Bailey’s Bay Win Eastern County Cup

July 16, 2011

Bailey’s Bay won the toss and sent champions Cleveland County to bat today [July 16], at the Sea Breeze Oval at the first Eastern Counties Match. Cleveland County was bowled all out for 200.

Dion Stovell was the top scorer with 50 while Allan Douglas Jr added 47 and Misheal Paynter and Damali Bell both scored 21. Stephen Outerbridge had bowling figures of 7.0-0-39-3 to lead Bailey’s bay in the bowling department, while Kyle Hodsoll bowled 9.0-2-31-2.

In reply, Bailey’s Bay scored 201/6 with Rodney Trott the top scorer with 67. Trott’s half century came off 70 balls as he guided Bailey’s Bay to victory. Stephen Outerbridge chipped in with 34 and Terryn Fray added 22. Dion Stovell had bowling figures of 8.0-1-28-2 while Hasan Durham bowled 17.-1-53-2.

Eastern Counties winners Bailey’s Bay will now face off against Flatt’s Victoria in the final held on August 13.

Final Score: Cleveland County 200 Bailey’s Bay 201/6

Cleveland County’s Innings

..50 (66) Dion Stovell c Irving Romaine b David Lovell
..00 (00) Jordan Wilkin Run Out
..21 (24) Mishael Paynter c Stephen Outerbridge b Kyle Hodsoll
..08 (27) Kion Butterfield Run Out
..21 (60) Damali Bell b Lateef Trott
..16 (56) Dennis Musson Jr. c Tre Manders b Rodney Trott
..47 (35) Allan Douglas Jr c Lateef Trott b Kyle Hodsoll
..11 (29) Makai Young b Stephen Outerbridge
..00 (02) Hasan Durham LBW Stephen Outerbridge
..06 (12) Lavar Talbot b Stephen Outerbridge
..02 (05) Mackih McGowan Not Out
..18 Extras (1b-5lb-3w-9nb)
200 Total All Out after 56 overs

Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Wilkin), 2-36 (Paynter), 3-54 (Butterfield), 4-88 (Stovell), 5-131 (Musson), 6-132 (Bell), 7-175 (Young), 8-175 (Durham), 9-194 (Douglas), 10-200 (Talbot)

Bailey’s Bay Bowlers

9.0-2-31-2 Kyle Hodsoll
4.0-0-22-0 Burton Outerbridge
12.-3-32-1 Lateef Trott
15.-5-32-1 Rodney Trott
7.0-0-39-3 Stephen Outerbridge
6.0-0-23-1 David Lovell
4.0-0-15-0 Irving Romaine

Bailey’s Bay Innings

..22 (43) Terryn Fray LBW Dion Stovell
..19 (16) Calvin Dill c Misheal Paynter b Dennis Musson Jr.
..34 (34) Stephen Outerbridge c Damali Bell b Lavar Talbot
..09 (11) Tre Manders b Hasan Durham
..67 (98) Rodney Trott Not Out
..14 (38) Irving Romaine c Misheal Paynter b Hasan Durham
..00 (03) David Lovell LBW Dion Stovell
..16 (37) Sinclair Smith Not Out
..19 Extras (2lb-2w-12b-3nb)
201 Total for 6 Wickets after 45.5 overs

Fall of Wicket: 1-29 (Dill), 2-59 (Fray), 3-78 (Manders), 4-102 (Outerbridge), 5-156 (Romaine), 6-158 (Lovell)

Cleveland County Bowlers

6.0-1-20-0 Damali Bell
1.0-0-14-0 Mackih McGowan
4.5-0-26-1 Dennis Musson
17.-1-53-2 Hasan Durham
8.0-1-28-2 Dion Stovell
5.0-0-19-1 Lavar Talbot
2.0-0-14-0 Makai Young
2.0-1-4-0 Kion Butterfield

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  1. Wankers!!! says:

    All di vey wif Bailey’s Bay!!!!

  2. Redman says:

    Normal Service Resumes then! Cleavland CCC get their bats and pads handed back to em … again, I wonder how much cash they will pocket from this series now?! That’s why they don’t get much money from County Cup … they can’t win or keep the Cup!! You see it helps if you win games & be Champions, play more matches, make more money Duh!!

    I do hope the Newly Elected ECCA Vice President (a certain Mr. Douglas I believe) enjoyed watching his team get another Cut a** !! Mind you he should be used to seeing that anyway :o ) lol

    • Mr. Douglas Daughter says:

      REDMAN!! You should take all your hatred that you have towards ECCA and put it into sorting out your club STDCC!!! Do me a favour and watch what you say about my father and Cleveland County!!


      • Redman says:

        Not hatred just disgust (ECCA), we are sorting out St Davids CCC problems both real and imagined, ECCA can’t say the same though. Didn’t say anything about your dad just hope he enjoyed the beating, else for Cleavland CC well obviously they aren’t worth talking about :o )

      • Bumpys Bye says:

        Sorry Jovonna your father stood for public office and as such will be open to all manner of criticism if you cant hack it ask him to stay out of the kitchen.

        • Redman says:

          Never Criticized him but have to say You Reap What You Sow, Bay Sowed Em :o )

          Obviously they didn’t enjoy the Beating, Not like they aren’t used to it !! How many wins in last 30/40 years? (chuckle)

  3. bermyshotta says:

    Bailey’s Bay all day!! thats whas up!

  4. freddyg says:

    Its a given, every team beats Cleveland County !!! Bay its only for now, ST. DAVID’S WILL BE BACK !!!!!! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO !PLAY TO WINNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bumpys Bye says:

    Cant say we didn’t see this coming could we LOL

    @ Redman Bill you stirring up the locals LOL Leave your cousins alone LMAO


  6. Wankers!!! says:

    St. Davids, as far as Im concerned you all are a spoiled bunch of B!!!es. Complain about everything, you should be playing cricket cause ya club aint about nothing else. Bunch of cry babies

    • Redman says:

      Yawn !!

      Good name that ‘Wankers’ hope you know what it means :o )

      • Wankers!!! says:

        Your the biggest one, yah cry baby. Cant tell me nuffin, go down yah club and cry me a river. cry babies. Wonder what your going to cry about next year.

        • Bumpys Bye says:

          LOL at least we have a club and on that note one of the biggest yearly crowds for our founders day on good Friday I bet you were there so sit down enjoy the hospitality and shut ya pie hole ingrate. LOl

          • Wankers!!! says:

            Well, we can clearly see you dont think before you run your trap. So whats so special about your Good friday and your club? You dont have anything better to say so you start comparing.. Seems as if I touched a nerve, lmao.Told you yah just like babies. Flatts Victoria is the only ECC team without a club, an No!! I dont want to come around SDCC, especially with babies. Look at soccer a few months back you cryed out fowl, cricket your making it a trend to cry fowl. So tell me really, why do I want to be around babies? lol Your good friday, suppose I was at your Indian festival as well? LMAO should take your own advice shut your PIEHOLE!!!

        • Redman says:

          No need to tell you anything your comments confirm your alias totally, naah not got any tears for the ECCA of course but if you are a Flatts fan can understand why your’e so bitter, and know that if you had a Club (who’s fault is that? Flatts of course)

          Flatt’s Victoria, appropriate name really seeing as they haven’t won the cup since Queen Victoria was alive, No worries maybe you’ll beat Bay this year … (laughing) :o )

          • Wankers!!! says:

            LMAO!!! You’ve chimed in and all you can do is Fish, lol go up Texas road and burn something, better yet go out d back of so Far and jump. lol N No, look at my first comment joker, why would I be a Flatts fan, and further more so what if Flatts don’t have a club, they’re still part of ECC, yah just a bunch of babies. Leave little ol Flatts out of this. I dont even have to expose you, two different folk out of d far east and both have the same thing to say. Look what we have blahdi blahdi blah, you saying the same Sh!t yah cousin Bumpy ran on and yah Cry Baby!!!

  7. CCCC fan by birth not choice says:

    couldnt even be mad when the blue and white lost them boys stay losing…fackin couldnt even keep the cup that was handed to them ugh…idiots…congrats Bay…