Shooting: Police Appeal For Witnesses

December 18, 2011

This morning [Dec.18] the Bermuda Police Service issued an update on yesterday’s shooting outside Gravity Nightclub on North Shore, and appealed for anyone who may have been in the area to contact them.

The victim, a 24-year-old man, was shot multiple times in his back, shoulder and arms.

As of last night, he was listed as stable in the ICU, and this morning the police said his injuries are “considered serious.”

The police said they “believe the shooting may have occurred around 3:15am Saturday, albeit calls were made later to the police.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Serious Crime Unit is investigating the circumstances where a 24 year old Pembroke man was shot multiple times outside the Gravity nightclub, on North Shore Road, Devonshire.

“The victim suffered injuries to his back, shoulder and arms, and they are considered serious. The shooting occurred sometime between 3:15am and 3:20am Saturday, December 17th.

“Investigators have examined the identified crime scene for evidence, and are speaking with area residents and other witnesses.

“We are particularly interested in speaking to anyone that may have been at Gravity nightclub Friday night, and anyone travelling on this stretch of North Shore Road around the time of the shooting.

“Detectives believe the shooting may have occurred around 3:15am Saturday, albeit calls were made later to the police.

“Recent cases before the courts have demonstrated the benefit of people coming forward and assisting the police to bring dangerous offenders to justice.

“In this matter, we are urging anyone that has information or evidence that can bring these criminals to justice to make Bermuda safer – to contact the Serious Crime Unit, or the Crime Stoppers hotline.

“Information received will be dealt with in absolute confidence on 247-1079 or 800-8477.”

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Comments (11)

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  1. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Bermuda Xmas Spirit 2012….shots everywhere^^

    • Truth (Original) says:

      The problem is our insistence of removing Christ from everything ..even the Xmas.

  2. Listen to what the man says:

    A few young thugs are ruining our island more a certain ex Premier could ever have dreamed of.

    • Terry says:

      All part of the plan.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Wonder how life is out on Marthas Vinyard? Sorry… It is winter. That house is locked up till April. Time to be at the Turks & Caicos condo or maybe cruising warmer climes somewhere in the world.

  3. mr. young guy says:

    It’s expected that all these violent incidents will only get worst and no real attention will be given until it’s a politician, cop, innocent child, or someone with enough cash value behind them to be considered as high importance. I have lost a close friend to these senseless crimes. All these criminals walk next to us, buy products from us, and contribute to society just like the rest of us and most times we even know who they really are. My faith in this system is non-existent and my reasons speak for themselves aloud in the headlines everyday. It’s time to be real with each other on every level possible before we can really make a decision on how to approach this overwhelming violence.

  4. The road to hell says:

    Bermuda – Another Ghetto… the grief continues unabated

  5. BadGirl turn Good says:

    My question is “If you have a target on ya back why even go out in a public place?” Anddd “If you do why wait until the club is closed and everyone has left to go home” Aint no witnesses if no one was dur, not even staff. SMH Live by d gun die by the gun. Sad to say these boys KNOW what they done and KNOW why they being targeted. Aint no solution besides this and the Next generation findn something constructive, positive and appealing for their time rather than think that proving that they part of a gang make them a man. PPL grow ya children to be leaders and not followers. As a community we can’t blame our society for our sons. The village scenerio from aunts uncles, cousins, neighbour etc is gone out the door and now the “village” has turned to “gangs”. Parents don’t have time for their children cuz they to busy payn bills, yes we can blame partial on gov because they allowed these none academic boys to look elsewhere for acceptance rather than a trade or skill like we use to have woodwork, metalwork etc in classes. Gov allowed them to think if it aint no good grades the street is the only way. Fact of the matter is,night clubs, roads, theaters etc will neva be safe as long as “targets are on ppl backs” We neva know “or do we know” who we standn next to. NOWHERE in this island is safe.

  6. Gravity Night Club says:

    Gravity Night Club bends over backwards to secure its patrons by providing a minimum of 6 security guards a night which enforce physical searches and use of metal detectors. 2 of these security guards are actually Bermuda Police Officers. (Bermuda Laws require 1 guard per 50 patrons Gravity hires 1 guard every 20). Gravity Night Club also provides 24 hour CCTV to ensure all standards are met and adhered to by the Liquor License authority and Bermuda Police. Over the history of Gravity the Club has had absolutely NO citations from the Bermuda Police and welcome nightly patrols inside and around the premises. On busy nights as a PROACTIVE tactic the club will request the Bermuda Police presence at 2:45 to allows a safe and speedy dispersal of the crowd at 3am to afford less hindrance to our neighbors and safety of our patrons.
    The club has only had one incident of which the police and ambulance was requested however this was due to a patrons own negligence of their individual health condition.

    With all this said this is obviously the reason why patrons frequent our club and respect the premises once entered, we uphold a NO TOLERENCE to IGNORANCE atmosphere and any party will end if the crowd is disrespectful a dollar is not worth a life. However Gravity Night Club CAN NOT protect its patrons once they have left the premises and unfortunately and it is sad to say these gunman know where to find their victims when they leave home to enjoy a night out and these victims also know that they are targets.

    Gravity is the ONLY NIGHT Club on the island of which provides a safe atmosphere inside the premises. We are the ONLY NIGHT club left on the island which plays 100% reggae music and provide this standard of protocols. We are highly commended by BDA Police for our standards.

    We provide the best safety and atmosphere for our patrons however once our events are over and the patrons have left our club we can not secure them anymore.

    As with any other venue we anticipate our patrons arrive home safely after a good, fun night.

    We are extremely sorry that the gun violence plagued by this island has deterred patrons from enjoying a good night out @ Gravity unfortunately this is beyond our control.

  7. BadGirl turn Good says:

    Gravity Night Club I applaud you, obviously ya doing ya part FULLY to protect us. I will give you my hard earned dollars any day. We all know these idiots are being targeted so why are they hanging out around decent people?

    I’ve seen a list of all the shooting island wide and it looks like none of the Gravity shootings was ride/drive by’s, All the shots at gravity as I can read was ppl being directly shot at close range. yup so the shooters find out wur the victim is. smh

    Stay ya assses home if you got target on ya back. I wanna enjoy my xmas dammit

  8. andre says:

    What more do we expect BPS to do?