“Bermuda Mugging” Video Posted Online

March 16, 2011

[Updated] An 11 minute video appeared on Youtube yesterday afternoon [Mar.15] during which the uploader says he was robbed at gunpoint the night before in Bermuda and made the video “to share the story so that the rest of the residents and tourists/guests will be careful.”

The gentleman says he lives in Bermuda, and appears to be an guest worker. His face shows visible bruising in the video.

He does not give his identity, however a Police statement previously issued about the same night said, “Between 10:30pm and 11:45pm on Monday, March 14th 2011 Police received several reports of robberies and attempted robberies having taken place in the Devonshire, Pembroke and Warwick areas.”

“The victims of these offences were motorcycle riders and the suspects were also on a motorcycle. During the incidents one of the suspects brandished what appeared to be a firearm.”

The uploader includes a hand drawn map in the video, and describes the alleged assault during the video. He said was driving his bike, and felt a tap on his shoulder, then one of the assailants tried to push him and also pointed a gun at him and asked him to pull over. He said “who in their proper mind won’t pull over with a gun in their face,” so he pulled over.

Update: At approximately 10pm the video was set to ‘private’ by the uploader, meaning it is no longer viewable.

He said the bike’s passenger pointed the gun at him and said “Give me what you got,” and then hit him with the handle of the gun. He said he begged the gunman not to kill him. The uploader goes on to explain what happened afterwards, the Police response and also mentions assistance rendered by a concerned citizen.

He also said there were at least six people robbed that night, and while in hospital there was another person there who was also injured during an attack.

He said it was “really disgusting” this was happening, and “he thought he was living in a peaceful community, but apparently I am not.”  He said he is “not holding grudges” and hopes he can “get over it,” and that he wants justice to be served.

The video description says, “Got mugged by 2 young guys on my way home about 1030pm. Tried to get my money at gunpoint. This is to share the story so that the rest of the residents and tourists/guests will be careful.”

Police have made five arrests in relation to the recent robberies, and have recovered what is believed to be an imitation firearm.

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  1. David says:

    Im sorry this guy had to go through this, Ridiculous how ignorant these young males are.

  2. W.T.F.??? says:

    Come after me or any of mine and you’ll be begging for the Police!

  3. Dear attacker Mother, says:

    You better go to http://www.argus.bm and make sure your son’s health insurance is up to date if he/they pull me over on my bike. I don’t want to hear in Court he was a sweet little boy, why did you have to keep hitting him when he was down. That’s some bull%#$@ right there!

  4. mama says:

    all they gotta do is pick the wrong person…

    This man is very courageous and I praise him for speaking up..Good on ya!

  5. J Starling says:

    This is unfortunate. I hope that the two guys who did this were indeed caught, and that they take the opportunity to get their lives sorted out. The worker in the video, I think he has been very courageous in making this video. I don’t think it changes anything – we knew this stuff was going on – but it does help put a human face and voice to the problems we’re experiencing these days.

  6. s says:

    Lets start with saying I feel really bad for this guy… but i also think that it is important to note that this happens all over the world and more than 7 people a day being mugged in a normal city its something that we have to live with and people need to be more cautious when traveling at night and learn to pick which roads are safe and not safe to drive on at night which is easy to do in Bermuda.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree. I feel terribly sorry for him, it’s scary and 10:30 is not that late at night but Bermuda always has and always will have crime just like the rest of the world. No it’s not right but it’s reality. Bermuda has never been a utopia. I’m sure wherever he’s from is 1000x worse in regards to crime.

      • R says:

        People should not just accept this! Bermuda must hold itself to a high standard regarding crime, especially crime involving a gun.

        • s says:

          We all say this, but does not seem to change anything and the cops are getting a little better in catching the people responsible for the crime, but there needs to be an alternative view on life be smart know where you are it is really not that hard to figure out in Bermuda.

      • Guy says:

        Not trying to argue and change people’s opinion. We should not compare to other countries. We should compare to how Bermuda used to be and the number of gun crimes, etc. We only have 65,000 people. Guns are supposed to be illegal. It’s a pretty high crime rate especially the number of gun crimes. These guys should just go one on one, try their chances in a fist fight/mugging. He was on Middle Rd. when it all started. Even if he didn’t turn onto Montpelier, it most likely would have still happened. Country is going to hell and and innocent majority are going with it.

        • Shell says:

          I agree totally with Guy.

        • Nicole says:

          That’s true but crime will always be around. A lot of things are illegal in Bermuda and still happen. Like I said this is reality. Nothing is the same as it used to be in Bermuda, the only constant is change.

          • Stan says:

            Get the kids educated!!! Then maybe, just maybe!! Things will change

            • s says:

              Aren’t dugs supposed to be illegal but they still make it into the country.

              • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                Actually guns are not illegal in Bermuda. When caught with a gun somewhere in the charge you hear ‘carrying a gun or firearm without a lisence’. They are quit legal, but as I said you need a lisence to carry one hence all the different firearm assciations here.

                • Tell dem says:

                  hahah you are clearly the smart one… You got a “lisence” for that grammar?

            • The mon says:

              find a a quarry and put their butt to work in there every day of there sentance and quess what we might not need all the slate they cut break them and make them cut more every single day.

      • Winnie says:

        Here you go Nicole instead of facing up to the issue at hand you are deflecting it. The worlds problems are NOT Bermuda’s problem we have to deal with Bermuda’s problem then worry about the worlds problem. For too long we have been sweeping issues under the carpet, no wonder it is escalating instead of getting better.

        • Nicole says:

          How am I deflecting? I think saying it’s a problem and that crime isn’t going anywhere is facing up to it, no? What happens in the world affects Bermuda. We are not independent. Yes we have been sweeping things under the carpet, but what do you suppose we do about this? Everyone seems to have a big mouth on BERNEWS and talk about this “”problem” yet have no solution to it. That’s all I’m saying.

  7. mixitup says:

    Such a shame that you had to go throught this, I hope they catch these scum bags, can we inact a law that will allow their hands to be chopped off?? bunch of damn cowards, go get a job!

    • Nicole says:

      That’s one of the problems, people can’t get jobs.

      • s says:

        You can find a job just need to put in the effort!

      • OMG says:

        I don’t have a job,and I am looking, and I don’t see the need to go and rob someone at gun point.

        • s says:

          Well thats good you are smart, but if you keep looking you will find a job also do not look for one specific job; broaden your own horizons and look for occupations out side of what your are qualified for. You have to be flexible is this economy right now, and don’t worry things will get better.

          • OMG says:

            Yes I am doing that…. and thank you for the encouragement.

      • mixitup says:

        I was out of work for 1 year, never robbed or stole from anyone nicole.

        • Nicole says:

          Not what I meant and I always say that it’s not an excuse to rob and steal but for some people it is. That’s all.

          What s is saying is easier said than done. Many Bermudians are out of work and simply telling them to look harder won’t cut it. It’s not that easy.

      • Stan says:

        Job is not the problem…..Work harder!! Stop complaining!! Go to work on time !!! Have respect for superiors/authority and don’t chose job!!! Tons of jobs out there!!!

        • Nicole says:

          You people sound like broken records. Do you know how many people in Bermuda are out of work? I went to the job fair and it’s hundreds, probably close to a thousand people out of work.

          1. Work harder- who said they don’t?
          2. Stop complaining-who is complaining?
          3. Go to work on time- who said they don’t?
          4. Have respect- who said they don’t?

          Stop using stupid cliches- not everyone behaves that way! Ignorance!! Stereotyping and judging is another problem.

      • yungnthuggin says:

        sad to say but its a reality when people have no legal work. What do u want them to do, starve?

        • mixitup says:

          Most of these goons have been un-employed for longer than this recession. Furthermore, I can assure you they are not robbing for food, they are either doing a gang initiation, or ran out of rum and weed, maybe they want a new Nolan Helmut and Helly Hansen Jacket, point is, I highly doubt it’s about being hungry, hell they living with Mommy anyways..

          • islander says:

            Im sorry but my son lives with me…..hes 23 and works, has since the time he was 18….he pays his way to live here…..so that saying hes living with mommy doesn’t fly with me…JFS. these so called thugs don’t wanna work hard for things, so what do they do go out and terrorize our community. I hope the F*ckers get caught.

        • crazytalk says:

          ‘yungnthuggin’ they’re not starving. That’s complete bs and you know it. They have a tv in every room and the latest chrome wheels on their car. They have the latest Ipods and cellphones. They’re just too bone idle to do a day’s work, or even look for it. Easier to go and steal from someone who looks defenceless. I hope they lock them up for decades.

  8. Shell says:

    So sorry this happened to you. Our island is definitely finished. This is a very sad time for Bermudians/guest workers etc having to now deal with this type of violence and bullying. How dare these hooligans just go around and torment innocent people on motorbikes now. I am glad you put this on You Tube as something really needs to be done!! Sick sick people out there. Angry young men and don’t even know why they are angry.

    • yungnthuggin says:

      no not at all, thats the problem with Bermuda. Too many guest workers !! Go work somewhere else !!!!!

      • mixitup says:

        You know what…I can tell your very simple minded.. Maybe u need to sit down with ya bredren and have a hard talk with them.. Like How to present themselves for an interview, here, I will demonstrate.
        1. Get there early!
        2. Look presentable!
        3. Turn your cell phone off during the interview!
        3. Prepare yourselves and don’t be out clubbing the night b4!
        4. Fill out applications properly (Computer skills don’t mean Facebook, Myspace and Twitter)
        5. Once in the job, be productive!
        6. Don’t call off sick every chance u get!
        7. Respect authority!
        8. MAKE YOUR TIME!!
        9. Leave your Drama at home…Nobody care about all dat!

        • Crucial says:

          My, how stereotypical of you!

          • ROS says:

            It’s not sterotypical.. as an employer… that is what I see from a lot of Bermudians… WHITE and BLACK…

            BUT they are not the majority.. a goopd number but not the majority…

          • bermyshotta says:

            @ Crucial – stereotypin what?? lol dat should be d basics durin an interview lmfao.

        • donna says:


      • BDA says:

        The problem is NOT the guest workers….its the people who discriminate against the guest workers.
        yungnthuggin….how about you go work somewhere else, and see how it feels to be hated just for making a decent living. if i had the option to go elsewhere in the world to make more money for my family, i would accept as well. too bad there are small minded people like you are always making negative comments about them.


        • SL says:

          Good point!!!

        • Nicole says:

          That’s funny because most guest workers, hate Bermuda and a majority hate/dislike Bermudians. I find it funny when some Bermudians choose to stick up for them. They get to make their loot, build a big house back home and then finally leave. We are stuck here. It’s too many of them for such a small place, we are not the United States and yes they are apart of the problem.

          • Clare says:

            Nicole, I would love to know where you get your facts from. ‘Most’? ‘Majority’? What a generalization! I am Bermudian and so thankful for guest workers who actually get some work done.

            • Nicole says:

              Americans complain JUST AS MUCH about “illegal aliens” this “illegal aliens” that blah blah. The facts came from their mouths to my ears.

              Yes indeed “Clare” they get the work done, like watching after Billy and Sarah all day and night, practically raising them. Oh and making your food, oh and cleaning your houses, cars.

              • Geza Wolf says:

                Yeah the Jobs bermudians think they’re too good to do..

              • Seriously?! says:

                But the guest workers in Bermuda are not ‘illegal aliens’ – they are here legally and many of them – landscapers; chefs; waiters; hairdresser etc. are just trying to make a living. They earn a lot less than the average person. And without international business, many Bermudians (including myself) would not have a job. Those businesses are the ones that bring the jobs here and the money that keeps our economy going, so we can all enjoy a very high standard of living. As a Bermudian, you can do very well for yourself if you show some motivation, because you don’t have the same level of competition here. Businesses want to hire Bermudians – and they have to. Let’s stop generalising. We have problems and it is not the fault of our guest workers.

                A Bermudian

          • Can you handle this says:

            @ Nicole..Once again I fully concur with your statement!! Many don’t like Bermudians, they just tolerate them and the money that they make is not being fueled back into “Our Pot” as whatever they make they send it back home..they don’t spend it here!!! Employers might like them because they can get them to work for almost next to nothing..and landlords may like them because with the whole “ten” of them that might live in the place they are guaranteed their rent!!!!

            • BDA says:

              how can they afford their own place when their employer is paying them next to nothing.

              if i was born in a country where they are from, and i had the opportunity to leave and make a better life for myself, you better believe that i will do it. and i will send all my money back home.
              but while i am here i will be paying rent, bills, groceries, giving goverment money etc…they are paying their way to be here.

              if anything its the employers who hire them so that they can pay lower wages. you cannot get mad at them for wanting to have a better life.

          • mixitup says:

            Hold on Nicole – Please scroll up and see what you wrote just a while ago…nevermind, I will paste it for you below.

            Stop using stupid cliches- not everyone behaves that way! Ignorance!! Stereotyping and judging is another problem.

            I think you’ve officially discredited yourself. Your dismissed!

            • Scott says:

              well spotted :P

            • Nicole says:

              LOL! I haven’t been discredited because if you, like the other commenting could read and knew the definition of words you’d realize I was right. I specifically said “many” and “most” foreigners-NOT ALL! If I said ALL of them that would be generalizing/stereotyping them. I don’t hate anyone, let alone foreigners. I’m just speaking of what I see everyday in my country. I do realize those that S-O-M-E people seem live in a different Bermuda than the rest of us.

          • BDA says:

            @ nicole. I dont know about most. maybe a few, but my personal experience is that most of the foreign workers that i have come to know have always been very respectful to me and my little island. having even met some of them has made me appreciate my island and all of my opportunities that i have, just from being born here.

            there might be a few that come here to make money, and leave without any contribution but that is a small few.

            • Nicole says:

              Ha! I see I’ve stirred up quite a debate. I know MANY foreigners and I used to work with many! I’ve heard their conversations and they’ve told me this to my FACE! Yes most are respectful, because they have to be. They are TERRIFIED of getting kicked out of this country! The job I worked at we were literally treated like slaves and they-the foreigners begged us Bermudians to speak up for them because they saw us speak up for ourselves before. Employers do not like when you question them on things they know are flat out WRONG! They LOVE these submissive foreign workers!

              @scott, mixitup- What I said is true and you both know it, the only reason you’d be offended is I struck a nerve with you. Ha!

              @canyouhandlethis – Yes you clearly know the deal!

              • Scott says:

                hardly struck a nerve with me. expats love me. i acknowledge their place and the role they fill, and i dont get twisted into hating them for doing things Bermudians dont want to do. I treat them with respect, and general courtesy.

                if you think they shouldn’t be here, and dislike them because they work for low wages, the issue isnt with them, its with the employers. Dont hate on them because they do what bermudians wont… hate the employers or the economy they are working in for creating the situation.

                • Nicole says:

                  And yet you keep replying. LMAO! Please stop replying to my every comment. Ah there you go again you don’t hate them and respect them. What do you think I do? You think I hate them for saying they get away with things Bermudians can’t and they can accept $10 an hour jobs? Which is the truth? I said I’m know a lot of foreigners and worked with many. Again if you could read I mentioned employers as well. You just seem to love to reply to me without even reading all of what I say just to argue. I didn’t say they shouldn’t be here either. I said it’s too many of them. Reading is fundamental.

          • Scott says:

            lol why do you think some guest workers do not like bermudians?

            do you think its actually becasue they are bermudian? or is it because a lot of Bermudians do nothing but complain about them all the time???

            if someone bitches and moans about me or something i’m doing all the time, i’ll very much dislike them too..

      • donna says:


      • Concerned Bermudian says:

        Yungnthuggin you are ignorant. Every guest worker was brought here because an employable Bermudian could not be found. Bermudians have gained a reputation for being lazy, stupid, tardy, and dishonest. That’s why people prefer to hire foreigners.

        Princess has a job fair last week and only 5 Bermudians apply for 100 waiter jobs, “Cos I can’t verk veekends, May 24th Cop Metch, Queen Barfday”.

        Blaming foreigners is idiotic – they are just trying to get a better life and were INVITED here!!!

        • Nicole says:

          Bermudians cannot live on $10 an hour with 2 kids. Do you realize how high our cost of living is? A foreigner living with 4 other foreigners in an apartment can. The job fair wasn’t last week and how do you know how many people applied for what? I saw many people applying for anything that was available.

          You must not realize that employers look to hire foreigners because they don’t stand up for their rights, accept work abuse and take crappy pay! I seriously doubt you are a Bermudian.

          • crazytalk says:

            Nicole, here’s a novel idea. How about not having kids until you can actually afford it?
            I know that is beyond the comprehension of a lot of people.

            • Can you handle this says:

              You can set out affording it, have a kid or kids than get divorced, lose your job, spouse dies, mortgage not paid or behind, bills out the wazoo..circumstances change..things are not always peaches and cream…Many people who at one time THOUGHT or WAITED until they could afford it have met obstacles along the way so your idea may not be so novel after all……

              • Nicole says:

                Oh you didn’t know can you handle it? Every Bermudian(black) to them is lazy, ignorant, uneducated, unwed, teen mothers! Yup! All 800+out of work Bermudians fit that description! They have everything figured out! Everything perfect in there world where going to school and paying for it is no problem. Some people, also, can’t help what circumstances they were born into.

          • Cricket says:

            What are you complaining for Nicole? First, ask yourself… am I a degree holder that I would be paid only $10 an hour? You yourself is ignorant or idiot if you would accept it!Check what doctors and other professional are getting from their employers? Your salary compensates on what kind of work you can do not what you want to have when you dont have the credentials to show of.
            Second, it is nobody’s responsibility on how you raise and rear your kids. If you want to have a noble family, you should have thought and planned it over before you bear a child, what its responsibilities and all! Not that you will blame others because what you’re earning wont help support your children. Work hard enough for your living not others doing it for you-you lazy crap!

            • Nicole says:

              Who said I have kids ass? Stop making generalizations! I’m not even finished school yet! LMFAO! I was speaking in general you donkey. Not everyone is can go off to a 4 year university and get a degree and come home to make big money. FYI a lot of college degree holders can’t get jobs either. What world are you all living in? I hope you get fired and are out of work for awhile. See how easy it is then, see how fast you’d take a crappy job, with crappy pay etc.

          • Concerned Bermudian says:

            Nicole, I am a Bermudian. Second, the info about how many people applied for jobs is in the paper. Do you ever read it? I do realise that employers look to hire foreigners for the very reasons I mentioned in my post. Bermudians have earned the reputation previously stated. Perhaps if you didn’t get ‘child up’ at 14 and again at 16 and again at 17 and have all your chilrens stay wiff der Aunie cos der Deddies ain’t inde pitcher then you’d be able to get an adjumucation and not have to live off $10 a hour!

            • Nicole says:

              Actually I read the paper AFTER I posted that comment. Do you also want to know when I pee and how often? Maybe if you weren’t such a coward racist you’d like to come say that to my face. I don’t have any children, let alone one at 14 you asshole. I’m sorry I wasn’t born into riches like you and into the lap of luxury afforded to you down there in Fairylands. I’m not your Filipino slave err nanny, you can’t talk to me however you want.

          • Scott says:

            as posted before : http://www.royalgazette.com/article/20110317/NEWS01/703179957/-1/news

            sometimes you need to suck it up. $10 an hour is better then $0 and hour, and you can work up from there. yes it sucks but what are peopel gonna do? peopel really need to start sorting their needs vs wants, at least at the moment.

        • Can you handle this says:

          If you want to work for SEASONAL MINIMUM WAGE then thats your business! Do you realise that in order for waiters to make a decent wage it would depend on the amount of grats that they receive??? The average rent paying Bermudian couldn’t depend on that!! not everyone falls into the category that you speak of so stop making generalizations….I hope the job that you have is secure and you’re guaranteed continual employment in the long run…If not then perhaps you can be the 6th one to apply for one of the waiter jobs..But I guess that’s only if you’re not Bermudian because surely if YOU ARE Bermudian than YOU can’t work weekends, May 24th, Cup Match or the Queens Birthday..well at least that’s what YOU said about Bermudians!!

          • Concerned Bermudian says:

            My point was that if only 5 people apply for 100 waiter jobs – then Bermudians have not had it bad enough yet. I am Bermudian and I have worked on all those public holidays at some time or other. You do what you have to do to get ahead. Some Bermudians tho just prefer to moan – they think they SPASHUL. “UMUM, AMA BERMOOOJAN”.

            Pretty soon we will also have foreign Bus drivers cos Bermudians can’t stay off de weed and pass the drug test. Just wait, you’ll see. Then I guess that will be the axpact’s fault too!

          • Scott says:

            people are arguing the wrong issue and playing it out as something else.

            you CAN get a job…. you just CANT necessarily get the amount of money you want.

            Why dont bermudians do well on grats they receieve? because a lot of they time they are MISERABLE and show it. why do some foreigners get good grats? because they put the effort in to show the guest a good meal time.

            Grats are dependent on effort put in. I know its a novel idea for some, but its a good show of how just having a job doesnt entitle you do getting what you want.

          • Nicole says:

            EXACTLY! Most of them commenting are white and racist. Stereotyping everyone as rude, lazy, vulgar and having children at 14. They now they could never say it in the streets of Bermuda to peoples faces.

            • feelthelove?! says:

              Gee- you’re full of bile for someone not out of school yet! I find your stereotypes about guest workers offensive. Since guest workers are of all nations and colours you can’t be accused of racism. You are certainly suffering from xenophobia though- ‘the hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers or of their politics or culture’. Unfortunately you aren’t alone- all over the world small minded people waste their energies hating on foreigners.

              • Nicole says:

                Where are you getting that I hate them though? For basically saying what happens in Bermuda? School as in college, not high school. I’m grown. So you see no problem with someone saying to me to not have kids at 14, 16 and 17? Which is borderline racist, assuming such a thing because I said Bermudians with 2 kids can’t live on $10 an hour? I wasn’t talking about myself but in general.

                Ever heard the term “a hit dog will holler”?

            • Scott says:

              wow you really live in your own world. if you seem to think all these people are hateful.. perhaps you should look inward and realize they dont hate all bermudians, just the rude and spiteful ones…

              • Nicole says:

                Awww Scott you won’t leave me alone huh? I’m sure you live in your own world. If you looked inward and realize that you are judging me without knowing me. Why are you defending them and saying not all of them don’t hate Bermudians yet you seem to think I hate all foreigners. AGAIN I CLEARLY said MOST, NOT ALL! Geez reading wasn’t your strong point in school huh? Those comments by concerned bermudian were OFFENSIVE and RACIST! Yet you of course had no problem with that.

                • Concerned Bermudian says:

                  Not one of my comments was racist. Just go back and read. Nothing racist at all.

                  If you think thay are – explain it to me.

      • herbalist says:

        what a dreamer

      • you're clueless says:

        clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. i’ve encountered lots of wonderful guest workers who love bermuda- make lots of contributions to our society, etc. no doubt though- i’ve also encountered ones who have bad attitudes and who don’t care about bermuda or bermudians at all. however the same could be said of BERMUDIANS. the bottom line is, there are bad people of all different backgrounds.

        but to suggest that all guest workers should leave is not only discriminatory, it all shows you’re completely clueless as to how an economy functions. first off, the government collects many millions of dollars in taxes from these people. they pay rent, buy groceries, etc etc etc. even if a lot of their money is saved to go back ‘home’, they still pump tons of money into our economy just by being here. and that DOES make its way into bermudians hands- at all levels- whether you realize it or not.

        if all guest workers were to leave, where would our money come from? stop and truly think deeply about it. what natural resources do we have that we can sell to the world that would bring money into bermuda? the answer: NOTHING. we have no factories and not even enough natural resources to provide for our own people.

        there is enough farmland in bermuda to provide for maybe 15,000 people. so how do you propose that we provide for our people without any foreign workers/investment etc.? i’m the first to admit there are definite issues- some our own fault- with the overreliance on guest workers in some sectors.

        but when you say broadly that ‘we should get rid of all the guest workers’ you sound incredibly uneducated and stupid. and it’s statements like that which some of the ‘bad’ guest workers laugh at when they stereotype bermudians as being simple and dumb. so do us all a favor and go educate yourself and stop contributing to the stereotype.

        finally, like i said at the beginning- there are bad people from all sectors of humanity. so why would you be so prejudicial as to throw all guest workers into one category? that’s ridiculously unfair and stupid.

        • Seriously?! says:

          well said ‘you’re clueless’… I am shocked by some of the vile stereotypes being perpetuated here – talk about ignorant.

  9. SaveMeFromThisBS says:

    Just a thought….

    All these robberies involve a firearm, and then you hear how one firearm has been linked to multiple incidents. So are there really THAT many firearms on the island? I mean, could guys just be taking a toy gun (that looks like the real thing) and just sticking it in someone’s face to rob them? I mean, who’s going to second-guess if its real or not…at night…while being robbed?

    And lets say there are so many firearms here, with all these shootings that happened, how come there hasn’t been a shootout back and forth?

    Every time you hear of some incident involving firearms makes it seem like EVERY CRIMINAL HAS ONE. Do we really have that problem, or is it just a few firearms being passed around like a collection plate that is causing all this havoc?

    • Nicole says:

      He said they pistol whipped him, I sure a toy gun didn’t mess his face up that bad.

      • Stan says:

        Are you willing to trade your life for your bike/few bill. Just to try and find out if it’s a real gun or not?

      • crazytalk says:

        Nicole, I can’t really see why you’re defending the scumbag muggers, but being hit in the head or face with a heavy metal object, like an imitation gun, is not trivial. Your comment about a ‘toy gun not messing up his face that bad’ is extremely insulting to most people, particularly anyone who is a victim of this type of crime.
        I guess you’re not troubled by violence against innocent people by muggers.

        • Nicole says:

          Are you retarded? Learn to comprehend you moron. I’m not making light of anything nor am I defending criminals! The poster above me was wondering how many ACTUAL REAL guns were in Bermuda as opposed to fakes and people not second guessing if it looks real. I said I doubt a toy gun would cause that much trauma to his face! You idiot! He clearly didn’t watch the video where the guy mentioned that part and you clearly didn’t read his comment in which mines was in reply to!
          I guess you are just an idiotic douchebag who makes assumptions.

          • Scott says:

            wow you are an angry person…

            • Nicole says:

              You would know this how? Maybe if (some) of you took a few minutes to actually read before responding to me accusing me of defending criminals I wouldn’t respond so rude. You don’t know me. You know what I said was right. That person didn’t even bother reading the comment I was replying to before they, like you, tried to judge me.

      • Scott says:

        toy no. replica or imitation, yes.

  10. sheeshums says:

    This is ridiculous!

    I feel really bad for the guy. Even worse, I hear this also happened to a tourist!

    Gotta say though … this wouldn’t happen to me (hopefully!!), they’d never catch up to me! He said his bike was slow, and he’s a slow rider. Riding too slow can be just as dangerous as riding too fast!

    • Grizz says:

      this is so true sheeshums cause when i am on a bike nights,I hit that gas mate, they ain’t getting the Griz!!

  11. Makes sense! says:

    The “new Bermuda” has arrived stay home lock ur doors and fasten the seat belts it will get worse

  12. joe says:

    Amazing how some of you on here are saying this happens everywhere and let’s just deal with it! Are you freakin’ kidding me? This is Bermuda. We should NOT, I repeat NOT be putting up with it. Get on these thugs and buss some ass! The thing to do is to get them when they’re alone. They’re not so tough when they’re by themselves. Cowards, all of them.

    • Shell says:

      Right on the money Joe! This shouldn’t happen in Bermuda. You should feel safe riding around at night. I remember when my granny could leave her doors and windows open and not even be home. Those days are done.

  13. Dan Marino says:

    I feel heavy for this guy. Though am i correct in saying these young punks were caught last night and the gun was a replica.

  14. Nemo says:

    Bring back the Cat O nine tales! Cause someone needs to straighten them out!!!

  15. be aware says:

    Keep your eyes peeled people. Use your instincts. When people do strange things or seem to be following you- immediately make yourself visible- go to a public place. This action saved me the loss of a camera today.

    • be aware says:

      And if you’re reading this. Yes this post is about you- you were on the white bike and did an emergency stop when you saw my camera. Lucky I didn’t phone the cops. Next time.

      • W.T.F.??? says:

        @ be aware,
        so WHY didnt you phone the cops?

        • b says:

          its a white HD 125 n the otha bike that was wit him was an airblade thats the same b*tches that followed me 1 night bout a year ago from point finger road bt i pulld ova n waited for the guys they jus rode cross me wen they saw i was standin there them p%$#y get scared wen they see dnt fear them

          • be aware says:

            I was 95% sure he was going to try something so before he got brave enough I drove off. He followed me, but by then I was right outside a store and was confident I was safe.

  16. S says:

    Four Star needs drivers for all you people who dont have jobs!! Check all locations!! Everytime I order I have to go pick it up!! (N)

    • Itcouldhappen says:

      Drivers are getting robbed at night as well.

    • Looking for a job says:

      S, I really hope you were being sarcastic.

      Been there done that, have the scars to prove it.

      This article is about a mugging and you want people to take a job that puts them out on random side roads, mostly at night, while carrying CASH, with some nice hot food and a big reflective vest that says “ROB ME”? Get some common sense, beside when I was there is was all BERMUDIAN in the kitchen and on the roads. Look around the place now… Enjoy picking up your dinner, perhaps if you have to endure a robbery while getting it you might have some sense knocked into you.

      The jobs pay does not reflect inflation for the last twenty years and is not worth it for a Bermudian anymore, unless he was planning his future taking advantage of the economic situation in a third world country perhaps…
      And to make the job worth the risk the price of those pies would probably be doubled what it is now, but don’t worry. the real inflation is going to start soon.

  17. GSL says:

    why was the video taken off? Guest worker = immigration threats about losing work permit…. Just thinking out loud….

    • SL says:

      Yup!! I bet that is what happened! The nerve.

    • Poppa Bermy says:

      Why do we always assume the worst or some type of conspiracy!!!???? From what i get the video contained a lot of information about the crime and if a witness was challenged in court they could be accused of reciting information from the vid…so it make sense to take the video down before they build their case against who they believe is the perps…. Also I have viewed most of the comments on this page and cant help notice that you are talking about the problem and what we can do to punish the individuals.one even suggesting going back in time and bringing back some draconian form of punishment (cat of nine tails) .. hows abt thinking of solutions that will stop these people from having to do these acts… Any suggestions??

    • Scott says:

      it was probably so as not to give potentially false or leading information that may hurt the investigation or case.

  18. Just Concern says:

    Just asking is it time to arm ourselves!

  19. Concerned person ready to move off island says:

    put the video back up,,, free speech c’mon

    • SL says:

      I agree, put it back up! Freedom of speech is right! He has a right to vent whether it be on YouTube or the media or ZBM/VSB! I heard he was told to take it off, probably threatened to kick him off the island if he didn’t!!!Long gone are the days “Bermuda is Another World”

  20. Citizen Banned says:

    Where is Bermuda going? And are we in this hand basket?

    • Terry says:

      Hand basket?”

      Your gonna need a shipload of containers at this rate. Oh, and your question about destination is easy. It’s a 4 letter word that begins with “H”.

      Enjoy the daylight for what it is worth.

      • Cricket Bat says:

        We should have you on Mastermind Terry.

        Special subject: The obvious.


    Guess they have gone off of killing and started mugging for a little while! Gosh this all needs to stop! And im sure the reason he took it down is to protect his identity he probably didnt want to keep it up too long so the people that mugged him know its there.

  22. Cricket Bat says:

    While this video might be bad publicity for Bermuda in – perhaps it is the kick in the behind we all need – to take our country back from these sub humans.

    Calling all thieves: If you try to rob me – you risk being carried away in an ambulance or even worse.

    • Terry says:

      Wow Cricket. Looks like you have much wind in the ‘crease’.

      It really has come to this. Threats of all natures and warnings.

      When someone puts a gun in your face the “obvious” is to comply. Your chances are better of survival.

      As usual, attack the messenger. Then again, it’s getting near cricket season so walk tall and carry a big bat. Not a weapon in public but in some respect it is bladed…

  23. Itcouldhappen says:

    These thugs are going to mess with the wrong person one day soon – a person who has no fear of being shot at and no fear of kicking your butt or worse to protect life and property. I pray that that person will be supported by the public/government/police WHEN it happens. Enough is enough.

  24. Bermuda is hell says:


  25. Fight Back says:

    I’d carry a big stick and shove it in the spokes.

  26. Bermudian says:

    They should ALL be put to work and embarrassed in front of the rest of the country!! They need somthing that will DETER them from commiting crimes…right now they have no fear of going to Westgate, in fact thats a place they can hang out with their friends while we the taxpayers pay for it!! They dont want to work out in the real world so they rob and steal, well put them behind bars and MAKE them work…being released should also require a prisoner having put in x amount of hours work….these fools are making this island unattractive so they should be put in charge of Keep Bermuda Beautiful….they want to be a part of a gang? show them the chain gang way and have them out on the beaches, parks, and railway trails in the heat picking up the trash!! We ALL know that the system we have right now is NOT working so why does it seem like NO ONE is redesigning the system???? There are soooo many creative ideas which could be used to revamp the prison system but no one is changing a thing and the island continues to go down the toilet!!

  27. Terry says:

    Your ideas are not new but welcome. Years ago prisoners with long sentences were allowed out on ‘day release’.

    It works/worked to an extent but they were used by militant groups to Assassinate the Governor Sir Richard Sharples and many others.

    The Government of the day is flat broke. Raising this and that here and there to try and make ends meet. Not gonna work.

    Now. Lets bring these lazy B……. out and clean up, et al.

    Who’s going to supervise these releases. Who’s going to transport them. Who’s gonna stop them having a beer on the railway trail with their ‘ace boy’ cause “I gotta go pee”. Who’s gonna feed them. Who’s gonna clean up after them. Who is gonna to the roster for pick up of trash they collect.


    Bermuda is not a rual setting like you watch on TV. Nor does it have the resources to secure this type of endeavour.

    We are broke. You would need at least another 50 prison officers to do this whilst still maintain security at Westgate.

    It’s not up to Government to come and clean up your mess ( yes, all you beer bottle chuckers, KFC dumpers, papercup throwers et al).


    The Prison system? It works as a deterant as long as the Judicial system comes down hard. This has not happened for many years.

    Some in that system should go home to their country of birth after all these years. Some I know of have used the ‘system’ to get where they are.

    And please don’t tell me that harsh sentences won’t work. You’d be in denial. And don’t get into the Death Penalty subject. People do things against principle and nature and you can never change that (Oil/Gold/ Silver/ Corn/Wheat/Crunchie Bars)

    And the irony of this is is the fact that Bermudians have been living high of the “Lamb” for too long.

    You’ll get and I hope it’s not too late.

    Whats in your wallet. Got a bit left for the children?

    • Winnie says:

      I always knew you had it in you Terry, behind all the comedic expressions (but true) I knew you could write a deep piece, well said. I can’t even find anything to add to your piece. Bowing respectfully

  28. Terry says:

    Thanks Winnie. Life is short and I can be a pain in the ass but at times my assinine comments create thought and stimulate peoples minds. Thats why I do it. I can stand the heat and my kitchen never gets too hot.

    And if my critics attack I take solice in the fact that they do it for their gain amongst their own.

    I want to be a part of the solution and not get in the way. Kick me aside as has been done in the past, so be it.

    Communication, dialogue and a good slap on the back and a thank you is the glue that held Bermuda together all these years through ups and downs.

    Now. Time for a walk in the forest.

    Ah!! The irony of days gone by. Not too late. It’s our land so lets take it back with sensibility.

    A great day to all.

  29. Bermudian says:

    Well I’m riding home tonight late and I will be riding full throttle. I hope the police pull me over so I can tell them I’m having no one pull up next to me with a gun, whether it’s real or not.

  30. mixitup says:

    I have the PERFECT solution to this foolishness!! Anybody convicted of robbing, shooting or stabbing someone, gets their fingers chopped off. The U.K. won’t allow us to execute them then GREAT! this would be better! They will never be able to hold a weapon let alone shoot one! …… O and when they go to jail, they won’t even be able to masterbate! LOL I assure you this crap will end tomorrow!

  31. Nicole says:

    You don’t have to agree with me but it’s my opinion. I call it like I see it.

  32. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Apparently we do have to agree with you Nicole otherwise we get called racist. This is unfortunately where you argument fails. Just because someone has a differing opinion to your does not automatically make them a white racist who was born into money and who lives in Fairylands.

    You’ve obviously learned well from the PLP – brainwashed more like.

    I call it like I see it too!

    • LOL (original) says:

      Nicole got served in this thread…..to funny


    • Nicole says:

      So what do you call you saying to ME not to have a kid at 14 again at 16 etc? Why would you say that? Apparently I can’t say what happens in Bermuda without being called hateful, full of bile and xenophobe. So if you want to call me-lazy, ignorant, a whore, a xenophobe I’ll judge you and call you a racist. It’s only fair.

      A hit dog will holler. Own up to your racism.

      @LOL I SINGLE HANDEDLY shut down every last idiot on here who can’t seem to read. Also it’s “TOO” funny. Fool. But I guess bernews is a safe heaven for racist white Bermudians to have a voice. Lord knows you don’t have guts to speak your mind in public.

      • LOL (original) says:

        What ever I do and have and would happily tell you to your face anytime. People who know me know what I’m about an racism is not one of them so really you are the fool so stay in school wisdom is not yours yet knowledge is useless without it. Grow up a bit. Please site what comment stated that you have a kid at 14 or 16. Did they talk about you specifically or are you taking about the stereotypical view that you think white people think a cretin way. I have read the comments hear and I did not see that. I did however see a comment that I thought was a stereo type just want you to point it out so I know that we are talking about the same thing but for you to continue to say that they said you had a child I did not see that. So far you have just relied on an argument that relies on a stereotypical view so you have single handedly show you are doing what you accuse white of doing. And what is that a threat about doing it in public please grows up. To end I will say this “A hit dog will holler” by your logic you have something to own up to as well don’t you. Sorry for the grammatical error typing fast things like that happen along with occasional spelling mistakes but thank you for trying to belittle me in the same way others have in the past to cretin types of people. Guess you aren’t aware of the depth of your words. Maybe we all suffer from inherent racism some more than others apparently. Yes I am white my family is very diverse and I hang from around St. Monica’s at families houses to Roberts Ave. to Somerset, Warwick as I have a big family. My preference has always been black women over white and the majority of my friends are black. I say this to let you know how I hang. I wonder how diverse your friends and family are as those that tend to have little interaction with other types of people generally tend to feel the way you do. Working with people does not really count as you know people can and do act differently outside of work. No matter what anyone else thinks I know it takes all kinds do you? Oh one last thing if you think for a second that I do not put white people in their place when I hear it from them you kidding yourself and once again falling prey to stereo types. Sorry for the long rant I just want the people of Bermuda and by extension the world to get along we would all benift from working and getting along. Then your battels can become mine and mine your if you can understand that.


  33. Nicole says:

    Hmmm no one actually answered any of my points but deflected from the point and just accused me of being full of hatred when I never said I hated anyone.

    So again do all 800+ out of work Bermudians fit into all the stereotypes you all managed to squeeze them into? Or are you Scott, mixitup, concerned Bermudian going to keep repeating yourselves accusing me of hating foreigners? Did any of you actually go to the job fair? None I bet. I did.

    Let’s see.
    You said Bermudians are all lazy, ignorant, have children at young ages(14), uneducated. When that does not apply to ALL Bermudians, especially not ALL 800+ out of work Bermudians BUT the second I say “many”, not ALL:

    1. foreigners do not like Bermuda/Bermudians-truth
    2. foreigners accept low paying jobs-true
    3. foreigners live together packed in to an apartment-true
    4. employers would rather hire them than a Bermudian-true

    it’s a problem? Ignorant fools. Can’t even prove what you are accusing. LOL

    • LOL (original) says:

      “So again do all 800+ out of work Bermudians fit into all the stereotypes you all managed to squeeze them into? Or are you Scott, mixitup, concerned Bermudian going to keep repeating yourselves accusing me of hating foreigners?”:

      This seems to be reactionary on their part just so you know tone is hard to determine in this type of interaction but as prominant people in the community seem to put out statements about how whites are and act persective about how you came at them might feed this reaction. I am Bermudian to so I would be included in the statements given about Bermudians even though you elude to I guess the True Ber mudians that politicans have talked about for awaile. (This is another topic I would be happy to address)

      1. foreigners do not like Bermuda/Bermudians-truth
      2. foreigners accept low paying jobs-true
      3. foreigners live together packed in to an apartment-true
      4. employers would rather hire them than a Bermudian-true”

      Some of these are true some not depends on class of jobs you are talking about. I did not ever understasnd why construction and jobs of this type had so many foreign people as I have worked in this type of job since I was 14 or so. Our salaries are high something that foreigners like but knowone tells them about the cost of living here which is about to go though the roof by the way. This make it ideal to live together less on the housing market to don’t you think as they are taking less acomidations. Employers hiring non Bermudians again is a sign of our high cost of living as they are trying to cut overhead paying the lower salary this is a persective thing as it is employer vs employee. Government needs to some how balance books and then lower taxes to decrease the over head thus lowering the cost of living around hear this is the only way I see this trend changing. Bermudians who don’t turn up on time or who do act lazy spoil it for the rest of us though. Few bad apples saying applies here. Just to address some of you points. I would be happy to try to address others you might have. Till then

      Yours the ever


    • Seriously?! says:

      You are incredibly ignorant.

  34. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Nicole: Of course not all Bermudians have kids at 14 – nobody said they did. Again. your idea that everyone who disagrees with you is a racist is just laughable. You obviously haven’t lived in the real world. What if everyone was the same race – what would your excuse be then????

    Get an education, get a real job, make a life. Then you can defend the 72% of boys who don’t graduate public high school in Bda then turn to crime. We have a real problem and throwing around the race card just isn’t going to fix it – so grow up.

    • feelthelove?! says:

      Nicole- you forget that without the high paying jobs associated with International Business and the guest workers who hold most of these jobs Bermuda would be in the 3rd World now.

      As a guest worker I can assure you that I (and everyone I know who is also a guest worker) love Bermuda and Bermudians.
      I don’t love the scumbag ones- but I don’t love scumbags back home so fair’s fair.

  35. just fishin says:

    - Most foreigners I know live singly or with their families and pay a not inconsiderable rent to their Bermudian landlords. Maybe I’m wrong but I would think that this group outweighs in number those who live otherwise.
    - The wait-staff I know on grats are making a decent overall income, income enough even for locals.What jobs are paying $10 an hour anyway…that’s not a challenge, it’s just a question. Are these jobs live-in or live-out?
    - I wonder how many Bermudians are working overseas, taking the jobs of people in their country of residence. I doubt there are many Bermudians with skills that are not available where they work. Some, yes, but not many.I’m Bermudian and worked (legally) overseas for 5 years doing something that the locals there could have done. One of by children is in that situation too right now and I would think that there are several thousand others just the. Do we bring ‘em home?
    - It’s an observation of mine (and maybe mine alone)that Bermudians who are off the Island are more uptight than those of us who live here, have a different “spin” on things, positive or otherwise.( Yea, maybe we who live here can’t see the wood for the trees sometimes, but we choose to live here. Do those who live away have the same “rights” as us?) Mostly though they tend to be more angry about stuff. I’ve friends like this who live in different time zones, write their messages in the middle of our night, and their emails are waiting for me in the mornings. Check out the times of some of the postings above. Either someone has a serious sleep problem or they are off-Island and out of the loop. Perhaps even taking the place of a local student or local out of work citizen. Or they could be helping the economy of the country they are in by bringing in funds from Bermuda or, if working, helping the success of the economy in which they work….see my point there?

  36. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Nicole is sadly reminiscent of a lot of Bermudians. Blame everything on someone else (Foreigners) and for good measure, bring up racisim cos you have no real argument. Hey its worked for the PLP hasn’t it? Not so much now tho Nicole so you better think of a new argument.

    The blame axpats and racism is getting really old. Its so last century.