Eastern & Western County Teams Announced

August 25, 2011

The Eastern County Cricket Association and the Western County Cricket Associations have named their teams that will play in a 55 over per innings match with unlimited bowling and no fielding restrictions at the Sea Breeze Oval on Saturday August 27th starting at 10:00am.

The Eastern County team will be led by Bailey’s Bay captain Stephen Outerbridge, while the Western County will be led by Willow Cuts player Malachi Jones.


  • Stephen Outerbridge (Bailey’s Bay)
  • Terryn Fray (Bailey’s Bay)
  • Rodney Trott (Bailey’s Bay)
  • Lateef Trott (Bailey’s Bay)
  • Dennico Hollis (Bailey’s Bay)
  • Glenn Blakeney (Bailey’s Bay)
  • Allan Douglas II (Cleveland County)
  • Dennis Mussen (Cleveland County)
  • Damali Bell (Cleveland County)
  • Kyoshi Trott (Cleveland County)
  • Regino Smith (Flatt’s Victoria)
  • Kijuan Frank (Flatt’s Victoria)
  • Kevin Hurdle (Flatt’s Victoria)
  • Logan Phillips (Flatt’s Victoria)
  • Coach Noel Gibbons & Allan Douglas


  • 1. Malachi Jones – Captain (Willow Cuts)
  • 2. George O’Brien (Willow Cuts)
  • 3. Deunte Darrell (Willow Cuts)
  • 4. Ryan Sheppard (Willow Cuts)
  • 5. Khiry Furbert (PHC)
  • 6. Jason Anderson (PHC)
  • 7. Deonte Wellman (PHC)
  • 8. Sean Riley (Somerset Bridge)
  • 9. Noel Woods (Somerset Bridge)
  • 10. Shonari Boyles-Simons (Warwick)
  • 11. Benjamin James (Warwick)
  • 12. Cameron Gordon (Warwick)
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  1. freddyg says:


  2. BDA007 says:

    Lol sounds so silly at the end of the day ya still from east!

    • Wondering says:

      I hope your well is full cuz when it goes dry – I hope you will be like the Eastern COunties – MISS US!!!! WARRIORS 4 LIFE!!!!

      If you read BBCC’s Outerbridge’s remarks “Each player was being paid $50.00 to play” hmmmm, perhaps to make sure they would all turn out to play.

      Aint’ no player like a St. David’s CCC Player anywhere in this Island.