‘Molotov Cocktail’ Incident At The Reefs Dorms

November 10, 2011

[Updated] The Police are investigating an incident at The Reefs staff dormitories in Southampton involving a Molotov cocktail early yesterday morning [Nov.9].

A police spokesperson said, “Around 1:30am on Wednesday, November 9th police responded to a report of an incident at a Southampton guest property.”

“On arrival officers found what appeared to be remnants of a Molotov cocktail and damage to a window on the property.”

“Despite an immediate search of the surrounding area for any potential suspects, none were located. There were no injuries.”

“Inquiries into this matter are ongoing and police are appealing for any witnesses to this incident or anyone with any information to contact the Somerset Criminal Investigation Unit on 234-1010.”

Update 3.44pm: The Reefs Hotel general manager Mrs Nagma Walker said, “It is with great regret and disappointment I can confirm there was an incident at The Reefs Staff dormitories on Wednesday morning, November 9 around 1am.”

“The police department and forensics attended the scene and are in the process of investigating this incident and can be contacted for further details.”

“Additional security measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our staff. This is an unfortunate incident which has left all of our staff, both local and foreign, visibly upset and perplexed by the events that have taken place.”

“I would also like to thank all of our staff for continuing to provide the high level of service, synonymous with The Reefs, to our guests without any disruption during this period.”

“Both David Dodwell and David Dodwell, Jr, who are currently in the UK attending The World Travel Mart, promoting The Reefs & Bermuda, also convey their heartfelt gratitude to all the staff during this time.”

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Comments (46)

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  1. Ha! says:

    Sounds like someone at The Reefs is really pissed about the redundancies….

    • Yup says:

      Hope the BIU and PLP understand the world is watching!! I certainly wouldn’t build a hotel in Bermuda with the way thinks are going. Especially if the voters reward bad behaviour and vote PLP back in power.

  2. superdave says:

    This island is becoming more and more DISGUSTING!!!

  3. Family Man says:

    Another Bermuda interpretation of “Feel the Love”.

    If they’re not breaking into your room to beat you up they’re firebombing it.

  4. Mr. B says:

    What a stupid thing to do.. Im sure that will bring tourist to the island.. People need to wake up sooner or later there will only be us bermudians left here with no one else to blame but ourselves.

  5. 80's Role Model says:

    You people make things sound bad the little that happens here in a week ain’t no where compared to what happens else where in the world in a hour . You all sound scared! lol

    • Guest Who? says:

      What a complety stupid comment.I would say incoherent at best and written with the skill of an 8 year old!

      • Not me says:

        Agreed , what a worldly idiot 80′s is .. Just ’cause they have it in the rest of the world we should too. I bet 80′s fool tells all their friends that Bda is a peaceful , loving paradise . Unmatched by anything else in the world ..
        So then one of them comes here and gets shot and has their bag stolen …
        What’ll he do ? Simple . .He’ll tell ‘em even though they’ve never had it happen to them back home it’s still worse where they come from !

        This has to be one fo the most ignorant , and unfortunately not uncommon , view points in Bda..

  6. mindyourown says:

    What is so sad is that ever since High technology has being introduced into this society as a hold nothing but negative has taken place. For example when we comment on certain things we drift of the subject and go into racial talk etc. an buy ppl condoning Bad Mind thinking this is the outcome of the behavior. Why will you want to throw a cocktail at someones home, where is the love in your heart put yourself in the victims shoes and ask yourself if this was you. Stop and think before you react everybody is going through hardtimes right now be if we Bermudians come together we can overcome these hurdles. Because at the end of the day the only people you are hurting is yourself so just remember we run this country not the Government so if we don’t pull together they will continue to hurt the people because they are loving this WAR!!! It makes them Rich so don’t forget THE SYSTEM IS SET AND THEY WANT TO KEEP THE SLAVES RIGHT WHERE WE ARE>

    • Hmmm says:

      So you start with this:

      “For example when we comment on certain things we drift of the subject and go into racial talk etc”

      and end with this:


      Seems like you’re your own worst enemy…

  7. Albert Tatlock says:

    Some people just don’t know how to act. Our tiny island is on the brink of a huge abyss – one more thing and we could over the edge. You think you see redundancies now? Bermuda is quite simply self destructing before our eyes. Very sad that our island could come to this. I see a very bleak future.

  8. Terry says:

    Well, before you all get your knickers in a twist, it was a ‘Guest House’. Probabley bad blood between the owner and someone else. Nothing stated or released to say it was occupied by guests et al.

    Arrybuddies jumpin……..

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Terry, when they talk about a crime at a “guest house” it is almost always a hotel. Don’t be deceived into thinking it’s a small property. Thise break-ins at ‘guest houses’, they are major hotels.
      As in this case.

  9. Chart says:

    Remember that an act of arson cost tourist lives at the S Princess years ago. Don’t play with fire.

    • Terry says:

      Yes Chart, I remember the incident quite well. As I stated, we don’t know if the place was occupied and by how many. Let it go until police give further information. Quite simple but can have ramifications here and abroad if not properly edited, presented.

  10. mindyourown says:

    @HMMMMM This is not a argument this is just they way I feel at this time.

    When I say the Systen Is Set these are lyrics from a true song so if you don’t understand what i am trying to say to my Bermudian Family I know they the understand where I am coming from so let it go.

    • James says:

      Well I’m part of your Bermudian family and I didn’t understand anything you said!! Hmmmmm, was correct, it would seem (from what you have written) you ARE your own worst enemy.

  11. Terry says:

    Frain ann femilee ploy……..gotcha nah.

  12. why??? says:

    To the thugs that threw this nonsense and we would appreciate a reply if you have the guts to do so. What is your issue, clearly you want us of the island – have you ever thought of the fact that children might have been in the house – let me answer that. NO. You are complete idiots and anyone who calls these people uneducated is also wrong. Bermuda has schools (public or private), so clearly they are educated, just not clever enough to get a job – idiotssss. What’s next please let us know

  13. jumpy says:

    Probably had something to do with the strike earlier this week.

    • Terry says:

      Well it happened at the reefs so yes……..more pissed off Bermudians………………

  14. t says:

    You all are sad think about what you are doing to the children of the future with this talk you let them do this. I can rember when I was a young boy I would give up my seat on the bus to a girl/lady or very old lady. Now days these kids wouldn’t give seat to someone with one leg

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      @t just so you know, I had a child under 12yrs old stand up and give me their seat on the bus this summer past and I’m in my early 20s. Yes, some of these kids are disrespectful as I’ve worked in summer camps and after school care. But they’re not all lacking in how to treat others. If people would take the time to give them time, we might not have such a problem as we do today.

  15. kdubb says:

    well talking and pleaing dont work,,, bermudians are getting tired,,im sorry but
    worst things are coming

    • Terry says:

      You can only lead sheep so far. You know the rest of the story right?

    • Family Man says:

      We better to tell the few remaining tourists to stay well away from Bermuda then.

      Who wants to come to Bermuda and have your hotel firebombed in the middle of the night, be forced off your bike, have your handbag ripped from your shoulder or just beaten up by the ‘natives’ because they have an attitude about ‘foreigners’.

    • All Clogged Up says:

      But what are we getting tired of? Our own self made condition of helplessness and dependance? We (Bermudians) have got to be the dumbest people on earth. We act violent toward the staff dormatory and still talking about ‘fighting the power’ in 2011 instead of working with the union and immigration department and the government to fix this problem….. not watch the premature checkouts and reservation cancelations go haywire…..yes, we are stupid people. one less visitor, one less taxifare, one less landing tax collected, one less bus ride, etc etc etc….need I say more? Reminds me of 1981 ;-(

  16. Shut Yo Mouth... says:

    With the cost of gas so high , why would anyone want to throw it away .

  17. There are some sick, pathetic, downright petty evil people walking around this island. How pitiful must you be to throw a molotov cocktail at someone’s residence at 1am in the morning. Take a good long hard look in the mirror and then examine your hateful heart. I stay praying for this island’s salvation. I’m wearing out my knees.

  18. What next says:

    A fish always rots from the head. This government has no respect for people either, what do you expect !!!! PLP – Please Leave Parliament

  19. Next? says:

    Attempted murder must be the charge for whoever tried this.

  20. Albert Tatlock says:

    I swear Bermudians do it to themselves. What a bunch of f#kcing spoiled children!

  21. ESC says:

    The Reef fires workers and than hires security hmmmm. Sounds fishy

    • Scott says:

      “Additional security measures ” does not mean “hires security”.

      There are far more options then just manpower.

  22. Question? says:

    It takes a real LOW LIFE to do something like this!

  23. Onion Soup says:

    Seeing that the Molotov Cocktail was tossed at the staff quarters, can there be any doubt that this incident was meant as a message to foreign workers? How assinine can some Bermudians be…many of you won’t even apply for the service industry jobs because you perceive them to be “beneath you”; many that do apply and get hired are either micing away the day gossiping or talking on their cellphones, doing a half-arsed job or giving attitude to the public they’re meant to serve. And through all this you squawk when a foreigner comes in and performs these jobs willingly and with grace, grateful for the opportunity to earn a humble living thousands of miles from home. Well, keep it up you ungrateful yobs…soon there will be no jobs in Bermuda and you’ll be forced to go to another country to make a living. See how you’ll like it when the tables are turned.

  24. Star man says:

    As a result of a substandard public education system and poor parenting many people cannot think things through rationally, critical thinking is essentially nonexistent, so their thoughtless actions often create unintended consequences… and unforeseen results. In other words; their dumb ideas backfire! It’s quite prevalent in local politics and union activities. And the firebombing is a perfect example of this thought process in action!

    • Ross says:

      Star ..based on your theory, poor education, parenting, et al, must clearly be a massive problem throughout the western world …I draw your attention to the oh so minor issues this summer in the UK , Italy, Greece and parts of the US…

      While we clearly have significant problems, this conundrum is hardly unique to Bermuda or maybe you blame us dumb Bermudians for the melt down of the world’s economy or maybe it was Butterfield Banks Bermudian middle managers that caused it’s near collapse..

  25. k says:

    gotta get tougher in the courts!! they have a big influence on the law breakers!!!!

  26. Star man says:

    To hell with the Courts! The cops should just bust they little asses! It’s called street justice.

  27. Marc G. Daniels says:

    While this heinous crime was clearly committed by some heartless lost soul; how is it that we automatically jump to the conclusion that it was a disgruntled Bermudian who hates foreigners? I mean, it may very well be such an individual, but for all we know this could have been done by one foreigner aimed at another who slept with ther girlfriend. I know that the election is coming, but is everything negative in this island directly the result of politics and the ruling party? If it is, then where do we start laying blame; from 1998 or 1609?

    Neither this government or the previous administration has been perfect; o thonk the majority of us realize that. Rather than fire shots from the keyboard of an anonymous pseudonym, why dont we all step out into our 21 s.m. community and try to develop relationships beyond our comfort zone. Maybe then we can move forward together. I swear every article on bernews is predicated on race and anti political persuasions of one shape or the other. We will never succeed as a people if we all maintain this vitriol distrust and hatred of one another. Its so sad and it cuts both ways black and white.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Marc, the suspicion that this could be Bermudians firebombing expats is because it was within 24 hours of a notorious work stoppage due to some Bermudians being fired, while others, including some expats, were not fired. A enormous issue was made about this. It’s all in the context of a week when there has been discussion of hate speech graffiti against asian expats in bus stops, and an asian expat having his bike set on fire.

      I know your first instinct as a defense attorney is to defend, but I think with the circumstances here it’s pretty obvious why the idea came up immediately. Asking “how is it” that this came up is disingenuous to say the least. Yeah, it could have been some other explanation. A bit like the two black men in dark visors who robbed a tourist last week ‘could’ have been expats or other tourists.

      • Marc Daniels says:

        @ Rick Rock – I fully understand and appreciate the position that you posted and I agree that the likely conclusion, based on recent events, would lead to a very sick and disgruntled bermudian. I was just trying to probe some thought as to how we analyze these reports, but I do agree with you on this one. I certainly don’t want to come across as disingenuous as I have been off the island and not fully tuned in with every news report of late.

        • Rick Rock says:

          Ok, thanks Marc. I understand. I am sorry I used the word disingenuous, I was wrong about that.

  28. James says:

    This was a disgusting and deplorable act. Wake up Bermuda, start using your heads!!

    I don’t condone putting Bermudians out of work and letting guest workers continue working. But, not knowing enough of the facts, one would assume that the persons let go were the least skilled and that those kept could perform their own duties as well as those who were let go. In these times a business has to keep versatile people who can do multiple tasks. If this was NOT the case then I believe those dismissed workers have a valid point and case, but something tells me its really as the article reported.

    BERMUDIANS, we need to educate ourselves CONTINUALLY!! No longer can we stand by and be one dimensional in the workplace. For example a truck driver ONLY drives the truck, a mason ONLY lays block, a linesman ONLY climbs a pole, etc. Those days have been gone for a very long time, when will we ALL realize this?!?.

  29. Tommy Chong says:

    Since there assumptions being made about who throw the bomb I’ll put a guess in. Maybe it was a teenage child of one of the sacked workers that did it. Who knows, Christmas is coming and now that daddy or mommy has been laid off junior realizes that they won’t be getting any gifts or turkey dinner so their p’d off. If this was the case how dare one of these little SOBs do something like that. Don’t they know they’re all spoiled and non of them have to go to school without breakfast like kids in third world countries do. Must be the fault of the parents who are lazy good for nothing Bermudians who should be happy they don’t have to work more than one job to support their family. These Bermudians need to realize that gone are the days they could work a 9 to 5 job & get by. They must realize they are not getting a job unless they work 7 days a week even if they don’t get overtime for it. Also they should forget about getting paid enough to pay their expenses cause there are foreigners that will do the job for less. These foreigners deserve these jobs because these employers wouldn’t be able to pay off their overseas time shares if they had to pay these Bermudians to work. Besides foreigners do their job regardless the pay with an ear to ear smile Driving Miss Daisy style.

    Yes’m Miss Daisy I’d take you to the the Piggly Wiggly evry day fow seven dollars a month & I’ll do it with a smile.

    What a bunch of spoiled losers these Bermudians are. It’s not like they can’t find a job again they just need to start looking at some type of employment that requires little or no credentials. Maybe they should start applying to jobs at Paraquet Restaurant, Island Cleaning Services, The Spot Restaurant, Speciality Inn or one of the souvenir stores in town. Im sure they could get a job at one of these places.