Family Dispute Lands Man in Court

March 3, 2011

This morning [Mar.3] in Magistrates Court Vernon “Chicken” Symonds of Somerset appeared on charges of assault arising out of a family dispute involving himself, his brother, his brother’s wife, and another member of the family. Mr Symonds had been arrested around 9:50pm on 1st March 2011 after a complaint had been lodged around 8:25pm on the same night.

The 35-year-old explained that the matter was part of an ongoing and long-running dispute between himself and his brother whom he described as being much wider and taller than himself. As evidence of how the matter had gone, Mr Symonds pointed to his blood spattered clothing saying: “Look. This is my blood.”

Magistrate Archie Warner, seeking to resolve matters said that he was mindful of ordering a Social Inquiry Report. Mr Symonds said: “Just send me up Westgate.”

The Magistrate retorted that: “Westgate was not a hotel” and that the Courts were not in the business of just trying to send people to jail, that the Courts sought to treat cases and people fairly and that this was his current purpose.

Given whispered advice by a duty Policeman, Mr Symonds listened to the Magistrate who said that the Social Inquiry Report meant that: “…Court Services will talk to you and try and reason why these things happen…and how they can help you. They will suggest to the Court how matters can be resolved and how you can be dealt with. They need your cooperation. Will you cooperate?”

Mr Symonds agreed and was bailed for $1,000.

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  1. sam says:

    Its strange how the justices system works here in Bermuda. A man that could have tried to stab family member an hit the with weapons an say his going to kill them an the police officers that attended the dispute. Which just a week ago his was in another dispute with a father an son. As everyone that knows him can admit he needs help his acts like a mental case and u never know what to expect from him an to make matters worse he is a drug addict. Can someone tell me were there is an justice in this.