Health Minister Promotes End-to-End

February 2, 2011

This morning [Feb 2] Health Minister Zane DeSilva encouraged people to join in the 2011 Catlin End-to-End, and officially launched the Catlin End to End’s 12-week Get Ready, Get Fit training programme.

This year’s event will held on Saturday, May 7, and eleven charities will benefit from the funds raised.

Pictured below left to right: Minister DeSilva, Catlin’s Graham Pewter, and M3 Wireless’s Karen Pyo.

Minister De Silva End to End

Minister DeSilva said: “The Ministry of Health is very pleased to support the 2011 Catlin End to End. As we know, the promotion of good healthcare practices, such as regular exercise, leads to the prevention of many of Bermuda’s leading illnesses and diseases.”

“In 2006 the Government implemented a National Health Promotion Strategy called “Well Bermuda”. One of the objectives of Well Bermuda is to increase public awareness of the factors influencing health and to foster adoption of healthy lifestyles. You might be asking yourself what does this have to do with the Catlin End to End? My answer makes it clear why the Ministry of Health is solidly behind this event.”

“The Caitlin End to End promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is more than an event. It is a series of activities that over the years have engaged our entire community and encouraged everyone to be involved in the pre-workouts and preparation activities. All of these things together can lead to positive lifestyle changes.”

“We all know that a person who is physically fit, eats well and gets the required amount of sleep generally feels better about themselves and is less likely to be impacted by cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.”

“With the large number of residents who participate in the Catlin End to End, we advise them to prepare for it and not decide to just show up on the day. Part of that preparation should include a physical with their general practitioner to ensure that they are up to the challenge. Not only will this help to ensure that they can safely participate in the event, but it also provides them with important information about any specific health problems they may not be aware of.”

“In short, the Catlin End to End is on the same mission as the Ministry of Health in promoting the happiness and well-being of our island community through all-inclusive activities. As a result, the Ministry of Health is fully onboard.”

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  1. End to End says:

    The Catlin End-to-End will take place on May 7, 2011.
    Online signups and fund raising should open in mid-March.
    There is a 12 week training programme for anyone who wants to get serious about getting ready and getting fit before the End-to-End.
    You can download it here:

  2. Terry says:

    5000 people getting a check up? Yeah right. Thats would be $500,000 in someones pocket.

    You’ll get it.

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Seriously? You would advocate people who were unfit to just embark on an exercise programme without knowing if they were further endangering their health? Maybe their physicians would advice a more gradual programme, or something that encorporates more healthy eating along with the exercise regime. You’re turning a prudent suggestion into something suspicious, just because it came for Zane’s lips??? Occasionally your comments are on target, most often they’re irritating in that theoretically local vernacular you often use that makes them irritating to read, but this one just mean in spirit and discourages the whole point: Get fit, but do it safely. What’s really wrong with that? Or is it something like this- get the fatties out there to start a jogging programme and watch them drop like flies from heart failure. At least that way, they’re dead and no more a burden on our health insurers- is that it, Terry? Are you really that nuts???? C’mon Terry. Leave the comments for something with truth and substance. And yes, people- get the nod from your doctor before you do something your body isn’t used to. Don’t listen to any crazy conspiracy theorists, no matter what your political leanings are.

      Be well.