FMG Hires/ Promotes Seven Staff

November 2, 2011

Freisenbruch-Meyer Group [FMG] has hired two new employees and promoted five employees. Vice President and General Manager William Madeiros said, “We are thrilled to have found such exceptional staff members. The success of this company is directly related to the wonderful team that we have. ”

“It is a difficult time for all of us in this economy, but we promised our team at the beginning of the recession that ‘no man will get left behind.’ It is a very competitive market right now, but we are very pleased to be able to move the company forward.” s

Graham Hillier, promoted to Vice President of Insurance Operations, joined the company in 1992. Mr. Hillier joined as a Marine Underwriter and has worked in all areas of Property and Casualty

Heidi Grant joined FMG in 2007 as a Commercial Lines Underwriting Assistant. She is now Assistance Vice President of Commercial Underwriting and is responsible for FMG’s commercial property and casualty accounts. Mrs. Grant has earned her Health Insurance Associate, Associate in Insurance Studies, Associate in Underwriting and is currently working towards her CPCU.

Janeene Harris has been promoted to Underwriting Assistant for the Commercial Lines Department. Ms. Harris, former Customer Care Supervisor for Personal Lines, is now responsible for commercial business development and client management. Ms. Harris recently received her Associate in Insurance Studies and is currently working towards her Associate in Underwriting.

Bill Davidson joined Freisenbruch-Meyer Group in 2007, as a Professional Lines Broker before taking on the role of Special Projects Officer. Mr. Davidson is currently the Vice President of Claims and Compliance, responsible for the corporate governance, risk management and compliance of the company. His post-graduate education includes the Associate in Claim, Associate in Insurance Services and Associate in Insurance Studies designations. He is currently close to completing his CPCU.

Marco Greenidge joined the company in June, 2010 as Customer Service Representative and was quickly promoted to Customer Care Assistant Manager in July, 2011. Mr. Greenidge recently received his Associate in Insurance Studies and is currently working towards his CPCU.

Damir Armstrong and Lynne Devine are the two newest members of the team. Mr. Armstrong is the Group Administrator for Life and Health Departments. He is a graduate of St. Johns University, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Risk Management and Insurance. He is also working towards his Associate in Insurance Services, Health Insurance Associate and Associate in Risk Management.

Ms Devine joined the company in September 2010 as a temporary Accountant focusing on specific projects. Ms. Devine has a background in Captive Management, Fund Accounting, Management and Financial Accounting, with 15 years’ post qualifying experience, and was hired full time in October 2011, as Financial Controller.

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  1. Mister Vain says:

    Congrats to all, and to you Bill.

    But what posesses someone to go shopping, see a funny bow tie, buy that bow tie and actually wear it on a day other than Halloween? And on a day set to shoot a photo that will live on the internet forever?

    I’ve never understood the smart-casual bow tie look as seen in the above photo.

    Just wondering.

    • Michael Davidson says:

      Oh poor anonymous person on the internets…

      We are sorry you do not look quite as good in a bow tie. But keep trying, the look is not for everyone ;)

  2. Bermewjan says:

    You’re *SO* vain, I bet you think there’s a song that’s about you … Unkind comment. Inappropriate, too. Guy just got a promotion — do you really have to rain on his parade in a public forum? You’ll never understand the smart-casual bow tie look? I’ll never understand smart-ass casual negativity like yours, ace.

  3. Here we go says:

    Some people are just jealous I love the bow tie it is classy and not typical, it says I am unique. Congrats and all the best.

  4. Chris D says:

    Good news from a good firm.

  5. Lisa P R says:

    Well Done Bill!

  6. What a day....baffled says:

    Well done FMG !

  7. Ashley says:

    Well done FMG & to my sister Janeene! You’ve worked so hard, i’m so proud of you.