3rd Budo Cup Championships Results

December 17, 2011

The 3rd Budo Cup Kumite Championships took place inside the Bermuda High School for Girls [BHS] Gymnasium today [Dec.17]. The official World Karate Federation [WKF] event saw Azzaria Mouchette, Ayden Gardener, Daeshun Smith, Trey Vance, William Attridge, Ravi Cannonier and Soleil Richardson all win their division.


Full results:

Boys 4-5:

1. Ayden Gardener

Boys 5-6:

1. Daeshun Smith
2. Quayan Watson
3. Thomas Attridge
- Joshia Eve
- Cameron Roper

Boys 7-8 Years:

1. Trey Vance
2. Ravi Cannonier
3. Justice Hammer
- Mason Swan
- Sebastian Todd
- J’Kai Berkeley
- Alessio Pinardi
- Ajani Richardson

Boys 9-10 Years:

1. William Attridge

Boys Open:

1. Ravi Cannonier
2. William Attridge
3. Trey Vance

Girls 5-6 Years:

1. Soleil Richardson

Girls 7-8 Years:

1. Azzaria Mouchette
2. Danni Watson
3. Shuntea Dove

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  1. proud father says:

    Congrats to the kids! They all competed very well and displayed great sportsmanship.