Hip Hop Artist Mona Li$a: “Island Not the Same”

April 13, 2011

Bermudian hip hop artist Mona Li$a has released a new song ‘Island Not the Same,’ which she was inspired to write after her cousin and good friend Jahmiko Leshore was murdered last month.

love yu miko

On March 1st, 2011, 26-year-old Mr Leshore was leaving a residence in the Boundary Crescent area of Devonshire when he was shot multiple times, sustaining mortal wounds. His girlfriend was pregnant at the time, and gave birth to their son a few days after Mr Leshore’s murder.

Mona Li$a sings, “Tell me what this is, this isn’t the place I once lived. Ten years the Police didn’t even have guns, now everyone is running around with one.”

“Dear God if I am dreaming here please wake me up, cause my island gone crazy they changed it from paradise into the hood…Life is a gift we have to cherish it, no individual sets as we are all from the same nine parishes… All we need is some love now, so put the guns down.”

She says in the song if she had one wish it would be to bring her cousin back, saying they were together since they took their first steps, and “they stole something valuable that they can’t give back”.She sings about Mr Leshore’s newborn son having to grow up without a dad.

The lyrics also say March is a notable month for their family, as it is the month of Jahmiko Leshore’s birthday, death, the birth of his son, as well as the month of his mother and aunt’s birthday.

The video is interspersed with clips of Mona Li$a and Jahmiko Leshore along with members of their family, photos of Bermuda, crime scene photos, photos of other murder victims and anti-gun signs.

Mona Li$a, aka Simona Eversley, was born in Bermuda and moved to Bellwood, Illinois in 1998. She said her musical journey began as poetry, expressing her inner feelings about subjects such as her non-existant father, struggles with finding herself, and her cultural change from Bermuda to America.

She has combined both cultures, elements, and life experiences to create her own one of a kind style. Her musical influences range from Tupac, Akon, Beanie Sigel, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Luciano, Sizzla, and Bermuda’s own Collie.Buddz.

Mona Li$a, who presently attends college in Chicago, traveled back to Bermuda for her cousin’s funeral, and said it was a very bittersweet return home. Five people, including two females, have been arrested in connection with the murder, however no charges have been laid, and the case remains open.

Anyone with any information about the murder of Jahmiko Leshore is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. sualcd | April 17, 2012
  1. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    This island is not the same as long as we kill each other for money and drugs and revenge^^

  2. #getit thef#&*togetha says:

    Mona Li$a u brought tears to my eyes just to watch and hear this. You done a great job keep it up!!! RIP MIKO <3 Forever in my heart….If God brought u to it, he will see you through it. One Love

  3. starr says:


  4. lady G says:

    this song really brought tears to my eyes!!! the words in this song say it all… what a good job sis… i dont know u, but i do know some of your family memebers and know that they are GOOD GOOD people! continue to stay strong and be blessed!!! HIGH FIVE SIS!! Bless up from ya chest up! yazeeeit RIP MIKO… NUFF LOVE

  5. True Dat says:

    Very Nice!! Touching Ifeel sad for my island home….

  6. Organic Bermudian says:

    Beautiful Mona!! Congratulations!!!

  7. Mona Lisa says:

    Thank you everyone for the love and support!!!! For any questions, copys, etc…. email me @ monalisabermuda@vzw.blackberry.net!!!!!! :)

  8. ALl wrapped uop says:

    Yup it is hot ! Good work missin u Meko!

  9. The mon says:

    Good Job young lady I hope those that need to hear it hear it

  10. dear God says:

    This is a very touching song and article… we need more music like this on the radio!!!!

  11. Terry says:

    Saw this video a few weeks ago, you are very talented.

  12. Relevancy says:

    Very relevant and heartfelt. Bermuda needs to listen to dis tune right here!

  13. talp says:

    Very Touching The tears are falling very heartfelt definitely needs Radio play!!! RIP MIKO 4 eva in our hearts!