Bermuda Police Recruiting New Officers

March 23, 2012

The Bermuda Police Service is seeking new recruits between the ages of 19 – 45, with a school-leaving certificate, who are team players, highly motivated, decisive and calm under pressure with good interpersonal skills. Along with meeting the initial requirements, applicants must pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test, vetting checks, physical, psychological and medical tests as well as a home visit.

The full police statement follows below:

The Bermuda Police Service is actively looking to attract the best local candidates to join our ranks. We are aware that in the current economic climate, there are a number of Bermudians looking for a meaningful career, or who are considering changing occupations – and the Bermuda Police Service presents a very viable option.

As a police officer, successful recruits will join a dynamic organization with exceptional benefits, committed to policing with the community and ‘Making Bermuda Safer.’ All new officers will also be expected to adhere to the Bermuda Police Service Core Values of Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity, Dedication, Respect, Courage & Unity.

Recruitment ads will soon appear in the print and electronic media (including online) to promote this latest recruitment campaign. Those eligible to join the Bermuda Police Service as a Police Constable should:

  • Be between 19 and 49 years of age.
  • Be Bermudian, the non-Bermudian spouse of a Bermudian or if non-Bermudian, possess a letter from the Immigration Department stating that they have permission to work in Bermuda without a work permit – not seek employment.
  • Possess a school-leaving certificate with good academic standing.
  • Be committed to serving the community and upholding the law.
  • Be honest and possess a high degree of integrity.
  • Be team players, highly motivated, decisive and calm under pressure with good interpersonal skills.
  • Along with meeting the initial requirements, applicants must pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT), vetting checks, physical, psychological and medical tests as well as a home visit and an Assessment Board.

Anyone interested in a career with the Bermuda Police Service is encouraged to pick up an application form at the nearest police station. In addition, application forms can also be downloaded via the ‘Local Recruits’ link under ‘Careers.’

Completed applications should be dropped off to the Training Department at Police Headquarters in Prospect, Devonshire. All applications should be submitted with three passport photos, a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate and GED or High School Certificate plus three professional character reference letters.

The deadline for this recruitment initiative is: Friday, April 20, 2012.

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Comments (21)

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  1. Razor says:

    Wow that’s all it takes to be a cop? No wonder crime is through the roof.

    • enough says:

      Maybe if more genuises like you joined and took up the good fight, the island would be better off?
      Easier, of course, to sit behind your desk and criticise those that step forward.
      I’m sure I could come to your job and see where you missed a spot on the foor.

      • Razor says:

        sorry bud, im foreign so i have no human rights. I’m leaving my very important position where I keep the public informed and safe in a few days. Couldn’t take the racism, crime and xenophobia any longer.

        • enough says:

          I’d be intrigued to hear where you’re going then if racism, crime and xenophobia are things you hope to leave behind.
          Most countries I know are rife with all 3.

        • Truth says:

          You won’t be alone with your one-way ticket outta here!!!!! Good riddance BDA – keep your crime, your nasty attitude towards IB (and their families), your outrageous racism and your tiny-mindedness. Buh-bye.

          Enjoy living under blue tarps out near the airport after all of the expats leave…not just during Cup Match either – your new year round homes…. You got what you asked for.

          • hmph says:

            Excuse me? I’m offended by what you just said. How are you going to just assume that all Bermudians think the same? I have never had a nasty attitude towards anybody, especially not foreigners. I am also far from racist. Just because you and your buddies are mad because the government made a few changes, does not mean you can blame people like me who actually enjoy working with foreigners. And I know many people who feel like how I do.

          • amen says:

            It’s funny how you and Razor complain about Bermudians and their “tiny-mindedness” then you go on to label all Bermudians the same. Hypocrite much? Good riddance to the both of you and your weak mindedness. Bermuda will continue to survive and will still be safer than anywhere you two go to live. Bermuda definitely doesn’t need people like you two. Would you like an escort by any local group of gombey’s to the airport? It can be arranged.

        • The road to hell says:

          @ Razor – shared your feelings there – I was sold the dream of Bermuda and learned very quickly all the stuff they don’t print in the guides. I couldn’t take the racism (I mean really – someone calling me honky on Front Street – in 2011, not 1977) the crime, xenophobia (I’ve worked across the world and never experienced anything like it) and wow – the attitude. Best decision in my life ever – leaving Bermuda!

          When you do get on the plane out of there, you’ll see the best sight of your life as Bermuda fades into the distance behind you – welcome to the free world!

          • enough says:

            Again, I’d be interested to hear waht Utopian country you arrived in that is free from crime, racism and xenophobia.
            Be more honest and say that you do nothing to combat these ills but you care a great deal less when they’re directed at others.

            • The road to hell says:

              @ Enough – I actually agree with you – there is no such country on earth.

              The issue with Bermuda though is that all of this is concentrated, more so than anywhere around the world that I personally have experienced.

              Bermuda is not the island paradise it thinks it is. Only by leaving the island and experiencing life elsewhere, you will see that.

              I post on here because I have that experience, and care about the many friends I have in Bermuda who live with the rot every day.

              You still have the power to turn it around Bermuda – but stop talking and more positive action is required from everyone!

              • enough says:

                I’m a foreigner too my friend which is why I know all this chat of here being so bad and ‘there’, wherever that may be, being so great is just abject nonsense.
                Bermuda, by its very nature, is a microcosm. Things that happen here happen everywhere, we just don’t hear about them in the UK, or Canada or Us or whatever cos, on the scale of events happening in those countries, it’s not news. Here, people hear about EVERYTHING and have an opinion on it, lol.
                These facts aren’t for everyone, that much is true but to denegrate the country as you allegedly leave it, is just a tad false.
                I’m sure you, like the others that commented similarly, have many great memories of the beaches or Non Mariners or Happy Hours at Newstead or whatever it may be. I’m sure you’ve met mostly wonderful people, some of whom will and have become folks you are keen to stay in touch with.
                I’m guessing your bank balance looks better than it did when you came or that you did more travelling than you would have ‘back home’.
                It has its faults, sure, where doesn’t?
                Safe travels.

                • Razor says:

                  I’m not saying crime, racism and xeno don’t exist in other countries. They do. But I have visited/worked in 5 other countries and have not seen anything that compares to Bermuda. Why do you think expats and IB are leaving in droves? Why are hotels and apartments empty? Why is business after business closing shop or laying off people? Clearly mismanagement by government is a big part of it but it is the exodus of foreigners. The same foreigners who are vital to the economy of Bermuda. Foreigners who spend big bucks in restaurants, golf courses, bars, clubs, shops, etc to keep many Bermudians in work. I guess nobody gets it though. @Truth is right, soon there wont be a foreigner left on this Island, be it “guest” worker or tourist. I shudder to think what Bermuda will be like then.

    • all clogged up says:

      YEAH! Join BPS…..get your money for nothin and your ‘kicks’ for free! Wreck cars and walk away! 56weeks of ‘stress’ leave per year and retire 20yrs earlier than people that really do work for a living! LOL

    • james S says:

      Recruitment standards have been lowered for years to attract Bermudians.
      You reap what you sow.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    It is a thankless difficult job, especially in such a small narrow minded place as Bermuda. Still, if you can handle the hate & attitude towards the position, it can be very rewarding.

    The benefits are good too though certainly earned much more than the bus drivers, prison officers, etc.

    It must be tough for the recruiters to find people who are drug free & criminal record free along with the basic academic requirements.

  3. joeshmo says:

    it may seem easy but really it is hard.. you can pass the fitness test but due to the body mass index. the dr. can fail u… or the psychologist can fail u….also you have to write 2 essays and take a almost 600 multiple choice questionnaire….and more.. then IF you make it. the crazy training begins..

    • No Faith in the BPS says:

      And one can also be strung along for close to two years and still be rejected due to “Poor Visual Acuity” in November of 2011 despite the BPS Training and Recruitment Staff being in possession of ones eye examination, conducted by a certified optometrist, since January 2011. Then one can expect to look into said reason for rejection and discover that the rejection letter sent out by the training and recruitment staff was never approved to be mailed to applicants in the first place, but don’t expect that to make a difference whatsoever as the more you press into the situation the more deception and resistance you will encounter.