Heather Nova’s New Album Hits Top 40 In Europe

August 15, 2011

Heather Nova’s latest album has made the Top 40 in several European countries including Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

’300 Days at Sea’ was released earlier this year, with Ms Nova saying got her inspiration for this album from Bermuda; the sea and her past living on the boat. The album was produced under solar power by her husband Felix Tod, and also features contributions by Bermudian violinist Taylor Rankin.


Clashmusic says, “So Heather Nova’s eighth studio album is a phenomenon. She is one of the rare female rock artists who’s sustained a credible musical career over two decades and she’s proved that age is no limit to creativity.”

“After commercial dead-weights of the expected acoustic album ‘Jasmine Flower’, Nova returns to the exuberant mysticism first outlined in Youth-produced ‘Oyster’ which catapulted her into the international arena in the ‘90s.”

“Steering away from the pop anthems of ‘South’ and ‘Siren’, she clings to the more cragged tracks which give her 360 vocal range a change to prove age hasn’t withered it.”

“Tracks like ‘Moon’ and ‘Turn the Compass Round’ tug at deeper waters and ‘Burning To Love’ and ‘I’d Rather Be’ strip down to the elementals before powering forwards over rugged wakes at full throttle.”

The track list for the CD version includes Beautiful Ride, Higher Ground, Stop The Fire, Save A Little Piece of Tomorrow, Everything Changes, Do Something That Scares You, The Good Ship Moon, Turn The Compass Round, Burning To Love, I’d Rather Be, Until The Race Is Run and Stay. The album is now available at local record stores.

Watch the music video for Higher Ground:

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  1. Hudson says:

    Congratulations Heather! Love the album cover…

  2. TRUE DAT says:

    Yes Heather!!! Love it that you are living your dream!!:)

  3. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    The dog in the boat looks scared out of it’s mind….nice picture^^