Not Guilty Plea: Sexual Exploitation, Assault

June 1, 2011

At the Supreme Court monthly arraignment session this morning [June 1], a 36-year-old man pleaded not guilty to a number of charges including sexually exploiting a young person.

The man – who cannot be named or depicted for legal reasons – ┬ástands accused of the sexual exploitation of a young person, deprivation of liberty, assault, possessing an offensive weapon and possessing drug equipment.

He pleaded not guilty to all six counts and will go to trial on 26 September 2011. He remains in custody until then.

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Comments (13)

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  1. ??? says:

    It amazes me how the law protects people accused/convicted of sexual assault by not allowing the media to name them, however someone accused/convicted of having a small amount of drugs is plastered all over the media.
    I understand the law is to protect the victim who can easily be identified but I, as a mother of two young children want to know if one of these predators is in my immediate neighborhood!!

    • Real Talk says:

      Agreed! It’s time that we as parents unite and demand that the laws regarding the privacy of these creeps be re-examined… Anybody arrested and charged with a crime of a sexual nature should be made known to the public for our own protection…

      • YES MATE! says:

        I’m in favour of naming them, but only after they have been found guilty.

    • It is what it is says:

      I totally agree…I would rather know if there is a sexual predator in my neighborhood than read about “little Johnny” from “around the way” who was doing 80KPH riding with no insurance and had a twist in his pocket and is now on the stop list….SMH…

      • Ganja mon says:

        You people are just plain stupid. You cant name the person until found guilty. A women can say you touched her, knowing full well you didnt. Would you want to be on the news before you even defended yourself..

        This isnt America where they give you the “Walk of Fame” to the police car, the to Prison. It makes you look Guilty before you even defend yourself..

        Smh @ you dumb fools on these forums sometimes.

        • Can you handle this says:

          SMH @ you Ganja mon! I am neither “plain stupid” nor a “dumb fool!” because if YOU check the stats you will see that EVEN IF THEY ARE FOUND GUILTY THEY ARE NOT ‘NAMED AND SHAMED’…..

  2. WOW!! says:

    I will have no empthany for them when a parent takes the law into their own hands..

  3. Whatever says:

    I agree with everyone here, name the culprit so we know who these people are and keep them away from our kids! I also wanna see how many comments are posted on here regarding this topic, people were yesterday quick to bash Mr. Smith for his comment that he made about gays, but now a freak has messed with a little boy and at 11:02, there are only 6 comments!? SMDH!! This lil island is sick and needs a lot of help.

  4. reality check says:

    I totally agree with naming the person who did this. We all need to be aware so that we can keep our children safe. as far as the small amount of comments I do believe that most people are focussed on that Scott Smith rant and the job cuts…the former of which isn’t even a real issue. At the end of the day the safety and well being of our youth is what’s important.

  5. Totally Disgusted says:

    Can someone please explain to me why a convicted sex offender of 2 little girls would be allowed to not only attend but walk behind a float at the Bermuda Day Parade.

    With all the kids that are in and attending the parade why was he allowed to be there??? I agree with (???) you do more time and are penalized socially for drugs than you are for taking a childs innocence, this needs to STOP!!!!

    It also seems like the offenders are getting younger and younger, Mothers and Fathers please take heed.

    • Real Talk says:

      Are you serious!? This is why we, the public, need to be privy to certain information. How are we supposed to be able to protect our children when the law affords more protection to sex offenders than it does to the public at large.

      We’ve had petitions on SDOs, petitions on Uighurs, hell, we’ve even had petitions on tinted visors… When do we have a petition for legislation that protects the most innocent members of our society from predator?

  6. Dread says:

    once again you stupid a$$ Bermudians hav found sum1 guilty b4 the court!!

  7. So what says:

    @ Dread, for all other crimes, the name of the accused is allowed to be reported. There is an assumption that the prosecutors have sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed before someone is charged and we have a right to know who has been charged. With sexual offenses, we do not report the name of the accused to protect the name of the victim. The law is that once there is a conviction, then it is up to the victim whether or not they want the perpetrator named. In some cases, naming the perpetrator would reveal the identity of the victim. Sometimes the victim does not want everyone to know they were sexually assaulted. That does not, and should not, prevent there being a register of sex offenders that would be available to the public. Its not like other crimes where there is chance of rehabilitation. For sex offenders, there is no rehabilitation, only prevention by not allowing opportunity to re-offend. Its an illness that cannot be cured. Please can be sorry but they will never be cured.