Landscaping Job Fair To Be Held Tomorrow

March 9, 2011

The Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry Kim Wilson would like to remind the public of the Landscaping job fair which will be held tomorrow [Mar.10] in the Bermuda College gymnasium from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

This event is being hosted by Bermuda’s landscapers in association with the Department of Labour and Training. A spokesperson said, “More than 30 landscaping companies will be on hand to meet potential employees therefore job seekers are encouraged to dress to impress and to bring updated resume’ with them.”

“The Government of Bermuda is committed to helping Bermudians find jobs while at the same time doing all it can to keep companies in business. This job fair is yet another opportunity to bridge the gap between those seeking employment and those offering it. I encourage anyone who is willing and ready to work and who enjoys the outdoors to attend,” says Minister Wilson.

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  1. The truth shall set you free says:

    How many people who have no long-term interest in landscaping are going to take these jobs, and then leave when something ‘better’ comes along? This entire situation makes it seem like all you need to know as far as landscaping is having the ability to push a lawnmower. It’s a skilled profession with long hours. Is the average Bermudian prepared to put in 12-14 hour days every day like many of these permit landscapers do??

  2. CaM says:

    i dont think it will work out. they not use to hard work and when di summer comes they will just be working 2 or 3 days a week and di rest calling in sick (if they even call)and whos gona suffer with that companies and costermers wish all di luck to the landscaping companies

  3. So Sad says:

    While I feel the pain of the firms I do have to say there is not many that are truly “landscapers”. Most just push the mower around (to low for the grass) and use a machete to trim trees. On the other side I doubt it any of the available people will do what the currently employed people do.

  4. Can you handle this says:

    Whatever!!!!! The Landscaping companies are all crying foul because they know that if they have to hire Bermudians they will have to pay them more then the “piss in the bucket” that they are currently paying their workers…Yes some may have had bad experiences with Bermudians starting with them then calling in sick or quitting but not ALL Bermudians fall into that category…When their workers came here the majority of them just knew how to push a lawnmower and hold a machete as well..some didn’t speak English and I know that they didn’t know the names of All the plants and trees here and had to be trained on how to care for and prune plants and what why can’t locals be trained the same way? My thing is if they feel that they have to close down just because they can’t have their way and hire foreigners than close down..that will just give more business and opportunity to those companies that are willing to employ Bermudians…I live in a complex where a particular firm has all foreigners and they’ve dug up some of my plants that they “thought” were weeds and than trying to communicate with them I’m like Never the Hell Mind because they don’t have a clue as to what I’m saying……To my Bermudian Men only apply if you are willing to step to the wicket and go the full mile..Let’s prove these companies and naysayers wrong and show that you are capable and worthy of being employed!!!

    • The mon says:

      And thats who you have to get Mad with the Bermudians that get jobs and waist them it not just in Landscaping Construction as well and other jobs. Ask Bermudian how emberass they get when Bermudian come on their job winning all the time that it to hot it to much work for this little bit of money. The funny thing is if they stuck around long enough they might have gotten a rase.

      • Peace and Love says:

        @ The Mon..who I need to be mad at is you and others that seem to be putting ALL Bermudians into one category..Not all Bermudians are afraid to work or don’t want to work in the sun..I am up at 5 every morning and work 15 hour days 5 days a week and sometimes on weekends..So I AM NOT afaid of work, I am well educated have my degree and am going a step further by getting another degree in accounting (currently sporting a 3.8 GPA)….Not all Bermudians whine (correct spelling) I do what I have to do to get by…I work hard and put in long hours and have earned the raise (correct spelling) that I have received…The truth is the landscaping companies know that if they hire Bermudians no longer will they get away with their cheap labour practices that they have become accustomed to. I stand by my previous statement they had to train the foreigners when they came here so therfore they should offer rhe same to Bermudian’s really about the money..that’s the long and short of it….Both my sons went to the Job Fair today and I hope that they are given a chance because they are well educated, hard working young men like rheir mother…

  5. PEPPER says:

    We have the best in my opinion landscapers in bda…they prune our trees and get rid of the pesty weeds…. they are portugese and and they are so pleasent.. this firm hired two Bermudians and after a week they said that it was to much for them in the heat…. so how the hell are these landscapers going to survive ?
    The minister in charge needs to rethink this……………

  6. CaM says:

    bermudians dont wana work 12 or 13 hours a day . they olny want 8 hours a day and may be less paying more to them will only com out of the costemers pokets and one thing 1 portugues workes for 2 bermudians.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Just curious. Why is it necessary for landscapers to work 12-13 a day on a regular basis?

      • My two says:

        I think it is really unfair to expect Bermudians to work the same amount of hours as someone that comes to Bermuda and leaves their family behind for the sole reason to work as many hours as possible. That being said Bermudians need to work at least an eight hour day, be on time, and perhaps work on a Saturday. These companies have based their whole business model on hiring foreigners for a cheep wage and making them work long hour days and weekends.
        Times are changing and these companies have to accept that just like everyone else in this recession, you must change and adapt your business model with the changing times. The business owner’s in Bermuda seem to be a bit in denial and very slow to change with the times. I hate to say but the good times are over and you must go with the flow or lose your business. These business need to be honest with themselves and in the same sense Bermudians out of work need to accept that in these tough times, they may have to work harder for less money. If you don’t start accepting reality you will only be delaying the inevitable.

  7. The mon says:

    I copied this:
    R Matthews said:

    The reality of this moratorium is that each ‘guest’ worker that is forced to leave means 1 less rent to their Bermudian landlord, less groceries being bought in Bermudian shops, less of their pay being spent in Bermuda.
    Part of this problem is that there are some who are not unemployed – they are unemployable! They want big wages for little work and then complain when ‘guest’ workers have to be brought in to perform jobs that they won’t perform anyway. And this is not a slight on Bermudians – this is the same the world over – the US, the UK the Middle East – everywhere has a section of society that is usually from another country performing jobs that locals do not/will not perform!
    I doubt if any numbers will be kept of the number of Bermudian businesses that will be forced to close and therefore affect their Bermudian owners as a result of this moratorium.
    Just one thought on how money could be re-distributed – why doesnt the Government give up their huge fleet of cars and use the money saved to employ people to start community projects or collect trash and the like. At least that would help the Island.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      The idea of reducing the number of GP vehicles is a sound one. However, having one is considered a status symbol by civil servants and Ministers alike. (We all would like a free second car to transport neighbours/families to private functions etc.) Therefore they will resist any change. Our highly paid unproductive Ministers should be forced to take a pay cut to demonstrate that they are prepared to share the pain that they expect the man in the street to feel. The money saved could be better used. Unfortunately, pigs do not fly yet.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Give up my GP car…ARE YOU MOD AND OUTTA YAH MIND…I need to get groceries yah know!!!

  8. Terry says:

    Imagine a crew from W&E taking care care of landscaping, cutting, mowing, cleanup et al at your house or some of the established rich folks homes.

    There is no comparison between a man that works long hours and his family being elsewhere, saving his money and looking too the future that can be compared to the ’8 hour’ worker who just flogs along and goes to the bar or out with the boys at 5pm………

    Tell me I wrong.

    Recession? The world is screwed but these men/women do it because they have hope and don’t live in denial or look forward to assistance.