Murder: Police Arrest Five People, Two Females

March 8, 2011

arrested logoFive people in total, including two females, have been arrested in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Jahmiko Leshore.

They have been released on Police bail to “allow the investigative team to continue to develop evidence in the case, and to receive the results of forensic tests on exhibits sent overseas”.

On March 1st Jahkimo Leshore was fatally shot while in the Boundary Crescent, Devonshire area, marking the second murder of 2011.

Initially three males were arrested on suspicion of murder, following arrest operations at two different residences the day after the murder. One is aged 24, and the others are 20 years old. In addition, Police now confirm two females aged 21 and 22, have been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said, “The investigation into the murder of Jahmiko Leshore continues. To date, 5 persons have been arrested. In addition to the three persons initially arrested, two females aged 21 & 22 respectively have been arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Murder.”

“As is often with such cases, the persons arrested have been released on Police bail to allow the investigative team to continue to develop evidence in the case, and to receive the results of forensic tests on exhibits sent overseas.”

“We would again like to acknowledge the assistance of the public in this investigation which has proved helpful. The efforts of the investigative team continue and we are interested in speaking with anyone that has not yet come forward with information that is potentially of assistance in bringing the offenders to justice.”

Anyone with any information about the murder of Jahmiko Leshore is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. D says:

    These females have no pride now day

  2. Sheriff says:

    After just listening to Ceola deliver the news about the gun that shot Lighbourn being linked to other murders, and now reading this….I pray justice will be served for these families.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    What you mean by these females…this whole damn island has no pride nowadays!!!And if certain people talk about pride in Bermuda it’s usually fake pride with plastic smiles and a hidden agenda and money at the end of it!!!

  4. Realist says:

    You know it is so foolish of the police to let these people out on bail. The streets know who was involved in killing this young men and yes a girl who lives in the area was allegedly involved in setting up the killing. Andd your telling the police have let these savages out to allow investigations is BULLS%$T!! I’m tired of those wicked parkside boys killing people and nothing being done to stop this! It’s crazy and clearly a higher power is on their side1 [edited]

    • BDA says:

      sounds like you know more then us

      the police cannot hold people on gossip and rumors off the “streets”

      they need evidence and witnessess.

      • BDA says:

        have you called crime stoppers with your information? or are you going to just complain about the system and all this parkside bs.

        • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

          Peopel have called crime stoppers and left valid info, that is how these peopel were arrested. Especially the female who lives in that area. Did you know she was recently in the paper and also is alleged by some on the streets as one who assists PS in a good amount of their crimial activity. Its not common sense, its street sense. Lets just hope they get their ‘justs deserts.’

          • BDA says:

            ok so people have called crime stoppers with information. but you still need evidence to hold them. and know i do not know she was recently in the paper…..”alleged” come on. this is bermuda i have apparently done alot of things that were/are untrue.

            if they are in fact guilty of this crime then they should be punished. all im trying to point out is that the police cannot hold any one with out evidence and witnessess. so unless you are going to stand up and come forward with information, coming on these websites and talking about other gangs and what they do is not going to help.

            • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

              True, but like I said people called in and it led to these peoples arrest. So that means there was enough information to arrest them.

    • truth be told says:

      @ Realist. I think you are right bout them having a higher power backing them up. Why is it court st aka parkside is always under “police protection” and 42nd seems to never have any police presence available only when they wanna set up road blocks to stop ppl for ticket offenses and harrass the residents in that area??? Everytime I come on court st you see that big waste of space police command unit vehicle parked with police on foot patrol and sitting in marked and unmarked cars but you very seldomly see a police car or police patroling pond hill. Im jus saying maybe there is a higher power because more 42nd soldiers have died than parkside in this so called war.

      • Reality Check says:

        I concur so Let the truth be told.

      • Truth says:

        These guys aren’t soldiers. Some are miscreants and some are misguided youth. Not soldiers and please don’t dignify them or associate them with the many who have died serving their families and their Country.

        • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

          I think your response was a bit misguided their mate. ‘truth’ was simply saying that it seems that PS has more protection than Four Two. Especially since the majority of the shootings happen up Four Two. He or she is not trying to dignify them in anyway. Lets all try to stay on the topic at hand, peopel are getting arrested (FINALLY) and they are squealing to the officers. So watch out you all that are involved and think that ya boy or ace girl won’t prick, cause they already have!!!

  5. not impressed says:

    so you mean they let them out to wonder the streets and feel bigger then they are what happen to giving them the 30 days till the reports come back i can really see that this system is byas

  6. Reality Check says:

    @ REALIST!!!!You’re speaking the truth…no doubt about that! What goes around must come back around though. The higher power is on their side YES and look how fast they be pickin up the alledged killers nowadays…go figure….

  7. not impressed says:

    to (BDA) yes its street talk but its the truth BDA police are fools Is it who you are that you can go on bail for a murder what happened to the 30 days and asking the judge for more time to hold them pls explain WHY since you know what the PO PO doing!!

    • BDA says:

      not all of them are fools. most of them, maybe?! everyone that feels this way about the police appearing to be protecting one gang and not the other needs to call crime stoppers, call their government and ministers to make a change.

      i also thought they had they new holding law so that they could hold people for so many days while they gather evidence. i do not know what the police are doing, but i do know that you need evidence or a witness to hold someone.

  8. Just think about it says:

    Every1 has an opinion and here is mines. Ppl complain about this war that’s going on and nobody has stopped to really sit down and look at the facts. None of the boys involved in all of this are innocent. They have all had their share of BS linked to them whether it be fighting, drugs, or murder. When some1 dies everyone is quick to wonder why but in actual fact when u rep a hood u have to be prepared for what comes with it. Yes a lot of these guys from these hoods are not as bad as some of the others but like I said just being apart of a crew thts involved in all of this can bring harm to you. God definitely has a plan and that’s why the baddest guys are still alive. God will have his way with them on judgement day. And as for the ppl that they have up for it, you can’t go off of hear say n street talk all the time. Suppose u were placed in a situation were u was locked up and falsely accused how wld that make u feel. Just think about it before u start assuming.

    • Observer says:

      FALSE. Most of the men killed do NOT have any bs associated with them or linked to their name besides the fact that they were siblings, cousins or some other RELATIVE of the harder gang memebers. You can pick your friends YES but you cannot pick your family. Before sharing your opinion please be sure that it makes sense and has at least some sort of truth to it. So unless being related to someone is a crime i’d say that most of them are innocent men.

      • BDA says:

        as until recently i do believe that some of them, if not most were involved with gangs. no you cannot pick your family, but you sure as hell can pick your friends. if you live right and associate with the right people, then its unlikely that you will be getting shot at.

        (this does not include the late colford)

      • WTH says:

        Thank you “Observer”….because I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  9. My two cents says:

    The gangs are funded by drug money as stated an article by a victim of a shooting. Yet time and time again we have people saying legalizing certain drugs would not affect crime. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The gangs are funded by drug money, hmmm.
    No black market=NO DRUG MONEY TO FUND GANGS, wow that was difficult to understand. Stop the blatant lies, people are starting to question your motives, really.

    • Logic76 says:

      Gangs run much deeper than drug money. Secondly, where do we draw the line? We legalize marijuana (a harmless substance, even I can admit), what about cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and meth? These gangs aren’t just pushing a little bit of weed every now and then. They will always have a market to sell their illegal product.

      • My two cents says:

        Look your statement is what everyone else is saying. They run deeper, yes, but their life blood(money) is from drugs, plain and simple. Everyone knows this. If you take away their money, their is no organization.
        Did you see the figures from drug seizures last year? 95% marijuana. These guys are more than likely getting their money from marijuana as that is the drug of choice by most on this island, besides alcohol.
        The problem is nobody wants to try anything new, its always status quo, keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping it will work. Well, its not working and this is getting a bit ridiculous. I don’t think anyone could say with a straight face that the government and police are doing enough. Something has to change. When you keep neglecting the obvious, things will continue to get worse. TAKE AWAY THE LIFE LINE.

        • 4real says:

          Take away the the criminality of weed and all these dudes will go get a real job?! awww hell naw! Yall should know that these dudes aint about ta find a legit hustle PERIOD! they’ll just sell the harder drugs or switch ta robbin and stealin from people! yall r in dream land if u think they’re gonna straighten up! These fools look for the path of least resistance! yall need ta b 4real!

          • My two says:

            I think you are wrong because to sell more harder drugs, there has to be an increase in the demand, which there will not be.
            As a matter of fact, the demand for harder drugs will probably decrease if cannabis was legal.
            Nobody said anything about these guys getting jobs.
            The point is to TAKE AWAY THE LIFE LINE on the organized gangs.
            Don’t try to sit here and tell me that they can make any where near the money from harder drugs that they do from cannabis because the demand is not great enough. You need to b real. Just look at drug seizures last year. 95% cannabis, if that doesn’t tell you the demand for it, then maybe you don’t understand supply and demand very well.

  10. chat says:

    Everybody running dwn parkside. Parkside does and does that. And ya saying parkside killing ppl have you eva sat their 2 think that not every murder has 2 do with parkside!!!!!

    • sick of you says:

      I agree! Other gangs prob doing bs too, but everyone gonna blame psc anyway!

      • My Girl says:

        The thing is it is mostly parkside.There are other gangs out there but whats happening in that area is parkside and yes dont act like they cant travel.When you think about most of those shootings in town are done by them and those little boys they got doing the shootings rapp parkside.

  11. Sarah says:

    Two women arrested, and on International Womens Day too. Heh.

  12. Lineage says:

    The fingers get pointed at parkside because they made it that way. Their motive is to be feared by all crews. So it is not ‘everybody’ thats branding them, they created this themselves…it’s what they wanted, so none of them should be trying to play victim and saying “o no not us”. A young man innocently at a gas station getting gas for his bike….a couple other young man ride up and start slapping him up and when asked why they doing this they say “CUZ WAH PARKSIDE, WE CAN DO WHAT WE LIKE” now who is branding who as killers and trouble makers?? Not society, it’s these uneducated, fatherless and or motherless young ppl running round here with senseless vendettas…not to mention their radical and vulnerable minds that the older ones take advantage of. Parkside is running themselves down…you can only get back what you dish out. Since they sought to make a name for themselves they will always get the blame. Sad really Sad!

    • BDA says:

      all of the above might my true. But i remember a time when 42 was doing/is doing the same thing. I have had threats before just driving through the 2nd. I have no affliation with any gangs, i just happen to be visiting a friend.

      • Lineage says:

        okay than I’ll rephrase myself…ALL CREWS have made a name for themselves…however for the rate that things are going NOW….parkside is seemingly putting themselves on the the forefront as the “badest”. Far as I’m concern all of it is assinine – parkside, mtown, white wall, frontline, deepdale..etc is all PEMBROKE CENTRAL….u’d think they would all come together and fight for the injustices in this country besides the folly they are fighting for now. Real men AND women do battle with hand and fist and if you lose you lose…1 on 1 fair fight. Using weapons is cowardly….you gets no respect from me inna dat…

      • Just think about it says:

        THANK U BDA!!! I went school with most of the boys that have either passed or been shot from both crews and YES most if not all have been involved in some type of violence! Its not always because ur a relative of someone!!! Its as simple as the saying Live by the sword, Die by the sword!!! Its just really unfortunate that this island has come to this! I remember a time when these boys could go anywhere and just have a good time! Soooo not the case these days.

  13. not impressed says:

    here we go a groupie of the crew!! (chat)

    • sick of you says:

      Its the truth! Other gangs set up murders to make it look like another gang did it! Start a war, wipe out to gangs more money for the other guys! Use ya brain! You can’t always assume! Ps I’m not taking sides either, just saying

    • sick of you says:

      Its the truth! Other gangs set up murders to make it look like another gang did it! Start a war, wipe out two gangs more money for the other guys! Use ya brain! You can’t always assume! Ps I’m not taking sides either, just saying

      • Logic76 says:

        Let them kill each other. No problem there…

        • Observer says:

          Lets see if you are singing that same song when a bullet hits a family memeber of yours. WAKE UP! The yare not just killing other gang memebers. they are hitting innocent people with these bullets! Innocent bystanders have been shot….not too many but YES it has happened (the young lady hit twice while at a football game and the shooters were after a male, and also Colford Ferguson who just happened to be working in the same area or maybe even working with a target). So when one of your relatives just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time and they get hit…lets see what comes out of your mouth then.

  14. Talk2MeStr8 says:

    People make me laugh..don’t you realize that 42 is a neighborhood. If you stay anywhere in the St Monicas area then you are branded as being a 42 member an its open season on you. Before you start pointing fingers you should think about the fact that times are hard right now and maybe the only place that you could afford to stay in the future might be St Monicas or M town. But remember once you move your children into those areas they are immediately branded as affiliates and fair targets of the other side. The ignorant public is going to be calling your child a gang member because of where they live and saying they don’t feel sorry for you when some punk shoots at you..Smh who feels it knows I guess. Just remember Bermuda is a very tiny place and the violence might hit close to home for you all as well!!

    • sheila says:

      I love the comment that a lot of victims are not so innocent themselves. For a lot of them we can question what they may have done that is not public knowledge. I also love the points regarding St. Monica’s Mission- many have owned their own homes for many years! Not everyone wants to move, and yes, a lot of owners can afford to live elsewhere. I happen to have a fantastic view of the ocean and both ends of the Island! Not everyone in the area is a member of a ‘gang’ or is poor or walking around in fear. You can feel fear moving through the whole Island!

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Talk2me You know DAMN WELL not every person who lives in that area is branded as such and shot at etc. You affiliate with that type of stuff and that’s the repercussions. That’s the main problem with Bermudians! “Them boys grew up together they aren’t a gang”….UH YES THEY ARE! You give yourself and your buddies a name, sell drugs, do crime, beef with another group of “sweet boys who grew up together” you are a gang! So you mean to tell me every person who lives in that area is a target? NO! The other gangs KNOW who their rivals are WHY? Because they know they are in a gang-their rival gang! Tattoos, gang signs, and the like. Stop it!

      Some people are and still may be innocent victims but the bulk of people being shot or shot at are gang members.

  15. Terry says:

    The gangs are going to kill someone and they won’t like the repercussions. it’ s coming soon to a neighborhood near you…The wrong person, the wrong place and nothing to do with gangs.

    Watch this space………

  16. Terry says:

    @Str8, there must be a lot of empty houses up there now according to your statements. Where have they moved to and this influx due to ecconomic times.

    “The ignorant public” ?. Children play no part in your summation/comments. They are whom they are and have no bearing on this and anyone that thinks so is a complete idiotic selfserving moron.

    As to your last sentence, that has been addressed many times, it’s just a matter of time. And then what…….anarchy.

  17. SDFU says:

    THAT’S THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sick&Tired says:

    People make you laugh, everybody got something to say cause they have a hole in the face. Count on Bermudians to stay consistent with their small minds n small thoughts. I can’t say I blame any of you cause you live on this small island what else can u expect. Speak of the things you know and not what you want or wish you knew. Here it is are young black males are being murder by one and another for what ever reason we don’t know. What ever the reason maybe it doesn’t make it right or excusable. So why don’t you all get off ya high horses and stop judging those you don’t nothing about. Stop going by what you hear cause if you don’t know just leave it at that. Sick and tired of people who don’t have a clue about anything always got everything to say. The funniest thing of it all, those who looking down passing their judgement are the ones whose family members caught up on sh**, but yet you wanna talk about everyone else kids. Look in your closets remember we all have skeletons one sin is not above another. Enjoy the rest of your day Bermuda

    • r u on drugs too ?~ says:

      @ sick & tired: Say what?! r u on somethin yo? You just talked in a circle and did the very same thing u claim others are doing! u sound as if u said a lot but know and really said nothing!!! go back ta sleep yo!

      • NYB says:

        Maybe you need to wake up or maybe what sick n tired pretains to ya dumb self

        • r u on drugs too ? says:

          @ NYB aye u can roll back ova in your bed too yo! if u read what sick & tired said then u will see that they really did talk in a circle! but maybe u aint lookin for content. didn’t they teach english lit. at your school? making sense and proving yourpoint is important yo! if i wanna listen to empty rhetoric and double speak i’ll listen to one of obama’s press conferences! make sense or make way yo!

  19. Brasco says:

    I wonder if these so called gangs ever knew they are being tracked with a G.P.S. (Gangster Patroll System)?????

  20. k says:

    Todays youth dress code makes them all look like gang members no matter where they come from. Dress like a deer in the forest and I’m sure a hunters bullet will find you someday !!!!

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Skipped out on your drugs today huh? What’s the weather like in Tuckers Town?

  21. NYB says:

    Some people SDFU honest, everybody got something jus shut up all of you are saying nfn.

  22. Talk2MeStr8 says:

    Terry how many of the victims do you know personally. I knew them all and I know what I’m talking about. Parkside doesn’t care who you are when they come shooting. They shoot whoever is in the area when they come. It could very well be a member of your family at the wrong place at the wrong time like the two men on the bike that were shot in the alley. But then again I’m sure you and yours don’t frequent those areas. And as for people turning in the shooters don’t you think if they knew who the shooters was it would’ve been dealt with? Where you stay in bermuda has now become your identity weather you choose to accept it or not. It has nothing to do with your choices. People look at you and say his from deep dale or key west or parkside based on where you stay. And if you stay in the wrong area then you are a target. That’s todays reality.

    • NYB says:

      I totally agree

    • College Graduate says:

      Smartest Comment Yet

      Thats nothing new either…Your From The Place Where You Live Or Grew Up…Common Sense.

      Bermuda Is Breeding Game Members…As Long As Youts Are Born In And Grow Up In Certain Areas, They Will Fued With Other Youts From Other Areas.

      The Only New Thing Is Instead of Fights, Machetes and Getting Jumped…Its Guns As Well

    • The mon says:

      I am sorry how many of these guys do you call victims?

  23. Terry says:

    What you say makes sense Str8.

    Guess the communities are finished.

    Any solutions on your part?

  24. Simple says:

    it is not what you know it is what you can might be able to hold people for 30 days and then what happens when they don’t have enough evidence? they still are going to be put on bail…they are on bail for a reason…um sure police has there methods that are not foreseen…stop downing the police and start helping. if you know so much then become a witness for the prosecution if not then keep your comments to yourself…flooding bernews isn’t going to change anything since so many people know so much..if you are tired of how the police are handling it then becomes part of the BPS..simple as that…so much hear say on the streets and you know they doing this and they doing that well call crime stoppers and give your tips and leave it at that.

  25. sheila says:

    Yes, unfortunately one is judged and pitied if they live in a certain area. EVEN if you have lived in the community all of your life! I am not embarrassed to live close to St. Monica’s BUT some people act like you should, and that everyone should know every young man, and what’s going on etc. I just asked not to be judged. Like I said many people proudly own their properties,(we are all not poor with no other choice) from way back when the community was thriving and raised many leaders n entertainers( John Swan, Gene Steede) to name only two. The hope is that things improve.

  26. Keepingit100 says:

    We have a problem in this island and instead of working together as communities. Here are some people on here waring with each other over each others comments. What type of example our we showing? I’m personally tired of all the fussing and fighting, I have lost many of friends due to all this gun violence. We need solutions and we need them now. Instead we have politicians that war with each other, on who can run this country better, while someone else is loosing their life. Let’s wake up Bermuda and come together as one. This island use to be full of love and unity it seems like some where along the way we have lost our compassion n humanity for one another, I miss the old Bermuda.

  27. Mona Lisa says:

    last time i checked Bermuda was 24 square miles…last time i checked bermuda police officers didnt even have weapons less then 10 years ago….last time i checked BERMUDIANS ARE FIT FOR AN AMERICAN LIFESTYLE…..last time i checked this island has changed for the worst, 50% wanna be’s and 50% tru to the island…. last time i checked people need God in their lives, thats it thats all!!!

    Last time i checked…People need a reality Check!!!

  28. dat guy says:

    its like this players….. a guy gets shot right now and only he and and the shooter is there. the shooter goes to his (GF)girls house to smoke a joint leaving guy dead on the floor.

    if you were the lead Investigator were do you start??? there were no witnesses, the guy is dead. the only person that may know is GF, mother, brother, cousin, etc.

    what i’m trying to say is stop blaming the PO PO and call crimestoppers on your cousin.

    i wish a ni@@a would tell me he just killed someone……. i would tell on his a$$!!

  29. ITs OBvious says:

    LMAWO… everyone in here chattin Bulocksm jus dont kno anything! Totally agree wirh uncle ruckas… them “42″ guys are a gang, because they do the same thing the rest of these “gangs” are doing! But theyre to INNOCENT to be put behind bars.. Everyone us sees when Parkside are doin the wrong.. LOL, wake up u silly people.. they wont be in the “war” IF THEY ARENT A GANG, AND WERE SO INNOCENT AFTER ALL! These dumb ass police need to look outside the [] and maybe they’ll find the CORRECT culprits to this boys murder!!!! fools!