Upcoming: “BLK/WHT/WoW!” Art Show

February 1, 2012

“BLK/WHT/WoW!” ppens Thursday Feb 9th 5:30-7pm at Common Ground Café. The Show’s Title was derived from experiencing a previous exhibition at Masterworks featuring the Infrared photography of Theresa Aireys.

The technique creates a sense of snow covered palm trees in semitropical Bermuda. Infrared Photography encompasses an intense range on the black/white value scale. The surreal feeling of winter offers a strong contrast on the Warm Red Walls of Common Ground Café.

Theresa’s current collection has taken a new direction of display… an exciting new printing process enables images to be reproduced on Metal with excellent durability. Her works are then mounted on Wood for a professional finish. Photographer Antoine Hunt is also exploring this new technique with a collection exhibited at Indigo in Flatts Village.

“BLK/WHT/WoW!” is a Collaborative show of 15 Artists with expanded inspirations of the theme, many of the works express emotions of relationships and life’s experiences which offers engaging relate ability to the viewers.

The exhibiting group of Artists includes High School Art Students; Ariel Kaplen and Kelly Howe [exhibiting for the first time] in conjunction with Established Artists; Robert Bassetts , Christopher Grimes and Kendra Earls.

“Starlight Tapestry” by Robert Bassett “Computer Rage” by Vaughan Evans, “Love Endures” by Libby Cook-Toppan, “Soul City” by Demetri Pamplin, and “Better Together” by Kelly Howe are a few of the titles setting the tone of the show’s experience.

This diverse collaboration offers an eclectic array of new and contemporary mediums. Sara Simons’ work “Gold Fever” is displayed embedded in Lucite and appears floating on the wall. In addition, the same image is digitally etched in Lucite and sculpturally presented on a mounted up light.

Ami Zanders continues her Embellished Modern Silk Screens and Dion Correia’s “Cheers” explores a digital hand rendered abstraction of beer coasters printed on canvas.

Participating Artists include: Ami Zanders, Ariel Kaplen, Calix Smith, Christopher Grimes, Demetri Pamplin, Dion Correia, Emma Joyce Ingham, Kelly Howe, Kendra L. Earls, Libby Cook-Toppan, Robert Bassett, Sara Simons, Susan A. Pearson, Theresa Airey and Vaughan Evans.

This show would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of Goslings Ltd, Friesenbruch- Meyer Group, FUSION & DNA Creative Shoppe and Chameleon Press Express.

“BLK/WHT/WoW!” Curator, Susan A. Pearson of Select Palette Art can be reached on SPArt@logic.bm or 505-4290. The Show Opens, Thursday Feb 9th 5:30-7pm at Common Ground Café , 11 ChanceryLane, Hamilton and runs through April 25th 2012.

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