T.N Tatem Students Celebrate Their Victory

March 23, 2011

This morning [Mar.23] the students of T.N Tatem Middle School are out cheering, waving banners and more, as they celebrate their victory after winning the 2011 Middle School Track & Field Championships yesterday. T.N. Tatem finished the day with 511.75 points, almost 100 points ahead of their closest rival.

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In addition to the overall school honours, T.N Tatem students picked up a number of individual honours. T.N. Tatem’s Jahkera Tucker won the Under/12 Division, after winning the 100m, 200m and 400m.

T.N. Tatem’s Elisah Darrell won the Boys Under/12 Division by winning the 800m, High Jump and Long Jump, while Jaymie Darrell won the Under/13 Girls Division, sharing the honour with Clearwater’s Azaire Smith.

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T.N Tatem aren’t the only school with reasons to celebrate, as many students from schools across the island did extremely well yesterday – including some students pushing out record breaking performances.

Dellwood’s Faheemah Scraders, the Over/13 Champion, shattered the 1500 meter run record by over 19 seconds with a time of 5:02.71. David Darrell from Warwick Academy broke the Under/13 Boys 400m record with a time of 58.31 and Keizhari Knight from Whitney jumped 1.60m to break the Over/13 Girls High Jump record.

For the full results and a video of yesterday’s event click here.

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  1. Observer says:

    Well Done T.N. Tatem!! And all other participants! Great job to all!! Keep it up

  2. The mon says:

    um sorry but where is Tatem? I never heard of that school.

    • Winnie says:

      Aka the former Warick Sec, congrats young people keep up the hard word in every aspect of your lives.

      • itwasn'tme says:

        hahha warwick sec chicks…..still livin in 70′s

        • Terry says:

          You got that right ‘itwasn’tme’…it’s all the UBP’s fault….ah the “70′s”…the land of milking and honey…….bawahaaaaaaaa

          • sick n tired!!!!! says:

            @Terry, why does everything have to have political implications???? Geesh . . . you couldn’t just congratulate the KIDS on a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!

  3. Kim Smith says:

    Hooray for TN Tatem… a school destined for greatness!

    • sick n tired!!!!! says:

      Yes it is . . . Watch them closely!!!!!

  4. Youth Explosion says:

    Well done T.N.Tatem!!!!! VVV forever the Old Sec still lives on!!!! So proud of you guys right now!