Videos: Two Onions Drop To Bring In 2012

December 31, 2011

[Updated] As the countdown to 2012 began, Onions were hoisted and ready to drop in both St George’s and Hamilton.

Both the central and eastern locations were filled with New Year’s Eve revelers hours before midnight, and both had illuminated Onions hanging above the crowds which were dropped to mark the official beginning of the New Year.

The Hamilton Onion is pictured on top, and the St. George’s Onion is pictured above, with a quick video of it dropping at midnight below:

A video of the Hamilton Onion dropping at midnight is below:

Update: A photo gallery of the two events can be found here.

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  1. Timothy Hickey says:

    Happy New Year and may God bless the wonderful people of Bermuda!! Here’s hoping for a better and prosperous 2012 for “MY” Island :)
    Deltona, USA.

  2. Mussel Pie says:

    Happy New Year Bermy!

  3. Talk2mestr8 says:

    Disappointed! The onion did not drop in Hamilton….it was eased down around 1am…but the night was fun!! Happy New Year Bermuda!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      It is the Bermudaa way, late & slow. We even make time slow down to Eastern Standard time.


  5. FloridaGuest says:

    May we all be blessed in 2012 with health and prosperity and respect for each other, Happy New Year Bermuda.

  6. united says:

    Happy New Year Bermuda and its wonderful people. May God bless the island with peace, prosperity and JOBS for all that seek it.

  7. carol says:

    That person who said onion droped at 1a.m. must hve been one of the stupid young people tht cant tell time it was right on 12a.m. when the onion droped. and pleas people tell all the young ittle girls with bottles up to the heeads and short skirts on stay home next time

  8. age concern says:

    tell the young people go some were else to many with no adult and police allows them tp drink in public no good

    • Young Person says:

      @age concern

      Please, before you post anything check your grammar and spelling.

      Much love
      Happy New Year!!!! :)

      P.S. Some where is actually spelled somewhere and the word to, well I think you meant to spell it this way …. “too”.

  9. St.D says:

    Thanks goes out to the St. George’s New Year’s Eve committee. They did a fantastic job on a shoe string budget. Wonderful family atmosphere. Bar was located on Ordnance Island and security made sure drinks did not walk back onto the Square. Crowd filled the Square for the the count down. What a fantastic way to begin 2012!

  10. freddyg says:

    Happy New Year BERMUDA !!!!