PLP: ‘UBP’s Renaming Charade Didn’t Work’

November 2, 2011

The PLP released a statement after last night’s [Nov 1] by-election in Constituency #12, Devonshire South Central saying the “the UBP’s renaming charade didn’t work. It did nothing to attract anyone other than the old UBP voting block.”

“We are confident that voters have looked beyond the UBP’s desperate politricks and realized that today’s OBA is little more than yesterday’s UBP,” the statement continued on to say.

Last night OBA leader Senator Craig Cannonier romped to victory, winning 504 [82.89%] votes. The PLP’s Anthony Richardson was second with 75 votes [12.34%], while Independent David Sullivan received 29 votes [4.77%].

In the 2007 general election John Barritt, running under the UBP’s banner, received 85% of the vote [723 to 122] against the PLP’s Linda Merritt. In 2003, Mr Barritt garnered 90% of the vote [747 to 83] against the PLP’s Dorothy Burch.

Video of Mr Richardson and the Premier speaking after the results last night:

The statement released by the PLP said, the “by-election results in Constituency #12, however, do show Mr. Cannonier underperforming the UBP candidate John Barritt’s 2003 and 2007 result.”

“Although Cannonier underperformed the previous UBP result, the results were remarkably similar to recent general elections contested between the UBP and the PLP.”

“It’s clear that the UBP’s renaming charade didn’t work. It did nothing to attract anyone other than the old UBP voting block.

“We are confident that voters have looked beyond the UBP’s desperate politricks and realized that today’s OBA is little more than yesterday’s UBP.”

The full statement follows below:

The Progressive Labour Party congratulates OBA Leader Craig Cannonier on his victory in the Constituency #12 by-election.

His victory over our own Anthony Richardson, and over the Independent David Sullivan, shows that democracy is alive and well in Bermuda, and that Bermudians are actively engaged in the political process.

The by-election results in Constituency #12, however, do show Mr. Cannonier underperforming the UBP candidate John Barritt’s 2003 and 2007 result.

Although Cannonier underperformed the previous UBP result, the results were remarkably similar to recent general elections contested between the UBP and the PLP.

It’s clear that the UBP’s renaming charade didn’t work. It did nothing to attract anyone other than the old UBP voting block.

We are confident that voters have looked beyond the UBP’s desperate politricks and realized that today’s OBA is little more than yesterday’s UBP.

It is also clear that the PLP support remains solid and that the electorate understand and respect the decisions and choices that are being made by their Government as we navigate through these challenging times.

We congratulate Anthony Richardson for running a solid race in a safe UBP constituency. He worked hard in the constituency and made a case that even many opposition loyalists agreed with: that he is the more qualified and more experienced than Craig Cannonier.

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  1. Congrats PLP says:

    What a disaster for the OBA… only won by 429 votes instead of the 664 in 2003 and the 601 in 2007. At this pace, the PLP will win this riding in roughly 88 years. Pee Ell Pee all dee way!!

    • Waiting Patiently says:

      you do realize the PLP votes went from 122 down to 75 also right?

      Cannonier got 82%, while barritt had 85%…

      hardly a disaster for the OBA… its a disaster for bermuda and people just arent coming out to vote anymore.

      • Congrats PLP says:

        Sarcasm sweetheart.

        • Waiting Patiently says:

          hrrrrm indeed so it would seem now!! lol oops

      • Atherton Smith says:

        PLP, OBA I don’t see a difference! Many are disenfranchised and see voting as actually not making a difference. Businesses vote via their checkbooks while the “people” vote via the ballot. Tell me which group will be more effective?

    • Wake up says:

      this was a by-election, not general election. the amount of voters is not as high at by-elections. the same thing happened with marc bean’s constituency

  2. Big J says:

    Todays OBA may be yesterdays UBP, but with the current state of things in Bermuda, I’ll take yesterdays UBP over todays PLP!

    • #ThatIsAll says:

      HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Politricks” If it ain’t the damn pot calling the kettle black…

  3. Mad Dawg says:

    So the plp lose their deposit and yet declare victory. Bwaaaaaaah!

    • Confused says:

      I fail to see how this is a win for the OBA. The OBA basically said it’s not the UBP. It’s something new and different. But, if you look at the spread between the two parties, it was EXACTLY the same as 2007. In 2007, the spread was +70.87% in favour of the UBP. Yesterday, it was +70.55% in favour of the OBA. The OBA can’t just perform as good as the UBP attracting the same vote, etc. and hope to win the election. If the UBP/OBA wants to win the next election, they need at least a 3% swing in favour of their party. The fact that no such swing materialized in spite of all their politricks must be worrying for the Opposition.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        You “fail to see how this is a win for the OBA:”…

        You’re really hilarious!

        Give us some more!

        • Confused says:

          Congrats. Cannonier won the seat by the lowest spread EVER in that seat. Time to celebrate!

          • Waiting Patiently says:

            funny…cause the independent had more than 1/3 the votes of the PLP member..

            Not any time to celebrate fully.. but not time to be poking out at people because of the loss either.

  4. d-reader says:

    Really? Was anyone shocked @ this result?

  5. I gotta be me says:

    Anthony Richardson is running in the wrong party.

    • All Clogged Up says:

      yep….he’s got to let go….like the commercial says ‘this is not your father’s chevrolet’….the party has changed Anthony….the old school honor, preseverance, and spirit died when the Freddy, Lois, and Cox Snr. passed on. Nothing left but spoilt good for nothing Berkeley-ites

    • Curious says:

      Explain to me your logic, It doesn’t make sense. Anthony is running is running in the PLP because he’s PLP. Don’t get upset that the PLP have good candidates and have a stable of excellent ones to come.

      • All Clogged Up says:

        good candidate, yes……not a good fit for the current PLP

    • raider says:

      Lets just hope that this intelligent, up and coming politician will be given a major responsibility within the inner workings of the PLP. He seems to be the type of individual that this party has been lacking for some time now. Good find for the PLP

  6. Fed up says:

    Is this really the only thing the PLP can say? I’m so fed up with hearing these same old slanders that the OBA is nothing more than the old UBP. Take your loss gracefully and go back to work screwing our country over till the next election.

    • Hudson says:

      I agree. Its pathetic what levels the PLP politicians will stoop to in order to “save face”. Call a spade a spade and move on. You lost, there’s work to be done. It’s a tough environment and the PLP recognises that there are voters that are either apathetic or unwilling to vote for the PLP. They will work to change this. But to resort to kidergarden slander is irritating at best. BTW, there was no “renaming charade”. The party still exists under Kim Swan remember? Spin it how you want, the PLP lost. Oh well, now lets move forward.

      • Confused says:

        I don’t understand how this was such a massive loss for the PLP? Barritt won the last election by a spread of 70.87% of the vote. This time, Cannonier won by a spread of 70.55% of the vote. This is nearly exactly the same. It’s clear that the old UBP supporters went over to the OBA and the PLP supporters stuck with the PLP. It would be a loss for the PLP if Cannonier was able to increase the spread. He was unable to do so.

        • MinorMatters says:

          @Confused…you are confusing me! The point to be made isn’t about any spreads ten years ago for goodness sakes. It is about the NOW. The PLP LOST- MEANING THEY DID NOT WIN THAT SEAT. Get over it!

          • Confused says:

            Did you actually think the PLP had any prayer of winning this seat?

            • #ThatIsAll says:

              Ok… so why do you keep going on about it??? You are certainly confused buddy. The UBP voters will not vote PLP… simple as that they see what has happened over the years.. So whats the better option HI OBA.. I’LL TAKE IT!!!!

    • Curious says:

      Well, the OBA really is no different than the UBP (Minus the opportunist leader).

      If the cap fits!

  7. True Bermudian says:

    Of course OBA is little more than yesterday’s UBP! For the most part it’s the same dopey people in OBA that were in the UBP.

    And even though PLP will win the next election both parties are being run by the old guard with ancient ideas and thoughts. Neither party has vision and neither party will do anything but service their own self serving interests.

    Time for the youngsters in both parties to shuffle the current roster of politricksters off to the old folks home with their dated thoughts and ways so we can have young fresh ideas on deck and Bermuda can move forward together.

    • Hudson says:

      FYI – those “Dopey” “Old Guard” took Bermuda to a position of full employment, the second highest quality of living in the world, with a booming economy and low crime. Hey, if you want to equate the OBA with the UBP, go for it (although they are not the same as note teh UBP still exists), as from where I see it, I’d like to have the Bermuda we lived in during the 90′s over the Bermuda we live in today.

      • Free Thinker says:

        If you think what’s happening now, just dropped out of the skies on our heads and have nothing to do with the seeds that were planted decades ago, you can only see as far as your nose, conveniently I might ad.

        The emphasis placed on maintaining surpluses and not investing in all Bermudians, has everything to do with what’s going on now. You can’t not educate you people and think that magically, they will be able to participate in the economy in a meaningful way.

        The UBP idea of good Governance, was to maintain budgetary surpluses at the expense of the people’s well being. As long as they and their supporter were able to afford good private educating for their children, they were not concerned about the ones who couldn’t. When you govern in this manner, it will come back to bite you in the ass, (violent unrest)

        The PLP is not without fault, they too failed to provide a good education system for the people of Bermuda. They also have wasted a lot of our hard earned money and have not been prudent in preparing for the recession. But to put everything at their feet as though everything was handy-dandy before, is just plain disingenuous. But this is consistent with the thinking of the UBP and their supporters, the UBP failed because they refused to see through the eyes of the disadvantaged, they just didn’t care.

        The OBA and their supporters, are portraying the OBA as breath of fresh air and one well needed on the political stage. But how do they expect to get the mush needed PLP voes, when the reality is, the same Monolithic block that backed the UBP, is now backing the OBA. I can tell you that a lot of people, were a little excited when the OBA first came into existence, but when they see the galvanizing support behind the OBA, by the UBP base, reality sets in very quickly.

        I have no dogs in this fight, it make no difference to me which Party wins because Party Politics is un-progressive and bad for Bermuda, but the brain wash is so deep, I have very little hope that we will see a more progressive form of government, anytime too soon.

        • Death to party politics says:

          “I have no dogs in this fight, it make no difference to me which Party wins because Party Politics is un-progressive and bad for Bermuda, but the brain wash is so deep, I have very little hope that we will see a more progressive form of government, anytime too soon.”

          Give this man a cigar!!!

        • LOL (original) says:

          So what? Are you saying that the people who supported the UBP should no longer have a voice in the running of the country? Or to put it in easier terms should be second class citizens now that the UBP is done? What have the PLP done or said to gardner the support of those supporters? Guess it will always be us and them, until Bermuda is done………

          LOL well done to those that will continue the status quo. Lets face it we can’t change our system with independence running as there are not enough of them so since we are stuck in the system we have the only logical solution to the status quo is to vote opposition ever other general election unless the majority feel they are heading in the right direction. Judging from the current state of affairs this does not seem to be right direction.

          • Death to party politics says:

            You can change the system, if both parties came to the conclusion that disbanding their parties and everyone runing as an independent was the way to move forward. Ask yourself, why do you think the local politicians don’t push for Independent politicians? Because the focus than shifts to performance…that means accountability. Much easier to attach your name to a party and be voted in under your party umbrella. Which is why I have the utmost respect for Independents, because there’s no doubt that they’re being voted in on their own merits.

            eriously, how many politicians wouldn’t stand a chance of being voted in on their own merits, if they ran as independents? Quite a few, I’d suggest…

    • Curious says:

      I think the PLP are doing a pretty good job of pushing to old guard out slowly but surely. As for the UBP, they are too busy fighting. At least the PLP lets their members decide.

  8. Chart says:

    That “resetting the dial” charade really isn’t working.

  9. joonya says:

    Who cares if the OBA may be yesterday’s UBP. We need change because you are NOT CUTTING IT! Surprising that you still have succesfully brainwashed 75 people in this constituency despite all your failures as a government, while pushing us closer towards 3rd world status.

  10. Hudson says:

    “We congratulate Anthony Richardson for running a solid race in a safe UBP constituency. He worked hard in the constituency and made a case that even many opposition loyalists agreed with: that he is the more qualified and more experienced than Craig Cannonier”.

    So firstly, the UBP didn’t run a candidate so it’s not their safe seat anymore. The OBA did and they won.
    Secondly, he might of worked hard, but he never knocked on my door. Not once. I did however receive two pre-recorded messages, one of which i received at 10:15 at night…grrrr…
    Third – “more qualified”??? How on earth can you say that. Perhaps equally as unqualified might be fair, but certainly not more qualified. I might add that at least Cannonier can speak in a somewhat articulate fashion although admitedly his public speaking skills need some drastic improvement.
    Lastly, when looking at the candidates, one thing stood out: When asked about sexual orientation and human rights by the RG, both OBA and independent candidates made their position clear. Richardson says “i support the party’s decision on this matter and it is currently under review”.. Are you kidding??? Find a backbone, give us your opinion. All he said was that he would blindly support whatever the PLP seniors said or did. Given the last 8 years of PLP reign, I’d rather vote for somebody willing to challenge status quo. That’s a fact.

  11. JV says:

    beeeeg thumbs all de way down Pee Ell Pee

  12. bermudiana says:

    Agree with Hudson as Richardson was goin to be a yes man or “COG-in-training”! Meanwhile, Paula’s presence at the byelection yesterday was a clear reminder not to vote for Richardson as she is responsible for the mess the Island is in!!!

  13. What next says:

    So what if the UBP voters voted for the OBA !!!!!!!! Is there an alternative ? I mean really, did the PLP expect their vote given their track record. Give me a break. Expect to hear this whole the OBA is just the UBP like a scratched record running up to the election. PLP – Please Leave Please !!!!!!

  14. LOL (original) says:

    So the PLP lost and what do they do? In true PLP fashion they diss the voters of the Constituency after all it’s just white people living there right. Richards you were setup to lose from the get go so that the PLP could use more coded racial rhetoric. Heres a hint to you future success and the key to stay in power forever stop hating and “WORK” to better yourself and do things and say things that include all of Bermuda White and Black until then you can be seen as nothing but the “Tea Party Bermuda Branch Party”. I know not everyone in the party is like that but the silence from supporters in the face of bad behavior speaks loud and clear. All those who did not vote or did not vote for the PLP you have been insulted again by the PLP’s statement.


    • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

      PLP are a bunch of cry babies. Only the blind, stupid, myopic still believe their BS.

      They clearly lost ground and tried to spin it the other way around. Do the math !!

  15. Tolerate says:

    Are you serious….. Was it even worth a reply if this rant is the best you can come up with….

  16. Cancer says:

    Your not cutting it PLP – your no longer an effective goverment… errr I mean government! Now your coming up with excuses for the defeat. In your statement you don’t mention that Anthony’s 75 votes were down from the over 100 PLP got in the last election. So if it’s a loss for Craig/OBA it’s certainly a loss for Anthony/PLP. Why can’t PLP not play fair and give all the true facts? (silly question huh!) That’s why PLP will lose the next election and Craig Cannonaire will be the next Premier of Bermuda! So get over it!!!

  17. Familiar says:

    “It’s clear that the UBP’s renaming charade didn’t work. It did nothing to attract anyone other than the old UBP voting block” If this is true, then it’s also true that the PLP have done nothing to attract anyone other than the old PLP voting block. Clearly the PLP has no belief that Bermudian voters are making their choices based upon the issues.

    • Curious says:

      Last time i checked, that’s enough to win!

      • LOL (original) says:

        So what are you saying that winning is more important than bringing the country together?


  18. Keep them Honest says:

    To all Constituency #12, Devonshire South Central residents

    you just made it easier for PLP to win the next election! you all voted like it was UBP again, you had an independent candidate too!

    • LOL (original) says:

      This make no sense see above. What was the def of insanity again.


  19. MinorMatters says:

    …and I see the PLP are still talking about the boogie-man – the UBP, who have been long out of power, some 13 years and have been disbanded but are still deeply embedded in the PLP psyche….how long is going to take the ruling party to realize that they are the ruling party fair and square and stop acting like they are still the Opposition Party?

    • LOL (original) says:

      Till the end of party politics any opposition would be called the same.


  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP Spinners have the machine in overdrive & it sure makes alot of noise even if all that is in it is Koolaid.

  21. MinorMatters says:

    *correction* the UBP have all but disbanded – with two loyals remaining.

  22. bermudiana says:

    Keep them Honest, a vote for Richardson or Sullivan would have been a vote for Paula & that woud be rewarding Paula’s poor performance as Minister of Finance & as Premier . . . No. 12 sent a message that we are not pleased with the PLP Government! Incidentally, I never saw the PLP candidate on my doorstep or a leaflet in my mailbox and was not impressed with Sullivan . . . Craig was the best choice! Get over it!!!

    • joonya says:

      Agreed, I never saw Richardson at my doorstep, nor his pamphlet in my mailbox. I did see Sullivan and Cannonier. They made an effort. Just proves that PLP are only out for themselves and their own (not Bermuda as a whole).

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Why does a candidate have to come to your house? Its 2011, get over this personal crap and vote for what you believe in. I don’t need a candidate on my couch to convince me what i believe, i know that already. We are such an immature electorate and that’s exactly why we keep getting these clowns in the House. All because they came to your house !!?

  23. specialgirl4 says:

    Well as expected, no change, it also proved that the OBA is the UBP just wearing a different dress. Results validated that OBA/UBP are the same party. Craig was not able to gain the attract any new supporters, as the OBA/UBP political advisor predicted he would. I know the political advisor is looking at this outcome, and thinking that Craig may not be their best selection after all. Look at those intelligent young man in PLP, new and upcoming politicians….brilliant selection of future candidates ..

    • Death to party politics says:

      And the PLP failed to attract new supporters as well, judging by the percentages. Really, the very idea of safe seats and strongholds is ridiculous. People are too attached to their political parties, on BOTH sides, to the detriment of Bermuda. Sheep mentality is rampant on this island. You want REAL change? Change the party in power? Nope. Vote the PLP back in, and rearrange ministers? Nope. Get rid of the Westminster system and move to a more progressive form of Governance, perhaps a house of Independents? NOW we’re cooking with gas.

      Death to party politics

    • got to go says:

      Too bad your party isn’t progressive enough to use their young talent. They are stuck in the 60′s and stuck with their old racists at the helm

      • Curious says:

        Are you living in Mars, cabinet minister are being ousted and the PLP Executive half of them are under 35. You just like to believe what you want..

        Facts are a funny thing.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Special girl (or do you prefer Betty?), is is also true that Wayne Furbert is the UBP just wearing a different dress? After all, when he got voted in, it was as a UBP MP, right? The UBP leader. He MUST be UBP but ‘in a different dress’, right? Or – let me guess – it’s different somehow when they go over to the PLP?

      When you talk about ‘intelligent young men in the plp’, who exactly? You surely can’t mean Mr Bean, the guy who thinks planes ferries and buses should be scrapped after 5 years of use? He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed is he?

  24. specialgirl4 says:

    Bermynews, thanks for your balance approach to reporting the news. It is difficult to read balance news reports in Bermuda. The copy of word for word speeches it good, as well as those videos. Keep it up !!!

  25. twosword says:

    did anybody ever ask was Constituency #12, Devonshire South Central an old UBP strong hold??? if so and majority of the old ubp memebers went to OBA and they won the excat same seat with the same percentage as the previous years back shouldnt that tell you that the renameing of the UBP to the OBA did nothing but hold onto one of their strong holds.

    • Waiting Patiently says:

      Obliviously you are not very good at statistics..

      All the percentages tell us is that roughly the same ratio of people voted for OBA and PLP.

      IT doesnt say why..
      the PLP considers it because the OBA is the old UBP, so the UBP voters all voted for cannonier
      teh reality of the matter is no more than the same ratio simply dont want to vote for PLP.

      Whether they do it because tehy think OBA is the UBP, or they like the OBA as its own entity, or they’ll vote for anyone other than PLP (esp considering the state of bermuda) cannot be told from this result.

      The PLP is simply running their mouth to use peoples emotions.

      • The 411 says:

        Obviously that annoying book of Oxford does not sit on your bookshelf…

  26. TMT says:

    I know you all feel that the PLP put bda in debt but if you check the world over…….. all the countries are in debt! You hear about Greece, going go bankrupt and take the rest of the European countries with em!! We arent special, it seems all over the world countries are in debt from overspending, ie: Spending money you dont have!!!! Bda is not special, all the countries are a bunch of loonies overspending!! Think about it….. I think whoever would have been/is going to be in power are going to follow the same trend. Everybody patting each other on the back and saying “good job guys”! I myself try to avoid not buying anything I cant afford. Take a leaf outta my book world!!! Save for a rainy day!! DUH!

    • Waiting Patiently says:

      You fail to note tho that in those countries that are in serious debt, there are massive riots, protests and near revolutions. They are not simply shrugging their shoulders and saying “oops”

      Being a small country, we had the luxury of a recession buffer, but that buffer was pissed away and wasted. It is not just as if the recession hit us and we never had the money to survive it. WE did, we had warnings, it was ignored, and now we cant afford basic services. Simple as that.

      If we saved however many tens of millions of dollars that were lost on certain capital projects, we’d be far better off. And i dont mean we shouldnt have built them, but when projects go from 5mil to 15mil, there is definitely an element of “fcking ourselves over” that comes from it.

  27. Hmmmmm says:

    Folks, these results are a warning to the OBA. There is no mass defection to the OBA from the PLP which is what they need to win. David Sullivan’s 29 votes may notmean anything in the old stomping ground of Sir John Swan and Dr. Stubbs, but a third candidate in St. George’s South or Smtih’s West and even in Pettingill’s Warwick means they could lose seats. Wakey wakey guys…. this is not the result you needed.

    • Death to party politics says:

      The swing voter imho will determine this next election. I don’t think you’ll find any shifts of support one way or another. I think any disgruntled PLP supporters will abstain, before supporting the OBA. The black middle class swing voter( and the youth) will determine this thing.

    • Terry says:

      Right on Hmmmmm…Right on………..

      You’ll be singing a HYMNE pretty soon………………….during the ‘yoo-lut-jee’ of dee Peoples Loosin Party.

      As you were.

  28. Red Flag says:

    The reality of this is simple, the OBA enjoys the same support and backing as the UBP did. The result of the bye-election is evidence of that. Those voters elected the worst of the three candidates. Anyone can see that both the Independent and PLP candidate were better choices(it was even said by many of the voters) yet they chose Cannonier simply because he represents the status quo of the UBP now OBA. It was no surprise that he won as it was expected, however with the independent in the race one would have thought that if there was the slightest chance that the voters of C12 would make a fair decision based on the choices that it would have at least been displayed by more votes in his direction. But as was pro last night the historical divided is still very much alive. The people of C12 decided not to be a part of the change they wish to see. That is their right such is democracy. The OBA must be very careful when they speak of the need for change because until they can gather a support base that differs from their mother party ,then their calls for change will be nothing more then hypocritical rhetoric.

    • Enquiring says:

      Be careful what you wish for. It will be interesting to say the least to see how C6 votes in the next election. Shows the depths to which the talent pool has shrunk when we have a UBP elected MP in the role of PLP Tourism Minister. Looks as if renaming the UBP as PLP is not going to work.

  29. Terry says:

    The “Mother” only has two children left, God bless her.

    Time for a “C” section.

  30. Vance says:

    NO change,NO hope,NO solutions after 13 years of plp

  31. tricks are for kids..... says:

    PLP “out” OBA “in” get over it………

  32. Red Flag says:

    The PLP is far from out. All the OBA did was retain one of their seats. The PLP had nothing to lose in that bye-election. Try to keep up tricks are for kids.

  33. jumpy says:

    How can the PLP use the OBA is still the old UBP line when they just appointed the former leader of the UBP as Tourism Minister?

  34. JD says:

    If we look past the predictable juvenile spin by the PLP, the numbers actually show a bit of a problem for the ruling party. Now I’m not going to comment on abstentions, or turnout numbers, I’m just going to focus on raw percentages to demonstrate a possible problem for the PLP. This is not a perfect analysis, but this is a comments section after all.

    The PLP share of the total votes cast in Devonshire South Central went from 14% in 2007 down to 12% in 2011. This despite the fact that the PLP actually canvassed the constituency (I do not believe that his predecessors did this). The PLP actually put some effort into this constituency rather than ignoring it like they have in the past two elections.

    Despite this their share of the total votes dropped by 2%.

    Now imagine if Devonshire South Central had just 100 voters who all vote. In 2007 14 of these people voted PLP. This time around only 12 voted PLP – two PLP voters decided to vote for someone else. Again not much, but those 2 people represent 14% (2/14) of the PLP supporters who voted PLP in 2007 – the PLP lost 14% of their 2007 voters.

    So what happens on a national level if 14% of the people who voted PLP in 2007 decide to vote for someone else next time around?

    Well let’s imagine again that there are only 100 people in the whole of Bermuda who all vote. In 2007 53 of those people voted PLP. If 14% of these people decide to vote for someone else then you are left with only 46 people – only 46% of the total vote.

    A 14% loss of your voters in some of those swing constituencies might cause some serious problems.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Right. If this is such a disaster for the OBA, why does’t Cox sieze the moment and call an election?

      Instead of that she’s talking about hanging on to power for another year. That’s plenty of time for Ewart to pull strings, getting Cox kicked out and replaced by his friend….oh well, that’s another story….

  35. JUSTICE says:




    • LOL (original) says:



    • wowsa says:

      Hard , no , impossible , to find a bigger load of misinformed , hateful , inaccurate shyt anywhere on the web than that post .

      And the reason we’re in sucha a mess here is ’cause JUSTICE has so much dumb company ! It would be so nice if he was just an anomaly .

  36. JD says:

    Justice – So you think the UBP led the country down the drain for 30 years? Funny I remember 1998. I seem to recall that at that time the island had full employment, no gun crime, no debt, and a financial services industry that was the envy of the world. I’m pretty sure we were the richest place in the world as well, on a per capita basis.

    I would really like you to explain to me exactly how UBP actions in the 1990s led us to the current position we are in today. Oh and lets see if you can use specific examples rather than childish toilet and avalanche metaphors that don’t mean anything.

    You talk about a party being racist. This is a difficult thing to determine. However, if a party was pursuing a racist agenda that favoured one race over another, you would naturally expect that members of the unfavoured race would not want to be members of that party. As such if I was going to try and determine how racist a political party was I would start by comparing how the racial make up of the party’s representatives reflect the underlying racial make up of the country. If the party’s racial make up does not reflect the underlying make up of the electorate than this might be an indication of racism in the party. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Finally your “Obama is the PLP, Bush is UBP” analogy is off by over a decade. Paula is Obama and Ewart is Bush, would be more accurate. Bill Clinton was president in 1998.