18-Yr-Old Charged: Gun Possession

November 21, 2011

In Magistrates Court this morning [Nov.21], before Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo, 18-year-old Darin Simons was charged with the indictable offence of being in unlawful possession of a 38 calibre Smith and Wesson revolver and five rounds of 38 calibre ammunition.

These offences were alleged to have occurred on 5th November in Devonshire. Since the charges can only be dealt with in Supreme Court Mr Simons was not required to enter a plea. His lawyer, Marc Daniels, did not make an application for bail.

Mr Simons was remanded into custody until 5th December when he will re-appear for Mention.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    free my boo

  2. hanging head says:

    Congratualtions on raising such a fine young man NOT!!!

    • Mooin says:

      Why does everyone always blame the parents?

      This boy has a mind of his own and he may have chosen not to listen to what she has taught him.

      It’s not always the parents fault.

  3. fam says:

    one thing though it aint nothing worst then judgin somebody whom you know NOTHIN ABOUT!!! so before u go run ya mouth know d facts boo dis biy was raised WELL in the Church every week and all but due to circumstances things happen and obviously you dont know of these circumstances and i am not condoning anything this boy has been charged for im just telling you stop judging people because you dont have a clue what life is like in these circumstances.

    • Legal Reasons? says:

      i don’t give a f**k about his circumstances. NOTHING justifies allegedly carrying an illegal weapon.

      one doesn’t carry a weapon unless he/she clearly has intent to injure (even in self-defense). and if you carry a weapon for self-defense, clearly you must have done something shady if people are after your life.

      your biy should rot in jail. i hear they like fresh meat in prison.

      • OMG says:

        um vif you my brofer!!! If he was raised soooooo well in the Church he should know the 10 commandments!

        Oh sorry – please hold this gun for me while I buckle my helmet??

        Let’s see if he lets us know who he got the gun from??

      • mixitup says:

        For real, this mentality is what’s wrong with Bermuda. The justification for this foolishness MUST stop. Do you think my up-bringing was a bed of roses? Not at all, but I listened and I learned and I knew right from wrong.

  4. BuBBleS!! says:

    Many of the individuals whom leave comments about the situations particulary those related to guns sound very ignorant. You have no idea the dynamics of this specific situation, and I bet most of you are not affliated nor in association with members of the public whom are are subjected to preconceptions because of where they come from or a lifestyle they choose to live! Instead of judging and pulling down the next man with words of criticism consider building them up and supporting them by showing them that life can be lived through peace and harmony! Lastly, we don’t know if he had a gun or not! So quick to point a finger instead of taking a stand by means of attacking the root of the problem! Its unfortunate that men have been targeted and will continue to be targeted in a war that has no defined meaning nor cause and where they have no support from BPS in that they do not provide sufficent protection to lives that are in jeopardy! There is always a bigger picture…and we must look through a different lense and focus on the bigger picture rather than a subjective view which inevitably resorts to a smaller picture! T.H.

    P.S. If you are not a solution nor have the mental capacity to formulate a solution to the problem YOUR JUST AS MUCH OF A PROBLEM AS THOSE WHO CAUSE PROBLEMS!!

    • Are you serious? says:


    • alteredbeast says:

      LOL WUT?

    • Changing Status says:

      bubbles, you sound like you went to a good school and got a good education, yet you spit this garbage. as a comment said earlier, there is NO reason nor rhyme why this boy should have a gun. holding it for someone or to protect his life only means that hes involved with the wrong people. why would we defend him? why would we defend anyone? if you haven’t checked lately there have been alot of murders on this island, if we defended every young man going to court – then there would be more murders.

      THIS is our solution, putting the boys, regardless of their age, in prison for what they did. what are you doing? patting them on the back and telling them that the BPS is wrong for targeting them like the rest of the ignorants living on this island? people like you are the problem, people who support and make excuses for the young men who partake in violence. my opinion, i don’t care your age – you do the crime, you do the time.

  5. Seymour Kuntzs says:

    I bet this knucklehead can’t pee straight much less shoot straight , fact is he went straight WestGate .

  6. Lock this mongrel up says:

    As per my name suggests…

  7. #Get ah lyfe says:

    All of you should shut the hell up because what if he was your relative. And if you read about him/her how would you you feel.

    • it is what it is says:

      That’s why when you are family you need to stay off the blogs if you can’t handle the truth!!! The mere FACT that he has been CHARGED speaks volume as to his character! This is not the first time his name has been called for things that have happened on the island this is just the first time that he has been CAUGHT!!! don’t get offended if people are voicing their opinions….what you should be asking him is WHY? WHY would you put yourself in such a position?….
      People are going to say things… friends and family will rally around and say what he wants to hear…but the public who is sick and tired of all this BS will speak their mind!!!!! so my advice to you is..’If you can’t handle the heat than stay out of the kitchen!!”

    • Seymour Kuntzs says:

      Like a fool !

    • hanging head says:

      IF HE WAS MY RELATIVE I WOULD CUT HIS ASS AND THEN CALL THE POLICE!!. stop making excuses for the tyrants that are running this country to the ground. I don’t give a RAT’S ASS his upbringing, his circumstance, He knows right from wrong…

  8. Get Out OF Bermy says:

    Every1 just shut up n “Get Out Of Bermy!!” NOW!

  9. Really all you people do is bring sombody down. You don’t know the WHOLE story soo just shut up and think before you start commenting. His not none of you guys child soo why would it matter how he was raised. Plus for a fact you don’t know how he was raised nor what has happened in his life. All you people do is comment soo negatively and you complain about these “knuckleheads,” why not encourage them to do better try help them with a better life I just think all you people are stupid just because you people probably sitting in a nice officer that don’t mean you jugde them on their actions. Everybody makes mistakes!

    • What matters most... says:

      Mistakes?!?! Surely you jest!

      I agree that these young men need more encouragement to do better for themselves but at the end of the day, its about choices not mistakes. He chose to carry a gun and ammunition. He chose to engage with persons who could provide him with guns and ammunition. How he was raised does play some role in the way he makes decisions as he gets older. However, I must admit that there are several external factors that lend themselves to the paths taken by several of the young men who currently find themselves behind bars or facing charges related to violence.

      Nevertheless whereby this community of people do not know this young man, they do know he had a gun and their first priority is safety for themselves and their families. No matter what his intention was for having a gun, guns are at the heart of an issue that this country is currently struggling with and clearly he is not trying to be a part of the solution.

      Nobody on here is bringing him down any further than he has already brought himself down with the actions that have resulted in his current circumstances. It is called being held accountable for your actions…

    • Changing Status says:

      ok jarico, tell me, what would be the story to justify this? and had the police not found the weapon in time, would that same story justify the weapon’s possible use?

  10. James says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how so many different people can butcher the english language. Perhaps if you can’t write properly you should have someone else write your posts. If you can’t write properly, it usually means you can’t read/think properly either. Wow, again!!

    Just a few things: 1- He brought himself down, 2- If he were my relative I would be saying he was an idiot as well, probably louder, 3- The dynamics of the situation do NOT matter, he was and is an idiot for having a gun, 4- There is NO justisfication or circumstances for carrying a gun (ask yourself why you are making an excuse for him), 5- I was born and live in Bermy, where do you propose I go?

  11. SICK AND F#CK!NG TIRED says:

    Unbeliavable, I can’t believe the s**t that I am sitting here reading. Bermudians like you make me sick, so quick to run down the next person and then you wonder why you have children like us out here trying to kill others. You don’t understand how powerful words are, and as a member of the youth community reading these comments enrage me and actually give me the erge to go out and hurt someone wether or not I know right from wrong. Its people like you that are helping to tear apart the community. How can you expect people to make a change and do right when they have people like you constantly reminding them of wrong they are. Small minded!

    • James says:

      Actually, the small minded person is you and others like you who feel like going out to hurt someone innocent because you are angry and somebody else. How small minded is THAT!?!

      When you do something wrong people will let you know about it. It would be WRONG to not say anything and HOPE that those who do wrong will somehow find it in your hearts to change. So, are you asking the rest of us to pat these folks on the back, and sit them down gently and say “you know you shouldn’t be doing this”. Here is some money, a job, and a place to live. Now go out into the world and do better than you have. People and those you are talking about don’t work that way.

      I expect people to make a change by FIRST acknowledging they’ve done wrong and then paying for their mistake by whatever the law states.

      Contrary to your words, its ACTUALLY people like YOU who are tearing apart the community mate. If you and others know right from wrong then try doing the right thing a little bit more, you will find your life (eventually) will start to go where you want it to go.

      But first those doing wrong by having guns will be ridiculed and hopefully punished to the fullest extent of the law. If you can’t handle the pressure/words then DON’T damn well do the CRIME!!! Enough of this egrance!! (yes “egrance”, I’m Bermudian!!)


        And by the way, I’m not a boy. That’s another thing. Your too quick to judge the black males in the community. Because of what I said your going to assume umma a male but um not. Imma damn female.

  12. R says:


  13. Sparky says:

    Although it is difficult, my advice is not to judge someone without having walked in their shoes. The economic situation is Bermuda has created a desperate environment for many. And this is happening not only in Bermuda, but all over the world. It’s a much bigger problem than a kid carrying a weapon. Lets figure out why he is carrying that weapon. Work together to find a solution for that. And not blame the family.

  14. Dixie Normous says:

    He gonna get the sausage now!

  15. k says:

    It’s Bermuda not Bermy!!!!!!

  16. k says:

    if reading these articles gives you urges to hurt someone then seek help and dont read them . simple solution !!

  17. Same S*** Different Day says:

    People knew what he is all about now he has to face the music. Maybe he should have watched Baretta. LIFE!!!!!

  18. Serious I'm My Brothers Keeper says:

    Darri keep ya head up

  19. #Get ah lyfe says:

    I love my damn fam f+,# you haters

  20. #Get ah lyfe says:

    All you do is talk about a sussage. Go and get one 4 yourself. Everbody is not the same you know. *rolling eyes*

  21. 270 says:

    Smh all you old people don’t have damn clue waya tlkin bout. All of you shut up
    Keep Yah Head Up Harry

  22. Real Talk says:

    First of all u people are so quick to judge an you have no idea whats going in people lives let a whole bunch of lil freaks kill off all your friends more then 6 an only of um them is solved by the bermuda police what do you do u must protect yourself if the police wont what u fail to realize is we have a bunch of lil wana b gangsters name Prickside that think they run the island an kill off people family an children an u sit back an judge people who may allegedly pick up arms to protect themselves cause it obivous the police aint doing nothing smh you people need to wake up an see the problem that is taking over this little island

  23. dtruth?! says:

    My boi is MY BOI and w.e the situation is I will not mock but stand by his side. Because at the end of the day all u damn FOOLZ ah nothing but negative. Wa got ya back… Keep ya head up n keep reading your bible.

  24. Vondae G says:

    free my n%$a herri

  25. Unknown says:

    Negativity is all bermudians know. All quick to judge & sh!t. Let them judge cause at the end of the day only god can judge you so it don’t matter what they say or think. Keep ya head up Capo, we still can see the good in you

  26. Duhh says:

    How would u feel if you looked back and saw a m16 nozzle at ya jaw !!!!!!!!!??????????? To all of u who got bad to say bout D u dnt know how many times his life has been threatened do you well maybe u needa know what it feel like to a feel unsafe going home at night every night park side started all of this senseless killing now the police protect them and go after anybody who stands up to park side