Football: Trinidad Beat Bermuda 1-0

September 2, 2011

[Updated] Khano Smith will lead Bermuda’s National Senior Men’s World Cup qualifying team as Captain against Trinidad and Tobago during the first game of the FIFA World Cup CONCACAF Qualifying Group 2 in Trinidad and Tobago later this evening [Sept.2]. The game will be played at the Hasely Crawford stadium Port of Spain; kick off time is 5pm Bermuda time.

For Khano Smith, this will be his first time to wear the arm band as Bermuda’s national senior team captain. Smith and Damon Ming were members of the 2008 team that defeated Trinidad in Trinidad in the first of the two leg series; in the end Trinidad moved on to the next round.

The Bermuda starting 11 against Trinidad is as follows:

  • Freddy Hall
  • Seion Darrell
  • Kamen Tucker
  • Roger Lee JR.
  • Devrae Tankard
  • Reggie Thompson Lambe
  • Taurean Manders
  • Sammy DeGraff
  • Khano Smith
  • Nahki Wells
  • Tyrell Burgess


  • Chris Casey
  • Tahj Bell
  • Damon Ming
  • Zeiko Lewis
  • LaShun Dill
  • Quadir Maynard
  • Angelo Simmons
  • Jason Davis

Update: Listen to the game live below, courtesy of Trinidad’s 95.5

Update: Trinidad is up 1-0. Kenwyne Jones scored in the 44th minute.

Update: Live audio removed, the game has ended with Trinidad winning 1-0.

Update: The BFA said, “Bermuda’s National World Cup CONCACAF qualifying team went down to Trinidad & Tobago 1-nil at the Hasely Crawford stadium, in Port of Spain.

“Kenwyne Jones gave the home side a 1-nil lead in the 44 minute when he received a cross from the left flank and followed up with a right-footed shot that beat goalkeeper Freddy Hall. Otherwise, Bermuda started off slow like so many other international matches.”

“They gathered their performance after the 21st minute of play when they applied pressure on a number of occasions. From this they were able to gather five corners in the first-half however unable to find the back of the net.”

“Trinidad controlled the first-half possession with 66% while Bermuda followed up with 34%. Meanwhile, the home team had eight shots on goal, with two shots striking the crossbar. Bermuda could only manage three.”

“Second half, Bermuda played better as they had 47% possession and Trinidad & Tobago had 53%. In addition both teams were unable to find a shot on goal.”

“Head coach Devarr Boyles made three substitutions during the second-half. In the 62 minute, a double substitution was made; LaShun Dill came on for Tyrell Burgess, while Damon Ming on for team captain Khano Smith.”

“Goalkeeper Freddy Hall had an outstanding game for Bermuda. He kept his composure from start to finish and was able to come away with some fine saves during the first-half.”

“Overall, Bermuda did their best against Trinidad. Other than the first-half goal, they had their chances in the first-half through Nahki Wells who had two shots go just wide of goal. In the 73 minute, Zeiko Lewis came on for Nahki Wells as Bermuda looked to penetrate the Trinidad defense.”

“Bermuda will now prepare for their second match against Guyana next Tuesday, September 6, in Guyana.”

Update: FIFA’s game report says, “Group B favourites and Caribbean powers Trinidad and Tobago, led by new German coach Otto Pfister, had their hands full on home soil at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain.”

“Up against Caribbean neighbours Bermuda, the Soca Warriors, on paper at least, should have had an easy day. However, the 2006 FIFA World Cup participants met stiff resistance from skipper Khano Smith and the rest of the Bermudans, who defended stoutly and were unlucky not to escape with a point for their efforts.”

“The only difference on the day was a goal from T&T’s Stoke City striker and newly named captain Kenwyne Jones who blasted home a volley on the stroke of halftime. Bolstered by their positive performance, Bermuda will surely fancy their chances in the return leg at the National Stadium in Hamilton, the very same venue where they shocked Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 in South Africa 2010 qualifying.”

Update: Three video reports/clips from the game from Trinidad posted here

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  1. Enforcer says:

    Good Luck Guys- make us proud

  2. mixitup says:

    Listen to the game live at

    currently 1-0 Trinidad

  3. alteredbeast says:

    no reiko trott, no angelo simmons, and no quadir maynard equals no chance. khano needs to retire.

  4. not surprising says:

    Saw this happening…what a disappointment….and why do we have a national team. Im sorry but someone was right the other day…i rather sponsor flora duffy, the youth sailboat racing and other sports and top putting money in what we think is going to be the best outcome….cricket and football drop the funding and lets focus on the everything else, like those track and field athletes.

    • RJ says:

      Im sorry … but our boys cant get a good job well done or something from some bermudians 1_0 was a great score with out some key players … and you saw this happen at lot of poeple in the world thought it would be 5-0 but 1_0 thats a big step …
      if you dont support our boys dont come to nationals to watch them play and when they move to the next round dont say Sh&t !!!

    • Ross says:

      Not surprised that we have comments from your type slating what is quite obviously an excellent result.

      Trinidad were led by Kenwyne Jones who is a regular for Stoke in the EPL and the majority of his team play professional football. This is the same country that has qualified and participated in the World Cup. No not the Island Games or Pan Am Games or some regional meet in no where Canada..

      For those of you that purport to know something about sport, you should therefore know that it is significantly more difficult to create competitive teams versus sailing, tennis and track stars. Simply put, it takes 25 players to eventually develop a cohesive and competitive football team. By comparison a cyclist, needs a bike or two a good trainer and exposure to good competition.

      Just in case you and the opportunist out there looking to plunge a dull knife into predominantly black sports forgot, football and cricket are played by the vast majority of our young children and adults and while I support additional funds being distributed to other sports these are our national sports , so get over it.

      Note, England were second class cricket citizens and their football team have won 1 major trophy way back in 66, however try telling the vast majority of that country that giving up on those sports was or has ever been an option..Oh and now their cricket team is the best in the world..

      We spend way to much time trying to unite the races in this country ain’t going to happen…ever!

    • bob says:

      Saw your response happening/ coming as well..If you dont see this as good result than you simply wanted the team to do poorly, oh. wait, you did!

      T& T are filled with professional players to include Kenwyne Jones from Stoke.. They qualified for the WC in the past and have significantly more people / players to select from..

      Good luck against Guyana and note that failing to qualify for the next round is no reason to be depressed, given the number of young players in the squad and the fact that getting past T& T is a daunting task..

      Good luck bwoys..

  5. wondering says:

    the race card again…….get the eff over it…Bermuda is a 75% black/ethnic country stop blaming ole whitey on everything for Chr…… sake already!!!! we just don’t have the depth of skill, talent ansd mature players/administration to get anywhere right now.

    • Ross says:

      No where in my spiel do I blame race for results..merely the commentary on it is you who need to get real cause race very much is front and center in Bermuda on most everything.

      Saying it sing so doesn’t mean it isn’t .

    • Ross says:

      I was wondering if by asking for funds to be diverted from black sports to predominantly white sports has no racial overtones? Really? Really!!

      Again, the country is split down racial lines and we see that in most political discussions,particularly as an election is nearing..Sports have not been spared and you Stevie Wonder most be blind or playing a stupidly naive and delusional game of see no evil. I chose not to..

      • wondering says:

        so tell me – what is a “black” sport? people have a choice to compete in any sport and if memory serves me correctly – equestrians (Nisbett is black), sailors (optimist pram youngsters are black), we need to stop calling these things white or black sports.

        we as blacks/whites decided to make it this way years ago. the walls are tumbling down. you need to get real and stop putting racial overtones onto this.

        the same way blacks may have not been welcomed into these “white sports” years ago and vice versa isn’t gonna survive unless people like you keep bigging up the old boogeyman who i admit does exist but he is dying. let him go!!

        • Ross says:

          We and as such you,need to face facts..race plays a role in every and I mean everything we do in this country..

          You again are delusional if you believe much has changed..mere cosmetics Stevie..smoke and mirrors..

          No need to respond to the silly what is black sports question as it is merely deflection..

          Stop saying you are wondering cause I know you are aware that although legal barriers have long dissipated there is still a huge racial undertone in most everything done in this Isle of Devils…

          • wondering says:

            no deflection here. we live in a predominantly black country!! black sports…………lmao. the majority must allow the undertone. there is NO logical way that the masses are still held ransom by “whitey”………this has gone on for too long. the first slavemasters were definitely not white…..who do you think sold the tribespeople to the dutch, spanish, portugese, english people?

            • bob says:

              What in the world are you on wonderman? WTH are you actually talking about?

              More deflection. Go back and read and I mean read the initial comment and if you have arrived at the same conclusion simply call a shrink and sit with him until you are better. Wow!!!

              • wondering says:

                furthermore…..diverting funds to a losing cause…….hmmmmmmmmm. i want a good return on my mmoney

                • Ross says:

                  Dimly lit room, leather couch and someone to listen to your silly banter would be your best investment..

                  Adios Stevie

  6. bob says:

    Having read King Kenny T’s comments in the RG I am now convinced that this coach who has never, ever won anything of note, who has lived in the very large shadow cast by the Dread Andrew, is seeking some love …

    KT, you are simply wrong to think that 34 games played by the Hogges versus top college players is not better preparation than playing against 2nd rate teams in the Islands,particularly when the FA had very little funds. It was fantastic preparation and note that the plan was always to prepare for the Olympics.

    Entering the World Cup with the thought they we are going to qualify is a pipe dream..Even if you would have defeated T&T you would have been put to the sword by the USA, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico in the final round.. In essence, we were fortunate to go out when we did.

    In the past 20 years only Gary Darrell’s team that defeated El Slavador has looked capable of competing against the top teams in this region. Even they were no match in the end for the teams that they faced after eliminationg Haiti, which by the way was a fantastic result.

    One day all our coaches will support the one in charge at that time, will find humility , will cheer from the stands when our boys compete internationally.. I HAD A DREAM..

    • FrankTalk says:

      First of all well done to the boys. Its a pity that we conceded when we did and it doesn’t seem like all 11 players showed up the play.

      Newsflash to Altered beast: while Maynard and Simmons may be in a more competitive environment but they aren’t playing…..neither are Burgess and Smith so one would question the inclusion of those four. I guess they fit the “profile”. At least Smith knows his way around

      Thank you so much Bob, I was wondering when someone was going to comment on KT’s observations. He did sound like a person looking for love. Can we mix in a little honesty? KT is a system coach. Give him sufficient time he will have a well prepared team. However when approximately half the team live off island this is not practical. KT is not a tactical coach. “The goal” against Trinidad was cause by KT’s tactical error – admit it to yourself and move on. No more excuses about the Ref..the sub should not have been made when it was.

      ideally KT should take the u14′s (or younger) when he can have all the time and access in the world to prepare technically capable players to move on to the next level.

      Hey Bob what about “the Miami 7″ team…that got torpedoed by an inept administration?

      • Ross says:

        Good group that was. Loads of talent that was given every opportunity to succeed, ie, tremendous coach ( albeit a tad nutty ) and significant international exposure..Their results in JA were fantastic and if not for the sneaker debacle this group would be revered and ranked as one of the best teams ever..

        In my lifetime, there have been a number of very good teams..

        1, Clyde Bests’ youth team that won the Concacaf tournament in Bda / Graham Adams was the coach

        2, Pan Am silver medal winning team coached by Graham Adams

        3,Pepe Dill coached team that won the tournament at the national stadium vs Canada, USA and Mexico.Same group won bronze medal in Medellin Colombia

        4, Ziese led under 19 team / Miami scandal aside this was a talented team..

        5, Gary Darrell’s group that defeated El Salvador at the National Stadium in WC qualifiers…won in hostile Haiti and

      • alteredbeast says:

        news flash to FrankTalk no one is really playing it is the off season. Khano is semi-retired and after his last performance at national stadium against T&T he should have burned his boots. Burgess is also semi-retired and has not played in a year.

        ideally KT should take an administrative role far far from the pitch.

  7. Kenny Thompson says:

    @ Bob. Don’t normally have time to respond to commentators who small talk behind pen names. Anyway, let me allow you to continue the entertainment when you come back. Regarding your first statement, no need to require ‘love’ in our football culture. It’s what separate’s me from many others in the popularity stakes. Also, never lived in any shadow you may have cast from Andrew, who I will add has and asked more times than any other coach (and for good reason) to coach the National Team. Why he hasn’t only he can answer, but a cover up e-mail from past BFA President may shed some light.

    Most countries (if assess correctly) know that they will not make it to the World Cup finals. Should all those countries not enter? Really? Most colleges agree to their selctiion into the basketball post season and most know they will not make the final 4.

    The players did exactly what was required yesterday, to work hard and hope/cause T&T into sloppy play. 1-0 is an excellent result but does not hide the problems as did our 2-1 win. I suspect you are one of the same people who spent time discrediting the spirited performance in T&T four years ago as well as same performance in El Salvador. Just have a hunch about these things. Can’t believe I used the time for this.

    • Glenn says:

      Kenny, I belive that the only mistake in the report abouve was that the 2-1 victory of Bermuda against T&T was actually in Trini, rather than here. This gives us fans something to do; that’s to get behind the team for the return leg and give them support; win, lose or draw.

      • Kenny Thompson says:

        Glenn, for sure we must support the team and any comments by me are not without support. My comments above only minimally begin ‘Bob’. In any case, I agree and maybe time would be better spent celebrating the performance/effort of the team. Something the likes of Bob and a few others above have not done in similar circumstances over the years.

        • bob says:

          Wow, wow. You continue to shock and amaze. Have you purged from your memory bank past disparaging comments about coaches at all levels?

          There are numerous coaches that would challenge you on your support for anything other than what you are involved in.. Huge, significant numbers!!

          Please tell us / me where you purchase that memory deletion pill as I have a few folk / experiences that I would like to forget as well…

          • Kenny Thompson says:

            I repeat, trying to put me in the category of behavior exhibited by you and your boys won’t work either. What’s next???

    • Ross says:

      Forgot to mention King Ken that colleges enter competitions for multiple reasons to include visibility for recruiting purposes and for financial reasons..

      Tell the truth Ken, you were secretly hoping for a poor result..Cmon Kenno, I am right, right? We all know, cause you have told us in so many ways that the only good coach in Bda is you. Right?

    • Truth be Told says:

      Truth be told…….
      There are many of us who have wanted to see what Andrew could do at the National team level for quite some time. But after not being given the opportunity, whether because of his previous public admission of marijuana use as a rastafarian or his previous inability to travel without a waiver, it was anticipated that those hurdles were overcome with the help of the previous BFA administration. Why then did he not accept the invitation to become involved with the National program when the door was thrown wide open? Only Andrew can answer.

      • ross says:

        To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target..

      • ross says:

        Yes indeed, that is for Andrew to answer, however it could be, and I stand to be corrected, that he was offered a better gig by the ABC School.

        Personally, I would have never passed up the opportunity to work directly with Jacques Crevosier or with Valencia’s youth coaches on a daily basis, for a period of 2 years. Call me selfish and to be honest you would be correct, however travelling extensivley in France with Crevosier, visiting top clubs & the French National Training Centre plus working daily with top youth coaches from Valencia FC ( visiting Valencia inclusive ) seems like an offer that couldn’t be refused.

        This is a guy that is currently in my opinion without rival on the island.
        Factor in the above, ie, daily education and exposure to excellent coaches from Europe and the sky is the limit for this coach.

        The fact that the BFA in their infinite wisdom or lack of same, passed, no ran away from what Andrew has embraced could be, and again, I dont know for certain, another reason that this astute individual chose greener pastures..

        It could also be the same reason that Kenny turned down an offer to join the national program under Broadley and Boyles, however again, like you, I don’t know..

  8. Ross says:

    Stop with the use of time crap as those who know you know that much of your time has been spent discrediting everyone and thing other than what has been associated with your programs…You know we know Kenny..You know we know…

    Bob was totally correct when he questions the WC as a priority..It is a pipe dream and when funds are limited smart folk choose wisely ….

    Again,save the pious,I am above all this nonsense, cause we know Kenny you are not..simply more camouflage..

    Not sure I see Bascome on this blog slamming you..seems a tad opportunistic to take such cheap shots..From where I sit, you are a pale comparison to Andrew, both as a player and as a coach..Facts are facts King Ken..

    • Kenny Thompson says:

      Trying to put me in the category of behavior exhibited by you and your boys won’t work either.

      Bob brought Andrew into the discussion not me. You support him only when you are not in leadership role. When the buck stops with you, not even you are prepared to take a risk. Hmmmmmmm.

      Now it is complete and utter nonsense from you… of which you my friend win hands down.

  9. Dubage says:

    Not a win for Bermuda…but in my eyes still a small victory. From what I have heard, they played good ball, were competitive, never gave up most importantly showed great sportmanship. Well done men! I haven’t been to a Bermufda Football game in probably 15+ years but I will be there to support in game 2. Well, done, well done, well done!

    • bob says:

      It is IMO a very tidy result, given that it was an away game, the team is quite young and it is after all T&T..

      If they can win in Guyana they will place a degree of pressure on T& T and that makes for a very interesting return match in Bermuda.

      Boyles, and his coaches have clearly prepared the team well and the players have responded quite well.


  10. bob says:

    LOL.. LOL…

    You are self hyped and widely known to disparage all coaches at the national level and top coaches that don’t sit at your feet…

    That my friend is not nnsense, it is and you know it, FACT!!!

    • Kenny Thompson says:

      Again baseless. Heard it all before. The facts I retained in the form of e-mails.

      Only pity on those that are taken in by your misinformation.

      • alteredbeast says:

        i like how he tries to put himself above the fray…we all know kenny from the many previous failures. His team selection is rubbish, tactics are rubbish and preparation is rubbish. its time to walk away from the national program we have suffered enough under your guidance.

  11. Time! says:

    Reading these comments just make me sick to my stomach. From race, to egos, really sad days in this country. Sports are supposed unite and galvanize a nation sadly we in this country will find ways to divide. We suffer from cultural low self esteem and delusions of grander. oxymoron I know but true.

    • ross says:

      This is normal, read any sports mag or listen to any talk show (sport or political ) in the US , Canada or the UK and you will find far worse..Or simply read the RG..

      Get over it…

  12. L&B says:

    Kenny, keep up the work you do. Most appreciate it… don’t take the bait on small talk. The football fam is happy the previous administrators left office. This commentary is what they are well known for. All the best Bermuda on Tuesday

  13. L&B says:

    Kenny, keep up the good work. Most of us appreciate it… don’t fall for small talk bait… football fam is glad the previous administrators left bfa office. This commentary is what they are known for. They failed on the inside and and want to be influential from the outside… now have a go at me.

  14. jeepers creepers says:

    Sad to see such commentary at a time when we should be giving full support to the National team. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the coach, players, or preparations. Its time to Get behind the team!!!

    Just shows how fractious our football community is! The inability to work together and be supportive of each other is the demise of our game locally. Put aside all this non-sense and figure out how to work together to better football in Bermuda.

  15. Blenn Bean says:

    Can’t beleive people can be so negative after a good result in Trinidad. It wasn’t a winning result but a good result non the less. Having played at many levels in my career i’ve wonder why Bermuda as a country fail to compete well on the big stages apart from the few good results. Partly preparation, partly cultural, partly upbringing, partly because we do not feel the need to succeed for lack of pride. There where many of times we as players would find out about competitions weeks before the competition took place. How are you honestly supposed to compete with seasoned professionals that have been training with each other for months compared to our rush couple of weeks. Do you know why the Under 23 team coached by Zeise succeeded. We were well prepared, we respected our coach, and we played with pride, losing was not an option no matter the opposition. We were undefeated in all competition under Ziese. I hope all the real fans support our National team, that shows pride no matter what the results. If we show that we are behind the teams not just football it will go a long way to lifting our atheletes. It was said we couldn’t beat Jamaica in Jamaica in a two leg match to reach the Pan Am games in Argentina guess what we did it. Go Bermuda GO Gombey Warriors. Make us proud!!!!

    • alteredbeast says:

      I agree with you blenn, 3 months ago we were told that the BFA lacks the funds to participate in the qualifiers then once again at the last moment the BFA decided to compete. unfortunately after your generation the national program fell apart and we have never been the same.

    • ross says:

      Blenn – There was only one national team in training during Ziese’s term. All resources were diverted to one group, therefore there was absolutely no long term planning, as all our eggs were in one basket. The team did well, however no better than many teams prior or Darrell’s group in the nineties. The one massive problem however was that all funds & resources were invested in one group and let’s just say that in the end, the net result was a tad disastrous and football took many years to recover. Some would say that it hasn’t…

  16. Truth (Original) says:

    Well fought fellas ! Please be encouraged and keep pressing toward the mark. I, for one, am proud of you and I believe in you guys and your abilities to achieve your goals (pardon the pun).

    Best to you !

  17. Jazzy says:

    How could they possibly win against two teams – Trinidad AND Tobago :)

    Only kidding – well done guys, for me it’s more important you played with pride and passion for your country and you did just that