Videos: Emergency Personnel Attend Airport

March 3, 2011

[Updated] For two days in a row, emergency personnel have been seen at the L.F. Wade International Airport. Emergency vehicles met the Air Canada flight #942 which arrived at from Toronto this afternoon [Mar.3]. Two fire trucks and an ambulance were on standby to greet the arriving plane. We unofficially understand that emergency personnel were on scene to assist a sick passenger.

Bermuda Airport Fire Service vehicles were also seen last night [Mar 2] seen at LF Wade International Airport, with details of what occurred unclear, but believed to be some form of spill.

LF Wade International Airport Bermuda Fuel Spill Cleanup Mar 2nd 2011-1

Bits of what appeared to be foam were seen blowing, and work men were seen busy tending to an area behind the bulk fuel storage tanks. We have been unable to obtain a statement clarifying the situation from officials as of yet, but hope to be able to update as able.

Update: Police statement on fuel spill:

Around 5pm on Wednesday, Police responded to a reported fuel spill in the vicinity of L. F. Wade International Airport in St. George’s.

On arrival Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel were already on scene dealing with the incident by containing the spill and then cleaning it up.

Police officers assisted by diverting pedestrians & vehicular traffic away from Cahow Way (road leading into the airport) until the cleanup was completed. At 5:45pm that day the area was re-opened to both pedestrians & vehicular traffic.

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