Shooting In Southampton, No Injuries

November 26, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 11:00pm this evening [Nov.26], police attended a residential area in the Riviera Estate, Southampton area, by the Railway Trail, responding to what we unofficially understand was a shooting.

There are numerous police officers in the area presently, with at least five police vehicles parked in the road. Officers can be seen searching the area with flashlights, and the forensic unit arrived on the scene shortly before midnight.

Unofficial reports indicate that multiple shots may have been fired in the direction of a residence where a social gathering was taking place at the time.

We are awaiting an official police statement and will update as able, however we unofficially understand that no one has been reported injured at this time.

Update 1:55am: A police spokesman said “Around 11pm on Saturday, November 26th police responded to a report of gunshots in the Railway Trail, Southampton area.

“Forensic evidence found suggested that a firearm had been discharged; however no one has reported being injured. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.

“Any witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the main police number 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-8477.”

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  1. Razor says:

    Thug life!

    • True Bermudian says:

      There are no thugs in Bermuda.
      Just little pansies who think they are hard and want to act and dress like they are in a music video while they live at home with their mommies.

      Wake up call useless Bermy wannabe gangsters: Bermuda is only 14,300 acres. You idiot gang members are media slaves fighting over nothing.

      Enjoy being stereotypes.

      • white Christ says:

        Eh Em, thugs are exactly what you described “little pansies……….”. Don’t glorify thugism or gangsterism. Calling them wannabess gives the impression that somehow they are not the real thing and the real thing is a respectable thing while in actual fact, real gangsters are cowards and pansies. These guys are real gangsters.

  2. Allison Ackerman says:

    So very sad to see all the shootings over there; Breaks my heart.

  3. Mama Mia says:

    no one seems in shock that we have a headless officer?

  4. Myth says:

    Like a cancer, a community turning on and killing itself…

  5. The police report mention that this shooting occurred on the railway trail; does this mean that, unlike your ‘unofficial’ report, the shots were not directed at a residence?

  6. Are you serious!!! says:

    Hey Mr.Furbert,

    Do you think that this should have been reported? What about the stabbing that took place at Swizzle @7:40pm last night? Anyone could have been there. Instead of all of us criticising and chastising the culprits, you chose to try and hide the truth.

    Definition of Insanity: “A person that does the same thing every day expecting a different result”. Try something new. It’s obvious your current daily plan ain’t working!!!

    • Ross says:

      Are you serious.? Apples and oranges..

    • PEPPER says:

      Wayne Furbert,is all about himself, and we are all sick and tired of this man .. my hope for a change is people like Mark Bean,who is not afraid of telling us like it is BS from this young minister.

  7. Michael H Dunkley says:

    I am most disappointed to learn of another shooting last night.
    While the BPS work hard to do their job we as a community need to stand up and say enough is enough and really mean it. Together we can stop this rot and together we must! Minister Furbert was upset that the newspaper had a big story on the front page about the murder rate on the island and of course this is not the type of news we want to see. But it is real and until we all play are part in rebuilding our community piece by piece and step by step we should expect headlines we do not like.
    We live in a very small community, we are all linked in one way or another and thus we can all play some small part in the “radiation treatment” we require to cure this cancer. In the first instance after this incident, or any incident, we need to work with the Police or Crime Stoppers to help investigate a matter and allow the offenders to be brought to justice. Then we need to reach out to those who are “off the tracks” and help get them back. No longer can we afford to turn our heads when we see someone in our family or neighborhood doing things that are out of line.
    Each one of us can play a part to help save Bermuda and it is past time we did so.

    • The Doctor says:

      Stop the talking and CUT the cancer out. Listen to your Doctor.
      BPS stop lolly gagging you know who the shooters are and where the guns are. You also know who and when they are arriving on the island. SO lets CUT the corruption and lets clean up the island because if not we are all sunk.
      SORT IT OUT !!

    • So clueless says:

      Your not going to be curing anything because you don’t know what is causing it. When you do find out, there will be nothing you can do because its a global initiative and Bermuda is too small to fight it along. The only thing Bermuda can do is hold out for as long as possible until one of the bigger countries puts a stop to this global virus.

    • PEPPER says:

      Michael. in all honesty do you think that those who are “off the tracks”want to be back on track ? so how do you think we can reach out to these loosers ?
      I hate to say it but you are living in la la land…you say each one of us can help save Bermuda….not when they have guns pointed at us …..

  8. Citizen Banned says:

    Swizzle drive by. Why am I surprised?

  9. The One (Original) says:

    @are you serious. Are you serious?

  10. STEWEY BABCOCK says:

    Someone forgot to report the gunshots heard all day coming from the Warwick Camp area ..

  11. CYGNET says:

    I have noticed people are using the word CANCER a lot to describe shootings, stabbings etc. It is distasteful for those who are going through cancer, cancer survivors and their family members. It would be most appreciated if the word CANCER could be used in a positive and uplifting way. Thank you. I am a 3 year and 25 day survivor.

    • wondering says:

      Sorry about your illness and glad you are still here. This is a form of social cancer that is attacking the core our society. No insult was intended.

  12. Ross says:

    What an opportunistic and clear political post. Sad,

  13. So clueless says:

    Southampton all ways in the news. I wonder why? slackness breeds slackness. so many confused kids infected by the confused bigger kids. Well they let go of the Bible.

  14. Triangle Drifter says:


    It will continue until the people who see what is going on actually report, give statments & appear in court.

    I was in a small US town recently, not unlike Bermuda where people know people directly or indirectly.

    Keeping it short, theft case, known drug user, previous conviction, family tried to protect him, found guilty.

    The net result is that because the family, father in particular, tried to protect his son, the communuty is treating them as outcasts, refusing contact or doing business with him.

    This is a place where, until recently, people did not feel the need to lock doors if out for the day or take keys out of vehicle ignitions.

  15. george says:

    this shooting happened so close to me, i would have heard the shots if my tv wasn’t on

    • So clueless says:

      That’s a part of the problem.
      In old Bermuda old fokes used to be on the porch listening to the radio or reading a book. Overseeing every thing out side while greeting passing neighbors. I dont even watch Tv no more it just full of global crap.

  16. James says:

    The animals are acting up again!!!

  17. Stop the madness says:

    So senseless, when a gathering was taking place to celebrate the birthday of one who had passed away a year ago and you got fools up there shooting outside the house of a dead man.

    • PEPPER says:

      Michael dunkley say’s we need to reach out to help these thugs !!!! how about reaching out and helping the family of these poor victims that these thugs that have destroyed ? where is the help for them Dunkley ?

  18. A real PRISON says:

    I’m not saying this will work but it’s a start. In most prisons in the USA the guys are locked down 23 hours a day. The West Gate Prison is a Hotel for wannabe gansters. Also most prison in the USA, well lets just say these little punks would be someones girl when they step in and the only way to survive is to change your name from Charles in to Cherry. Trust me you tell any man he’s going San Quentin State Prison in California they would think twice about pulling any trigger.

    These guys need to fear going to prison in Bermuda. In the end they are eating better meals then you and I tonight! It’s almost like a dailey brunch.

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    I went past San Quentin Prison on the ferry last year. Like Westgate & Casemates it is on a hill overlooking San Francisco Bay. Fearsom looking place. Like Casemates from down in the boatyard. Nothing nice looking about it at all.

  20. Ugly Truth says:

    Tru Bermudian.. U talk pretty tough behind the internet walls. but in reality, u know what these beys are about. Dont make sense calling ppl pansies when they the ones killin ya brotha or ur friend. these boys dont act.. They adept. Aint nothing in bermuda for bermudians. Nuff said. Things are goin according to plan for the ppl who run this island. Tuff guy

  21. Not Again! says:

    George, I did hear the shots!! And so did my 10 year old son who is now so scared he is refusing to go outside to play!!!! So to the infected hemorrhoid who felt it necessary to shoot off a gun in a residential neighborhood I ask you, how does it feel to scare little kids? Does this make you feel like a man? Well news flash, you aren’t a man, you are a coward. A real man wouldn’t hide behind darkness or a bandanna… A real man would walk away. A real man would protect thier family and friends. A real man would know that violence isn’t the answer. A real man would want to protect and nuture and teach his childern to be respectful and honest and honorable!

    • george says:

      thats too bad, until the powers that be go hardcore in cleaning this country.

      • Not Again! says:

        Agreed! However, its the people that need to take a stand as well. What we all forget is that the government works for US!!! We, the law abiding people of Bermuda, need to start demanding action!

  22. Michael H Dunkley says:

    @ Pepper…please read clearly what I have written or said in the past. I have always called for the fullest enforcement of the law and also called for an Operation Ceasefire Bermuda to not only support the Police in doing their job but also to deal with the front end and the back end of the problem. In other words see the signs of trouble and deal with them proactively.
    And yes Pepper there are those that are “off the tracks” that do want to get back! This is where Operation Ceasefire’s have been successful with the carrot and stick approach.
    Pepper I pain like any proud Bermudian when one of our brothers or sisters is shot, I have grieved with the families and sadly our community quickly forgets the suffering families but the pain never goes away for them. You are correct on this point.

  23. Stephen says:

    The only way to prevent crime is to get rid of these thugs somehow. It’s very unlikely that these thugs could act normal in any society, after living a life filled with crime. Drastic as it may sound, the percentage for rehabilitation is minimal. So sometimes you have to get rid of some of them…a job for the polie to do.