July 1: Tynes Bay Fees To Increase

June 1, 2011

The Ministry of Public Works is advising waste haulers that effective July 1, 2011 the rates for commercial waste disposal at the Tynes Bay Waste-to-Energy facility will increase.

A spokesperson said, “These increases are necessary to support the ongoing cost of waste disposal operations at the Tynes Bay facility and to ensure the long term sustainability of the plant. The Ministry appreciates commercial operator’s cooperation and support in this regard.”

The new fees are as follows:

  • Weekday rate: $95 per tonne
  • Saturday rate: $110 per tonne
  • Minimum charge: $12 per load
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  1. Oscar the Grouch says:

    Any word on mandatory recycling? What about the bails of trash sitting at Morgan’s Point? Are those intended to be landfill for the new resort?

    Can we just privatize waste collection instead of having the Government do it?

  2. Our next attraction .. says:

    Coming soon to a nice location near you ..


    • whistling Frog says:

      @ Our next attraction. I was thinking the same thing… This should keep the keep Bermuda beautiful campaigners busy.

  3. This is a systematic approach by the current government to increase their revenue by any and all means necessary. The average Bermudian can’t afford to feed his family and you want to increase fees in almost every section of government? People – mark my words – these “fees” or “perks” will be next:

    1. Those free bus passes for students and seniors
    2. Exemption of seniors’ registration at TCD
    3. They have already repealed the Bermuda College fees

    Watch and wait

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

  4. its me says:

    Just a thought. But maybe, just maybe these fees are justified, since Government is in the process of adding a 3rd stream to the trash burning at Tynes Bay. Maybe just maybe, if more people recycled, there would be less trash to burn and we could get our monies worth for the recycling centre that was built at the Government Quarry.
    Maybe just maybe, we should be like the rest of the civilised world and make people pay to have their trash collected and fine those that dont seperate into the 3 very colorful bins.
    Maybe just Maybe we shouldn’t be complaining so much

    • whistling Frog says:

      Who asked the government to burn the trash in the first place? When the rest of the world has been recycling going on some 20 yrs now. America recycled the World Trade Center and built a state of the are ship.

  5. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    One mans trash is another mans treasure !!!

  6. gms says:

    I didn’t realise that Govt collected our trash for free! I always assumed that service, along with other goods for which it doesn’t charge fees outright at the point of usage, were paid for out of the taxes that Govt collects from taxpayers.

    I don’t recall paying a Police or Fire Service fee, either for that matter. I guess our great Govt ministers pay for it out of their own pockets.

    Privatize it! Privatize it! Commercial trash collection seems to work just fine with the private sector providing the service. Why couldn’t it work just finr for household trash?

  7. Terry says:

    Um steal gutt two kontaynerz of assbastaz….jingus…..recycle? Turn the garbage disposal on………..

  8. Nemo says:

    Well paying trucks to take it up to Navel Annex & now back Brilliant Idea since the rest of the world got rid of incinerators & we still have one. I guess we will see more trash every where SMH!!!

  9. Sheryle Wade says:

    Mr. Minister you need to let the ego go. There are people out here willing to help Bermuda with our trash problem, give them a change to help and the money used for our trash can be used in our Education System for teachers that are needed and for our Elderly who are growing by the dozens.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Minister Burgess, like every other government minister, takes the advice of his technical officers. Maybe it’s the technical officers with the ego, and not the minister.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Should we just copy and paste your comments on threads like as you constantly say the same things (“it’s not the PLP ministers fault”) it might save tax payers money……………….


      • My two cents says:

        Your party is crumbling Bermuda and all you can do is get at the people that want to feed children breakfast. Ministers have the final say, you are a minister and cousins with Dr. Brown, this you should already know.

      • Oscar the Grouch says:

        I don’t need the mess at Tynes Bay to make a judgment on Minister Burgess, his incompetency has been showcased many of times. Read the article below regarding the ‘Ritz Carlton’ of public buildings…it’s not his technical officers, it’s him and his Cabinet colleagues who are responsible for poor management, oversight and monitoring.


        Fully Justified?

        • Oscar the Grouch says:

          Why am I still awaiting moderation? Because I sourced the Royal Gazette?

          • bernews says:

            No, although most sites wouldn’t allow people to advertise other websites, its not something we have any issue with. Never have. Only reason comments don’t go through right away, as they come in 24/7 and not every minute can I attend to them, although I try to be as quick as I can. Todays little holdup was as I was at the Cabinet announcement and the BIU meeting. Sorry about that….


            • Oscar the Grouch says:

              Please don’t be sorry. I didn’t know you had to independently ‘approve’ every comment. Hopefully you’re smartphone doesn’t buzz everything you get one!

              Thanks for the clarification.

      • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

        Ministers do not have a good track record when it comes to taking advice from their technical officers!

      • sandgrownan says:

        Oh Laverne….when have PLP Minister’s taken advice from anyone….?

        It must be fun in “laverne world”….no concept of reality

  10. In Mark's opinion says:

    We now have to pay for Goverment services separately , that used to be paid for by every day taxes. I thought import duties of products also paid for there disposal . How much does the Goverment make for selling electricity to Belco made at Tynes Bay .” Guess not enough ” Keep rising taxes until the middle class is wiped out . Then we will see some serious crime (survival makes people do Horrible things). Don’t our Leaders know that the cost of living is what’s pulling Bermuda down .People are losing jobs and taxes are going up , just can’t afford higher bills .

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    More trash coming to an empty lot near you. Bermudians have little regard for the enviroment as it is. They think nothing of flinging cigarette butts, food wrappers, bottles etc. out of their cars into the nearest bush.

    The only areas where I have seen equal disregard for their surroundings is on US indian reservations. I am sure there are other countrys where it is worse. I don’t care about them.

    Get ready to see more old appliances etc. sitting in front yards.

    Great for an Island that promotes itself as a beautiful place to visit.

  12. Keeping it unreal says:

    They want to charge more to dump to cover their costs while adding an extra stream so they can double their output of energy which they sell to Belco… flawed business model that only works for the government which we bail out. So they jack the price for us but then once they have two streams running while one is serviced they don’t pass on the savings from the energy and keep the rates higher or jack them again to keep us on our toes. To “ensure the long term sustainability of the plant” which is how far past the date it should have been scrapped? Seriously,we are throwing more money into a plant built on the North Shore, can someone tell these experts what happens to metal on North Shore? How many man hours have been spent replacing rotted metal and fasteners in that plant?

  13. itsme says:

    So maybe we should go back to landfill and have one in every parish, right next to all the pretty houses. That way we would have a total of 9 trash mountains to look like the one in Pembroke, courtesy of the UBP.
    Maybe just maybe we could put them:
    St Georges – Ordanace Island or Tucker’s Town (that way more people can move in)
    Hamilton Parish – Govn’t Quarry (NO wait they already have a recycling centre)
    Smith’s – Knapton Hill (no-one will notice, already got lots of mountain hills)
    Paget – Botanical Gardens (will help the flowers grow real pretty)
    Devonshire – (the old Cable & Wireless site, since no more big dish to look at)
    Pembroke – already got one (maybe we could use Govn’t House front lawn)
    Warwick – next to Riddles Bay Golf course (one day it could be a fab 18 hole)
    Southampton – US Annex (help hide/ cover the oil)
    Sandy’s – Somerset Bridge (that way we could widen the road)
    And for all those people that want to privitize so many of the Government services, last time i checked they ALL came with fees and sometimes fines. So be careful what you ask for.

  14. trees says:

    watched someone on the back of a bike throw their trash in the bushes this morning! :(

  15. itsme says:

    Here are recent fees in a small US town for all YOU courious trash seekers. This was approved in May this year.
    For customers who use a 20-gallon can, and more than 44 percent of residents do, the rate will go from $20.24 to $21.86 per month.

    A 32-gallon can goes up from $31.70 to $34.24. A 48-gallon can goes up from $47.55 to $51.35. A 64-gallon can goes up from $63.40 to $68.47. A 96-gallon cart went up from $95.10 to $102.71. The cost of extra recycling or compost bins now costs $3. It will go up to $3.24.

    Commercial container collection will go up from $54.21 to $58.55 for a one cubic yard container, from $63.22 to $68.28 for a two cubic yards container.


  16. itsme says:

    here’s a site showing the cost for the beloved mother country trash collection
    Here’s a direct quote from the waste management company
    So where does it all go?

    A total of:
    •72% of municipal waste is landfilled – which means it’s buried in the ground
    •9% is incinerated – which means it’s burnt – this is also called energy from waste

    Dealing with our rubbish in this way is not an ideal solution. When we bury or burn our rubbish we are losing valuable natural resources and wasting the energy, water and transport costs used in its production. Landfilling and incineration can harm the environment if not properly managed. Many landfill sites are nearly full and we are rapidly running out of suitable land, close to where the rubbish is produced, for new sites. In any case, these sites are often unwelcome neighbours – we keep producing the rubbish, but we don’t want it disposed of near to where we live.

  17. Kim Smith says:

    Seriously… what measures will be put in effect to address the inevitable increase in illegal dumping on the tracks or in the trees for those who are less interested in doing the right thing when it comes to the proper disposal of waste?

  18. Terry says:

    In the next ten years you won’t have to worry about trash and methods of disposal. Nothing in…..nothing out.

    Rum stills will return for a short period, vegitable theft will become the biggest problem and the only thing left will be a few bream scales and loquat and papaya skins.

    But look at the bright side….Bermudians will go back to the Sea in search of food and oil for their palmetto lamps…..ah…..those simple days……….

    Frank Sinatra Desousa Moniz Simmons was right……Cycles……………………

  19. Renaissance Man says:

    Waste management is not exactly cheap or easy, no matter where anyone is. FWIW, Fresh Kills landfill in New York (the world’s largest, covering 8.9 sq km) costs more than $100 per tonne to process waste, and they are just burying it.

    While the plant was undergoing maintenance, where else would the trash have gone? Bermuda generates about 200 tonnes of trash a day, he onsite bunker holds maybe one month’s output. The stuff has to go somewhere until it can be processed.

    The rate Belco pays for Tynes Bay’s electricity is not high, about 10¢ per kwh iirc, but it was a compromise between government and Belco. Initially, Belco was not going to take any. Tynes Bay also uses a large amount of electricity on site, so it can only export 1MW to Belco, which earns about $100 an hour, not even close to covering processing and staffing costs. They really should have sized for a larger turbine and incineration streams, so that the larger trash production we have today could be dealt with, and more “green” electricity generated. But recycling was supposed to minimise growth of refuse.

    Recycling loses money, but didn’t always. When it was run by volunteers at Devon Springs, it made money. Also, the office white paper recycling in the early 90s made about $160 per tonne, but that stopped because people shredded their paper and the plants didn’t want shredded paper.

    Privatising services does not always result in cost savings. There’s a couple of infamous government projects that bear that out. Currently, the public drop, the recycling collection, and the airport dump are privately run, and these contracts are put out to tender. They do save some money over government running them, but not a huge amount.

    It’s unfair to blame the Minister for increasing fees, they have been artificially low for a long time. What government should do is fine the illegal dumping assholes tens of thousands of dollars, impound and sell their vehicles, and that would stop that practice. Now, the worst offenders get nothing more than a warning, even if caught red-handed.

    There are plenty of missteps, gaffes and blunders by the politicians that you should complain about, but it’s just unfair to bitch and moan endlessly on this one. Particularly when no-one complaining obviously has the faintest idea about the plant, or the infrastructure and logistics behind processing Bermuda’s waste.