OBA’s Fahy On Planning Review Delay

January 9, 2012

Nothing seems to have happened in the review of Walter Roban’s controversial decisions to grant planning permission to two of his Cabinet colleagues, Senator Michael Fahy said.

In November 2011 Mr Roban resigned from his position as Minister for Public Works in November, after coming under fire for his decision to allow Planning appeals by fellow Cabinet Ministers Wayne Furbert and Zane Desilva.

Soon after, Government said the appeals were declared void because Mr Roban had already left the Environment and Planning portfolio before his Parliamentary colleagues had been notified, and the new Minister of the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Marc Bean will review the planning files, and make a decision on the appeals.

Senator Fahy said, “It has been seven weeks, now, since the new Minister responsible for Planning, Marc Bean, said he would review Walter Roban’s controversial decisions to grant permission to his colleagues, Zane DeSilva and Wayne Furbert to go ahead with building schemes that had been refused by Planning’s technical experts.

“Nothing seems to have happened since. The Minister did say he would let the public know when a decision was made. But he was obviously not at all happy about being handed this hot potato to deal with during his first days in the Environment, Planning and Infrastrure Strategy seat.

“The official Government line is that ex-Minister Roban did nothing wrong when he granted the appeals against Planning refusal on his own, the day before he was due to give the portfolio up, but that he had made a technical mistake which voided his decision.

“However, the public believes what the pressure group BEST (Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce) has charged, that ex-Minister Roban “subverted“ the system by doing what he did when he did, and believes he acted that way because the people making the appeals were his Cabinet colleagues.

“The OBA believes Minister Bean should reject the appeals and follow the advice of the independent planning inspector. In the case of the DeSilva Construction warehouses, that is obviously the best decision from an environmental point of view.

“It is also the best decision from the standpoint of the public’s perception of what has gone on. Politically, though, it would tend to confirm that ex-Minister Roban was acting incorrectly in the first place.

“The reason for the delay, we suspect, is that Minister Bean is taking this hot potato to Cabinet to get advice from the Premier and Ministers, and taking his time about doing it, because he hopes the more time that passes, the more the public will forget.

“If that is what is happening, we sincerely hope and trust the Premier will see to it that Messrs DeSilva and Furbert disqualify themselves from taking part in the discussion, and we hope and trust that the Cabinet will put Bermuda first in making their decision, and reject the appeals.

“That is the course of action that will be best for Bermuda’s environment, and best for public perception of how free the political process is from corruption,” concluded Senator Fahy.

When previously asked, the Environment Ministry said they will inform the public when the decision is made.

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  1. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Fahy is like Michael Dunkley, he’ll do anything to get his picture in the paper.

    The Minister said he will review the application and that’s what he’s doing. But, I guess he’s not doing it fast enough for Mr. Fahy.

    Everytime I read something from people like him,I think of Jim Woolridge’s statement from way back when. Nothing seems to have changed since that time.

    • Bewildered says:

      As expected. Shoot the messenger, plus throw in a racist jibe.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Come on, Laverne….Can’t you do better than that?

    • Sean Soares says:

      Actually no, they aren’t moving fast enough to be honest, for a lot of people.

    • Toni says:

      Minister Bean spoke to conducting the review on the 16th. November – now nearly 2 months ago. It is not unreasonable for the opposition, as we are mandated to do, to endorse the follow-up for accountability.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:


        Has Senator Fahy tried to contact the Minister? Or is he doing the same thing that he did as far as the BIU accounts were concerned? He never contacted Chris Furbert, but did a media blitz about BIU members coming to him, which we all know was far from the truth.

        As I said, Senator Fahy is like Senator Dunkley, likes to have his picture in the paper.

        Do you think that this matter is the only matter that is on the Minister’s desk?

        • Bermyman says:

          So as this is not the only item on the minister’s desk you are saying that the potential issues of corruption, accountability and transparency should take a back seat!?

          Speaks volumes about the way the PLP has handled it’s business in the last couple of years.

          If Mr. Fay wanted to be in the paper so bad he would just stand next the Johny Barnes and wave to people for a morning. You criticize him for being pro-active, which again is something the PLP need to learn how to do (TOURISM!). There is no reason that we should not have an efficient and fair Government on this Island. At present we do not. The PLP have no idea what they are doing or are going to do and at present it is showing.

        • 32n64w says:

          The BIU accounts? Oh, you mean the ones that were years behind but once filed revealed that BIU management have paid themselves more than $26 million dollars over the last ten years while their members received a paltry $409k in benefits – a difference of more than 6,000% !!

          Management Member
          Year Salaries Benefits

          2009 3,146,017 22,175
          2008 2,966,462 21,987
          2007 2,731,351 23,384
          2006 2,744,545 50,472
          2005 2,783,290 56,078
          2004 2,330,655 55,275
          2003 2,362,068 64,294
          2002 2,941,480 66,474
          2001 1,947,169 31,837
          2000 2,076,783 17,108

          Total 26,029,820 409,084

          By the way, contrary to the Act, aren’t the 2010 audited accounts now also overdue (yet again)? How should this legal breach be addressed or does the PLP simply pick and choose which laws they decide to enforce?

          • LaVerne Furbert says:

            You know you’re taking those figures out of context. For you information, and the information of others, BIU staff wages/salaries are negotiated by BIU members. Those figures you quoted are not just for salaries of “management”, they are wages/salaries for all BIU employees, plus other expenses necessary to run a business.

            On another note, the BIU is the only Union to pays benefits to unemployed/sick members.

            • 32n64w says:

              Exactly in what way have these items been taken out of context?

              These expenses are described by the BIU in their own accounts as “Salaries of Paid Officers” and “Other Expenses of Management” and do not include other expenses necessary to run a business such as amortisation, stationary, printing, postage, legal & extraordinary losses, etc.

              Contrary to the Act, aren’t the 2010 audited accounts now
              also overdue (yet again)? How should this legal breach be addressed or do the PLP/BIU simply pick and choose which laws to enforce/follow?

    • Hey wait a minute? says:

      Fahy your a real clown why don’t you try and help all my brothers that are getting shot weekly. Huh or is some land crap more important to you then a man’s life. Stop the circus act and help we Bermudian’s with the REAL DAM PROBLEMS. If you can’t then get out.

      Your acting just like that past party fools that no one wanted to vote for the UBP. You said that you and the other guys would make a difference what I see from you now is party politics.

      We have brothers dieing out there and your worried about a tree. How many trees got chop down for the Christmas season I bet you had one in your house. Come on bro you can help me better then this! Help we black man please!!!!!!!!!!!

      • star man says:

        A feeble attempt at DEFLECTION.

        The are other threads you can comment on regarding the ongoing gang violence topic.

        This is about blatant PLP cronyism.

        • Stop the crap Star man says:

          It’s not “deflection” when we have people getting killed because of dumb minded animals. Tell all the mothers sorry it’s deflection because your boy was shot and Fahy was busy thinking about a tree instead of coming up with ideas to deal with these animals.

          • LOL (original) says:

            When the opposition did they were “gonna lock us all up” remeber. If you want to point fingers the PLP get along with the gangs mentality is just as much to blame.


      • Rick Rock says:

        Wait A Minute, it’s surprising you’re not annoyed with Zane, Furbert and Roban. They are the ones who were caught trying to get around planning rules.

        Were they concerned about your “brothers getting shot weekly”? Were they focused on “helping the black man”? Were they thinking about “Bermudians with REAL DAM PROBLEMS”?

        No. They were lining their owns pockets. While people are losing their jobs, struggling to make ends meet, Zane Furbert and Roban were spending time making sure they get to build in a way that would not be available to anyone else.

        They don’t give a rats ass about you, mate. They are only interested in themselves.

  2. Trident says:

    This is such a non news story.

    • kevin says:

      You are so right. Perhaps Mr. Fahy could spend his time completing the OBA submission to the FCO since it is not yet complete so that the electorate can get a sense of what is important to them. Oh wait, I just read that the deadline has passed. Thats’s what happens when you “drag your feet”


      • star man says:

        No. Mr Faye is part of the Opposition. So he is opposing PLP cronyism like he should.

      • star man says:

        “the OBA submission to the FCO”… Huh?

        • star man says:

          Just read about said submission in the RG. Hey, you can’t know EVERYTHING! :-)

  3. Justin says:

    It’s scary to know that my vote counts the same as LaVerene Furbert’s and ‘people like her’.

  4. sigh says:

    Most people don’t give a hoot about this to be honest. This is just Fahy trying to make a name for himself. Lol. Wonder where they are running him!

  5. Jim Bean says:

    i thought the opposition was supposed to raise these issues? it is called being an effective opposition.if people dont give a hoot then it explains why we are going down the toilet. lv , i suspect if fahy and russell had said nothing the biu would have published nothing. lv you have zero integrity.

  6. verbal kint says:

    @ lAVERNE
    Has Senator Fahy tried to contact the Minister?(IRRELEVANT) Or is he doing the same thing that he did as far as the BIU accounts were concerned?(ALSO IRRELEVANT) He never contacted Chris Furbert, but did a media blitz about BIU members coming to him, which we all know was far from the truth.(QUESTIONABLE VERACITY, BUT ALSO IRRELEVANT)

    As I said, Senator Fahy is like Senator Dunkley, likes to have his picture in the paper. (IRRELEVANT, BUT NOT UNLIKE ANY OTHER POLITICIAN OF EITHER PARTY)

    Do you think that this matter is the only matter that is on the Minister’s desk? (NO , BUT AS IT REEKS OF MINISTERIAL MISCONDUCT, IT IS THE FIRST MATTER ON HIS DESK)

    Time for action. Too late for argument.

  7. LaVerne Furbert says:

    As a Senator, Fahy has two options to get answers to his questions:

    1. Contact the Minister;

    2. Submit a Ministerial Question.

    However, as a poltician trying to stir up the voters, Faby has chosen to send out a press release to the media. Is he now expecting Minister Bean to respond through the media? He is no more interested in the Minister’s decision than I am.

    The fact of the matter is Minister DeSilva is not building on the site and Minister Furbert’s lots remain as is.

    • 32n64w says:

      So by using your logic why does the PLP even issue media releases or hold press conferences if elected officials (or anyone else) only have two options for addressing matters of public interest or concern?

      Have the PLP now decided we live in a censored dictatorship where only their (repeatedly flawed and failed) party line is allowed to occupy the public airwaves?

      Reality has an anti-PLP bias.

    • star man says:

      “The fact of the matter is Minister DeSilva is not building on the site and Minister Furbert’s lots remain as is.”

      I’m happy to hear that. I have just learned that the Western end of the Devonshire Marsh – the section the Minister wants to develop – is called “the Peter Cox Memorial Reserve.” I doubt the Cox family are too pleased to hear that their sanctified memorial plot was gonna be destroyed by Island Construction to build a Home Depot. How many $$ do you need to be happy, Zane?

  8. verbal kint says:

    “He is no more interested in the Minister’s decision than I am.”

    If you are not interested in the Minister’s decision, why does Mr. Fahy’s action bother you? It is no longer either challenging or fun to tear apart Laverne’s supposed arguments. How about addressing the inaction of the Minister?


  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    This issue is only one of a hurricane worth of issues, created by the PLP, and now swirling around the PLP with them at the center not knowing which way to move & hoping the whole thing would just blow away.

    It is not, of course, & it is the oppositions job to bring the PLP Governments deficiencies to the publics attention. The PLP did the same job when they were opposition. Why all the whining from their supporters now?

  10. Trident says:

    The PLP was actually an effective opposition which is why their now the govt. While the UBP has had to fold and become the BDA then fold and become the Oba. What is a head scratcher to me is that the OBA says bermuda needs effective leadership yet they elected a leader who up until recently probably never even voted. Yet this is the man who they are trying to convince us he can run the country. Why? Because he runs a tiny gas station?

  11. Cancer says:

    Anybody that says anything against the PLP is either starting to stair up trouble or is racist in Laverne’s eyes! Laverne can’t you come up with anything else? Your one of the reasons some people won’t vote PLP I hope you realize that! And because of your silly ongoing rhetoric you’ll be one of the reasons why the PLP may not win the next election… Yes because of you!!! Get a life !!!

    • Maddog says:


  12. Trident says:

    Calm down cancer. Give the exclamation points a break. Personally Ms. Furbert is one of the main reasons my family will be voting PLP. It’s actually people like you who are the reason why the PLP have been in power going into it’s second decade. Keep it up. We’re all watching.

  13. True says:

    Whatever boring tuning out!

  14. True says:

    Old has been armchair politicians bickering how sad

    • star man says:

      Huh? I’ve never seen the English language used like that.

  15. Cancer says:

    Just for your information trident in each election I voted PLP. It’s because of the constant (PLP never do anything wrong and the spin learnt from dr brown) displayed by miss furbert is the reason why and many others will not be voting PLP! So your just one of a few where I’m one of many! So Here’s some more exclamation points for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get my drift!!!!!!!!

    • Maddog says:

      Do you know how many people are voting for the plp are you stupid,keep it up you are showing your age.

      All the white people are going to vote for the OBA, black people are not as stupid as you think.

  16. Trident says:

    Poor cancer, you have lost 3 mps before the election is even called. Plus you have put fwd a neophyte politician/ gas station attendent as the “leader” who will lift bda out of it’s complex issues facing us. The UBP has folded, the mid ocean has folded, the UBP future of Jahmal, darius and Wayne have left you, amdyou’ve changed your name 3 times in 3 years. Life is about fwd, no one wants to go back top the UBP/BDA/OBA ways. The last 3 elections that he UBP won, they won w/ only less than 50% of the popular vote. Evey PLP victory has had them win over 50% of the popular vote and it has increased every election despite the fake scandals that have been used against them. When Marc Bean demolished the oba and UBP folks n his by election…that sez it all. Keep dreaming your sad dreams.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Maybe you forgot what the voter turn out really was in that by-election something like 1/3 of the voters voted.


  17. Trident says:

    Blacks – register to vote
    Whites – go get a tan that day

  18. Cancer says:

    Maddog – firstly don’t try and guess people’s age. Btw I’ve seen your silly posts before so your not even worth mentioning any further. As for trident to insult the opposition leader and call him a gas station attendant well that shows your class… Real ghetto but how cud I expect anything better from you. If you guys are happy with the complete incompetence of the PLP then I’m happy for you. You’ll see when it hits home esp when it’s being proven we have a premier and government that after twelve years still don’t know what the heck heir doing! But of course put the three of you together and the coutry will still be in a mess! Idiotts!

    • Maddog says:

      Well i don’t know your age but I do now know that you are white, so I understand your feeling about the plp and black people. SO SAD

  19. Cancer says:

    Btw trident Marc bean was in a strong hold like also was Craig Cannonaire who demolished
    Anthony Richardson. See how you say silly things. You need to check yourself !

  20. Trident says:

    Marc ran in what was Jack Sharpes’ old riding, until the PLP turned. Check yourself. As far as judging a parties’ time in power. After the UBPs first 13 years in power where was bermuda? In flames. The 1977 race riot that rocked this island and changed it forever and saw the UBP call out riot squads to fire tear gas on it’s own people. 4 years later in 1981, the UBP caused and island wide strike which saw the UBP call out the regiment, wrap barbed wire around parliament and station soldiers with guns aimed at its’ own people. So yeah, let’s compare the PLP years to it’s predecessors; no political assasinations, no riots, no military interventions, no island wide strikes. Check yourself, sweety.

    • star man says:

      In 1981 the BIU/PLP called an island-wide strike which saw passengers forced to carry their own bags across the Causeway to the airport!… and which was the beginning of the end for our Tourism industry. In the pasts 13 years the PLP have finished it off!

      No, the PLP cannot ‘help’ Bermuda any more. We need a change. To ANYTHING other than the inept PLP!!

  21. really?!? says:

    All this bickering, I ask but one question do you think this country is headed in the right direction ? For me the answer is no we seem to have lost our way ever since the Hon Mr Cox departed this life, my party or what used to be my party has morphed into something I know not, my Granny and Granpa must be turning in their graves to see the direction the country as a whole is taking, after all the sacrifices made and my party coming to power in 1998, sad.

  22. Trident says:

    If ur grandparents are turning over in their graves what do you think is happening to the “UBP” grandparents, their party not only changed it imploded apparently to cease to exist. The UBP “called” the island wide strike when it refused to give standard of living raises to underpaid Bermudian workers, something most govts. do as a matter of course. People don’t strike and risk lost jobs and lost pay unless it’s a last resort.

    @ really?!? you are about as convincing as Fahy’s faux concern for BIU workers.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Really is that what you think. Forgot the Bus strike (both of them), ferry operator. We almost saw strike action from the police and that’s against the law go figure. Seems like it’s the first option. Also you are using the historical perspective only when it suites your argument. Those where different times when labor laws, employee and employer relationships were different than now. It’s 2012 something you don’t seem to get but don’t worry I can think of a couple of PLP ministers and ex premier no less that think like you and have been to court of employee matters. Imagine them in the times you describe.

      LOL historical perspective is fine but once it was ok to have slaves and or indentured servant and that’s in all cultures around the world.

  23. cancer says:

    Trident you need to take the blinders off buddy! PLP is finished – cant you tell by the number of people that are soooo disappointed with the party? Being your so knowledgeable tell me why there is so much disappointment? Go ahead blame the world recession – that excuse is so laffable and tiresome. Once again you need to see the blogs and realise that so many people have been disappointed and think that its time for a change.

    as for Maddog again you dont know what your taking about – Im a black man… Told you that you make silly comments

  24. Jim Bean says:

    Trdent – PAID BLOGGER
    are you vote4me or specialgirl4?

  25. Trident says:

    am not a paid blogger – another paranoid myth to help you sleep at night, cancer, ever since he PLP has been in power, even before, there are whispers about their election demise – but they just get stronger – because those whispers only come from those who don’t vote PLP anyway, a none issue. The fact that the UBP, not the BDA nor the OBA has ever lured away a single PLP insider while the PLP has lured away several UBP insiders including their chairwoman and their former leader speaks volumes. When Dr. Brown won the last election the lead up was all about scandals and anger yet the plp still won and with a larger % of the popular vote than the last time. When Dr. Brown stepped down there was talk that the voters would send a message by rejecting Brown’s handpicked successor Bean, Bean won resoundingly and as I said that used to be Jack Sharpe’s seat, a ubp stronghold. The bulk of PLP supporters aren’t on the blogs and radio they are in the churches, clubs and each others homes. The OBA has lost at least 4 seats in between elections do you really think they will win any extra during an election. The fact that they had to pick Craig cannonier for a leader while the PLP can pick the ex police chief and ex belco vp as regular candidates speaks volumes about the future of the OBA. The PLP will keep it’s voting base while the oba will split theirs with the UBP. Not to mention the fact that much of the sound and fury against the PLP on these blogs come from non voters and oba supporers living abroad, Toppy Cowen anyone. :-)

  26. Cancer says:

    Ohhh! Is that what it is.. And trident has alias also “FAKE” – blown right out of the water!!! Ha ha thank you Jim Bean.

  27. Jim Bean says:

    Here we go! Trident – you are a stooge – I know that since you say the OBA is the UBP – typicall plp stooge line!

  28. Trident says:

    A quote from the OBA page: I didn’t join OBA because I do not have a vote. I have lived here for most of my adult life, my children are bermudian but I cannot vote. I am what is commonly called a PRC. I hope that answers your question

  29. Cancer says:

    Trident the fact that the PLP keeps it’s voting base is the problem because of all the wrongdoings that’s been taking place people continent put their trust in them. The PLP has failed Bermuda within the past 13 years. Whether you believe it or not there has been issues and unethical behavior that has taken place and this will be revielled once the auditors report is released. But hardliners will still vote for them. Howver there are people like me that has been personally effected and I think it’s time for a change. If you think PLP will win the next election then good for you but I think your gonna have a big disappointment coming your way. The PLP need to go thats ways people are telling them P lease L eave P olitics

  30. Trident says:

    Cancer, if that’s the case why is the PLP attracting police commisioners, ex UBP leaders and VPs as candidates while the OBA is running ras mykal. Your logic doesn’t add up. Why didn’t they send a message and not support Marc bean at the by election. If you say the PLP has failed for 13 years would mean hat you believe that they were failing since day one which speaks to your bias. Jen smith, alex scott,dr, brown and P cox are all very different leaders but in your mind they’re one – again speaks to your bias. For the Oba to win the govt. it would have to win 19 seats it now has 10, it’s a given that donte will lose his seat to wayne and bob will most likely lose his, giving them 8 seats so they need to win 11. Go to the elections bermuda website and look at the few candidates that the oba has rolled out and see if you can count 11 ridings that ras mykal etc can win. The PLP may have angered some voters but it will not move voters to vote for people like craig’s sister.

    • LOL (original) says:

      As the ruling party I say they are just attracting opportunist nothing more. It is a common belief that the ruling party in any country has more clout and is more likely to be vote in again (w/ the exception of Canada). It takes a mass movement to win it for other parties to get in like in 1998. Many people white and black voted for the PLP I among them and in 2003. They lost my vote in the 2007 election and since then I do not see them as a responsible Government. I believe there more to the story for Ms. Rawlings move then was said but that’s my opinion as I have some knowledge of the history there. The rest of what you say is fine except the voter turn out in Marc Beans bye election but as it is in Bermuda “that’s politics for you”…

      LOL the factors of reality never seem to go with political arguments do they.

  31. Cancer says:

    Whether fortunately or unfortunately white people will be voting in force. As has been said most whites voted UBP but will now vote OBA – we know that’s a given ok! So that being the case and whites make up 40 percent of Bermudas population let’s say 25 percent of the whites vote. The OBA only needs 15 percent of the black vote which they already have plus the swing vote which would be another 10 percent of the population. That already equals 50 percent not counting in the amount of people that’s gonna refuse to vote (most will be PLP) therefore percent wise OBA will capture 55 percent of the population while PLP capture 45 percent. Just wait until the rest of our candidates are rolled out.

  32. Cancer says:

    Oh and dr brown was the worse thing that hit Bermuda! A man with so much potential who cud have had the respect and admiration of all of Bermuda. He had the charm charisma contacts and the style but instead of using those assets to his advantage there was only do it my way or no way, overspending, hooking up friends and everything else. Everyone in the PLP was scared to challenge him.. Hence the statement I’m just a cog…. Believe me I was PLP – but that’s were it all started to go downhill for me under his leadership and the financial mgmt if Paula Cox. Like you all say you can’t go back to those UBP days. Many people also say they can’t remain under brown/cox days. To much has happened in a short period of time. The country don’t even have any money left! I can’t vote for that. It’s time for a change to get this island back on track and PLP dont have a clue… Paula just works with bandaids – it don’t work like that!

  33. Trident says:

    LOL, you are not a PLP supporter, and I doubt if you really voted for the PLP in 90, else you would have mentioned who the MP was you voted for instead the generic proclamation that you voted PLP.

    Cancer, if your hypothetical math makes you feel better, your welcome to it. The fact is that the OBA would have to essentially double their seats to win the next election; a near impossibility.

    Also the statement that the ruling party attracts members doesn’t hold water seeing that during the PLPs time in opposition, the UBP attracted no high profile members from the PLP. So either the PLP has no opportunists or your statement is false.

    The UBP is seen as the past, people will not go backwards. As I stated before, teh UBP even when it was winning elections was doing so with less than 50% of the popular vote while the PLP always won with over 50% of the popular vote. Not only that but the PLP’s popular vote increased at each election victory.

    The white vote has maxed out. It has always had probably 100% turnout out of self preservation. Yet the PLP sill continues to win with it’s 65-75% turnout.

    The scary thing for you is that the PLP has yet to have it’s John Swan, it’s transformative leader, someone who will electrify the base and get a huge turnout. Yet the PLP has still won, still demolished the UBP and the BDA.

    For the OBA to win they would need a Barack Obama/Bill Clinton type. Craig is not it. Dunkley is not it.

    So again, here http://www.elections.gov.bm/ – go to the site and do the real math, show me 10 ridings and ten OBA candidates who can win. Won’t happen. I guarantee it.

    • LOL (original) says:

      MP Marc Bean in 2003. Can’t rember who it was in 1998. So stuff it for trying to tell me who I supported in passed elections. This is yet another reason I will not vote for the PLP thanks for proving yet again why I would vote for the PLP ever again………………


      • LOL (original) says:

        You’re logic is not sound ie “ruling parties” you have not disproved a thing I’ve said you like many others are just trying to “shoot the messenger”………………..


      • Wise Mind says:

        @lol, wow, you are a dishonest person in the extreme! FYI, Marc Bean was not even involved in politics in 2003! so, continue to delude yourself into thinking you can fool us!

  34. Trident says:

    Just for the record, the OBA is the UBP, every one of its MPs (except craig) is a UBP elected MP in spite of the name change.

  35. Cancer says:

    Trident I guess will just have to agree that will we will always disagree

    Remember that the PLP has taken on UBP members also – the same people that criticized them have key positions which means PLP felt they needed to be more UBP !

    I’m sure will be meeting up again in further posts where we’ll be disagreeing on everything some more! For now I’ll be shutting this one down. Ps just like UBP = OBA they tell me Trident = specialgirl = vote4me = paid !!!

  36. Trident says:

    i can assure u i’m not any of those posters, but if it helps you sleep at night, you’re welcome to it. If it helps you to sleep better to think that it’s money and not logic that informs many plp supporters keep on keepin’ on, brah.

  37. navin johnson says:

    Trident the recent election results in Jamaica would indicate that it is possible to flip the representation in Government…..even the ruling party was astounded that they lost 42-21 in a 4 year period…same could happen here

  38. Trident says:

    Mista johnson, the dynamics in jamaica is mich different – the leader of the jlp, golding resigned ahead of the election, and he previously almost lost a no con vote the island was very much against him because of his handling of the extradition of the drug don, coke, where he sent jdf into poor neighborhoods killing many innocent ppl all at the apparent urging of the US govt (read last weeks article in the new yorker) this did not sit well w/ many ja voters – no to mention the pnp had won 4 elections prior and portia miller remained popular despite the pnp losing the last election. the oba does not enjoy the sort of populist support that enabled that turnaround. it also helped that portia promised to completely cut ties w/ britian, ““I love the Queen. She’s a beautiful lady and apart from being a beautiful lady a wise lady and a wonderful lady. But I think time come,” Simpson Miller said.

  39. Trident says:

    to sum up, the jlp’s leader quit leaving a novice in charge, the jlp was responsible for killing several innocent jamaicans while extraditing a well liked folk hero at the behest of the US. portia and the pnp were a known political entity having recently been in power and the pnp’s nationalistic stance in light of the coke extradition made for a perfect storm. the oba has none of that going for it. in fact, quite the opposite

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      I agree with most of all your postings. I do not think for one minute that the PLP will lose the next election.

      But I do have to ask you, are you happy with the PLP’s performance over the last few years?

      Winning an election is the easy part. Governing efficiently and effectively are the hard parts…

  40. Trident says:

    Governing efficiently? That’s a loaded question in my view. Like which women are the prettiest, black, white or asian. Impossible to say really. I think the PLP are no different than most governments, or most people for that matter they make some good decisions some bad. For better or worse, the PLP is polarizing which makes an honest assessment hard, there is too much emotion and deep seeded feelings involved. Personally I think the PLP have done a good job considering the times we live in. The UBP did such a poor job during the racially charged 70s and with the union clashes of the 80s that if i wasn’t for the happenstance need for US corps to avoid taxes in the flush 90s by setting up in bermuda that we would be in a worse situation if the UBP had remained in power. So, am I happy with the PLP over the last few years, from what I read about govts around the world, the PLP has done okay. Better than some worse than others. Kinda like myself.