Yes I will agree that in Bermuda the times are extremely high for violence and the police have to be proactive, and while i dont condone anyone attacking the police i do BELIEVE IN OUR RIGHTS!

    And for the record your last sentence was of one who shows pure anger to the individual, just by the statement “you might have a problem with the police”. GROW UP!!!!

    I am sure you are NOT perfect so stop throwing stones when you yourself arent made of crystal clear glass!!

    • Here we go again ... says:

      Oh ,, OK ,I can’t be a Bermudian because to you ‘I think a certain way’ ?

      We don’t all have rocks for brains you know .. I’ll bet I’ve been around longer than you and around the Police in more different situations than you’ll ever be if you live to be 110 and I’ve never been provoked or offended.
      But then , I don’t seem to have a ‘tude like you and WTH ! Bet that has a huge effect on shaping your perceptions huh ?

      And if you’re too illiterate to figure it out , I agreed with the first part of Charles’ post .

  8. Truth is killin' me says:

    Charles out to make money mate…he’s appealing to his would be customers. It’s a RECESSION yah know!!!

  9. WTH says:


  10. what am i reading says:

    Mr. Richardson,

    Your statements, “Most late nights the police are prowling looking for someone to provoke so they can make an arrest” and “If not we will see more and more of our brothers and sisters caught up in this game the police play…..they provoke…you respond…they arrest…they charge….they prosecute….usually you lose.”
    is insulting and obviously spoken by someone who has never been a law enforcement officer. I had a long response ready for you but instead I’ll just say that you could do a better job in showing respect for those who put their lives on the line for this community every day with little to no thanks in return. Instead you choose to widen the divide between the police and the community by maligning us. I would encourage you to join the reserves and experience what officers do for about a year and then come back to us and let us know if police are “playing a game, looking for someone to provoke”. Despite your constant backhands against the police, i bet that if you need law enforcements help, you won’t be calling your fellow lawyers for protection from and or detection of a crime against you or your property.

  11. Winnie says:

    Lighten up ppl, take a deeeep breath, Charles was on point until he got to the “most late nights” part all the way to the end. I do however respect his opinion and I respect the other pieces also. I honestly do not think the officers of the BPS are out there trying to “provoke” anyone, awww well it’s a thankless job. To the men and women of the BPS who do a sterling job keep up the good work, and to the few who are lacking pull up your socks, if not I’ll be calling Charles,lol.

  12. WTH says:


    • Here we go again ... says:

      Love this new culture of ignorance whereby when someone gives an opinion that the other doesn’t like , they get labelled as a ‘HATER’ …. Wrong word folks !

      I dread to think how you lot would ever survive a day in the real world beyond our shores.

  13. US Observer says:

    Let’s be totally clear as to what the definition of Police is? The police are persons empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder. Their powers include the legitimized use of force. The term is most commonly associated with police services of a state that are authorized to exercise the police power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. Police forces are often defined as organizations separate from any military forces, or other organizations involved in the defense of the state against foreign aggressors; however, gendarmerie and military police are military units charged with policing.

    Law enforcement, however, constitutes only part of policing activity. Policing has included an array of activities in different situations, but the predominant ones are concerned with the preservation of order.(Wikipedia)

  14. k says:

    fyi-as an experienced night owl , out of the last 100 arrests i have seen at parties,concerts,bars the patrons have provoked the police who were either checking the establishment out or passing by. Alcohol related !!!!!! eyewitness FACT !!!!

  15. The Bigger Picture says:

    I actually witnessed this incident in the weee hours that it occured. There was actually way more than two individuals involved in this ‘disturbance’ as they call it- in contrary it was more like a riot! There was a chaotic group of guys fighting in the middle of the street as well an overwhelmingly amount of on-lookers who were patrons of the club.

    The problem is this growing ‘culture’ of younger people fighting and acting violently when they’re out. Those of us who are in our mid 20′s-30′s see this all too often in the ‘nightscene’- spoiling our night out as mature partygoers. How many times have we been to a club and it gets out of control outside after the set is done and sometimes during??!

    Whats most disturbing and annoying is that the particular place this happened is in a residential area…who really wants to hear all this noise and disturbance? Why can’t people act right when they go out and LEAVE and go the heck home when its over?? For one clubs are letting in underage CHILDREN, I know this for a fact because when I see them in there I tell them to go home! And also let the club know. First of all if your underage and shouldn’t even be in the club don’t you think you would try to draw less attention to yourself??? Also those who are of age partipating in these fights just are as immature.

    Thus when the police are called in situations like this for HELP, they are met with the challenges of assessing the situation and getting the crowd undercontrol out of the chaos that erupted into the streets. What I saw was that these two boys were the easiest to control in comparrison to the crowd of people because the police demonstrated that they didn’t have a handle on this situation. They were running backwards and forwards, no disrespect to them but I am critiquing their performance and honestly a SWAT team effort needed to be made in this ‘riot situation’, instead of running around like they’re not trained what to do. I say this because what if there were guns involved?

    The bigger picture is this ‘culture’ of fighting/violence needs to be put under control because its spoiling the nightlife, disturbing neighborhoods and most importantly it can escalate to a more extreme violence we in Bermuda now know. Club owners/managers, partygoers, and witnesses all share this resonsiblity, if we can control ourselves then the police can just do their normal patrol drivebys and keep it moving.