Videos: 2011 CedarBridge Christmas Play

December 7, 2011

Students of the CedarBridge Drama Department presented “Santa’s Pink Suit,” a family comedy written and directed by Patricia Nesbitt this past weekend [Dec.2].

The play opened with a scene on May 24th when Bermudians celebrate Bermuda Day and ends on Christmas Eve. On Bermuda Day, Mrs. Claus learns she is two months pregnant, and Santa is concerned that he may have to cancel Christmas to be available for the baby’s delivery.

An unexpected visit by Santa’s Uncle throws the house into a bit of commotion, which is increased when it comes to light that Mama Claus is having triplets.

Santa was played by Dante Durham, with Mama Claus played by Olievia Martins. Maya Tucker played Nursey Elf, Ndavyah Williams played Uncle livE, Stacey Lee Smith played Yardie Elf, Rokaii Burch played Grumpy Elf, Kalea Steede played Molly Elf and Mikaela O’Brien played Dolly Elf.

Jessica Andrade played Nicey Elf, Reshay Trott played Chef Elf, Jazmyne Kristoff played Dorrie Elf, ShyYnne Postlewaite played Greeny Elf, Tajun Gibbons played Smarty Elf and Deleon Brangman played Baby Elf. Aalai Wolffe played Whiny Elf, Anaya Wilson played Nuisance Elf, Yeh-Shen Bartley played Prissy Elf and doctors included Jahleea Ible-Burchall, Shundray Gilbert and Jeremy Smith. Numerous other students took part as stagehands, light assistants and more.

Part #1:

Part #2:

Part #3:

Part #4:

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  1. Rapp Bermy!! says:

    Really good CedarBridge!! We Bermudians should have our own Bermudian soaps/drama/comedy TV shows but only played in Bermy, lol think about it our own slang and jokes, that would be class!! i would watch the shows everyday n support it.. al we need is roles, characters, good camera crew, planing the episodes. We can use a building that is not being used, a town or neighborhood.. the shows can be base on the way that town or neighborhood lives/rolls n handle problems, whos cheating on who, as the weeks go by we can bring up what happened in the news n everday talk, it would be chill cuz only Bermudians would kno n understand, we can talk about diff parts of Bermy 100% Bermudian style n footage, keep up the good work i really enjoyed it!! Bermuda we can put ourselves on the map if we work together!! :}


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