Court Stops Digicel Long Distance Case

December 15, 2011

Yesterday [Dec.14] Chief Justice Richard Ground stopped the trial over Digicel’s new long distance service, ruling the dispute should be heard by the Telecommunications Commission.

A statement issued by Digicel last night said, “Today’s proceedings were disappointing for Digicel and Transact in that the planned trial never took place as planned. Numerous concerted applications were made by Cellone, Telebermuda and by the AG this morning which were all designed to prevent the proceedings from commencing or being concluded before the Chief Justice.

“Whilst the Chief Justice summarily dismissed the previous applications made by these Parties, he decided this afternoon that the matter ought to be remitted to the Telecoms Commission at the first instance.

“It is important to note that there was no determination of the legality of Digicel’s and Transact’s long distance service and that no party was found to be right or wrong. Instead, the Chief Justice has stated he will not make a ruling until the matter has been heard first by the Telecommunications Commission.

“Obviously, Digicel would have preferred that the case was fully heard in order to provide closure on the matter which will likely now be dragged out further by our competitors who have a clear will to delay any outcome in the near future.

“This delay is not in the interest of the public who clearly appreciate the competition Digicel has created and the desire the value we have bought to the long distance market.”

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