PLP Candidates: Commissiong & Rabain

September 20, 2011

mr__rolfe_commissiong_bermuda[Updated] This evening [Sept.20] the PLP hosted two candidate selection meetings, with both constituencies seeing challengers selected over the sitting MP.

Rolfe Commissiong was selected over Ashfield Devent in Pembroke South East, and Diallo Rabain was selected over Darius Tucker in Hamilton South.

Constituency #21 Pembroke South East held their candidate selection meeting at Alaska Hall on Court Street.

Considered one of the more secure PLP areas, Ashfield Devent has held the seat for almost ten years, securing a margin of 526 – 252 against the UBP’s Tillman Darrell in 2007.

Mr Devent was challenged by Government consultant Rolfe Commissiong, Senator Jonathan Smith, and Vance Campbell, with Mr Commissiong being given the nod.

Mr. Commissiong has previously stood for election for the PLP, however he ran in Paget constituencies that were generally considered more inclined to vote UBP. This will be the first time he will contest a seat seen as likely to vote PLP.

Diallo Rabain was selected to stand as the PLP candidate for Constituency #7 Hamilton South. PLP MP Darius Tucker presently holds the seat, however he was originally elected under the UBP – beating the PLP’s Wayne Caines 547 – 420 in 2007.

In 2009 Mr Tucker opted to resign from the UBP and sit in the House of Assembly as an Independent MP until three months ago; in June 2011 Mr Tucker crossed the floor to sit as a PLP MP.

Update 10:05pm: Quick video of Mr Devent entering, and leaving, the meeting this evening.

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  1. in the know says:

    If rolfe get elected then the race card would be always on the table & in your face!!!

    • Black Soil says:

      If Rolfe gets in then soon Dr. Brown and Lt.Col.Burke will be back for a re-run.

      • Malachi says:

        I assume it’s Col. Burch to whom you refer? In which case the PLP would be better off. You may not like his style but he gets things done.

        • Black Soil says:

          He got things done alright. He supported a disasterous imigration policy. He supported Dr. Brown as he ruined out international reputation. He gave us Uighers (can you spell that?) who just take work away from Bermudians. Oh yeah, he a Dr. Brown want back in to kick ass. They stupidly believe that Bermuda and the international community owe them something.

          • Grape Juice says:

            My feeling are that the OBA are imposters, imposing to get elected under the UBP. Dunkley is a fake along with Pamplin and Jackson. So what is new? Am I a Rolfe fan, no, but he paid the time for his crime but Crockwell is still deceiving us by his representation.

          • Spikes says:

            what do you mean disasterous immigration policy. He was spot on with his approach to stopping the underhanded practices of unscrupulous employers who did everything in their power to prevent Bermudians from receiving gainful employment in their own country. I worked as a Civil Servant for many years and some of the people that Government brought in to this country to work for Government during the UBP era had no business exiting the airport terminal. In other words they were dumb as hell. It didnt matter, as long as a Bermudian didnt get the job. He put a stop to that and that is the reason why they do not like him. He is pro Bermudian and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Every country has a strong immigration policy. Why should we be any different. Why should we just open up the flood gates and let everyone who wish to come here to work,without ensuring that a Bermudian is qualified to do the job?
            On the Commisiong issue. He won fair and square. What is the point in going back way in his past? He has paid his debt to society. When he starts talking about the racist policies that this community was practicing in the past, you always hear folks say “that is in the past, why is Ralph always talking about racial issues that took place years ago.” That should apply also to his criminal record. It happen years ago and he hasn’t been convicted of a crime since. Let the guy get on with his life in his country.

    • So? says:

      All I can say this is tick for tat. UBP/BDA?OBA picked and ran and had elected Shaun Crockwell, who is a former convicted criminal so the PLP chosing Rolfe who was one as well, is what it is?

    • SOB99 says:

      Pothead out, racist in.

  2. Family Man says:

    OK, “Hands UP!”, Who’s shooting for Rolfe to walk away with the money…er seat. I mean seat.

  3. Face the Nation says:

    Thats it !!!! PLP has lost the plot , Ralph over Ashfield , seriously people thats some B*llsh!t right there . I,m finished , done with that bunch of misfits .

    • fed de fat up says:


    • SCARED!! says:

      I am truley scared of the mentality of my fellow Bermudians knowing that they voted for ROLFE!! are you serious??? I cannot believe this!! Ignorance is clearly rampant in our community!!!

      • Webster says:

        Rolfe, has no job… the only hope this man has is to be elected so he can garnish a wage and have all of the benifits of being a member of parliament….how low can you go ?

  4. Shaking the Head says:

    Not so long ago, the PLP seemed to be heading in the right direction by selecting younger and less historically embittered candidates. The selection of Rolfe shows that they have not changed. Really, is this the best they can offer?

    • Scott says:

      at the end of the day…. any party will pick the person taht will get them the win. Its not about “best they can offer”…

      and htat counts for every constituency worldwide.

      While i will say the PLP is incompetent at running a govt, they are very smart when it comes to winning elections. They did not just randomly pic Rolfe. He says things that stir people’s emotions and as such will win votes regardless of current govt failures. Emotions always ranks higher then issues in the majority of people.

      • star man says:

        I never knew that Ashfield not “getting them the win” was an issue. Apparently he is highly respected in that constituency.

    • Bermudian@heart.. says:


  5. Motts Apple Suace says:

    Just from witnessing the man drive I would never vote for Rolfe Commissiong… among other reasons.

  6. ou812 says:

    Surely noone will vote for that clown!

  7. wondering says:

    oh gosh………this is it.i’m done………..not because i support PLP or not but this is a bad decision by our current government……thank God for voting

  8. Real Talk (original) says:

    Wow… just… wow.

  9. Phillip Wells says:

    First they put Laverne Furbert in the Senate, now they choose Rolfe Commissiong over Ashfield DeVent in a safe seat. Any hope that the PLP would become more moderate under Paula Cox is now well and truly dashed.

  10. Prospero says:

    Ashfield DeVent should run as an Independent/PLP candidate at the next General Election. I’m sure he’d win in a landslide. The party political cronyism which resulted in Rolfe Commissiong’s selection tonight will not be viewed favourably by the voters in his constituency. Go on, Mr. DeVent — seize the initiative. You are well respected and well liked by your electorate. Follow the leads of US Senators Joe Lieberman and Lisa Murkowski: when they were undone by their respective party machines in dubious primaries, they took their cases directly to the people at general elections. And prevailed. By extremely wide margins …

    • Face the Nation says:

      Hooray !!! Agreed , Let us get behind the man and push him in a positive direction .

    • Shaking the Head says:

      Great suggestion and solution! He should start a pledge campaign to raise some funds.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      Go for it!!!!

    • Kim Smith says:

      I guess he’s not as “well respected and well liked” by his electorate as you… and he… thought.

      • Evie says:

        He is, but this is what happens when you aren’t a member. It ‘s fine to say ‘I’ll vote for the PLP candidate’ but if you aren’t in a position to say who the candidate is, you get what you get – Rolfe.

    • Chart says:


    • In General says:

      I think what is telling is Mr DeVent is well liked by people on all policical scales – maybe that is why he was voted out!!!

      I am a young Bermudian voter that truely believes that there is a lack of focus on what is right in Bermuda. If i had to pick my ideal “party” to vote for it would include some members of the PLP and some from the OBA – and guess what – Ashfield DeVent would be on that list!

      I agree with you – I think Ashfield should run again – under another banner (independent, or otherwise). I think he has so much to offer and truely cares! that is the type of person Bermuda needs!!!

  11. @ Prospero….That is the wisest comment I have read in a looong time. Ashfield, I hope you are reading this. Go for it. Let the voter decide who they want representing them in the House. Our future is at stake.

  12. Lets work Together says:

    Why blast democracy? Every member of that branch had a right to vote and those who did won. You have a chance to vote as well in your respective branches in Primarys and the general election. If you chose not to be a member of the PLP and can not vote in the Primary election for the PLp then you have no right to complain about who was elected to stand on their behalf in the General Election. If you live in the area then you have a right to vote for who you feel in the general election,. Don’t lump the PLP into one group as if every member had a say. It came down to the branch vote and they voted. End of story. Votes count.

    • Face the Nation says:

      Sense in short supply . I,m sorry but this decision in conjuction with the Brown affairs coupled with the dismal performance of the current administration has me thinking and possibily considering changing how I will be approaching the ballot box .

    • Prospero says:

      Primary elections are always contested under a limited franchise — party membership is never representative of the broader electorate. In this instance, I have every reason to believe the outcome wasn’t even representative of the broader party sentiment in the constituency. I’m not “blasting” democracy — I’m fully supporting it. Let Mr. DeVent go head-to-head with Mr. Commissiong in a general election and let’s see who the constituents (rather than an extremely narrow party base) support. Votes, as you say, count …

    • PLOP says:

      Simple ..because very often decisions are made that are not in the best interest of the party or country. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours politics. We’ve seen this before from the PLP. Remmber being told…sorry but we had to decieve you….

      Mr DeVent you were robbed and you should go at it alone as an independent or even as part of the OBA. This is the second time in recent years that your were wronged by the party. You may not be as “polished” as Rolfe but you have always been well respected and a man of good morals. All I can say is WOW.. I would never have seen this one coming, I thought we were the Progressive Labour Party. Are we not going backwards with this move?!

    • Get Real says:

      Agreed, they just chose Cannonier over Richards, and Dunkley over Moniz

    • fed de fat up says:

      especially when they are bought

  13. Rosa says:

    Congratulations to Diallo!! Your heart is in it. What a birthday treat!Stay focused and true to yourself. I’m sure the intent is there- until reality rears its head!

  14. Skeptical says:

    Unbelieveable!!!! Commissiong for a candidate. I feel for the people in his constituency and hopefully voting along party lines will not be the “in” thing over there. That would be a trule sad day.

  15. Cancer says:

    Farce farce farce!!! Whatever… Just a case where PLP are putting their own naIls in their own coffin. Another reason why I’m finished with them.

  16. BermySteve99 says:

    I need educating so someone please help me out.

    Ashfield Devent seems to have worked hard to improve race relations in Bermuda without actually promoting the fact that he was doing so. And Mr Devent to my knowledge has never committed a violent criminal act.

    Meanwhile Rolfe Commissiong is a consultant on race relations for the Bermuda Government. But he seems to divide the community more than he brings us together.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but didn’t he go to jail for violent armed robbery? I understand that Mr Commissiong held up a bank at the Southampton Princess Hotel, pointed his gun at black Bermudian tellers, demanded money from them before firing warning shots over their heads. He was eventually caught convicted and spent time in jail for his crimes.

    How does a convicted armed bank robber become the official government race relations consultant, paid a huge salary? Was there ever a proper government employment vetting process? And how can this convicted criminal seriously be a candidate running for political office in an era blighted by violent gun crime and gang murder shootings?

    Something seems very wrong with this PLP selection. What are they thinking?

    • Same old Same Old says:

      Lets not forget that the OBA’s Shawn Crockwell is a convicted drug dealer as well!

      • Get Real says:

        Sad that the Drug Dealers, Bank Robbers and Drug Cartel spouses are running the country. How the hell are we going to control the gangsters and drug dealers now?

      • Prospero says:

        You’re entirely correct. But while both men do have serious criminal convictions in their pasts, Mr. Crockwell has publicly accepted responsibility for his actions — and apologised for them. As far as I’m aware, Mr. Commissiong never has. I have seen him quoted as saying that he maintains holding up a bank and firing a gun over the heads of staff was a “revolutionary act” and not an armed robbery. Food for thought, perhaps …

    • JB says:

      I’m thinking Commissiong has some very, very secret information he is holding against those in power .

    • Emeka47 says:

      Is all that info legit??? I just thot that Rolfe carried a ‘chip’ on his shoulders that was the size of a Bag LAYS POTATO CHIPS becasue of arrogance. WRONG!! I guess reformation and promotion go hand in hand!! LOL

    • love & light says:

      i am a registered voter in the pembroke south east constituency. i will NEVER vote for a man that put my mother’s life in danger in an armed bank robbery. one less vote for the PLP!


      • fed de fat up says:

        run dat love and light

      • Skeptical says:

        Wow, I feel for you and your family to be have to be faced with that man as a candidate for you to vote for. Ashfield, please listen to what people are saying.

        • love & light says:

          i am beside myself thinking of how i might react when he shows up on my door-step to canvas this voter. i’d like to think that i can calmly ask him to remove himself from my property and tell him why in a mature manner. OR i can grip my hose and douse him with water and ask him how HE likes it when shot at!!

    • MinorMatters says:

      What can they think when they are Cogs, Thieves, Crooks, Gangsters and Bank Robbers? …At least two of those adjectives are true.

      • get real says:

        in both parties, don’t throw stones when the oba lives in glass houses

    • Sad for you says:

      Do you even know how long ago that was? It was when he was a boy. He is now a man and you all need to get over it. I am not saying you need to agree with him, vote for him or even like him, just forgive. This is a huge problem in Bermuda, people hold grievances for so long. Do you not believe in reform? Forgive each other fellow Bermudians and move on. Can never get into your politics, it remains so stuck in the past. Move forward please, Rolfe has, maybe you should too??

      • MinorMatters says:

        When was the last time a leopard changed his spots, from black to green for example? Just curious.

      • Pat says:

        Sad that is a joke, you are talking about the people holding grievances? Rolfe has a chip the size of Cleveland on his shoulders when it comes to race and you think that by now he would try to extend the olive branch? Anyone that votes for him will be pushing Bermuda back to the very dark ages. I agree with others that he must hold some major secrets over the head of the PLP because I can’t see how all those so called educated people could vote for a person like him. Wonders never cease!

        • Bermudian@heart.. says:


    • Webster says:

      I agree with you. Rolfe should not be a candidate for the P.LP. and else fror Shawn Crockwell he should also not be a candidate for the O.B.A…..these guys commited some serious crimes…and should not be allowed to run as candidates….stop these loosers from being a part of our government….. how low can we go ?

  17. What is going on? says:

    How sad…… this does not help Bermuda.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ashfield has a choice, cross the floor to the OBA or run as an independent. Hope he does one or the other. The constituency does not deserve Rolfe. Either way he stands a good chance of getting back in.

    • As it is says:

      how do you know what they deserve, do you live there or any where near there? We did not tell you who to run in C12 don’t dare question democracy.

    • wondering says:

      Rolfe doesn’t deserve the constituency………..and as far as revolutionary act mentioned a few posts above this one…look at the core of the PLP. Many of them were fist waving revolutionaries in the 1960s – so i guess being a revolutionary isn’t always a negative thing depending on which end of the rifle scope you may be looking.

  19. LMAO says:

    Yes Yes Yes

  20. David Minors says:

    Congrats to Diallo on his win in C#7. He will be a fine addition to the new blood of politicians in this year – note I didn’t say PLP, OBA, or any other party. He is a man who will stand by his principles and vote from his heart on the issues of the day. Be proud Bermuda – one of your sons has taken up the mantle to support you into the future!

    • YES MATE! says:

      David, he hasn’t won c7, he won the nomination to run for MP in c7.

  21. specialgirl4 says:

    “Democracy at work” ! Congratulations to the candidates !!! Wishing you all the best in the future, stay focus and work hard to provide service to your community.
    Once again great going. Those who voted, had their say, those who choose not too vote have no say !!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      You have just shattered any credibility you may have had with this endorsment. Do yuo also always vote for the killer in horror movies or just some of the time……………


  22. Not Again... says:

    It seems PLP will continue to play the race card. Hopefully the constituents of Pembroke South East realize this. Ashfield DeVent was a better pick…

  23. Pollster says:

    Diallo great work

    Rolfe you lucky Bie

    Now all you new and young candidates go take these Branches and make the Premier beg YOU for help, put her in her place, and get rid of Michael Scott, Walter Robain, Terry, Jennifer, Glenn Blakeney, Patrice Minors, Neletha


    Paula, you are next after the elections

  24. Cancer says:

    @ Same old same old…. get your information correct before you make a post. The comment you posted makes you look stupid! Get it right!

  25. Cox and Co says:

    In liquidation, Premier Cog, move over a wave of change is about to sweep you away since you did nothing and only created fractions!

    Jennifer has taught you well

    Revelations Cog, you are finished, stay away on your trips

    • Rob says:

      Col. Burch is desperate for the top job, when he gets in, Cox is History. “WE HAD TO DECEIVE YOU!

  26. True Bermudian says:

    Well… there goes the neighbourhood.

    Rob any banks lately Rolfe?

    Once a convict always a convict.

    I guess all one has to do to be elected in Bermuda is go to jail for armed robbery, come out and spout hate.

    You’ll always be a spiteful con Rolfe but at least now you can continue to get that fat government paycheck and live high on the hog at the expense of all Bermudians.

  27. Hard Rock says:

    This is a hard one to swallow. Diallo, will be representing C7 for the PLP, so say the party because it is what it is.

  28. Congrats says:

    Congratulations to all the men who were willing to serve Bermuda. So many want to have a say but don’t want to do the work. The work now begins for all. Start working at showing you will place Bermuda 1st always.

  29. Poetic Justice says:

    Clearly Rolfe is looking to secure a stable income (albeit part time) that he would never command in the public/private sector with his Her Majesty’s Prisons Casemates degree. Anyone who thinks this came down to a democratic vote needs to be reminded that the last say on candidate choice lies with the Branch. Have you all forgotten the Bean/Horton saga of ’02 that saw the favoured candidate Mr Marc Bean ousted in favour of Mr Randy Horton? Very democratic I might add. They may as well have picked coloured ballots out of a hat.

    Sad day for Bermuda when the government of the day sees fit to promote someone as divisive as Rolfe Comissiong into a safe seat and by extension make him a member of parliment.

    God save Bermuda.

    • star man says:

      LaVerne and now Rolfe – what have I been saying all along?! That the PLP HAS NOT CHANGED!! The PLP is just the repackaged Ewart Brown Party. Same playas, and he’s still pulling the strings anyway, right?!

      To get rid of these leeches we must vote them out!!

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      His selection makes it much easier for the “undecided” voters to decide!

    • Lets work Together says:

      @Poetic, If you don’t know what you’re talking about please don’t post comments like that. The final say does indeed lie with the branch. Due to amendments to the party constitution, after all candidates are approved by the candidates committee those candidates then are turned over to the respective branches. They are given a chance to build support when the Primary Election date is set. The votes are cast and the majority rules. There can not be a repeat of what happened during the run up to the 2007 General Election because of very important changes to the constitution which allows such a democratic process. This is Democracy no matter how you try to flip it.

    • specialgirl4 says:

      This was a democratic process, and it was the citizens of Bermuda that had the opportunity to select who they believe would best represent them. The people have spoken, and we must respect their choice. Like it or not, this is democracy at work. “It is never a sad day in any country when they allow the people of the country to have a say in the democratic process”. If is only sad when the process is closed to a society and the people do not get to speak!!

      When in Bermuda do we ever reach a point where we forgive persons for their misgivings of the past, and move on? Do we continue to hold things against a person for life, or are we not a forgiving society.

      • What? says:

        What about his current disgusting views on race relations? Should we also just forget about those? bet you wouldn’t if the same intolerant nonsense was being sputed by some Opposition member.

      • What? says:

        “When in Bermuda do we ever reach a point where we forgive persons for their misgivings of the past, and move on?”

        We should be asking you the same question? When will you stop attributing the past misgivings of people that are not alive or relevant anymore to today’s generation?

      • YES MATE! says:

        Specialgirl that kool-aid has your brain all mixed up! Your beloved PLP/EBP are nothing without a deck of race cards to play at every opportunity and here you are saying “When in Bermuda do we ever reach a point where we forgive persons for their misgivings of the past, and move on? Do we continue to hold things against a person for life, or are we not a forgiving society.” The PLP/EBP do nothing but dwell on the past!
        On a separate subject, just how many of you are there taking turns posting as Specialgirl4?

      • LOL (original) says:

        Bet what ever information Rolf has on the Government keeps him on the Government payroll is what has now given him this opportunity. With a selection like this I know whom I can not vote for.


      • LOL (original) says:

        Have people moved on from slavery I think not remember the “planking” story. Special sorry you are not as righteous as you think. Bermudians forgive based on familiarity. You ask people to forgive this man for what he’s done personally and yet Bermudians can’t forgive unborn white babies and people who had nothing to do with slavery to this day. You are nothing but a politiacl hack supporting any and everthing you party does. What is the advantage to you personally?


  30. Oh no says:

    Paula is shaking in her stilettos she has to come face you lot without Jonathan by her side, funny

    She has dismissed so many people and never invested time building bridges instead she chose the easy route of embracing the people who came to her with stories about people who didnt like her, or who backed Lister and Butler. Yes an immature approach from someone who is still a student and not a leader the tesgicular fortitude never happened just spiteful decisions based on bad intelligence.

    She has to be the most inexperienced politician we have ever seen, she accepted hearsay as fact and will eventually need the people she has too easily discarded or ignored, Paula your day is fast approaching and your pretty speeches will not save you as the Party finally woke up.

  31. Get Real says:

    I presume that when an election date is called and canvassing starts, Rolfe will have to quit his position with Government. It’s my understanding that you cannot run for office or serve in the House while in Government employ.
    Should Ashfield not run as an independent, perhaps he could get Rolfe’s old job as Race Consultant, perhaps we’ll then make some real progress in that area.

  32. sandgrownan says:

    Just when you thought the PLP couldn’t f*ck things up any more than they already have. Wonder what Rolfe’s plan is for the national debt?

  33. Kim Smith says:

    If I knew anyone who expressed any confidence in Rolfe Commissiong as a person interested in the good of Bermuda, I might not feel so alarmed at the result of this primary.

    While I do respect Mr. Commissiong’s concern for those black males who have dropped out and chosen to pursue other means for themselves, I believe that his plan to inspire and influence them (and others) to better themselves will more likely be to infuse them with hatred for the past. His way hasn’t worked and it will not work.

    I urge the black community to carefully consider the state of our very small and fragile country. We need to support leaders who encourage us to become better people… to assume responsibility for ourselves and to therefore be able to hold others accountable in turn. We cannot survive with a vengeance state of mind. We really must pursue healing… and healing will not come through hatred… no matter how justified. We must require each other to travel the high road. We can do it, I know we can!

  34. Emeka47 says:

    ! OK let see……….they want to cast out their DIRTY WATER with the baby (Ashfield) in it. The PLP have lost it!! First Laverne and her rants, now Rolf along all those race card holders who don’t want to move into the future seeking a safe ‘pay off’ seat! All of them lot who like to divide this country on racial lines is seeking to set Bermuda back years. If you think this is going down like a ‘smoothie’ THINK AGAIN!! . De Youth will have their say. If Ashfield is shut out, then all of Mr. Devant’s supporters should not vote! Let the OBA win! teach the PLP a lesson in solidarity!! Better still, let Ashfield run as an INDEPENDENT! We need a lot more of those thinkers in the House.

  35. Islander says:

    Just goes to show, you can commit a horrible crime and come back later and represent…I’m at loss for words, and as far as his race relations, he is nothing but a racist. JS

  36. Watcher says:

    Congrats Diallo, a young upwardly mobile son of the soil who hopefully will vote on principals and not just the party line, but I have to question what went on with Rolfe, he was polling in dead last, was poised to, maybe did, step down and remove himself from consideration, then suddenly was persuaded by those in the know to come back and then somehow wins the vote. Smacks of some back door electioneering to me. There must be some mighty skeletons in closets for the leaders of the party, doesn’t mean a lot to me as i’m so disollusioned by my party that i’ll be staying home at the next election, but i’m really surprised that the party have chosen such a devisive charachter even in a safe seat.

  37. Can You Handle This says:

    “BB Smiley” eyes covered, ‘Can’t Watch’

  38. True Bermudian says:

    Rolfe was an armed thug.

    Is a convict.

    And will always be a racist.

  39. Say Say Say says:

    I think Rolfe will make an excellent candidate for the PLP. He has a past record of gun violence and grand theft. He’ll fit right in.

    In addition, he’s already got the race baiting down to a fine art.

    He’s a shoe in for Premier I’d say.

    • Emeka47 says:

      @ Say, Say, Say……..Your first line is the BEST reading YET!!! LOL

    • get into reality says:

      give me a break CROCKWELL IS THE BERMUDA HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY OPPOSITION WHIP. THE criminal is keeping watch over the oba mps. that is a true laugh my you know what off

  40. Ha says:

    So many criticisms, yet most here have probably never served their communities in any way.

    BTW, all the criticism against Rolfe for his criminal record. Mr. Crockwell from the OBA has a criminal record as well. At what point does one have to continually be linked to an incident in their past?

    Congratulations to Diallo Rabain in C7 as well.

    People have asked the PLP to inject new blood and now that they are, there are constant criticisms.

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

    • True Bermudian says:

      Listen up HA:

      There is a HUGE difference in robbing a bank with a GUN while DISCHARGING the firearm in the process than there is from taking evidence out of the evidence locker.

      Crockwell’s “crime” is NOTHING compared to what Racist Rolfe did.

      One quietly took evidence out of the evidence locker and the other loudly and cowardly robbed a bank with a gun and stuck a gun in the tellers face.

      • Lets work Together says:

        Listen True Bermudian, If your going to detail one case don’t sugar coat the other to suit your argument. Crockwell did not simply “take evidence out of an evidence locker” He was in a position of trust within the courts and stole drugs that were their as evidence in a drug case and then tried to sell them putting the poison back on the streets to destroy lives and family’s.

        At the end of the day both man paid their debt to society and therefore are entitled to live their lives as productive citizens including offering themselves up to serve the people.

        • LOL (original) says:

          So put them in the regiment and let them serve their community there.


        • True Bermuda says:

          The point is one was a hostile violent act which could have seen someone killed.

          The other was not.

      • specialgirl4 says:

        CRIME IS CRIME, so please do not attempt to dismiss what Crockwell did as being of less criminal defense. In fact in Bermuda you will often serve more time for a drug offense than for any other crime. Let’s not attempt to cover up what Mr. Crockwell did. Both men did something when they were young, and developing, both men have paid their debt to society. Why attempt to keep punishing them. Let’s be fair here? When in this society do we move on and forgive persons for something they did in their past? If you look hard you will find skeletons in almost everyone’s closet even your own, I bet. Some have even committed white color crime that is also crime. SO let’s be real about this. Do we use such a poor argument to gain political votes? Or are we as a society not mature enough yet?

        This was a democratic process, and it was the citizens of Bermuda that had the opportunity to select who they believe would best represent them. The people have spoken, and we must respect their choice. Like it or not, this is democracy at work.

        • YES MATE! says:

          “white color crime” hahahahahahahaha!

          • Scott says:

            hahahahah wow i missed that one!!!

            lol wonder whats in her head :P

            • Todd says:

              She is Specialgirl4…. that means there are 3 more specialgirls out there…. lol

        • Skeptical says:

          When in this society do we move on and forgive persons for something they did in their past?
          You should take your own advice sometimes.

        • 32n64w says:

          “This was a democratic process, and it was the citizens of Bermuda that had the opportunity to select who they believe would best represent them.”

          Far from it. A simple majority of only 30-40 people decided this outcome … not the “citizens of Bermuda”.

    • Islander says:

      There is nothing new about him, please and his past speaks volumes of the type of person he is!

  41. Chart says:

    What a joke. So much for “fresh faces and moderation” in the PLP. They have selected one of the most divisive candidates possible.

  42. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Ashfield… Take comfort in knowing that you still have the support of the people in the area that really matter… THE VOTERS! The selection result is nothing less than a TRAVESTY!

    On a side not thanks a million Rolfe… You have made our job in the OBA just that much easier.

    • Still Dreaming? says:

      your job won’t be easy clinton, because like Rolfe he got people to vote him in. Don’t think #1 will vote for you, because you have not given any reason it other be a mouthpiece for the UBP-oba

  43. tradition says:

    Because of Rolf becoming the candidate, PLP has received its last vote from my family members.PLEASE NOTE DID NOT SAY ME, I SAID MY FAMILY. I will personally rally against this vote. This is just another reason for me to look at the OBA.

    Gun violence allowed in the PLP. Accept this, accept that, but shooters.

    Remember no seat is a safe seat PLP.

  44. drunken ursula says:

    I hope that fool Rolfe doesn’t win the seat….can’t stand him at all ,he drives me to drink!!

  45. joonya says:

    Great. An angry man for an angry electorate….. perfect match.

  46. Rhonda says:

    make me understand this….every PLP member in c21 had an opportunity to vote for the person of their choosing, so what is the problem..are they saying they did not want Mr. Devent….. or are you saying you know what is best for the people of c21, because the people of c21 are too stupid to choose for themselves..please help me understand.

    • Scott says:

      i’m somewhat wondering this myself.
      can someone describe the voting process? Is it as simple as asking the voters who they want? or is it less democratic then some lead on to and its really 10 members of a committee??

  47. wow says:

    This man, is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of this country certainly in the last 10 years. As a young man from the area his is representing, I see him as a hinderence rather than a benifit. We, in the area that his is running suffer from gun violence, what do we do……. we put, a former bank robber (with a gun) to represent the same area. He brings no new ideas, just the background of race and hate. Before we get it twisted, I am a black young man, and I have voted PLP in the last election. I want to make it very clear, he has very little support or crediblity as do most politictians at this point. Ashfield did not do anything for the last 9 years and now we have this biggot, who will do the same. I was at Alaska Hall last night and what was clear, we where so hell bent on not putting a white man in back of town, we took the man with the biggest mouth who was the opposite of what Johanathan Smith respesented. When will we see past color and see quality.SMDH.

    • Real Talk(original) says:

      Wouldn’t it have been much more progressive-minded to run the ex-Police Commissioner in an area plagued by gun violence? Sad, sad, sad.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Hear this comment PLP what were you thinking. Even Special can’t argue with wow.


      • Hope she's safe says:

        LOL (original) It is clear from your post here and on other storys that you have an OBSESSION with Special Girl. It’s sad how you follow behind every post she makes, particularly because she rarely responds to you.

    • Pat says:

      You just put it all together Wow, that is the way the Bermuda is heading, back to slavery, but this time we will be further enslaved by the BLACK MAN. I am certain that Jonathan Smith would have been a far better received candidate. This one is going to that the PLP down and they don’t have anyone to blame but themselves. The whole party is now a joke and embarrassment.

      Ashfield, we need you to run as an INDEPENDENT or if you chose through the OBA but you can’t allow this farce to go unchallenged. PLEASE, we the people are in desperate need of decent people.

  48. imjustsaying says:

    Rolfe Commissiong ?!?!?!? Are you really serious??

  49. Rumandcoke says:

    I remember the terror felt by the Bermudian bank tellers that dreadful day when gunman Rolfe shot up the Bank of Butterfield at the Southampton Princess Hotel.
    Not long after the bank closed its offices there.

    Just the perfect PLP representative now for the gangs presumably.

  50. Onion Soup says:

    Ugh…I think I’m going to be sick. Why would anybody, black or white, vote for Ralph Commissiong? Aside from Ewart Brown, he’s the most racist, hateful individual I’ve ever come across. (Yes, folks, Ewart Brown is as racist as they come…I know from personal experience!) WAKE UP PEOPLE! We need to vote for the best person to represent us in government, regardless of their colour. Our country is falling to bits and is in a downward spiral that can only be halted by voting in people with intelligence, integrity, moral rectitude and a willingness to put their constituents’ interests ahead of their own. I also would encourage Ashfield DeVent to run as an Independent or to cross the floor to the OBA.

    • Onion Soup says:

      Ooops…Rolfe, not Ralph

    • ross says:

      While I am no big fan of the brotha, I find it intriguing but not surprised that people speak about his views on race as if many of the topics he has raised in the past are without substance. His rants are often radical, bordering on the extreme, however many black & white folk from all walks of life and zip codes, to include countries afar,are no less radical & extreme. They are however far more discreet & careful with whom and how they share those views.

      So I get the fact that a person running for public office should not openly display strong hints of racial intolerance. In fact one would hope that they have no racial or gender bias. I also get the fact that there are many people in powerful positions from varied backgrounds and race that have a huge and negative impact on folk, albeit the weapons of choice escape scrutiny because glass celings and racial discrimination is often so subtle in the business world or eveyday life that the offended are unable to prove that they have been victimized…

      So while we correctly dissect this politician, spare me the self righteous speak, because you know, like I know that many of us have from time to time and at the expense of someone from an opposite race, espoused the views that many are demonising Rolfe for.

      Save your anger for the fact that he accepted a Queens honour, as did many in the PLP when we were told that it was taboo ( I apologise up front for the failed attempt at humour )..

  51. Vergirl says:

    To all comments whilst it is okay not to agree with the selection but members of the PLP branch selected him not you bloggers. Therefore if you aren’t a member of that branch keep your comments to yourselves. As for his previous life, people in this country don’t know how to forgive and forget primarily because he is PLP but with Mr. Crock well you all did because he was a UBP selection how deceiful. As for the Government you all know what you have and don’t know what you’ll get if we aren’t re-elect. OBA with me stands for Old Boys Association with a new face at the helm to make you all think there is a change in there old ideology.. (yeah) UBP was in power for over 30yrs and left this country in the state it was which the PLP Govt should have reported when they became the government.

    • Skeptical says:

      You really believe what you wrote?

    • Islander says:

      psssshhhh this is an open blog no? Then we will say whatever we want….JFS

      • Skeptical says:

        I didn’t say that the comment couldn’t be made but just wanted to know if the writer really believed what they wrote. I was fascinated by what some people believe.

    • What? says:

      I know what a state…

      Surplus in the accounts, a small deficit, an island which was underemployed and thus all Bermudians can have more than one job, a booming economy and a murder rate that was virtually non-existent.

      Terrible they were. Absolutely terrible…

      • Islander says:

        couldn’t have said it better What?

      • Sara says:

        At the end of the day, it is obvious that people can’t see the bigger picture. Everything you wrote is 100% truth and there is no disputing anything you wrote yet people in Bermuda are so smart they think they can dispute facts with opinions. The real danger in Bermuda is the lack of absolute truth in things. There are many things you can complain about the UBP, but the facts still remain above.

      • Really? says:

        Hit the nail on the head, who wants peace on the streets, no murders in the paper, guns all over the streets. A bleeding chickens chance in thailand that any young people will be able to get on the property ladder, a virtually unknown country in the wider world having a bigger deficit then major economic nations. and absolutely nothing to show for it but a 17,000 dollar fence around ex premiers property and a fast ferry which got lost in the triangle. WOOOO the PLP have been so good to this island and its people and when i say people i mean all people black, white or purple. If any member of the PLP supporters can stand up and honestly say their life is easier physically easier not emotionally easier then please comment.
        All i know is keep striving to kick the whites out? keep kicking international business in the teeth, keep ignoring the needs of your people. Strive for independence go on i dare you. Because i know i can go back to the UK in a heart beat most of bermudas population will be left to enjoy the little Jamaica they have created. GOOD LUCK!!!

      • Just Not saying!! says:

        To Vergirl (that’s what you are suffering from Vertigo)
        Not seeing things to clearing or remembering to clearly either.

        Are you joking? You got to be kidding me.
        The UBP left this country in a healthy state. As said above – surplus in the accounts, a small deficit, an island which was underemployed all Bermudians could have two three jobs (if wanted) A booming economy. And now what do we have?????

    • My two cents says:

      With all due respect Vergirl, armed robbery is kind of a GIANT DEAL.
      It’s not like he robbed a house or got caught with drugs or importing drugs. Those are things that can be taken lightly thirty years later.
      Armed robbery of a bank is really really bad. Seems like he got mixed up with the wrong people. Wonder who those people were? Maybe the same person that had to leave the island when they were a boy for stabbing someone? Maybe your too young to remember that. Just ask a disenfranchised PLP supporter what these guys were like back in the 70′s and who they were associated with. you may be surprised.

    • My two cents says:

      I find it very interesting that Mr.Commissong never comes out to speak about gangs and the horror they have caused with all of this gun violence. Being that he was involved in gun violence in HIS past, you would think he would do more in the way of anti-gang related press instead of talking incessantly about under privileged black youth and making excuses for them. makes me wonder

  52. Get Real says:

    I know one of the tellers working that day at the bank when Rolfe fired shots over her head. She was devastated by what happened and I can tell you it affected her for years. Let’s ask her if she or any of her family would vote for Rolfe.
    I can’t understand why someone so reckless (in his past) and divisive (in the present) is selected to represent the voters in 21. What is the PLP thinking? With the strengthening of the OBA one would think the PLP would be more defensive and pick candidates wisely. Not so apparently.

  53. 32n64w says:

    “I was at Alaska Hall last night and what was clear, we where so hell bent on not putting a white man in back of town, we took the man with the biggest mouth who was the opposite of what Johanathan Smith respesented.”

    Thank you wow for providing this definitive insight into the close mindedness of the PLP.

    So much for their mouthpieces trying to refute the characterisation that the party is open to all Bermudians, regardless of race. It’s clear the PLP is only in it for themselves.

  54. navin Johnson says:

    any one know how many people at the meeting when rolf was selected…was it the Central Committee or just a few people who somehow felt he is the right person? I’m guessing 20 or 30 people at most made the decision…

  55. MinorMatters says:

    When I envision the Former Police Commissioner and the Former Bank Robber standing side by side on the PLP Podium I think of this song by Junior Murvin:

    Police and thieves in the streets
    Oh yeah!
    Scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition
    Police and thieves in the street
    Oh yeah!
    Fighting the nation with their guns and ammunition

    From Genesis to Revelation
    The next generation will be hear me
    From Genesis to Revelation
    The next generation will be hear me

    And all the crimes committed day by day
    No one stop it in anyway
    And all the peacemaker turn war officer
    Hear what I say

    Police, police, police and thieves oh yeah
    Police, police, police and thieves oh yeah
    From Genesis oh yeah
    Police, police, police and thieves oh yeah….

  56. Ms B says:

    One thing that most of you don’t or won’t know is that Constituency 21 has had a boundary change. Many of the people who would have voted PLP are now in Perinchief’s constituency. This is going to be very interesting come the next election. All we need now is for the OBA to run a strong person in #21 and Rolfe will be back to wearing disguises to get money.
    Devent didn’t do much for the constituents but he would have been a much better choice than Mr Arrogant.

    • navin Johnson says:

      The PLP have been handling Rolf money for years Ms B and he has not had to wear a disguise or pull a gun just keep discussing race the crowning achievement of the PLP reign….

  57. Really? says:

    Oh great 51 cards in a deck and he will draw the race card everytime. white people may aswell leave now.

    • SMH says:

      why should white people leave? the majority of them still have a better than average quality of life, make more money than the average black bermudian, inherit good realestate and businesses from their parents, graduate from university, etc etc etc… is great for white people (and some hard working black people that refuse to make excuses or short change themselves through poor decision making)

      • What? says:

        Do you have yout stats to back up the “majority” claim?

        I am white and have no property nor any businesses coming my way via inheritance and defintiely no money to rely on when my parent passes.

        It appears that you don’t know too many white people because you wouldn’t actually be spouting such nonsense. In other words don’t believe everything that Commissiong and Riley tell you.

        • SMH says:

          don’t be silly. I’m not talking about white privelege. I’m speaking from life experience since childhood. Even in primary school the majority of white kids always seemed to be focused on academics, getting ahead, and staying out of trouble. It was always the black kids (including myself) that were the opposite. Thank god I woke up as an adult and realized a college eduation was necessary. Chances are you fall in that catagory. You may not have a huge inheritance comming your way, but I’ll bet you’re not struggling either.

          • LOL (original) says:

            “the majority of them still have a better than average quality of life, make more money than the average black bermudian, inherit good realestate and businesses from their parents,”

            You do not know the magority of white on the island. Add me to the list of no property or inheritance. By the majority are you talking about the Gibbons, Joslings, Trimminghams hardly the magority I’d say 5% (my guess) of whites have old money. So what if whites tried not to get into trouble when you went school what does that say about their up bringing. Go on you to get that college education. I did not and have had to work hard and attend courses out of my pocket to get were I am today. Struggle I bet I know just as much as you do when it comes to that.


          • Skeptical says:

            So why were you opposite? Why were you not focused, trying to get ahead or staying out of trouble? What does this have to do with skin colour? I would rather think it has to do with upbringing, valuing education, involvement in extracurricular activities, parents who care and put you first. That has nothing to do with skin colour. There are parents of all colours who have children, of all colours, doing the things you listed above. Nothing to do with skin colour but what you value in life. I may not have the latest in fashion, let alone any fashion, may not have the latest electronics but my kids are doing all of the things you listed and they are not white. I sacrifice to make sure they get their homework done, get to all their activities, watch all their activities, get involved in their friend choice, encourage them to do their best and just make sure that I am there when and where they need me no matter what I wanted to do instead. This does not involve skin colour.

            • SMH says:

              um just saying that most white families and a lot of black families have what it takes to get ahead. some kids get it straight away, some kids like myself grasp the second chance that they have to get it right. I was really addressing the fact that it is rediculous to suggest that white people ought to leave the island when they still have quality of life, good or bad governance doesn’t make or break them…..personally I think this present government has been bad for working middle class blacks since 2005. At least with the UBP the trickle down worked. Okay so accuse me of ‘wanting to go back to Egypt’ instead of wondering in the desert for 40 years……..

  58. Really? says:

    Would have totally voted for Ashfield Devent there goes the discrimination of marijuana. And the money stays in the hands of the gangs.

    • star man says:

      I don’t make a habit of correcting other people’s posts, but I believe the word you are looking for is: decriminalization.

    • My two cents says:


  59. Triangle Drifter says:

    The fact that the PLP would select a violent felon who has never shown any remorse, speaks volumes about the PLP. Look around the ranks of the PLP. How many have convictions for various crimes? How may have been charged? How many have gotten off or have had charges dropped, which does not mean that they are not guilty?

    If the electorate of C21 elect Rolfe Commissiong, what does that say about their values & morals?

    Ashfield, go for it. Give the people a choice. Give them an option of getting quality over a self serving unabashed racist.

    Out of interest, how is the selection done? Secret ballot or show of hands?

  60. sad day says:

    Constiuency 21 is one of the most vulnerable districts in our small island and this is a very sad day. As a child of parents who live in this area and whose family runs deep along Parsons, I will simply say that the area residents have felt disinfranchised and forgotten about by the country as a whole. They are tired of marches and rally’s because they need change. Theyd don’t have the energy to say what is evident, Ralph is the wrong guy and does not have their best interest in heart. Mr Devent it is my hope that you run as an independant and the people come out to support you.

  61. 1minute says:

    Ashfield, if you run as an independant or if you cross the floor, in our district, I will vote for you.

  62. Truth (Original) says:

    I’ve read a few posts about the newly elected candidates “following their heats” and “voting on principle”. For those who think such, how exactly does that work within the practice of the doctrine of collective responsibility? I am of the opinion that we ought to vote for MPs, whose vision and principles are similar to our own because we want that voice in the house and when policies are being crafted. It has been my observation that those voices are lost when critical votes are taking place (when you need that voice the most) due to the doctrine of collective responsibility and at times a lack of courage and will. To encourage Diallo to “ollow his principles” is to wish him a short life in politics. I believe it is why we see very few principled individuals in Government.

  63. Wondering says:

    Does anyone else see the move of the Black Beret… now governing PLP??? They no longer want people like Ashfield – honest, reliable, true and committed – they love to use these people and throw them out (trash day is Tuesday)to be replaced by the likes of Rolfe – living today but battling the days gone or should I say ‘people dead and gone’

    I agree with other posts – Ashfield – do it alone or walk the floor. Make them to remember you for your works and for your walk.


  64. YES MATE! says:

    Commissiong and Crockwell have both repaid their debt to Bermuda society and should be allowed to pursue whatever career path they choose. We all make mistakes, and the mojority of us see the err of our ways and discontinue the badness, as these two have. But one of them is a racist prick who, in a room full of black people, could still create a racial divide because that’s what he thrives on.
    The Pee el Pee/EBP have clearly lost their way and are priming themselves for a general election platform based on firing up the black voter with racist rhetoric to get black people to vote for them. If Bermuda keeps heading in this direction there will be no money to pay rent, put clothes on our children’s backs or buy groceries. You’re going to have to make your own clothes and grow your own food. A vote PLP/EBP is going to force us all back onto the plantation!
    Seems to me that if you are a Pee el Pee/E-wart Brahn Party MP who is honest and makes sense and gives a sh!t about Bermuda you will be marginalized within the party, Mr DeVent you will now be hanging out with Butler. This PLoP branch voting is a farce. How would anyone in their right mind choose Rolfe over Ashfield or even the ex Chief of De Bobbylon?
    As for Mr Tucker this is what you get for your party loyalty!

    • motts applesauce says:

      and the other one kisses Dunkley backside? One is not a backside kisser and one is?

  65. B, a Lady says:

    We all know that, come election day, PLP supporters will put RC in so that they retain the government. And the PLP hierarchy know this to be a fact. That is why they selected him. They could run a goldfish there, and it would win. The voters here are no different from the voters in Devonshire and Somerset. They vote party, regardless of how ineffectual, morally corrupt or inarticulate a candidate might be.
    Finally, we teach our children right from wrong, yet we laud persons with criminal backgrounds who have shown no remorse or contrition. This selection sends a bad message to our young generation.

  66. Terry says:

    Blackmail. Come sing a song we don’t want to hear. Just shut up. I’ll pay you dear.

    It all started in the 70′s. Whats the rent on a tent in Israel now………….(paid for by US Government taxpayers)…..

  67. Bedhead says:

    I will give the PLP the opportunity to do more with less. Don’t waste your time knocking on my door looking for my vote. I can not consider voting for you now with this selction of candidate!

  68. sad to see says:

    Well I see 135 people can come onbernews and have a lot to say and only 36 came to vote . Why did’nt you come out and vote last night . All Bermudians know how to do is sit back and let things happen then have a lot to say afterward .Your A$$es should have been their last night, He done his work to bring the people he asked to vote for him and they did . Stop the same old same old and come out and vote don’t sit at home and wait as always for things to happen then come on bernews and others and talk trash after it’s done , COME OUT and VOTE and have a say .OR SHUT UP

    • Real Talk(original) says:

      Well… for starters the vote in the primaries is limited to branch members… all 30 or so of them…

    • Wondering says:

      Sad to see…. you said it…”he asked to vote for him and they did” …. apparently, they are of the same mind set…. I assure you that my vote will count on Election day…… ONE BDA!!!

    • Bedhead says:

      I will not shut up and I will vote!

  69. Clogged Cog says:

    Dear Madam Premier,

    You may wish to extend your trip to Miami for another week, check into the Mandarin Oriental for a massage as when you return the tide would have changed and your in tray just grew.

    The will of the Branches is speaking volumes, the same will that has said no to Jonathan Smith and if you keep this up, no to y__.

    Sorry you are in charge so no excuses, what has your kitchen cabinet been advising you? Take trips? Drink Champagne?

  70. navin Johnson says:

    when asked to draw a comparison between the days of the UBP and todays PLP I can only think that it was the best of times,it was the worst of times,it was the age of wisdom,it was the age of foolishness,it was the epoch of belief,it was the epoch of incredulity,it was the season of light,it was the season of darkness,it was the spring of hope,it was the winter of despair,we had everything beofre us,we had nothing before us,we were all going direct to heaven,we were all going direct the other way…

  71. Dennis Williams says:

    Mr DeVent…. Please run as an independent in the next election. How can the branch members think they know better then the constituents who voted you in?

  72. LostinFlatts says:

    I just find it funny that in this entire ‘debate’ there hasn’t been one proponent of Rolfe as a candidate.

    Not one reason why he’s a good choice, nor one reason that his past actions as a ‘public figure’ indicate he’ll be a worthy representative for the people in his constituency.

    I’ve no problem with a reformed criminal running for office – that’s fine within our laws.

    I have a massive problem with the thought that a man who has little to no redeeming features being elected purely because people will vote blindly for their party.

    As someone else said, I genuinely believe that the PLP could run a goldfish and Bermudians would still vote for it. If Bermudians choose to elect Rolfe, that kind of proves the point.

    But then, in a democracy, a country gets the leaders it deserves. And to be perfectly frank, PLP voters deserve the current economic situation. They did it to themselves. Just sucks for the other 49% of the population.

    • ross says:

      Absolutely correct and the proof that this theory has legs is made clear when we consider what Americans are now confronted with after 2 terms of Bush…

  73. John Stratham says:

    Can someone please tell me what Rolfe did in the past that he was forgiven for? Is there a link or article that I can read about what he did? Armed bank robbery?

  74. My Shree Cents says:

    Can’t be a policeman, custom officer, immigration officer or even security guard with a criminal convivtion but you can be in the house, called honourable and make the laws of the land……go figure

  75. SMH says:

    at the end of the day people, I suspect that Rolfe’s confirmation is simply a promise that has been kept. Love him or hate him, Rolfe did what he did and did it well. he’s now received his just reward. If Smith is asked to do things and follow sthrough, maybe he would be rewarded in due time. Politics people!!!!!

    • Terry says:

      Smith would never say the racial dividing comments that Commisong has stated or reflected. Smith is a pawn and will be left in the ‘pond’.

  76. ella says:

    Ugg!!!! The icing has been put on the cake – PLP, YOU ARE SOOOOOOO FIRED!!!

  77. James says:

    So Rolfie gets to go to Parliament in a few months… So what – reasonable Bermudians know him for exactly what he is – a convicted armed Bank robber who has never apologized, a race baiter who will always find a reason to hate, and a pal of Brown and his money grubbing cronies: the fact that two honorable, law abiding candidates lost to this speaks volumes to voters throughout the island – worse is yet to come. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ROLFIE TO JUST DELIVERING AT LEAST AN EXTRA THOUSAND VOTES TO OBA CANDIDATES ACROSS THE ISLAND – COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE IN A TIGHT GENERAL ELECTION.

    • tobias says:

      Indeed, this is potentially a huge political mistake that has been made by seemingly clueless individuals, lacking the nous and strategic thinking required for what is shaping up to be a very close election.

      I suspect that the former leader, Mr Wade, would have forced the insiders to make a better decision. One that was in the best interest of the party, as the OBA will correctly and fairly ( all’s fair in love and war and this is surely the latter ) campaign on this massive error. This is gold dust!!!

      While Rolfe will easily win this safe seat and is mostly being rewarded for his hard work ( good or bad – depends on where you sit ), being on the ballot will and has already galvanized the oppositon and confused and angered many Independents / fence sitters. Don’t believe me, than just read the 180 + blog posted above.

      Amazing stupidity, simply amazing..

    • Rob says:

      I Think Rolfe may change for the good once he gets into Parliament, but once he is in the presence of Col. Burch, well, maybe Independence is not to far away.

      • shakaZulu says:

        I am convinced that Rolfe will change like a Skunk changes when his stripe is painted black.

  78. Noel Ashford says:

    Much like my comments to David Burch, I will say the same in reference / directly to Rolfee… Here is another instance of a person that will hold us back. The selfish usage of race as a political tool to get elected will damage all of us regardless of race and political beliefs. Bermuda can no long afford Racially divisive individuals in power. Bermudians too often cry about whats going on with the economy, yet seemingly have no clue about the exterior things that attribute to the problems… Do you think that companies new and existing want to hear the venom and intelectually shallow comments that come from Rolfes mouth? No… for that matter nor should any right thinking Bermudian. If you wish to see cases of how the PLP are going to ruin Bermuda beyond the point of return? Three words… Laverne, Rolfe and Burch – They have nothing useful to offer and never learned that age old adage of keeping quiet in such an instance. They do not belong anywhere in the civil service and their blatent inability to contribute inetectually sound comments and actions in their roles will further destroy any hope of the Bermuda economy ever coming back. For that matter adding more civil servants is also another PLP mistake / election ploy… who do you think pays for those jobs?! Again Bermudians wonder why we as a country are in debt? Do they not understand where all these wonderful election promises come from? Our pockets… Wake up Bermuda and dont allow misfits to run the country! The damage is done now, how much more do you need before you take action and try ANYTHING different… Change is needed if this is the best the PLP can offer. Before stupid comments come from the likes of Laverne, Rolfe or Burch, I went in to consider running for the PLP…. I can NOT tie my name to such a poor record of performance and corruption. My mind is open, so dont try to accuse me of being a OBA or UBP fan boy… That I am not. I am just not a fan of incompetence. The wake up call the UBP got in 98, you need the same now… Enough is enough.

    -Noel Ashford

  79. Black and Proud says:

    wHO the hell gives you the right to say how a black constituency choice for representation? Did you ever think that they feel he may be the best person to represent them?

    • Skeptical says:

      I certainly would like to hear how people feel that he is the best person to represent them. That would make for some very interesting reading. Maybe we don’t know what they know.

    • LostinFlatts says:

      Ignoring that your opening sentence doesn’t really make sense, I have no problem with them choosing Rolfe. I’d just love, perhaps from you, a few reasons why?

      There’s been no justification whatsoever. None. He has no great record of public service. He has no great background or ability.

      Unlike DeVent, who has a great reputation and a track record of service.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      A “black” constituency, huh?
      We’re even more &^*&#% than I originally thought.

    • love & light says:

      excuse me but… i live in that constituency and i am white. so are about 50% of my neighbours. i love my street as it’s so diverse. i prefer to think that we collectively as BERMUDIANS choose the best representative for our NEIGHBOURHOOD firstly as well as our government instead of voting on party lines. i know i will NOT be voting for rolfe for my personal reasons stated in earlier posts, and also due to his racially divisive comments and holier-than-thou attitude.

  80. Legal Eagle says:

    Perhaps the Branch 30 are closet members of the OBP–because in selecting Rolfe–they have certainly provided the ‘swing vote’ with an excellent reason to do so!!!

  81. Someone on another blog said something to the effect that the choice was between an ex chief of police and an ex bank robber….and they chose the bank robber..*crickets*

    “Bermuda is anooother wooorld”

  82. McGill Professor says:

    - Leading Offshore Financial Centre

    - Leading Captive Domicile

    - Leading Reinsurance Market

    - No Tourism plan

    - Lets keep taking trips to Space, Europe and in business class in the time of cutbacks and thrift

    - Paula did you ever imagine that it would have gone so wrong, so quickly? You remind us of the deer stuck in the headlights, if you know whats good for you, free up Jennifer, Michael Scott and Glen Blakeney’s seat and go recruit some heavyweight professionals to run as MPs who have serious credibility in the business and local community.

    - Stop being such a Student of Dame Lois and Dame Jennifer (and Aunt Renee) and run away these Advisors, THEY are the result you are about to either lose an Election or get a Leadership revolt immediately after the election, special delegates conference (Hello), you are so academic.

    - You will not be able to contain Rolfe and Col Burch unless you get some strong sensible people around you, for the last time Paula, push aside Jennifer, Michael Scott, Walter Roban, Glen Blakeney…….if you dont, you’ll be looking at them with work when you get booted.

  83. B, a Lady says:

    Is it not strange that we have not heard from the esteemed Senator?

  84. Suckers says:

    Once again loyalty pays off…Funny stuff..

    • shakaZulu says:

      Yeah, loyalty the final pay off comes when the loyal horse breaks a leg.

  85. THE HELL!! says:

    Who gives a crap…

  86. Rockfish#2 says:

    Laverne in the Senate, Rolfe in the House, this is too much for me. I am no longer in the undecided category!!

  87. specialgirl4 says:

    “To Err is Human, TO Forgive is Divine”

    Many of the negative comments reflect that several persons hold extremely racial feelings and do not demonstrate examples of doing anything to heal the racial divide within our society. You condemn one man, yet continue to practice the very same racial behaviours that you sentenced and convicted Mr. Commissiong of perhaps doing. If there was an attempt to reach out and resolve such a problem in Bermuda, none of the comment suggests that “Real Change to move forward as advocated by the OBA is at works here”. The comments reflect bitterness and almost hateful suggestions towards one individual”. If we are seeking to move forward we must not practice this kind of behavior and stop throwing stones.

    Why highlight Mr. Commissiong past? Why not review past members of UBP/OBAs past such as Mr. Shawn Crockwell, as he is not the only one with a history. But the real question is; do we not forgive and allow persons to move on and contribute back to their community?

    Many of the comments suggested that we as a society have not come too far. As a society we have chosen not to forgive people who make a mistake in their lives, yet we ourselves have also made similar mistakes of one kind or another. A person makes mistakes and sometimes does bad things in their lives at an early age during their development. But, they can be truly sorry, and can make a positive contribution to society. People should have the opportunity to be forgiven and to move on in a forward way. It makes no sense to judge a person’s whole life as a result of one bad action, if he does more good ones later. We say we want people to grow and change and become better individuals, yet we are not willing to give them a second chance.

    Why do we continue to punish persons like Mr. Commissiong and Mr. Shawn Crock well? If we look a little deeper there are others on both sides of the house that have committed white collar crime, and persons whom we are related too. Has Bermuda really moved any further, or do we just practice masking racial disparities that we have?

    Race is too divisive and uncomfortable to talk about. As a result Mr. Commissiong will be labeled, as being troublesome, disruptive and upsetting as he often engaged in discussion on racism. He was not afraid to talk about the historical perspectives of racism and therefore was labeled as being divisive. In Bermuda, a person should ‘dear’ to discuss or talk about racism out-loud. It can become costly, and harmful to the individuals character, personality and integrity. But, Mr. Commissiong took this risk anyway. Are we against someone who just spoke out boldly against racism, and stated what is often found in the history books, as stirring up the racial divide? To not talk about race actually worsens the problem. The racial divide already exist in Bermuda, even if we refuse to talk about it, and sweeping race under the carpet will not make it go away. But should we continue to dislike anyone who brings it to the front agenda in Bermuda, as a pressing issue? It is apparent that Public policy will need to develop in Bermuda, to help create and maintain racial disparities both presently and in the past. Looks like many of you will just have to deal with Mr. Commissiong, like it or not.

    This was a democratic process, and it was the citizens of Bermuda that had the opportunity to select who they believe would best represent them. The people have spoken, and we must respect their choice. Like it or not, this is democracy at work. Those who choose not to vote, failed to use their voices. Well done to the Candidates that were successful. It also sends out a message that MPs will have to work to remain in a seat and not sleep on the job.

    • MinorMatters says:

      To quote you- if to “Forgive is divine” and you would like the Bermuda population to altruistically forgive Ralph Commissiong’s evil deeds that he was rightly convicted for then I suggest to you take more than a sip from my chalice and forgive the UBP for all the ‘wrongs’ you and the rest of the PLP brain deads keep going on about.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      The people have spoken…?

      There were less than 40 branch members there to vote and we have yet to see the break down of votes…

      Even if all 36 (highly unlikely) voted for Rolfe that does not constitute a vote of confidence by the people…Unless you consider 0.06% (36/55,000 total Bermudian population) to be an overwhelming vote of confidence from the people. Your spin cycle is stuck on stupid,that’s for sure…

      Labelling people as house niggers and berating blacks for marrying whites is not talking about race. It is racist no matter how you spin it my dear betty…

    • 32n64w says:

      “Many of the negative comments reflect that several persons hold extremely racial feelings and do not demonstrate examples of doing anything to heal the racial divide within our society.”

      Wait a second … you must be talking about Rolfe, right?

      “A person makes mistakes and sometimes does bad things in their lives at an early age during their development. But, they can be truly sorry, and can make a positive contribution to society.”

      Ok so when can we expect Rolfe to start making a contribution to society (other than when he’s being paid to do so using taxpayer funds for no-bid consulting arrangements) and/or make an apology for his past transgressions? I don’t see his presence as adding any form of value to the betterment of society … only himself.

      “Mr. Commissiong will be labeled, as being troublesome, disruptive and upsetting as he often engaged in discussion on racism.”

      Rolfe has unfortunately earned that label because of his own actions. He treats others, regardless of their race, with contempt and total disrespect. A trait which the PLP branch members in his constituency appear to (sadly) endorse.

      “It is apparent that Public policy will need to develop in Bermuda, to help create and maintain racial disparities both presently and in the past.”

      Say what?

      “This was a democratic process, and it was the citizens of Bermuda that had the opportunity to select who they believe would best represent them.”

      No matter how many times you say it, it still doesn’t make it true. With a simply majority of only 36 people making the decision this was absolutely not a “democratic process” for “citizens of Bermuda” to “select who they believe would best represent them”

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Don’t you know that making negative comments about racists in turn makes you racist, while Rolfe’s views are just simply speaking the truth. Going off Betty’s logic that would make most of her Party racists as well as so called race activists.

        So Betty do you agree with Rolfe’s characterization of black Bermudians who do not buy into his hate as house n$%gers and those that fall in love with another race as traitors and idiots? Do you believe that a person wit such a divisive mindset is suitable to be in a position of power and be labeled as a “race consultant?”

        If so, then you would have absolutely no problem with the likes of Nick Griffin of the British National Party or an Aryan Brotherhood member (since they and Rolfe seem to share the same views on interracial relations) also be part of Bermuda’s political establishment? If not, why not and what’s the difference?

      • Skeptical says:

        “As a society we have chosen not to forgive people etc etc etc…..” please forward this to the PLP party faithfuls who have not yet forgiven and moved forward from the past and hold “white” people responsible for their forefathers. Some of the forefathers so old that the “white” people being blamed for the past weren’t even alive to see what they were doing. Such hypocrisy!!! So you are saying that people should be selective about who they forgive……if it is a “black” person they should be forgiven but if they are “white” hold that past against them over and over again….make them pay for it over and over again….poison future generations about something that could have been forgiven. This makes me sick.

    • star Man says:

      @ Specialgirl: We are SO tired of your self-righteous patronizing clap-trap. There is nothing the PLP – in it’s present incarnation – can do about perceived racism in Bermuda, so I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Talk is cheap. Hypocrisy runs rampant. The race card is a cop out. Keep drinking the lime Kool-Aid guys while you can. Because your time is up.

  88. shakaZulu says:

    Mr.DeVent my suggestion is that you go for it. Run as an indpendent. I predict a tie in the next general elections. You will win your seat, you can then demand the position of Premier.

  89. specialgirl4 says:

    It looks as if my comments, has hit a “big nerve”, and comfirms that I have touched upon a few very important points. The comment has made persons react in a manner that validates that the UPB turned OBA supporters are the same, and have not “moved forward”, as their party has indicated it is promoting for the future of Bermuda. The comments suggest that there is no change, or attempt to reflect issues objectively and respond in a more balance fashion. The behaviours reflected by the UBP/OBA supporters will push persons to think before joining the party or rethink were to put their vote. This will not in anyway help the party. “If someone acts in the wrong manner, it does not make sense for someone to act the same. “Monkey see, Monkey do”, this is not a good way to go. To write as many negative comments will not gain you any additional votes either, as this is only a small sample of people that reflect the views of the OBA.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      God, you’re stupid.

    • MinorMatters says:

      I’m wondering why the OBA bothered to change its name because the PLP mouthpieces will continuously spin the same old yarn that BDA/OBA = UBP. In fact, any opposition to the PLP foolishness is labelled UBP.

      It’s possible that I have been asleep for the last three or four years, can you provide quantitative support that Race Relations in this country have improved since Bermuda has been under the sterling leadership of our Race Relations Specialist – Rolfe Commissiong? Would you also be so kind as to provide evidence of how this country has “moved forward”. I’m sure all parties in Bermuda would be delighted to know.

    • Noel Ashford says:

      Special Girl4, I find your comments ammusing.. did you read my post for one..? I am commenting strongly against Rolfe. I went to PLP and considered joining. I met with some senior people in the party… Please tell me how this shows me to be a closed minded person?

      Your missing the point and clearly uncabaple of presenting an arguement for this matter beyond black and white. For this reason you are part of the problem as well. Firstly, the PLP needs more than arogance and racist actions and comments to win this time around, people are losing jobs and the economy is falling apart.. wake up, look around you … to further from that comment.. BERMUDA (all races… sorry to not be divisive like yourself) need MORE than what the PLP offers. The people who put us in this mess give me little faith of getting us out of it.

      While I in no way advocate OBA either, i simply know this much… i cant advocate the PLP… Your making some wrong assumptions about people. I know this much, a change every now and then is healthy for any country…. It was good initially for the UBP to get a wake up call, but that same message needs to happen to the PLP. If all you are only mentally able to view is this as a black and white issue which it is not, I feel very sorry for you… The island is in a bad position, try to look a little beyond what the PLP feeds you… If you are into propoganda, maybe you should take a visit to communist china.. it seems right up your alley… Your being as smart as whats being fed to you.. do yourself a favor and educate yourself on where the island is and why.

    • Skeptical says:

      Do you really believe what you write?

      • Noel Ashford says:

        Skeptical, I am guessing you have a different opinion on how we have been and are currently being well served via a healthy Bermudian economy? If so, please don’t hesitate to share this gem of wisdom with all of us… BTW, feel free to use your real name while enlightening the rest of us.


        • Skeptical says:

          Noel, it was not you I was referring to. My post was connected to the replies to specialgirl. I think your posts are spot on and very intelligently written :)

  90. navin Johnson says:

    I echo your sentiment wholeheartedly…she is now entering the stupid hall of fame..yes special girl you has hit a big nerve.. I need a walium

  91. LOL (original) says:

    According to the RG today Rolf fixed the vote in his favor that’s about as democratic as it gets guess he tried to use that 100K a year salary for what ever he does wisely……………….

    LOL “unelectable”
    over to the specialone………………….

  92. Noel Ashford says:

    Rolfe has no place in the public eye. For those of you have been lucky enough to be graced by his presence or overhear his colorful use of the english language in Specialty Inn while talking to a mutual friend of mine and his, who happens to be black and disagree with PLP, you would love to hear the many adjectives he can throw in front of his frequent usage of the N word. Very pleasant man to overhear… exactly what we need in the public eye. This man will never impress me. He may not be shooting guns any longer, but his mouth seems to be equally explosive and damaging if allowed to talk publically. Just imagine the possibilities with him Burch and Laverne for Bermuda looking like a great venue to do business. I agree with Charles Richardson’s comments today in the Gazette… The Government needs a manicure / house cleaning effort. It seems the trash trucks don’t properly serve that part of the hill.


    • Rob says:

      While everyone kept on saying to Rolfe and LaVerne ” All you do is talk and monitor the chat shows all day” well! it has certainly paid off for them, so the chat show has been a great personal marketing tool for these two, and they are having the last laugh at joe public, well! you debated with them!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Apathy at its best/worst. The people will get what they deserve if Ashfield does not run as an independent or for the OBA.

      Rolfe made sure his supporters were there. Ashfield assumed there would be a good number of his also. Bad assumption. Shame on the members who did not show up. Now what are you going to do?