Four Teens Charged With Street Brawl

January 5, 2012

In Plea Court this morning [Jan.5], four teenagers who were allegedly involved in a street fight outside the Magistrates Court and Police building on Court Street appeared to face charges.

The four were Sanchea Douglas [16] and Jaquii DeSilva [17] both said to be from Curving Avenue in Pembroke; along with Trey Simons [18] and Deunte Darrell [19] both said to be from Somerset.

The charges were that they had taken part in a fight and that they were in possession of offensive weapons; namely their crash helmets. The offensive weapon charge had the added pack of taking place within an Increased Penalty Zone – within 50 metres of the daycare facility at St Paul’s AME Church.

Douglas and DeSilva, neither of whom was represented, pleaded guilty to each charge. Simons and Darrell, both represented by lawyer Edward Bailey, pleaded not guilty to each charge.

Giving the facts for the two guilty pleas, Crown Prosecutor Susan Mulligan told Senior Magistrate Archie Warner that the four men had been seen fighting outside the Court building yesterday [Jan.4].

When Police intervened, the four men had continued to engage with one another an Police reinforcements were needed to eventually stop the fight. The four were then taken to Hamilton Police Station where they were processed.

Asked by the Magistrate if he had “anything to say”, Douglas said “No”. The Magistrate asked again; “You don’t want to say anything?” Douglas stayed silent. The same question put to DeSilva elicited this response: “I’m sorry for my actions.”

The Senior Magistrate ordered Social Inquiry Reports for Douglas and DeSilva and remanded them to the COED facility until they e-appear for sentencing on 16th February 2012.

Lawyer Ed Bailey argued for bail for his two clients and was successful. The Senior Magistrate granted Simons and Darrell bail of $2,000 each with one like Surety; and also set the bail condition that they must agree to wear electronic ankle bracelets that would monitor their locations.

The Magistrate then ordered that they were to remain at their stated residences all day each day until they return to Court for trial on Thursday 12th January 2012.

The Magistrate warned that they had the option of abiding by that restriction or staying close to home but inside Westgate Correctional Facility.

Darrell’s mother asked if Darrell could be allowed to get to the Bermuda College in order to take an exam. The Magistrate allowed this and altered the bail conditions permitting Darrell to be away from his residence between 4:00pm and 10:00pm on the day of the exam in order to take the exam.

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  1. Serious Though says:

    why, why why why! it is worthy !

  2. You aint serious? says:

    Suppose to be some big time guy & you got ya MOMMY begging !! Ohh can he go take the exam. !!! Puhh !! Stop using the College to potray a good Person !!

    Face the FACTS !!

  3. Family says:

    They need to ask themselves was it really worth it. Because to me it is just total Disrespect and half the time not even worth it.

  4. Notorious says:

    How idiotic do you have to be to fight in front of a police station/court building? Then to have your mommy beg the judge to let you take an exam. Pathetic.

  5. Please says:

    What wrong with you people? I am sure you were in some kind of fights when you were young? Okay yes it was stupid to fight in front of the Police Station, but it is not like they were trying to kill each other. Come on was a fight and they did use helmets, but not knives or GUNS! I am also sure his mother was not asked by him to say what she said!

    • Notorious says:

      What’s wrong with you? They didn’t use knives or guns because they didn’t have any, you think they wouldn’t use them if they had them? They had helmets and used them so why would you think they wouldn’t? Violence is out of control in this country people are fed up with these lil bastards being a menace to society. Not everyone fought when they were young either. 16,17,18 and 19 is not that young they know better. Bunch of hoodlums.

    • tricks are for kids..... says:

      @ “please” finally somebody has said it.. “I am sure you were in some kind of fights when you were young?” ..SOME of the people that post on this site act as if they have never done anything wrong..but this can’t be right because that would make them perfect..and at last check no one is perfect…..Granted that yes maybe they should not have fought outside Court/Police Station …but come on if they were hit really would “reflex action” say “Ooops can’t hit you here I’m standing outside court?”..If someone hits you, reflexes will cause you to strike back…it is easy to sit and type a response to what you have read, but to be actually IN THE SITUATION is a whole differemt can of worms….If someone hits me I am going to hit them back, not because I am disrepecting myself or my parents (Mom RIP..Love you!) but simply because I have the right to defend myself…..

      • OMG says:

        And there in lies the problem – walk away. Young hoods – and stupid to be outside of the Police Station.

        • tricks are for kids..... says:

          No the problem is people like you who act all high and mighty like you have never done anything wrong…SOMETIMES it is easier said then done….its easy to SAY walk away….but it doesn’t always work out that way…You can TEACH that method, yes, but in certain circumstances defending yourself is warranted….if YOU are going to ‘walk away’ as someone is thrashing you with a crash helmet than more power to you..I am an adult female, well educated, great job,have a husband, have a house, I know right from wrong the whole nine yards but I also know that if I feel threatened than I have the RIGHT to defend myself….

          • Finally left! says:

            you’re opinion on self defense i can agree with,


            for one, while you keep mentioning self defense if someone attacks you, SOMEONE had to start the fight. What is your opinion of them?

            for another, somehow i doubt this was simply a baseless attack. With 4 involved is it not somewhat more believable that it was probably escalated from a battle of words? if so, it is not simply defense if both sides were antagonizing each other.

          • Mad Dawg says:

            You’re defending a bunch of violent idiots who like nothing better than to have brawls in the street. Lock them up for as long as possible.

            • SMH says:

              This is the same idiot who was representing Bermuda in Cricket & got caught drinking etc. while on tour !! Tired of people defending those who do wrong !!

          • drock says:

            Some peeps just talk because they have a mouth. there is a certain group that think that they can do whatever in the city limits and they attack those who are not from town. Nuff said!!

    • William Williamson says:

      Everyone has been in a fist fight on the playground in primary or high school. This clearly wasn’t on the playground nor were there only fists used. The same fools who beat people with helmets n bike locks when I was 16/17 r the same fools that chopped people with machetes when I was in my early 20s n are now the same fools at the center of the gun violence that has gripped our island in my mid to late 20s. The only difference is that knives n machetes are skipped out now. A bar fight gets you shot at a couple days later these days. You can’t say you didn’t see it coming. Lack of education, no ambition, no jobs, violent behavior, shrinking drug profits. Is a perfect storm to create what we presently see and I can’t say we have seen the worst of it.

      • Railway says:

        Please do not speak for me — “Everyone has been in a fist fight on the playground in primary or high school” …. I have NEVER been involved in a fist fight at any age. Even at a young age I knew how stupid that sort of behaviour was.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      SHUT UP!!…its people like you that should be imprisoned for enabling this behaviour that we are trying to eradicate ….draconian methods work the best in deterring draconian behaviors…if these children wanna fight let them fight against fighters…whether YOU like it or not they need to be beaten to within inches of their lives and then once they heal ask them if they want a second round…i’d love to hear thier response to that question …lmfao.

    • Rick Rock says:

      No, actually. I never in my entire life had a street brawl.

      What passes for “normal” and “acceptable” these days is, by most people’s standards, disgusting behavior.

      • Hmmm says:

        I’ve never been in a fist fight either.

        I don’t see what an ankle bracelet is going to prove. That he can’t go where he wants to go when he wants to go?? That’s what his mama is for. I guess the next time the kids want to fight at the bus terminal the courts will dish out the trendy ankle bracelets, before you know it, everyone will want to have one. -_____-

  6. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    Just one more thing that may bring the gangs together as one would be to invite a real gang here from uugghh…where ever and give them free reign to travel the island and teach these children what it REALLY means to be terrorized in your own yard…i bet the town n country rivals would become family once again to try and keep the visiting gang from taking over thier turfs…it may give them a valuable lesson in Unity,

    • Be honest says:

      How about we just eradicate ALL gangs by genuinely stomping out illegal drugs and guns?! How about we actually teach our children moral boundaries again and the respect for God, life, and property that has been on a downward spiral?! Why dont we truly hold parents more accountable for their childs action up until about the age of 15 or 16? Why doesn’t the dept. of education hold teachers to a higher standard instead of allowing almost entire classes to fail at the hands of inadequate educators? Why dont we all stop compromising the strength of what we all know is the right thing to do in every area of our lives in Bda?! This mess we are in is a result if compromise, deaf ears, blind eyes and a lack of moral stalwartness! Like it or not, if we want an end to this bottom of the barrel behaviour then moral weakness or compromise must be driven out.

  7. a person who thinks says:

    Can u atleast think about the fact that one of the parties were defending themselves. If your walking in town and somebody comes swinging at u are u going to be stupid to stand there and say ‘oh this isn’t right’ let me not fight. One of the guys happens to be my cousin and he was going to pay off something in town. So for all you ignorant people who ‘ass’umed they went there to fight, you would need to shut the hell up and get the facts. That’s what’s wrong with u goddamn bermudians!

  8. unknown says:

    you guys are serious? im 18 myself…youths are the way they are because thats what the society makes us look like…its not youth children its the parents that dont show them as much attention and love then others…when youths join gangs it is to find some sort of love and protection which they dont get from their parents. its no such thing as bad children only bad parents because the children look up to the elderly…if we see older people do things we think its okay to do the same…maybe the elderly of bermuda should step up on trying to expend their knowledge and experience throughout the island

    • Jo Public says:

      I agree, this island is saddly full of mothers and fathers that spend no time pareting and leading by example and only show affection, and attention when their kids are on the way to court. Please note that I am in no way suggesting that EVERY teeneager that gets in trouble does not have loving parents…some kids are misled, and follow the wrong crowd despite what they have been told. I was at times a real paid in the arse, however my parents led by example and I knew two things for sure if I was ever thrown in jail. My mother always said, don’t waste your one phone call from jail calling home for help so I knew if I got myself in trouble I had to get myself out of it. I also know that there were serious consequences if I ever disrespected someone of authority or an elder in the community.

  9. Young Bermudian says:

    i am 15 years old, & i just wanted to tell everyone that put up a negative comment on this site about these four guys…..NONE of you other than fmaily &friends REALLY KNOWS what happend…the news DONT tell the whole story & all you bermudians have your stupid comment blamin us young people for everything we do! everything in our lives is different from when you was our age. dont go around saying “when i was your age..blahh blahh blahh” because if you havnt realized THIS IS NOT THE 20th Centry!!!!! TIMES HAVE CHANGED!! Your STUPID COMMENTS are doing nothing but making us worst, none of you can say that back in your day times was different because everyone still had guns, everyone had knives & everyone had something worthy to become ah weapon…u dont know if the somerset boys was trying to defend thereselves or not! because most of those lil parkside boys look for as much passa as they can to TRY n seem hard when everyone knows they aint….all the young people in gangs do is look up to the elderly! I’ve personally heard storie of my grandfather n his bestfriend who use to chase people with spears & crossbows,…idk about you but thats some sick ish! soo for every young bermudian…i’m just going to say pleasee shut up :|

    • GBDA says:

      When you are trying to make a point young person, it always helps to use proper grammar and spelling. Also telling people to shut up does not help your case. It is sad to see the way island youth are turning out. I do blame a lot of it on the parents because 9 times out of 10 the people committing these STUPID and SILLY crimes have parents that are just as ignorant as they are. I am the mother of a beautiful 3 year old boy and you better believe I will not let him turn out like these silly little twits!

      • common sense says:

        ya ya ya GBDA….. That song again. Doesnt matter what background u come from, lucifer was once an angel!!!!

  10. Reunited says:

    @ Young Bermudian you are absolutely correct, Us older Parents need to understand that times have definetly changed. Back in the days it was all about love and respect for one another, pants where not hanging off your butts, girls had more respect for man. An in these times it is just very fast pace. I remember catching the bus going to school meeting Country people, East people, people from all over the Island and it was nothing but unity. But as long as people come on to Bernews and talk nothing but negative and try to understand that times are not the way they use to be and try to work on making Bermuda like it use to be friendly, clean, joyful, respect for one another then we are to blame as well because they are looking for positive comments not bashing someone you don’t even know off or even what they are going through in there lives. Like maybe there fathers are incarceratated and have never played a part in their lives also it takes a man to raise a man so don’t forget that it takes two parents.

    • united says:

      How can anybody take anything good about a bunch of punks beating each other senseless? The thugs, punks and ill behaved kids should have been spanked as children or CANED in school as I was and many along with me. Spare the rod, spoil the child. All this social engineering got us all here. Take God, self respect, respect for others out of schools and everywhere else what do you expect?! Bermuda still has time to correct her ills but it needs to be done right away. The people fighting were protecting their turf? What? It sounds kind of tribal to me, like some uncivil place. I know Bermuda is still a haven for well behaved, smartly dressed, smiling people waving to everyone. Please Bermuda get back to that era. It doesn’t mean regression. Just because the world progresses doesn’t mean we become unhinged and uneducated or rude.
      About the pants half way down their back side, many don’t know what that means or where it originated. It has to do with the penal system in the States where new “bitches”, or fresh meat came into the system and they had to be prepared to be raped by fellow inmates. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I would weara my pants up high and tighten my belt really tight.

  11. really tho says:

    everyone can blind comment but how many of you are actually helping in any capacity? i talk to all the young males i can n i listen……sometimes circumstance is a factor, i know these boys and individually are good boys however due to circumstances they were or are placed in situations on a daily basis not being afforded some of the basic moral teaches dont know any other way. do u actually think that every kid in a gang wants
    to be there…….circumstance…..if u hv been afforded a good life help someone less fortunate…. just saying if ur not part of the solution ur part of the problem. come together bda n stand for something… tired of us falling for anything

  12. MYSTERY LADY says:

    keep it real what u do in the dark will come out in the light west time to rest