Budget: Stimulating Tourism Job Creation

February 18, 2011

While emphasising there is “no silver bullet to deliver faster growth, employment and poverty reduction”, Premier and Finance Minister Paula Cox said in her Budget Statement today [Feb. 18] Government hopes to stimulate the economy and encourage job growth by revitalising the island’s tourism product.

Premier Cox told Parliament the Government was committed to working with the island’s hospitality sector to encourage investment in tourism-related businesses — including the construction of new hotels — because these “job-makers” would create entry-level employment opportunities  for young Bermudians.

“Over time, Bermuda’s hotels, restaurants and businesses must absorb more labour,” she said in the Budget Statement, “Bermuda needs a credible long-term plan for its tourism industry, supported by an effective implementation strategy to drive growth.

“For its part, the Government is assisting the industry wherever possible. The  formation of a new Ministry of Business Development and Tourism last year was a major initiative aimed at leveraging synergies between tourism and international business. A dynamic new Board of Tourism has been appointed and efforts are underway to recruit Bermudians into the hospitality industry, as was demonstrated by the jobs fair this week.

“More specifically, the Government is working closely with developers of the proposed Park Hyatt and Morgan’s Point. In the case of Park Hyatt, we are working towards finalising arrangements for the use of the St George’s golf course. These are among several tangible measures we are undertaking in support of our tourism market.

“The Government takes the view that Bermuda’s long-term prosperity requires the participation of all Bermudians. We believe in work-fare rather than welfare. We believe that, as a condition for receiving benefits, people should do everything that can be reasonably expected of them to find work or prepare for work in the future.”

Earlier this month past Chamber of Commerce president Phil Barnett called on Government to consider a wholesale rethink of its tourism policies to draw both higher-spending visitors and investors to the island.

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Comments (6)

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  1. itwasn't me says:

    well……whatchagot teh sey nah? any negatives?

    • Bottom Line says:

      Every year he hear how new hotels are going to be built…and every year it does not happen.

  2. sandgrownan says:

    Heard it all before.

  3. Spikes says:

    Good job Madame Premier. Good budget. It doesn’t matter what you present. They are going to complain anyway.

    • ricky says:

      Educate us Spikes….why is it a good budget?

    • crazytalk says:

      Hey Spikes, I bet you can’t wait for the new Hyatt…
      Premier Brown, just before he left office late last year, said that financing was in place, and construction for the new Hyatt would start in November 2011. We know that must be absolutely completely 100% factual and true, because he wouldn’t have said it otherwise, right?