OBA Leadership Election To Be Held Sept. 10

August 9, 2011

[Updated with video] This morning [Aug.9] the One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] announced that their Leadership Election will be held on September 10th, with the candidates expected to be announced on September 1st.

The election will be held at the Fairmont Southampton, and in addition to Leader, the evening will also see the Deputy Leader, Party Chairman and Deputy Party Chairman elected.

OBA Chairman Michael Fahy makes the announcement:

OBA Interim leader John Barritt plans to step down to make way for the new leader, and while the formal candidate announcements will not be until next month, two of the OBA Senators are considered likely candidates.

Former Bermuda Democratic Alliance [BDA] leader Craig Cannonier and former United Bermuda Party [UBP] leader Michael Dunkley are considered by many to be the front runners, and speculation also exists that Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards may be contemplating a run for leadership.

With both front runners currently serving in the Senate and not elected to Parliament, a victory at the leadership conference by either of them would mean that Mr. Barritt could end up keeping his pledge made in May, and stepping down from his seat in the House of Assembly that he has held since 1993.

Whoever replaces Mr Barritt – should he step down – will likely win any bye-election held in constituency #12. In the 2007 election, Mr Barritt won his Devonshire South Central seat in a landslide, getting 85% of the vote [723 to 122] against the PLP’s Linda Merritt.

If the two Senators do not run and the new OBA Leader is to be selected from the present elected representatives, the selection will be between: Shawn Crockwell, Dr. Grant Gibbons, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, Donte Hunt, Louise Jackson, Trevor Moniz, Mark Pettingill, Bob Richards and Cole Simons.

Anyone who is a registered member of the OBA [minimum cost $5]  and a registered voter can vote in the leadership election. The OBA Constitution says, “Members shall be able to vote at OBA elections pursuant to rules proscribed by the EC or delegated committee from time to time and shall receive other benefits as decided by the EC from time to time. Only members who are registered on the Parliamentary Register can participate in elections for OBA Leader and Deputy Leader.”

Candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader must submit the supporting signatures of at least two MPs and/or Senators and 15 members of the OBA. Signatories must be on the electoral role. Leader or Deputy Leader contenders may only put their name forward for one position, not both.

Update 10:40am: The statement from OBA Chairman Michael Fahy is below:

In keeping with the commitment the party made when it formed last May, I have asked you here to announce that the day for the party’s leadership election is Saturday, September 10th.

Not only will the party elect a Party Leader and Deputy Leader at this election meeting, but also a new Party Executive, including Party Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

The event will be held at the Southampton Princess Hotel, starting at 7.30 p.m.

Before addressing some of the rules governing the election I want to take this opportunity to reiterate some of our basic approaches as a political party because they have direct application on how we will conduct this election.

The party organized itself to include Bermudians from all walks of life who want to see change in the way politics is conducted.

We operate as a broad church – open to all who wish to join and abide by our principles and who are prepared to put Bermuda first.

We are committed to enhancing our democracy by making our system of government more inclusive, more transparent and more collaborative for the public and parliamentarians.

Finally, our aim is to draw from the widest possible membership to broaden participation and commitment to public service and to putting Bermuda first.

In keeping with these approaches, this will be the first-ever open election for a party leader. I say that in the sense that anyone can participate as long as they are a signed up member of the party and on the Parliamentary Register.

In the interest of expanding participation, people can join the party on the night of the conference.

Now, to contend, the people wanting to become Leader and Deputy Leader must submit the supporting signatures of at least two MPs and/or Senators and 15 members of the OBA. Signatories must be on the electoral role.

Leader or Deputy Leader contenders may only put their name forward for one position, not both.

They are permitted to run as a combined ticket and say so during their speeches and, if agreed in advance, when gathering signatures.

At the conference, the speeches for Leader and Deputy Leader shall be no more than 12 minutes.

The winning candidates must get at least 50% of the popular vote. There will be rounds of votes until that threshold is achieved. The candidate with the lowest number of votes in any given round is eliminated from the next round.

In terms of getting involved in the election, we will have nomination forms on our website, along with party membership forms.

To keep the public informed, we will announce the candidates on September 1st.

The leadership election will bring an end to our four-month interim period where we focused on laying the foundations of the party constitutionally, administratively, policy development and membership; along with our work in Parliament.

We look forward to Bermudians from all walks of life joining with us to elect new leadership and bring change to Bermuda.

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  1. star man says:

    I do hope that Mr Barritt reconsiders his position of stepping down. IMHO, he is still the best man to lead the OBA and the Country. He’s honest, a refreshing concept these days.

    • Seriously says:


        • Black Soil says:

          The PLP are on their hands and knees praying that an ex-UBP politician is the new leader. They hope in particular that Dunkley wins. They love whipping him while the rest of Bermuda watches.

          • sandgrownan says:

            Why is that?

            • Black Soil says:

              Shake that sand from between your ears. If Dunkley wins it will confirm to many that OBA=UBP. The OBA is not the UBP and this fact is something which the PLP fights hard to dispell.

        • Wild card says:

          Are you serious?

      • Wild card says:

        Fence sitters don’t make good leaders. Be prepared for the gibbons to back bob because they really know baritt can’t lead Stevie wonder.

    • Hudson says:

      Totally agree.

    • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:


    • Maddog says:

      What makes him honest because he is white I suppose you people don’t even know Mr barritt, Mr Barritt is part of that old UBP that made black people in this country suffer and now he would say that he was not part of that old UBP I bag to differ he joined the UBP while the injusted was handed out to black people and he said nothing and now been a leader is suppose to make him HOLYER THEN THOU.

      By the way Michael Dunkley never supported a Black leader for the UBP since he joined.
      Black people do you get it yet….

      Never supported : Wayne Furbert :never never never
      Never supported : Kim Swan:never respected him at all.
      Never supported :Bob Richards to be leader.

      • Hudson says:

        Give me a break. Kim – full support, Rob – full support, Cole Simmons – full support, John Swan – full support, Pam Gordon – full support… the list goes on and on.. YOu just pick and chose what you want to remember about history my friend.

    • No way oba says:

      They are illegal aliens sitting in the house getting paid big tax dollars. Using the opposition office for oba headquarters. Removed the Bermudian flag from the office.

      Now fahy says there would be by elections? Why the 10 didn’t resign. Do you believe them? They all said it would cost too much money! Now the money they are spending are astronomic but then to fool the common voter to regain power and take us back into the social dark ages is well and gOod enough for the gibbons donkeys and barrett to gain back lion share of Bermudian wealth.

      Your children will suffer. My children will suffer because all they care about is their children not ours, trust me!

      • star man says:

        “Now the money they are spending are astronomic but then to fool the common voter to regain power and take us back into the social dark ages is well and gOod enough for the gibbons donkeys and barrett to gain back lion share of Bermudian wealth.”

        Huh…?! What money?! The OBA IS the Opposition! Removed the flag; what nonsense!!

        Obviously you have been fooled by the PLP, cuz they have put you in the “social dark ages” already! Gun Crime, Ignorance, and lack of Respect running rampant! Self-serving Ewart was no help to you nor anyone else.

        And the repackaged Ewart Brown Party has spent all YOUR tax money. The treasury is empty. So what you’ve got (nothing) is all you’re gonna get from the PLP.

        Listen, Dunkley, Barritt and Gibbons have ALREADY MADE THEIR MONEY LEGALLY! They do not need to “gain back” anything, or rob our National Treasury to support outlandish lifestyles. Only the PLP and their F&F do that. Y’all have been bamboozled.

        ANYTHING is better than what we have now!!

      • LOL (original) says:

        Your comment is all about fear debt issue not with emotion you are the type of voter that people call kool aid drinker.


        and it’s still your children suffering thats what’s so funny about your comment.

  2. Truth be Told says:

    Really though how honest is he? He won his seat under the UBP and took it to the OBA, I can get over that because it happens. BUT… How will he go about giving his seat up to the person who wins the party leadership if they are not an MP? Will there be a by-election? How can he just give them his seat? (Is that even legal?) To me that is the most disrespectful thing you can do to the people who voted for YOU, that goes beyond party politics you are giving someone whom the electorate didn’t vote for a seat in the house. That’s a slap in the face of voters. This is not a senate seat the general public have the right to decide who sits as an MP not the party. So I assume that if the person elected as party leader is not a sitting MP there will be a by-election, because if not it will show that the OBA has no respect for the public vote.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Hi Truth you said you were a member of Progressive Minds as most of the members who post do so with their real names I know who you are not why the fake name? You are showing pride for the party are you not? J.Starling, S.Brown, Makai Dickerson and others have used their names that only leaves a few others logically speaking.


    • navin Johnson says:

      and so you would only vote fot the party and not the person?

    • Sean says:

      Read the article again numpty. You can’t just ‘hand’ someone a seat in the house. There will be a bye-election and yes, it’s perfectly legal.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Does the party leader need to be an MP? It’s merely a question.

      Secondly, I think I read he was to end his time in the House, so that presumably means there will have to be a by-election.

      I think the most disrespectful thing you can do to the people who voted you in, however, is to mismanage their money then go and ask for more while cutting public services.

      • Sean says:

        I think so, which is why Dunkley had to step aside after the ’07 election

    • Young Observer says:

      he’s already made it clear that there will be a by-election. there is no other way for someone to be leader of the party unless they are elected which is why Michael Dunkeley had to step down after the 2008 election. there is also NO way for an elected person to simply hand over a seat, so a by-election will be called. So since he is not doing “the most disrepestful thing” i assume you have no more problems with this scenerio?

  3. blackbeard de pirate says:

    this the only election that the new ubp can win.

    • Not OK says:

      If you love a party that spends your money out of the wahzoo leaving you with debts and very little income generation assets to pay off those debts, then vote for the PLP.

      • blackbeard de pirate says:

        bermuda must exist in a bubble, have you noticed the global economic collapse? yes bermuda is in debt but it is not in crisis GDP to Debt ratio when compared to greece, ireland, portugal, and the U.S. When you say Income generation that means taxes. Do you want to be taxed more?

        • star man says:

          You cannot compare what amounts to a small town (Bda) to large diversified Countries. That’s unrealistic. The truth is that our economic woes were entirely self-created by the repackaged Ewart Brown Party as they acted like drunken sailors spending OUR money like there was no end to it! Well, it has ended, and the money is gone. And, guess what, you WILL be taxed more, it’s simple math, to pay off our HUGE $1,200,000,000.00 debt. And to think that we started out with a surplus thanks to the UBP 13 years ago.

    • Hudson says:

      Well, that’s better than none ain’t it? Your comment is so unnecessary.

      • blackbeard de pirate says:

        not much better then none, more like the fastest kid at fat camp. When the real race begins they will loose like they did the last two times.

  4. Jim Bean says:

    Of course there has to be a bi-election!!! Do you know anything about politics at all??

  5. Rockboy says:

    Can someone explain why Barritt would be a great leader. And please be specific. What is his community involvement what legislation has h echampioned. I agree with Truth, how honest can he be so honest if he ran and won as a UBP candidate then switched parties.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Can’t speak for his community involvement, however he seems like a pretty straight shooter to me. He speaks well, his articles/opinion pieces are well written, measured and well reasoned. In short, he’s not objectionable.

      I get the impression he thinks before he opens his mouth (an attribute sadly lacking in our current set of Ministers) and that he understands government and how it’s supposed to work for the entire community.

      I think will Richards as Finance Minister, it would be pretty strong team. Sadly, not everyone would see it that way. Inevitably, you’d get racial slurs, old guard balls that the regressives are already spouting and no discussion of the issues. The PLP need to avoid the issues at all costs.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      @ Rockboy,

      Is it a fact that Wayne Furbert (former leader of the UBP) “crossed the floor” to join the PLP,without a by election? There are others, but you get the point, right?

  6. haha says:

    Funny stuff…

    Dunkley represents the old guard…he lost the 2007 election by trying to be mr macho man.

    Richards has no connection with anyone except the bourgeioisie…no connection at all to Mr. & Mrs. Bermuda.

    Cannonier gets all preachy preachy but says little of substance.

    Personally i think Barritt should keep the position.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Aaaaaand right on cue….here come the idiotic comments.

      Bourgeioisie? Did you have to look that up? I wish Cog had listened to Bob, even a little bit, and perhaps we might not be in so much of a hole.

      • Keep Talking says:

        Listened to Bob? What was Bob saying that no-one else was saying. Ahh yes, Bob predicted teh global financial collapse and thats why he’s still earning 56K as an MP….

        • sandgrownan says:

          This is why Bermuda is f*cked. People like you who think this was unavoidable.

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ Sandgrownan
            Whilst have I disagreed with some of your previous posts, you have not resorted to profanity. Please do not do so now since it tends to show frustration and an inability to otherwise express yourself. As I have stated before, it is the easy way out to lower our standards – it is far more difficult to raise our standard – please continue to aim high. Remember also that our young people are reading these posts.

            If some of the comments are causing you angst, just refrain from commenting.

            • LOL (original) says:

              Are you repremanding anyone else or just the perceived opposition?


    • Not OK says:

      Looking at the position we are now, didn’t Bermuda lose in 2007.

  7. Terry says:

    I think ‘Truth’ is throwing a few “cogs” in the wheel.

    Wheel sea……………………………

  8. e4exuberance says:

    You need to understand that Mr. Barritt has said all along this is what he intended to do. Also, i do believe Mr. Barritt, as he has mentioned is considering stepping away from politics as he wants to spend more time with his grandchildren. It is a time in his life he is making some changes and be more flexible. These things happen and whatever his decision in the end he will be successful.

  9. Annoyed Grandparent says:

    I too wish Mr. Barritt would reconsider and run for leader

  10. Jus' Askin' says:

    Why wait ’til 9-10-11? Do it now, so I can have a really Good laugh. O.B.A. – Opposition By Artifice!!!!!

  11. Truth be Told says:

    @Jim Bean yes I know a lot about politics I asked those questions for a reason….A lot of people don’t know that there has to be a By-election but the way MP Barrett has been speaking about giving up his seat with no mention of a by-election has people asking the questions and making the comments I posted. I posted it to get the ball rolling on the conversation in the hopes that the opposition will come clean on their true agenda with this.

    Let’s take a look at the possibilities here. The OBA leadership election is held and the winner is not a MP. Mr. Barrett stays true to his word and steps down for the new “Leader”. Now Bermuda momentarily is left with no Opposition leader and now we have to wait until a date for a By-election is set. The seat was not won Under the OBA but the UBP so now there is a chance that 3 or more people (UBP is still in the game) will be guning for the seat. A lot of party resources will go into the by- election with a general election around the corner. If the OBA win the seat (a big if) the leader will only hold it until the general election is called where he will have to put more energy and party resources into running for the seat AGAIN.(Twice in possibly a year)

    If the OBA lose the seat they would then have to back track to elect a new party leader in order for their leader to hold the post of opposition leader which would make their first leadership election and the By-election a waste of their time and money while at the same time adding a seat to the PLP’s or UBP’s side. Also they will be left with little time to ready themselves for the general election. And through the whole ordeal Bermuda would be left with no opposition leader.

    There is no guarantee that the OBA will win the By-election because to name a few reasons::
    1)They are a new party)

    2) They carried the seat over from the UBP which they clam to be totally different from so its no guarantee that the UBP voters will vote for them.

    3) There have been boundary changes so there will be a slightly different voter base in that area.

    4) The voters may not support the person who is selected as their leader.

    So the big question is why would the OBA be willing to make such a bold move that could turn out to do them more harm then good this early in their formation?

    A few possibilities:

    1) They haven’t really thought it through.

    2) They will do it in the hopes that it would force the Premier to call a general election to avoid the hassle of contesting a by-election so close to a general election.

    3)They have no intention of doing it and just said it because it sounds good on paper.

    4) They are standing on the back of the UBP because they are in fact the UBP with a different name and know that they will benefit from the same finances and support that they have always had.

    Just sounds very messy and misleading to me.

    If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck…..You know

    • sandgrownan says:

      If it looks like bollocks, sounds like bollocks. It is. And that’s your comment.

      I think the OBA have been incredibly open with their plan. You’re actually concocting something from nothing here. Tell me, wouldn’t your energy be better spent triyng to figure out how to reduce the national debt? You do have a plan don’t you?

      ..what’s that… oh yes, the sound of f*ck all.

      • Maddog says:

        The new UBP people would vote for a donkey if it was running in a election.

      • Keep Talking says:

        As usual sandgrownan, nothing of substance. At least for once try to debate a point.

    • Young Observer says:

      just to clarify, you asked a stupid question that you already knew the answer to to “get the conversation rolling”. please refrain from doing such in the future.

  12. Truth be Told says:

    @ sandgrownan I am just pointing out how crazy this whole situation with the OBA leadership sounds. You talk about the debt but do you know it cost the taxpayers a great deal of money to hold elections on the administrative side of it? You support spending tax payer dollars on a by- election with a general election right around the corner just so that the OBA can get their leadership straight? Hypocritical if you ask me.

    Why not keep the current leadership till an election is called then elect a new leader after the election where all contenders for leadership would already have been given a mandate from the people? It would save a lot of the money your always crying about being spent.

    • sandgrownan says:

      That’s a joke right? I mean, you typed that with a straight face?

      What’s your plan for the debt again?

      ….tree frogs chirped in the night…….

      • Truth be Told says:

        What part of that do you feel is a joke? Are you denying that tax payer money is spent to administer an election? If you are so concerned with the debt then why do you feel it is ok to spend money for two elections when everything can be handled with one? Do you feel it is alright for the OBA to waste the tax payers money for their personal agenda before their even elected while claiming that they will be more responsible with the public purse?

        I am just being rational here it seems like you are speaking out of anger with no ammo for your fight.

        • sandgrownan says:

          I’m flabbergasted that someone who supports the government that has destroyed this country’s finances, can somehow, without irony, question the spending of taxpayer’s money on a by-election while, simoultaneously calling the opposition “underhanded” for wanting to “hand over” a seat while knowing, all along, that there would be a by-election.

          The lack of cognitive powers is outstanding. Oh, while I’m here, hows that national debt plan coming along?

          …overhead a longtail soarded effortlessly and silently….

        • PAS says:

          The cost of running a bye election is less than one day’s interest on our National Debt

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Bermuda’s such a funny place. You don’t even know that the Leader of the Opposition MUST be a Member of Parliament (section 72 of the Constitution)but you proclaim the gospel according to politics,governance and the like all the time here and elsewhere and I suspect some people take you seriously. You are the reason the Opposition can’t get over the electoral hump it faces; whenever we think about turfing the PLP out we’re reminded that it means siding with the likes of you and we get back onside. Do the OBA a favour and disappear, and take Dunkley, Richards, Jackson, Fahy, Pamplin, Gibbons and Moniz with you. Barritt’s leaving because in his hart of hearts people like you scare him.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Actually, I didn’t. I confess that I’m not an expert on the constitution, I didn’t know the leader of the oppositon had to be an MP. My bad.

          You don’t think Richards, Gibbons, Jackson etc. have valid contributions to make?

          What’s your plan for the debt? I’m not getting anywhere with TbT.

          • Hmmmmm says:

            The reduction of the debt must be matched with a diversified economy yielding increased revenues. Since no-one in this country has the balls to stop nickel and diming international business and have a real conversation with them about how to participate in the local economy, we have to diversify.Things like properly run fisheries, properly levying fees on the use of international waters, mining the sea bed for the extensive minerals that exist, making Bermuda an international arbitration centre and other things that will not stress the infrastructure and will not require more people are where we should be looking.No-one on either side of the political divide is talking about diversifying the economy. Everyone’s so busy trying to play footsie with international business they’re ignoring the fact that whether we’re nice to them or not, if the business model that rakes in those profits requires them to move somewhere else, they’ll say thank you and leave, no matter how sweet we are to them. The ignorance in the economic debate is frightening. Government spending on its own is not a bad thing. Spending unmatched by revenues or an ability (or vision) to diversify is the problem.

            • sandgrownan says:

              Fair enough.

              However, government spending on it’s own is definitely a bad thing, that’s been the problem, but I take your point. Debt reduction can only be tackled with increasing revenue but it’s hard to do that without headcount with the current two pronged model.

              Interestingly, birth rates are declining and old people are dying so we will have capacity soon.

              • YES MATE! says:

                Reducing the debt is easy. Vote the Pee el Pee out.

          • LaVerne Furbert says:

            And you consider yourself to be one of the most intelligent ones contributing on the matter of politics in Bermuda. If, according to the Constituion, the Leader of the Opposition could be a senator, there would be no need for the OBA’s election. Dunkley is already the de facto leader. How many times have you seen him on television and in the media since he lost his seat in Constituency 10?

      • LOL (original) says:

        Funny if they did as Told states he and others would be talking about “look they get elected and then put someone else in power” and “oh I knew they had so and so waiting in the wings winning on someone elses vote” its all ways a double edge sword with supporters of his type.


    • Young Observer says:

      now im really confused, your mad that the OBA didnt hold by-elections when they left the UBP, although even if they had im certain you would still proclaim them as “OBA aka UBP” as is done in the PLP statements. Now your talking about how expesive by-elections are so you dont think the OBA should have one to choose a leader if the duly elected leader isnt currently a member of problem. This on top of you asking a stupid question with only one answer which you claim to already have known the answer to with the thought of “starting conversation”.

      truth be told, truth be told you are an idiot.

      • Wild card says:

        Reading your post, you are definately the village idiot thinking the oba is right for not holing br elections for ubp seats

        • Young Observer says:

          Actually I was of the opinion that they should have held elections, i was simply pointing out the fact that even if they did hold an election they would still be proclaimed as “OBA aka UBP”. Do not try to infer what you think I am saying unless I say it Wild Card because I can without a doubt gurantee that i am smarter than you.

          Furthermore im confused as to why there where none of the calls for a by-election from the same people that wanted the OBA to hold one when Wayne Furbert actually switched political parties. Its fairly obvious that everyone on the OBA was elected under the UBP title meaning that it represents simply a name change as they are still the opposition. However Wayne Furbert was elected under the UBP and switched into the Government, which is a TOTALLY different party.

  13. Jim Bean says:

    Truth Be Told – you are a PLP plant by PLP consultants. I have picked up some of you before.

    • Selma Alabama says:

      No I am. The plant. Could not possible think for myself because I speak agaist you old boy association. Tell tou Bermudians the will rin this country like Castro if we ever vote them in.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Thought Castro was a PLP friend………………


  14. Sean says:

    Hey Truth, so your advice for the OBA is to ask the electorate for their votes without telling them who will be the leader after the election? Would you give that same steaming pile of advice to the PLP?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Doesn’t need to. The PLP’s MO is to change leader AFTER the election. We know that, since they are slef admitted liars.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:


        You’ve already shown your ignorance earlier. Don’t continue. The PLP’s Constitution is quite clear and specific regarding leadership elections. Leadership elections must be held every four years. Check out our Constitution, it’s online.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Is it written in crayon?

        • YES MATE! says:

          Is it also in their constitution to lie to us?
          “We had to deceive you”, E. Brown.

        • Young Observer says:

          Ms. Furbert as a Senator of this country you are held to a higher standard than the regular people that come on bernews and post. As such it is childish for you to come and start these arguments. And calling what someone else says no matter how wrong it may be “ignorance” in your position is not acceptable. If you dont like the added responsibility that comes with your role as Senator than i would suggest you resign your seat. As a senator you need to learn you represent the whole country, not just the party. They called Dr.Brown all sorts of horrible names but you didnt see him come out and publicly insult the people and stoop down to their level did you, I suggest you do the same.

      • Maddog says:

        Just like the UBP told everybody they were going to leave the UBP and go to the OBA they told nobody that voted for them the UBP voters were so confuse and said nothing and we all know that 90% percent of white voter for the UBP and said nothing they know that the UBP is racist is Dr Brown right that the UBP is a racist party, are white people in the UBP in agreement with Dr BROWN, DR BROWN said that when he leaves there would be no more UBP so it looks like the white people are all in agreement of getting ride of the racist UBP, Looks like DR Brown done something righ.

        By the way the OBA is the new UBP with sheets on there head BLACK PEOPLE don’t be fooled.

    • Poppa Bermy says:

      Hey why is it that i have seen the same crop of politicians (with a few recycled faces) every election for as long as i can remember. And i thought the saying goes ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” Do we not trust our younger generation to govern or should we hold on to the circus that already excists. I hear you all on here rtanting about who the next leader of an ineffective opposition is… at the end of the day if they suffer another defeat after being branded the “New UBP” by the PLP they are going to fall apart again. In this day and time we should do away with politics as usual, throw both parties in the trash start over with young, energetic individuals who can bring some real tangible change and form a coalition government that has the whole country at heart and not just a select few. We are headed downhill in every aspect of this country we should be looking at what we need to turn this tide around and get back on track….

    • Truth be Told says:

      Going to answer Young Observer and Sean at the same time….

      To leave one party to form another different party is a case where it would be respectful to your electorate to hold a by-election so that they can decide if they chose to continue to support you in the new party or not. That is respectful to the electorate. To hold a By-election so that your new leader can have a chance to get a seat in the house is self serving on the part of your party. The fact that the OBA would hold a by-election for that and not for the sake of giving those who Voted them in as the UBP a say in supporting them under the OBA shows where there morals are. I for one am not worried about the cost its the principal. The Tax payers may have to pay for the OBA’s choice of leader and at the end of the day he/she may not even be elected. And as I stated I asked questions and posted comments that people have asked/said I know very well that there must be a by-election otherwise Dr. (Could have given his seat to MP Bean and the PLP could have placed someone in the late great MP Bascomes seat.

      Could be simple Sean:

      Barrett could hold the interim post till after the general election, whoever is voted as OBA leader on september 10th can take over leadership pending the result of the general election. That would save money and time as he wouldn’t have to run for the same seat twice in a year.

      @ Jim… Fail again!!! Just can’t take a challenge can you?

      • sandgrownan says:

        How does that work with Wayne Furbert or whathisface who jumped from UBp to PLP? Does hte principle still apply?

        What’s your plan for the debt then?

        ….an excavator sat quietly, unused on the site of the CLub Med in St. Georges….

        • Hmmmmm says:

          Careful now, that cuts both ways. I recall us being told that passing the Morgan’s Point Act would mean the start of construction up there now that big bad Dr. Brown was out of the picture and no longer blocking them. In fact Nelson Hunt had ZBM come and take some footage of him astride his trusty bulldozer clearing land……nothing’s happened since. So, either all developers are scheisters or maybe it is actually difficult to find the money out there…….

          • sandgrownan says:

            LOL – I think all developers are scheisters!

        • Truth be Told says:

          Fair enough and you won’t get an argument from me there because I feel that they should have held a by- election for those seats as well as they were elected under the UBP and should have given the voters a chance to support them under the PLP. However there is a BIG difference between two seats crossing the floor to government and EVERY seat forming a totally different opposition.

          Now back to the point at hand?????

          • sandgrownan says:

            It’s hard not to see the contradiction of the PLP lecturing anyone on respect.

          • Young Observer says:

            Buddy i think your mistaken, lets call it how it really is, the UBP chanegd its name, and Wayne Furbert switched parties. Thats a big difference. When every member of one political parties quits to form another (evenm the two that areleft under the banner of UBP said they agreed with the start of the OBA in principle just disagreed with the way it was carried out according to their view of the constitution) we have a name change. Name changes dont mean nothing is different, when a company changes its name its often to represent it going in another direction and i feel this is what the UBP name change to OBA represents. However when you are duly elected as a member of the UBP and choose to then cross the seat to become a member of the government that is unacceptable and an election should have been called.

            • Truth be Told says:

              Young observer, I find it very interesting how you claim to be smarter then others who post on her yet make such an ignorant statement.

              All one has to do is read everything you have posted on here to see how you contradict yourself in order to throw of debate.

              On one post you tell me that even if the OBA held By-elections for their seats I would still say they are OBA/UBP and point out that the PLP does so in their statements. In that regard you are saying that they are not the UBP and you even went as far as to say that you agree that they should have held by-elections because they carried their seats to a different party.

              Now you are saying that the OBA is the UBP they just changed their name and they are still the opposition.

              You are defending the OBA yet going against everything they claim to be. They claim to NOT be a re branded UBP but a new party with a new direction. If they have just changed there name (which you feel the PLP are wrong for saying) Why is there still a UBP in existence? Why do they deny it? Are they trying to operate as one political body in two party’s? Your not making any sense.

              It seems you are just trying to say anything to down play the PLP.

              No matter how you slice it every seat the OBA have is a UBP seat and that is the reason they are the opposition. If they held by-elections and lost their seats to the UBP or PLP then the would no longer be the opposition however if the two in the PLP held by-elections and lost their seats the PLP would still be the Government. You think its wrong for two seats to cross the floor to one party but it ok for 12 seats to form a different party? If you contest that its the same party just a different name you are proving everyone who has said that since this ordeal started right and at the same time contradicting everything the OBA claims to be.

          • Sean says:

            Totally different opposition. Your words.

  15. Jim Bean says:

    hmmmmmm….why should these lot go? Dunkley, Richards, Jackson, Fahy, Pamplin, Gibbons and Moniz

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Yesterday’s people. Plain and simple. This group were the architects of the politics of personal destruction that characterized the last four years. They led the charge to peronalize and demonize Dr. Brown. In the process they rendered themselves and their Party irrelevant and in fact killed it. They’ve left its carcass, haven’t changed their mode of thinking and are clearly warming up to run against Dr. Brown in absentia. I don’t understand why the OBA would let them do to that Party what they did to the UBP: kill it under the weight of their personal attacks, lack of political philosophy/alternatives and a strategy that is founded in this “in 1990 we had a geat balance sheet”. If the OBA’s campaign is going to be “the PLP steals” then it’ll be a predictable victory for the PLP. When the Premier wakes up, stops apologizing for everything, and realizes that this Government has a record of accomplishments to run on, the OBA with this cast of characters and Dunkley as the leader is in trouble. Mind you, the yesterday’s people “shoe” fits the PLP in some quarters just as well.

      • sandgrownan says:

        To be fair, Dr. Brown created the cult of personality and dirty politics and lowered to tone. That man did untold damage to this country both fiscally and socially that will take years to rectify.

        At least you admit the PLP is full of yesterday’s people too, although I doubt that you’d find anyone in the PLP capable of tackling the debt.

        • Hmmmmm says:

          That’s where you’re wrong. Dr. Brown was no different as Premier than he was growing up in Flatts. He created nothing like what you’re suggesting.We have so little intellect at the table,we’re surrounded by MPs trying to be more “country” than the next Member and on and on….. I submit to you that the mere existence of a black man who will not dance to the tune called for him is enough to polarize people in this country. For whites he’s a threat. For blacks he’s uppity. If a black man is anything but “Johnny Barnes”-like in this country he’s trouble. Fact.The vacuum of talent and leadership in this country meant that Dr. Brown would be seen as the Messiah and the anti-Christ all rolled into one.His social sin is to have had the courage not to bow. Today’s Ewart is a shadow of the Ewart of the 60s. When the true dynamics of his premiership are analyzed you and may others will come to learn that he did more for black people on all fronts than any leader since Dr. Gordon. Every black leader in this country that has shown some independence and has deviated from “the script” has been taken out; even the almighty Sir John Swan. Fact. Name one who survived a foray into social change…….there isn’t one.In opposing the PLP stick with their record, leave the personal stuff out of it because every time you attack a strong black man our blinders come down. Fact.

          • sandgrownan says:

            I think what Brown did was successfully divert attention away from the real issues facing Bermuda. Had he had the courage to debate those, then perhaps we’d be in a better place.

            You are wrong on multiple points, not least of which is what he did for blacks. Ewart Brown was interested in only one thing, himself and personal and financial advancement. Rverything else played second fiddle. He did nothing for Bermuda (whites and blacks).

            Now that’s a Fact.

            • Hmmmmm says:

              Really? Well let’s see then. Real issues :
              1. Education – He commissioned the Hopkins review which admitted what we all knew but didn’t have courage to say.
              2. young black males – He commissioned the Mincy Report which even this Administration is now trying to own.
              3. Gun crime – He told us in 2007 that he had seen this in LA and begged for overseas assistance to get to grips with it
              4. increased revenues – he did the Green Paper on gaming to at least discuss how we could make it work to our benefit and you know who killed it.
              5. tourism – he introduced Jet Blue, USA3000, WestJet, AirTran and reduced the fares to Bermuda.
              6. international business – he co-chaired Bermuda First with Kim Swan and Greg Slayton and Don Kramer
              7. PATI – he introduced the Bill to the House and took it through
              8. Health – FutureCare, hospitalists, a new KEMH

              Listen, man, before you take on the good doctor, read less Gazette and study more facts. Look around you and you’ll see the results. The record is real.

              • sandgrownan says:

                Hospitalists? Really? Ask GP’s what they think of hospitalists.
                A new KEMH…paid for…how? You think PPP is a good idea?
                PATI – you are joking right?
                IB – chairing committee’s while allowing Burch to chase them away?
                Tourism? Really? You really arguing tourism?
                Revenue – Casino’s. Self interest on his part.
                Gun crime – give me a break. He was playing politcs. A swat team, really?
                Young black males – we know the answer to this, crap parents.
                Education – and what has happened….?

                • Truth be Told says:

                  Sandgrownan maybe its time for you to stop typing because you are adding nothing to the debate.

                  You went down Hmmmmm’s list and said nothing of substance about any of his points.

                  Its people like you who make posting on here frustrating because you are so irrational.

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    But in reality he’s right all those points Hmmmmmmm has made have either gone back to the drawing board to be revamp or are still sitting.

                    Education- little has been done in this area although I do agree it will take time to see the effects of any change here I am a strong believer in parents taking ownership of this – even though Barkley is charging 800 for the first laptop to hit the market

                    Young Black males – are killing each other at an alarming rate I still say education is the key to this.

                    Gun Crime – Why did he not ask the UK the US has nothing to do with Bermuda as we are the UK’s oversea territory. If you ask me in my opinion the attitude of the MPs we have has been less than ideal as they seem to bend the laws to their advantage as much as possible and expect us the voting public to abide what a role model they are.

                    Increase revenue I agree we need to diversify our economy hmmm mentioned water embedded resources I would like to know the environmental costs that could occur and the safety of the island first before I back this suggestion. I have one as well how about alternative fuel breaking our dependency on importing fuel would help our economy.

                    Tourism- fairs were lower when these airlines were first introduced them seem to be increasing now thought. As far as bring people to the island and advertizing Bermuda the record is not so good. My suggestion secure things like beach fest I can see this being big but we have to stop the fighting at said events.

                    International B – I believe Ewart did allot of talking to the public on the evils of them but when meeting with them actually more than not accommodated them. But term limits in its first form seemed harsh and now I think a much fairer.

                    PATI – I must have missed this one. This has been implemented really?

                    Health Care – Future Care looked good on paper but I still have questions about it being in full effect and the cost of it considering the aged population in Bermuda.
                    You mean the new old hospital or you mean the building going on now?
                    By hospitals you mean the urgent care facilities that can only handle minor issues. This is a good thing I would like to see them expanded to be able to handle road accident victims cutting ambulance response time.


  16. Jim Bean says:

    Is it becasue they actually speak the truth?

  17. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Are they renting the showring at The Botanical Gardens for the three ring circus …?

  18. I do not need to add to the debate, as TRUE be Told and HUMMMMMMMMM have done an excellent job, and out debated Sandman and others on an extremely high level. Their positions are strongly presented, with valid points. Sounds like Sandman is not able to match the level of debate, accept repeat what Uncle Bob has told him “What about the debt”. Well our debt is not as bad as other countries, and even if we did not have any debt, every country’s ecomony is dependent upon another.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Well hardly. I’m not exactly an OBA supporter, I was merely suggesting that there is nothing untoward about the OBA’s leadership election. or at least it seems that way.

      How are you going to get us out the debt hole created by the PLP?

    • sandgrownan says:

      You read any of Larry Burchall’s columns in The Sun?

      • specialgirl4 says:

        Larry Burchall appears to be extremely bias and does not always present both sides of the coin. He supports one political view and seeks to outright suggest that the PLP have done nothing correct. I read his articles, but I also critically analyzes his findings. ALways, he fails to present an equal arguement about the issues, in particular as it relates to debt of this country. His recent article a few weeks ago, appeared to be written by Uncle Bob. He seems to suggested that Bermuda is in “Crisis”, this is not true. His articles are politically motivated, and seeks to gain support for the “Repackaged Opposition” only. But, he fails to outline that our each country’s ecomony is dependent upon another. If one country’s economy fails, so does another, regardless if there is no debt.

  19. LaVerne Furbert says:

    By the way, I find Mr. Fahy’s statement that “that OBA has been having fireside chats” most interesting. Does that mean that members of the UBP, I mean, OBA, light their fireplaces during the summer months? Does that mean that their homes are cold, even in the heat of summer?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Why don’t you encourage your namesake to publish audited financials for the BIU rather than worry about the OBA eh? Be a good use of your considerable time.

    • star man says:


    • Young Observer says:

      completely childish. why would you do that “does that mean their homes are cold, even in the summer”? are you waiting for a laugh or something. You are not a comedian you are a Senator and its time for you to act that way and respect this country with regards to the position that you hold.

    • Sean says:

      I cannot believe you are a Senator. This is a throwback to FDR, who used to give weekly radio addresses to the US when he was dragging the country out of the Great Depression. You either didn’t know that, or you’re a jeuvenile twit, or both. Of all the things you can comment on, debate about, you choose this? It’s time for you to step aside and let the next generation take over. You are poison.

  20. Vote for Me says:

    There are many interesting aspects of the proposed Leadership election for the OBA… I wish all contenders good luck.

    At this point my comment relates to the Hon John Barritt’s contention that if the new Leader is not an elected MP (read Dunkley or Cannonier), he will effectively resign his seat to allow the new leader to become an MP. I must add that I do not know MP Barritt personally but from most accounts (NLP, OBA, PLP, UBP, and the general public) he is highly regarded for his political acumen. He is also known for his willingness to actively engage his opponents, especially in service on Joint Select Committees and his generally jovial nature.

    My challenge is that his statement about resigning to allow the new leader to be an MP makes an inherent assumption about the voters in Constituency #12 – since when is the seat ‘his to give away’. On this point, we all know that the UBP has consistently won this seat and that the constituency has a predominantly white voter base. The logical conclusion from Mr. Barritt’s statement is that he takes the voters for granted and assumes that they will vote for whichever candidate the OBA chooses for Leader. Some may contend that it is simply MP Barritt’s confidence in how he has represented the constituency over the years – I beg to differ. My rationale…

    For the first time, there is the possibility that the constituents have the opportunity to select from a UBP, OBA or PLP candidate. In addition, given Bermuda’s vastly changed political landscape since the last election, the voters should at least be given the benefit of the doubt to assess the candidates before anyone makes assumptions about the outcome of the inevitable by-election.

    I note that some press reports indicate the MP Barritt may be deciding to take a break from politics to spend more time with his grandchildren. No one can fault him if that is the basis for his decision but if he has gotten to the stage of taking constituency #12 voters for granted, then perhaps he should be encouraged to retire from politics since ‘his time has come’.

    For Sandgrownan, before you post your occasional one liners, do you think Mr. Barritt’s statement indicates that he perceives the #12 voters to be either idiots or voting on the basis of race (which you have previously used to characterize the general voting population)?

    I look forward to the Sept 1 OBA announcement of the various contenders of Leader etc – any bets on anyone besides Sens. Cannonier and Dunkley?

  21. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Vote For Me,

    I don’t think MP Barritt has anymore “political acumen” than the rest of the UBP/OBA members. He is as complicit as the rest in the charade of what I call party-hopping. I’m sure you’ve read his condescending columns.

    I do agree that he is taking the voters of Constituency 12 for granted, as if the seat belongs to him. I’m trying to remember if that is the constituency that his father ran in. Maybe he thinks the seat belongs to the Barritts of Devonshire. That’s how the “old boys” used to think, that is until Lois Browne-Evans came along and showed them a thing or two.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Disagree. I don’t think Barritt is taking anyone for granted, how can you? I take your argument that because of the racial makeup of #12 that it might be seen to a safe “anti-PLP” seat IF, and only IF, the voters in #12 see the OBA as the natural opposition.

      Who knows? The risk of course, is that the OBA has split the anti-PLP vote?

      Does your criticism of party-hopping (I don’t disagree) include Wayne Furbert and others that crossed to the PLP? Wayne, of course, is Bermuda’s biggest and lamest political opportunist.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Senator Furbert and Sandgrownan

        Acumen can be defined as the ability to make quick accurate intelligent judgments about people or situations.

        In the instance of the OBA Leadership, it is possible that MP Barritt made an accurate assessment of the fact that he might be successful as the interim Leader of the OBA if his bid was on the basis that he would only be the interim leader (i.e. would not stand as the substantive leader) and that he would resign his seat in deference to the eventual leader if they were not already an MP. I am at odds to otherwise explain how a good leader would be prepared to end their career after a pre determined short time frame of being the Leader.

        I think our political history will confirm that MP Barritt has made several unsuccessful bids to be leader of the UBP and in this instance his move has at least allowed for history to record him as the first official opposition leader for the OBA – a pretty good accomplishment if you look at his overall record as an MP.

        What I was hoping for from Sandgrownan is a direct answer to whether or not they consider the voters of #12 to be ‘idiots or voting based on race’. The question was on the basis that Sandgrownan has previously stated that the overall electorate are idiotic and vote based on race since the PLP have been successful in each elections since 1998.

        Sandrownan’s comments about #12 being an ‘anti PLP seat’ or that ‘the OBA has split the anti-PLP vote’ do not reflect the facts. The seat has traditionally held for the UBP so unless they have always been anti PLP the current characterization is not logical. In addition, I hope that the voters have been voting ‘for’ UBP as opposed to ‘against’ the PLP.

        If Sandgrownan is correct, there is again an inherent criticism of the intellect of voters in the area – they have not been able to vote based on what they believe is a better representative but rather they have voted based on who they do not like. The readers can draw their own conclusions from those comments – does Sandgrownan have a genuine disdain for the electorate?

        With respect to ‘the OBA has split the anti-PLP vote’, there has only been one opportunity for the OBA to demonstrate its impact on the electorate… the by- election in Warwick. MP Bean won the election by a significant margin and the results demonstrate that the OBA did not have any ability to split the PLP vote. The evidence is that the OBA only split the previous UBP vote.

        Subsequent public statements from the OBA and UBP revealed that one of the main reasons for the ‘reconciliation of OBA and UBP’ was the realization that neither could be sustained as separate political entities against the PLP.

        On a related note, the basis of the OBA rejoining with the UBP may be the impetus for the eventual demise of the OBA. They have not united on the basis of political ideology but rather as the ‘best bet for electoral victory’ (i.e. they have joined to fight a common enemy!).

        Many will remember that the origins of the UBP were similar since the UBP started as independent MPs coming together in response to the formation of the PLP as opposed to starting on the basis of a fundamental political philosophy. Thus after the 1998 defeat, they were not sustainable as a party – there were effectively no ‘ties to bind them together’ once they lost the political authority and influence as the government.

        • specialgirl4 says:

          @ Vote For Me I agree with most of the statements you make, and would have suggested the same. Once again you have out debated Sandgrownan, his head is deep in the sand. You have clearly stated and provided support for your positions on issues. “Subsequent public statements from the OBA and UBP revealed that one of the main reasons for the ‘reconciliation of OBA and UBP’ was the realization that neither could be sustained as separate political entities against the PLP.” So we now have the “Repackaged Opposition”.

      • Vote for Me says:

        I actually believe the various comments about party hopping are disengenuous. If we are realistic, there is a high probability that MP Furbert would have retained his seat if a by-election was called when he switched to PLP. I am not sure about MP Pettingill but the rest of the original OBA MPs would have likely lost their seats and there would have been no OBA.

        With the more recent ‘en masse resignation’ of the remaining UBP MPs, the resulting number of by-elections would have resulted in many additional seats being won by the PLP since the previous UBP voters would have been split between OBA and UBP. Thus many ‘safe UBP seats’ would have become marginal or ‘safe seats’ for the PLP.

        As always, many may disagree but I think my summary will withstand further analysis. Therefore it has definitely been to the advantage of the current OBA for existing MPs not to resign their seats and stand in a by-election prior to switching parties. any other comments about MPs swithcing to PLP are simply weak attempts at the politics of distraction.

        This analysis is also not ‘rocket science’ and I am sure many more informed minds conducted the same sorts of analysis when recommending to the die hard UBP members that joining the OBA (a reverse take over in corporate parlance) made sense, notwithstanding the virtually insurmountable difficulty in trying to convince the electorate that the OBA is not a reformed or rebranded UBP.

        I would also offer that this difficulty is why we have such a sustained attempt by the OBA and several Bernews posters to try to shift the political discussion to reflect Dr. Brown’s prior administration or the current financial standing of Bermuda.

    • Terry says:

      And oh the irony in your last sentence.

  22. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Party-hopping is party-hopping, no matter who hops. But don’t you find it interesting that all who have hopped, have hopped from the UBP? Some have hopped from the UBP to the BDA then back to the UBP/OBA. Others have made a single hop, like Wayne and Darius, to the PLP. Cannonier and Michelmore have hopped from the BDA(which was formed by UBP hoppers). I guess we all can commend the two Swans, that is Kim and Charlie, who to date have hopped nowhere. But who knows, by September 10th they too may hop to the OBA.

    The fact of the matter is that the PLP remains strong.

  23. Terry says:

    Lord…They’ve sent in the heavy hitters……

    Senate must be out…..

    • sandgrownan says:

      Well, it demonstrates some of the tactics that will be employed in the upcoming election. With the odd excpetion (Laverne’s offspring comes to mind) I suspect they won’t descend into the gutter quite as much as they did under Ewart, but the goal will be to divert attention away from their record.

  24. Jim Bean says:

    Laverne you are racist.

  25. Terry says:

    No she is not Jim. She’s just that tows the party line. It’s all spin as can be seen by ‘Vote for Me’. If you don’t know who that is by now…let me sing a song of sixpence……..

    I have the tape….pots and kettles…..this one is going to boil over just like tottenam hot spurz………

  26. navin Johnson says:

    The PLP’s new motto “Strong and wrong” …the one thing that this current Government does well, and I must give them credit for it, is get elected. They will stoop to any level to do it and deflect their horrendous financial performance.. So much has been made of the terrific S&P rating that Bermuda enjoys and yet it is AA the same as Spain and Ireland due to the debt level and declining IB sector. Run down the list of likely candidates and compare Barritt/Premier,Dunkley/Deputy,Richards/Finance,Jackson/Senior services/Fahy/IB liason,Pamplin/environment,Gibbons/education,Moniz/Attorney General,Michlemore/Health. Contrast to what we have Cox/Premier,Burgess/Deputy,DeSilva/seniors-health,Smith/Education,Wilson/Attorney General…and on and on….most right thinking people would agree that the present Governement is very shallow in comparison to whatever acronym you wish to use to describe the PLP opponent in the next election…Get real and recognize the talent and skill is not within the current Governement… its over and time for a change

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Favourable and continuous coverage does not make one competent. Having told the country to ignore ratings agencies and that they did not matter because of “the debt” (look of gloom and foreboding), I wonder what the sage of the ages, aka Bob the Snob, has to say now? The USofA certainly thinks ratings agencies mean a lot lately. Jus sayin.

      • navin Johnson says:

        what are you just sayin?

        • Hmmmmm says:

          I’ll be the first to admit that the PLP has talent issues, and some big ones. But the other side don’t exactly inspire confidence either. But they talk a good game. Michael Dunkley last week said “they can’t move money between ministries, unless something has changed”. To you, that must make him sound competent and intelligent. To me, I start with: how the hell would he know? he has never served in Cabinet, he has never been a minister, but speaks with authority on how money can or cannot be used inside the Government? Gibbons, Barritt and Richards at least have Cabinet experience.We have talent issues on both sides of the divide.

  27. Terry says:

    So what happened with my comment about being confused, Bernews.

  28. Terry says:

    Come on Bernews. Answer my question. I don’t want to hear about legalities, just answer. So much for FOIA and speech.

    Feels like, someone has the …

    I’ll await.

    • bernews says:

      Terry, anything that can be taken as a racial-type comment I can be wary of, and always have been, and have edited many posts for that very reason. Same with posts about people’s family members, those normally get edited if not outright deleted.

      Racial type comments generate massive complaints. There is no receptionist to deal with complaints so a day with lots of complaints equals reduced work output for me.


      • Terry says:

        Well, your explantion is logical and I appreciate you taking time to address it.

        The “racial” part I still don’t get. My comments that were deleted to for a sentence might have made others think I can’t string a sentence. Thats fine. I shall post something on facebook.

        This is one person that is not involved in the demise of Bermuda and be assured, I am not afraid of Senator Furbert nor her cohorts.

        Cell phones and computers will be the ruination of mankind but as long as I copy it, store it…………………………….

  29. Jim Bean says:

    Laverne is a joke. my favourite in a debate about human rights was “well the ubp did not do it in 1981″ – she is poison and it is a disgrace that she is a senator. god help this country and all in it. her son vanz, the specialgirl4u and Vote For Me are all singing for the same hymn sheet – I will give laverne credit – at least she uses her real name, no matter how stupid it makes her.

    • Terry says:

      Jim, shje has nothing to loose. Her monies are not here. Her cousin took care of that. Just look at family history and associates.

      Bermuda 1….Latvia 0………………………………

  30. Vote For Me says:

    Not quIte a reprimand, just a request. The request for no profanity is for everyone, please.H