Videos: Regiment Uniform & Recruit Camp

January 13, 2012

The Bermuda Regiment held a press conference yesterday [Jan.12], in advance of this Sunday’s [Jan.15] start of the Regiment’s Annual 2 week Recruit Camp.

Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Brian Gonsalves said, “As you know due to budget cuts, we had to basically halve our enlistment process, so we have just over about 70 recruits and a good number of volunteers.And there are a few females that have volunteered.

“The programme is, for the most part, is the same. The only tweaking has been instead of catering to 160 to 170 recruits, we are now only catering to about 70 or 80 recruits. So the training they leave with will be the same.

“But I believe it will be better. Because there are reduced soldiers, and we have a little more instructors, so the – if you will – recruit to instructor ratio is a little better than it has been in previous years. So I told the Company Commander I expect a better turned out recruit come the end of the camp.”

Lt. Col. Gonsalves spoke on the new uniforms, “For over a decade the Bermuda Regiment has used the easily recognisable green British Military uniform called “Combat Soldier ’95”. The Regiment has historically followed the UK uniform dress because our soldiers are most likely to operate with UK Forces, attend British training centres, follow British training doctrine, and to a lesser degree our Regimental traditions link us to UK Forces.

“However, the UK Ministry of Defence is in the process of transitioning its Service Personnel from Combat Soldier ’95 to a new design called Multi Terrain Pattern. Multi Terrain Pattern is based on a combination of The US Forces MultiCam pattern and the British Combat Style and has been thoroughly tested over a number of years.

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  1. all clogged up says:

    Marshall brothers and Hartman would look like real MEN in those new uniforms….Heck I think even Larry Marshall may want to enlist!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      There’s only one word to describe Larry Marshall & his crew, “SOFT”

      • Something Else says:

        I would not say soft, I would say brave. Those who do not stand up against the Regiments conscription are soft because truly in the hearts of those who do not really want to be there are soft because they are quiet.

      • So that would include Mahatmi Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela who all opposed the draft as it violated basic human rights.

        It is ignorance like that exhibited by people like you which allows forced labor to continue in this country despite the deplorable record of human rights abuses perpetuated by the Regiment.

        On February 8,2011 the RG reported that a vicious attempted rape involving a bladed weapon took place during an overseas trip. This came courtesy of Gonzalves under oath in the Supreme Court. Did you comment then? I thought not!

        If you read the history of those who fought for human rights you will always find hypocrites like yourself who actually attacked those who were striving to make this world a better place.

        Thats why King wrote,” There is nothing more dangerous in this world then sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” You sir are a calassic example of both.

        At least you write under your real name.

        • JUST GO!!!! says:

          Larry marshall JUST GO already….you will FAILL ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the highest court and then you will still have to serve LOL….just GOOOOO!!! I’ll be at the gate laughing when it’s your turn and hope that they make your time twice as difficult for all the cr@p that has come out of this shameful and pathetic effort to get rid of conscription.

          Enjoy your time being “free” :)

    • Yeah you are all clogged up indeed judging from the verbal diarrhea oozing from your mouth.

      So in your opinion REAL MEN submit to an archaic, abusive system of forced labor.That would include people like David Burch who rose to the top position in the Regiment.

      Conversely you have an international icon like Ali who fought against the draft just like the Marshall brothers and Jamal. Using your criteria Burch would be the real man and Muhammed Ali would not?

      And don’t REAL MEN at least have the guts to put their REAL NAMES instead of hiding behind pen names shootin arrows in the dark.

      • JUST GO!!!! says:

        you sound like a young child hiding behind a wall crying and panting….”i dont wanna go :’( ” LOL what a big baby…

    • Errin Butterfield says:

      All clogged up and Tommy Chong your comments are absolutely ridiculous I personally commend The Marshall Brothers and Jamal Hartman for standing up for what they beleive in and saying what some people think but wont say(for whatever reason).As many people have been fooled into thinking that The Regiment makes you a man, if you haven’t been in The Regiment maybe you should sign up and if you have been in it already go back cause it didn’t work for you the first time. There are many suceessful man in our community that have never been in The Regiment I guess they are not real man in your eyes how stupid close minded and ignorant can some people be? It’s not about being in The Regiment it’s about the outdated policy of conscription one should have a choice if you cant understand that than I truly do feel sorry for you

  2. Tommy Chong says:

    The new uniforms look good. A bit light for Bermuda’s terrain but they look more professional than the old surplus store looking ones.

    Hopefully the regiment can figure which new recruits are into the gangs as I’m sure there’ll be a few. Give those recruits hell & show them what a REAL SOLDIER is since that’s what these thugs like to call themselves. GET EM Gonsalves!!! Show them what the real hardcore is.

  3. Jonathan says:

    The Regiment is truly a waste of Bermuda’s resources! Their main function is ceremonial (marching) as opposed to something that would truly make a difference on this island. Government, it’s time to overhaul the whole Regiment/Conscription process. The only reason that conscription has survived for so long is because the vast majority of young black men which are affected by this are lethargic and not in tune with the political process. Yes, there is a small group trying to make a difference and they should be commended for sticking to their beliefs.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I would love to hear your tune the next time a hurricane comes along & that big old tree blocks your driveway & the only ones who can move it are THE REGIMENT. Then maybe I’ll even see you join the (ceremonial marching band). Besides for saving our behinds each & every time a hurricane has hit we may need them in the future if social unrest gets worst. A soldier with a rifle is a lot better deterrent than a police officer with a taser.

      What’s the waste of Bermuda’s resources anyway 2 weeks of boot camp 1 night a week of training one weekend a month of exercises for only three years. Switzerland has full 24/7 three year draft for all of age males in their country & they have the lowest crime rate IN THE WORLD. Also if a recruit does what he’s supposed to for the first year he gets the choice to be trained in mechanics, paramedics, radio communications or other fields that can be helpful in the future.

      • Something Else says:

        @Tommy Chong.

        First of all, The Bermuda Regiment is NOT a professional body therefore these men with rifles will not have the authority to use them in a time of crisis. The whole regiment needs to be revamped.

        Another, how often do we have a hurricane? Once maybe every two years? I don’t know you tell me. So you are saying that we need a full presence to assist with a hurricane every two years?

        The Bermuda Regiment cannot even perform the duties as the police nor have the authority. Who cares what Switzerland does, this is Bermuda not Switzerland.

        Ask yourself this. We know there’s crime in Bermuda. Why isn’t the Bermuda Regiment stopping the crime??????? Okay enough said.

        The current Bermuda Reigment system needs to be revamped. DO AWAY WITH CONSCRIPTION.

      • Oh PUH-LEEZE says:

        Yeah-there’s justification for the Regiment-in case a hurricane comes along and a tree blocks somebody’s driveway-WOW.

        I am against mandatory conscription for several reasons-one of which that ‘freedom of association’ is a basic human right. No adult should be forced to associate with people he does not choose to! I won’t even get into that it is fundamentally wrong to force people to take up arms and learn how to kill people. If you choose that, more power to you but if you do not wish to do that, one should not be forced to! In what universe is that right?

        On another note, what irritates me is the laziness-yes laziness-of the Regiment in selecting soldiers. By law, males must register to be selected and a list appears in the newspaper-I assume it comes from the birth registries. You see the names there, some with addresses but many without. Once the male registers, of course the Regiment then has his address.

        So then once the names of the men who are selected appear in the paper, you see that every single one has an address listed-there are never any without. Therefore, it is clear that the Regiment only selects from the men who have done the right thing and registered. The ones who don’t register seem to get off scot-free. I have even kept the newspapers from when the initial birth registry list appears and then from the actually selected men to make a comparison and there are NEVER names listed without an address both the first and second time!

        I had a relative whose name was in the initial list but not selected and when I asked him if he ever registered he said ‘No!’ So why don’t the Regiment FAIRLY select from the entire pool or are they too lazy to track these guys down? Clearly, if these guys don’t even obey the law in registering, then they are MORE in need of the Regiment than the ones who do! However, it seems that TPTB just let it slide due to pure laziness.

        Again, the ones selected ALWAYS have an address because they’re the ones who registered. The ones who don’t register are NEVER penalized-have you ever seen anyone brought before the courts for that? So my advice is if you don’t want to be selected, just don’t register-case closed.

        BTW-why the heck aren’t Customs Officers exempt from the Regiment like Fire, Police and Prison officers? They are doing their duty to their country just the same, often working shifts, etc. at a sometimes stressful job keeping our borders safe. They are just as disciplined and their job just as vital as the other officers and deserve the same respect! Hello?

    • Rich says:

      As a person currently in regiment, I’m still minded to agree with overhauling the process. But I really don’t think you can describe it being a waste if you know the work that they truly do. If anything, getting rid of conscription will mean that we can get rid of those who really don’t want to be there, improve the environment (and pay) for those who do, and perhaps make the Regiment a leaner, meaner and more effective machine.

      • Something Else says:

        @Rich, I love your comment. You deserve a medal because you must be the only person who has common sense. Common sense is too common these days. If you want an effective non rebellious unit then GET RID OF CONSCRIPTION.

        You are conscripting business men who have to run businesses as well as good people who already volunteer loads of their time to help in the community.

    • Yng Black Mind says:


      I take exception to some of your statement. Yes, I can agree that that “small” group should be commended for sticking to their beliefs – however, as they have the right to believe what they choose, so do we who disagree with their beliefs.

      The Regiment is not a waste of Bermuda’s resources – - outside of the ceremonial functions, the Regiment provides additional support during national diasters (i.e. hurricanes, riots, etc.). Could the Regiment be “downsized?” Probably. Could the conscription process be updated? Absolutely – but not to the point where we dismantle the Regiment, which the ultimate goal of that “small” group you described above. They have masked their hatred of an organization by putting the “veil” of unconstitutional slavery out there.

      The Regiment is not perfect – far from it, actually – but it has a place in our society and should remain in some form or capacity.

      Yng Black Mind
      (those who know understand)

      • Truth (Original) says:

        Well said

        • Errin Butterfield says:

          It’s not about The Regiment its about conscription The Regiment is the main focus point because they pratice conscription what’s the big deal why can’t people understand that it’s not rocket science it’s just plain old common sense.

  4. Bermyman says:

    Is the guy on the right wearing a dress? looks like they need to get a few sizes that actually fit to look professional. Love the cammo backdrop looks like some sort of renegade militia from Mogadishu !

    Toy army for people who want to feel important in life but actually hold very little importance.

    I have an idea, why don’t we turn regiment into a rehab program for you offenders. Minus the guns.

    • Bermy Love says:

      The guy on the right is clearly wearing a jacket!

    • Rich says:

      It’s a combat jacket worn over the regular uniform.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Lt. Col. Brian Gonsalves is no toy soldier & I’m sure he does not treat his army like a toy. Gonsalves has training & experience that would make some of U.S. Navy seals look like creampuffs. He takes his job so serious that every morning I have seen him on the road doing a 5 mile run with a forty pound rucksack on.

      Good idea though about camp for young offenders but they should be thrown in with the disciplined soldiers so they have mentors or else they’ll take it for a joke. Also if thrown in with mentors they will make bonds with them & show them there’s more to life than guns & drugs.

      • Bermyman says:

        Does he have combat experience and special forces training?

        • Tommy Chong says:

          He does have special forces training but I’m not sure if he’s seen actual combat. My family & his have been friends for years & this is how I know this. I know he’s served in areas that were at war at the time but never thought it was appropriate to ask him what sort of action he saw when he was there. I’ve seen him do military exercises while I was in the regiment & he is on point. I even heard officers at Camp Lejeune comment on his skills.

      • Something Else says:

        @Tommy Chong, now you are making some sense with this comment. I am all about a better Bermuda and this is a good suggestion. However, when you lock up good people who actually and truly contribute to Bermuda in a positive way then I have a problem with that.

        It’s a recession, people would join in you offered pay.

      • Bermyman says:

        I am serious about the young offenders thing though, I think that if they were full time in regiment during a sentence period, eat and sleep there and maybe even schooling. Lock down, discipline and mentoring. Rather than pushing them into prison with other criminals so they learn nothing else but a life of crime..

        If you are an officer in the regiment then please think about my suggestion clearly and mention it to the good Col?

        Also can you please tell him Combat boots and full cammo is not required when you are eating at a restaurant. I saw him the other day dressed like he was on patrol in Afghanistan but actually having dinner at Blue. I know he likes everyone to know who he is but I don’t think it is really required for evening dining with civilians.

  5. N/A says:

    The style of these uniforms are completely pointless as to their true function and the purpose they serve to Bermuda. They are camouflage to blend into environments and terrain during a conflict, Bermuda isn’t at war, so what difference does it make what new style they use??? Or maybe i’m just being overcritical, but I could care less what they wear when they march and pick up leaves and branches after a hurricane…

  6. bda for life says:

    The regiment is a complete waste of time and money they are all toy soldiers…lmfawo

  7. Rain Jacket says:

    “Toy army for people who want to feel important in life but actually hold very little importance.”

    Rofl! Ain’t that the truth!

    End conscription; train those that want to be there; create a seperate ‘hurricane relief’ group (outside of Warwick Camp); fire Gonsalves. #whatshouldbedone. The whole world is moving away from conscription and for Bermuda (with no potential threats to our border) to continue with this archaic practice flies in the face of #whatshouldbedone.

  8. No fool says:

    So do you really think all these negitive comments are going to affect those individuals that go there every week? I bet not nor to those who work there. Between the love of it doing the right thing and the money. Fat chance. Us serving soldiers cant be phased. Spoken by a “living non factor”. Who is really wasting there time and money? Keep up the effort, marching time at this rate you will be old and dried up before yopu know it.

  9. 1minute says:

    Wait for independance… Then we will need a full time Army/Navy.

  10. Something Else says:

    Lt. Col. Gonsalves the gang voilence is not on water it’s on land. Why respond by saying you provide assistance to the police using Boat Troops???

    • ooops... says:

      Boat Troop actually alleviates the crew issue the Boat Section of BPS actually face during the summer. Police have the boats but not the staff to man them. Adding a regiment soldier on a boat means 2 police officers can take 2 boats as opposed to just 1. After this summer out on Paradise lakes, things have changed, the gangs are out in full force on their jet ski’s and generally a larger mother boat. There was one Saturday when all of the larger gangs were represented not a stone’s throw away from each other. Having 2 boats literally in the middle of all of them meant that nothing escalated and if it did there was a chance to actually intervene. Paradise Lakes = Parasite Lakes.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    The Regiment was a waste of time & money 30 years ago. Ay half the size this year ir is still a waste of time & money only better equiped.

    Conscription into the Regiment is wrong however there is nothing wrong with required community service for EVERYONE.

    I have no time for the draft dodgers who don’t think they should serve anywhere else either.

    As a hurricane cleanup crew the Regiment is also a waste. landscaping companies & construction companies could do the work with half the people in half the time at far less cost.

  12. No way says:

    Being told what to do is so anti bermudian we do what we want for the most part nothing! And when we want to .

  13. Crap says:

    Men still acting like children with their guns and dressing up as soldiers and bossing kids about disturbed if u ask me!

  14. dosomething says:

    For all of you that don’t support conscription…come out and protest during the initial intake of conscripts this Sunday. It’s early, yes…but show your displeasure with this idiotic system of ours. Stand up and be heard. BAD can’t do it all on their own…

  15. Rockfish #2 says:

    Lt.Col Gonsalves is applying the law of the land, why focus on him? It is his job. The BPS enforce the law of the land as well,it is Commissioner DeSilvas’s job to do so.
    If you wish to have the laws changed you know what to do.

  16. Funny says:

    The amount of time and tax payers money and their own, the marshall brothers are “waisting” – them boys and others with them, would have would have done their 3 years n been out 5 YEARS AGO if not more (give or take)

    Yes its “good” they stood up for what they believe in, but really, what has it done to this day?? What has it changed?