EEZ Business Directory Launched

February 2, 2012

Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry Patrice Minors launched the first handy reference Business Directory and Map for the North East Hamilton Economic Empowerment Zone this morning [Feb.2].

“Born out of an idea by an area stakeholder, Mr. John Holdipp III, the Economic Empowerment Zones Agency (EEZA) worked for well over a year with North East Hamilton stakeholders to create this directory and map of the zone with its businesses, organisations, and key landmarks highlighted,” said the Minister.

“As a form of direct marketing, the business owners wholeheartedly supported the map concept and signed on to be included. Some went even further by providing financial support which allowed them to highlight their business while helping to offset the cost of production.”

Minister Minors said, “The pocket-sized map contains over 200 listings highlighting businesses and organisations in industries spanning retail; services; entertainment; health care; automotive; personal care; and community.

“The maps will be distributed to well visited locations within the zone, as well as key visitor and local spots outside North East Hamilton such as hotels and guest houses; the Visitor Information Centres; the General Post Office; and City Hall.

“Government welcomes all opportunities to positively promote North East Hamilton. I should point out that this project is seen as a continuation of the work done over the Christmas period to promote “Shopping Local,” continued Minister Minors.

“Once a consumer becomes well informed of the diversity of businesses and services available locally, they are more likely to patronise and spend locally.

“In closing ladies and gentlemen, I very much welcome you to pick up a EEZ Business Directory and Map and be pleasantly surprised by all you can see, do and spend in the North East Hamilton Economic Empowerment Zone.”

The brochure is below [PDF here] click ‘Fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

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  1. PEPPER says:

    I think Partrice means well..but she is not credible,she is a weak politician.

  2. star man says:

    Certainly a lot of interest in this story.

  3. Neighbour says:

    I think the intention is a good one but I do think it is really a waste of money. I do shop at Computer City, Satronics, E&B and a handleful of other areas on the outskirts of the EEZ but since the shootings in the area you couldnt give me a $500 in free vouchers and have me put my family at risk by shopping in the heart of the EEZ which is unfortunate because I often purchased by sons shoes from Tuff Shoes. It’s just not worth taking that chance anymore.

    I realize that there have been shootings everywhere, but there have been many more in that immediate area and I still see the same “activities” going on and the same guys “hanging out” in the area. And as you know ..if nothing changes, then nothing will change. Most people know what stores are in the area. The reason most people wont stop and shop is because of what is often going on near these same stores.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I am not shopping where I am made to feel welcome either.

      Yesterday I needed to buy a rather expensive hardware item, about $2500.00. Rather than do the great Bermuda drive around to look I let the fingers do the driving.

      There were only two sources for the item, prices very similar. One was very friendly & helpful on the phone. The other sounded like she really could not care less.

      Which do you suppose got the sale?

  4. joe says:

    It took over a YEAR TO DO THIS??

  5. all clogged up says:

    SO…umum…..this is okay……but what about attracting some new foreign capital to the island to put us back to work so we can afford to shop in EEZ….kinda looks like they are putting the potatoes in the oven to cookup before the roast beef is even thawed out don’t you think.