Video: Tribute To Victims Of Violence

November 24, 2011

Bermuda singer Mona Li$a has released hip hop requiem to all the victims of gun violence on the island.

Earlier this year Mona Li$a, aka Simona Eversley, recorded “Island Not The Same” after her cousin Jahmiko Leshore was shot multiple times in Devonshore, sustaining mortal wounds.

His girlfriend was pregnant at the time, and gave birth to their son a few days after Mr. Leshore’s murder.

Mona Li$a, who presently attends college in Chicago, traveled back to Bermuda for her cousin’s funeral, and said it returning home was a bittersweet experience.

In her earlier track, Mona Li$a sang about the social and cultural changes she has seen take place in  Bermuda since she moved to the US in 1998:  “Tell me what this is, this isn’t the place I once lived/Ten years the Police didn’t even have guns/Now everyone is running around with one …”

And her new song “Circle Of Life” — while inspired in part by her cousin’s tragic death — is a more personal cry from the heart, dedicated not only to Mr. LeShore’s memory but to all those who have lost their lives during Bermuda’s recent spate of gun violence.

“My message is to mainly for the young people to show them, that there are other means of living instead of fighting and killing each other,” Mona Li$a said. “That’s the reason I wrote ‘Circle of Life’.

Official ‘Circle of Life’ Music Video

“As you may have already assumed, I was inspired by ‘The Lion King’. Long story short, during my stay in Bermuda recently, Magnum Productions and I had finished recording ‘Island Not The Same’ ,” she continued.

“The same night I wrote ‘Circle of Life’ in Jahmiko’s room with the TV powered on but the volume muted. The movie trailer to ‘The Lion King’ was showing every 25 minutes, which got me thinking. I created the chorus first and the rest is history! The music video was edited by myself.”

Mona Li$a said the video features Jahmiko Leshore’s friends and families as well as scenes at his grave and the Pembroke neighbourhood where he grew up.

“But this song is dedicated to ALL — and I mean ALL — victims of gun violence in Bermuda,” she said. “I wish for peace and serenity on my island and i pray that my music will have a positive affect on everyone no matter what their age, gender or skin colour!

“Because at the end of the day we are all one, we were made by one Creator and when we die we will return to him.”

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  1. Devonshire Familia says:


  2. Debbie Smith says:

    Great Video and message Mona Li$a.

  3. barracuda says:

    Beautiful voice .

  4. Onelovenohate says:

    Keep doing your thing Mona Li$a enjoy your music hope it touches the masses!

  5. eastside says:

    Big up lushis….. 42 / esc to di worl………

  6. Nice! says:

    Hottttttt!!! Enjoyed this!!!

  7. True Dat says:

    I just feel like crying..
    i miss seeing all these guys :’(

  8. Good Job! says:

    This was absolutely beautiful!!

  9. Mona Li$a says:

    Thank you for the love and support! REACH ONE TEACH ONE, that’s all I am trying to do! Life is to precious to be living the way we be living!! I Just want the old Bermuda back!

    Don’t miss Sunday Nov. 27th Episode of Tha Underground Radio show for the Exclusive interview with the artist behind “CIRCLE OF LIFE” LIVE on Power 95 and streaming LIVE on 5pm #TeamBermuda #TeamChicago

  10. Lovely says:

    A wonderful video!!! Keep up the work local artists!

  11. ESC says:

    Big up to the Leshore family love u like life. Only time will tell. Soon come me bredren trust me!

  12. Damita LeShore says:

    Miko I will love you all the days of my life. And I will be there for your son as long as I live. You were a wonderful son and I miss you soooo muuuch.

  13. Rapp Bermy!! says:

    really good!!