Chickens Poisoned In Warwick West

March 1, 2012

The Department of Environmental Protection issued a statement this morning [Mar.1] after receiving a complaint regarding the poisoning of chickens in the Warwick West area.

The statement said they “would like to remind the public that the laying of poison or the willful administration of any poisonous or injurious drug or substance to an animal without just cause is an offence of cruelty against the Care and Protection of Animals Act 1975.”

“This reminder follows a recently received complaint by the Department regarding the poisoning of chickens in the Warwick West area. While it appears that feral chickens may have been the target, pet chickens have also been poisoned in this episode.

“The public is reminded that pet birds should be caged, cooped or otherwise contained to prevent accidental injury. The Summary Offences Act 1926 requires that poultry be contained on their home premises and should not be free roaming off-premises.

“Persons negatively affected by pet birds should first contact the bird owners, and then if not satisfied with results, contact this Department of Environmental protection.”

“Furthermore, the indiscriminate laying of poison also affects non-target species and deposits the poison into the environment,” concluded the statement.

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  1. Leave de Chic Alone says:

    next time call Mr.Chicken or KFC, just kidding!

  2. Tommy Chong says:

    FOOLS!!! This is why we have so little amounts of land crabs now when they used cover the island. If you hate wildlife so much get off this island & go live in New York City & enjoy the daily smog.

  3. educator says:

    Well somebody should have a plan to deal with the chickens. Seriously.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      If things go bady here we’ll need them chickens…………………


      • K.T.B. says:

        You’re right, if for some reason we couldn’t ship our food in we’d be screwed!

    • rocky two says:

      Govt. is too broke to deal with feral chickens so people are taking care of it themselves.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Soup anyone……………..


    • Tommy Chong says:

      Are they really causing that much harm? The kiskadees & pigeons have been causing more problems for years than chickens. Not saying we should try to kill all kiskadees & pigeons but if chickens are less of a pest why ruin the environment by setting down poison for them?

      • andre says:

        Has anyone been hit by a 5lb chicken at 20mph? I have and it is no Joke. Gov’t shold issue a bonty for every feral chicken in Bermuda. Road Hazard are they not?

  4. K.T.B. says:

    This is such a waste, anywhere else in world people would be clamoring to catch these chickens for food. Free range chicken is delicious you know :-D

  5. Ride says:

    It would seem that the feral chicken population could come in handy if the economy continues with its difficulties while the cost of living continues to rise. The supermarkets are charging a fortune for free-range chicken and eggs. Here we are poisoning a potentially grand product.

    I can see the food critics now:
    “Bermuda Free-Range Chicken. A lovely meaty bird with gamey hints of loquat, Surinam Cherry, and prime Atlantic sea-salt. Serve with a Cedar Berry, Bermy Onion, and black rum reduction over a bed of steamed organic Bermuda carrots. A must have at any price.”

    Lay feed, not poison. :)


  6. Guy Carri says:

    Sorry but the chickens get poisoned because they eat all the crops. Gov only comes to “catch them” every purple moon (that’s less often than a blue one). Sucks that pet chickens were poisoned, but keep them contained or clip their wings so they can’t go as far.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      There are better ways of dealing with the chickens then ruining the environment. Beside there are other animals that eat the crops of Bermuda also. As crazy as it sounds, people are just prejudice of chickens.

    • Not Surprised says:

      Why would you clip their wings??? Chickens only fly a very short distance, so wing clipping would have zero effect….Agree on containment.

  7. GET REAL! says:



    Ay DUN,

    Feral Chickens taste wellish like 339 bottles of relish, no lie. My uncle Falumbrio told me that he and Gertie used to fry them up with PURE medness like canola oil and sangria while they were still alive, and they were just like: “I TASTE BOASTY, DUN.” If we still had that understanding with the chickens, guyz wouldn’t be poisoning them. Just sayin! #RealTalk

    • Sensible Susan says:

      What on earth are you talking about?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Your post reads as tasty as a cornish pasty. Though Gertie should have at least killed them before chucking them in the pot. No use stressing them out & making the meat all tough. Like my pops used to say, “don’t kill anything unless your going to eat it except for insects of course.”

    • YES MATE! says:

      Is that you Clafe?

      • Mussel Pie says:

        I was wondering that myself.

      • Not Surprised says:

        heheheh me too! YAY that would be so entertaining!

  9. Hmmm says:

    Just shout “They’re comin’ right for us!” and beat it with a bat or something. There’s your just cause.

    • Here they come! says:

      South Park, I love it! I saw chickens roaming around the Hayward’s grocery parking lot one time, which is ironic considering their meat shelves are almost empty these days (stock clearing????)

  10. Please wake me says:

    Tell that to the tourist that had to leave there lunch table at one of our hotels because the chickens Jumped up on the table and started eating there onion rings!
    They are out of control and they are a pest.

    • Ride says:

      @Please wake me

      If we started eating them then they would be more wary of we humans. As it is now we just pretend that they are not there so they don’t see us as a predatory threat. I say catch them and (after some testing for adverse environmental effects) eat them. They’ll then soon learn to give us some space.

      It is a little amusing to see them chase the kids and adults at the playgrounds. We are loosing our position at the top of the food-chain.


    • Tommy Chong says:

      I’ve seen the peacock at the aquarium do the same thing. Should poison be put down for them also?

      The problem is not killing the chickens its the way its done. If poison is put down it ruins our wildlife. We used to have land crabs all over Bermuda it was quite a site seeing them cover the roads in the morning. Now there are hardly any crabs left because so much poison has been put down to kill other animals. Another animal that dies from these poisons is our marine toads. Our toads eat many of the roaches & other insect pest. The question on that note is are chickens more of a pest than an influx of roaches if all the toads get poisoned? Putting poison down is an ignorant solution when there’s better ones available.

      • Not Col Saunders . . . says:

        The land crabs have been decimated by the explosion in the Heron and Crane population not to mention the concretization of a lot of their South Shore habitat.

        If chickens were supposed to be here and wild (like the red eared slider turtles that ignoramuses release into the wild) they would have been everywhere when those byes crashed into this place back in 1609.

        You need to have some feral roosters shack up next to your house ..then you’ll change your tune .. guaranteed !

        Keep on exterminating them … well done .

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I know about the herons imported in the 70′s to kill the land crab & thought this was the reason also. When talking to a park warden about this I was told just like the introduced Anoles failed to kill all the fruit flies & the introduced kiskadee failed to kill all the Anoles the same happened with the heron failing to kill all land crabs. So government allowed the landscapers to put poison down on the golf courses to kill land crabs the herons didn’t catch in the early 80”s. Yes he told me the herons did play a part but the poisons did their share also. Then he told me how this later became banned but there are still some who put poison down to kill rats & other creatures but end up killing remaining land crabs in the process & how poison has also affected the marine toads. I also later mentioned this to a former landscaper of Marriot & he agreed this was true. Not to say what your stating is false but poison has also played a part along with other factors in our environmental damages.

          My neighbor keeps chickens & I have gotten used to the crowing so I don’t mind. I can’t complain when he gives me free eggs & an occasional hen to eat. No one needs to put down poison to kill these animals just go in the phone book & find a chicken exterminator or do it yourself its quite easy to. I would then I’d eat them because they would be more healthy than the cornel’s mutated chickens. I have no sympathy for the chickens if there killed in a humane way but I have sympathy for our environment. Like you typed they weren’t here to begin with but many other species were so to chance poisoning the endemic ones is wrong.

      • Please wake me says:

        I agree with you about the poisoning I’m just saying they are a pest. About the land crabs that’s just sad

  11. Wintersun says:

    Oh! That’s why they were so noisy in the wee hours and and early this morning!

    Probably the neighbors that keep feeding those pesky wild cats with that dried up hard cat food just before they go off to work mornings. Must have made the noisy chickens sick!

    I say, if you like those nervy noisy wild chicken and cats, people, keep them in ya house while ya off to work during the day, and then during the night while we all try to get a quiet and peaceful sleep! Our neighbors dogs are more quiet than those neighborhood wreckers!

    And X Riding School, keep ya horse tours along the railway trails and roads, and not through our neighborhoods – safety first.

  12. Can't Take It Anymore says:

    “would like to remind the public that the laying of poison or the willful administration of any poisonous or injurious drug or substance to an animal without just cause is an offence of cruelty against the Care and Protection of Animals Act 1975.”

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tell me, exactly what will constitue as “just cause”!!!

  13. shag says:

    About somebody dealt with them, f you had them in your neighbourhood you probably do the same, they are vermin.

    • Observer says:

      So putting out poison, where someone’s pet (cat, dog, bunny) can get to it as well is OK? I think not.

  14. Patricia says:

    Whoever laid that poison can I have some. Damn chickens!

    • Observer says:

      So…you get this poison and it kills an innocent pet of one of your neighbors…and that’s ok?

  15. WEGIETERIAN says:

    I am not a meat eater. I have dozens of the darn pests around my house dropping their filth even on my doorstep. The only reason I do not kill them I could be killing a reincarnation of myself.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      How can you be reincarnated if your still in your body?

      Nevertheless shanti to you.

      • EL LOBO NEGRO says:

        It is a never ending cycle. I may be the reincarnation of one of your relatives. The one with the 4 legs, long ears and long tail.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          So you wanna insult? Thats okay because donkeys are actually quite smart just stubborn which can be a good trait at times. All I did was ask a simple question. If someone is reincarnated they cannot be killing a reincarnation of themselves as they have passed to the next body already.

          I see you like calling yourself EL LOBO NEGRO but I think a better name for you would be EL SAPO NEGRO.

          No me rompas las pelotas y no romperé el suyo!

  16. Pastor Syl says:

    It is easy to tell we have been spoilt. Free range chickens are more expensive than just about any meat I can think of. Some friends of mine caught a couple and caged them. They get fresh eggs daily, and when they are ready, those chickens will be in a pot. We are too scornful, but I am sure when we are feeling the financial pinch a little more, those chickens will look a whole lot more appealing. I’ll bet you, those non-Bermudians fishing off the rocks think it a stroke of good luck to catch a chicken or two as needed.

    Just as an aside, catching them is great exercise! (I admit, I haven’t managed to catch one yet – I’m watching to find a nest and grab a couple of chicks)

  17. Bda Girl says:

    If you’ve been woken up at 1, 2 or 3 am by not 1 but 3 crowing roosters that roam your neighbourhood freely, you would want to commit chicken homicide as well…and not in the nicest of ways, I might add.
    I had called the chicken catcher previously to come and rid my area of these pests because they were eating my bananas and veggies which I tried to grow in my small garden. I’m going to have to call him again because after a break, a new generation of these horrible creatures are back! Every house in my area now has an outdoor trashcan because the chickens were attacking the trash!
    I don’t think I should have to pay to get rid of them…

  18. Export free range chicken. Could help reduce de Govt debt! Somebody call Min. Furbert ASAP and get him working on it – it’s gotta fly!

  19. Truth is killing' me... says:

    I’m gonna run over every single one of them in White’s parking lot and put KFC outta business. Plain and simple they are a pain in the ass and should be sent back to Jamaica!!!

  20. Oyeah says:

    Chickens all over the place government should control them

  21. mixitup says:

    OMG. I heard at Tuckers Point that a feral Chicken hopped onto the table of a guest and snatched their food off the Table!! And to add insult to injury the visitor was eating chicken tenders. *sniggle*

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Not sure if this still happens but there used to be a cat lady that would feed the feral cats around Tuckers Point’s dorms. This is not good because the chickens would gang up on the cats & eat their food till full. The ironic thing was the cat food had chicken in it so that may be why they have the taste for their kin. Feeding any feral animal increases the population of them. They are wild so they can fend for themselves & don’t need help.

      On a side note I wonder if eating the chickens up at Tuckers Point would give someone mad chicken disease.

  22. Razor Ramon says:

    So will the feral cats be poisoned next?

    • Ride says:

      @Razor Ramon

      Let’s hope not. The feral and domestic cat activity is the only, and I stress “only”, thing keeping the feral chicken population in check. Most likely the feral cats are doing most of the heavy lifting in this effort.

      Don’t kill off the cats or the chicken population will explode.


      • Tommy Chong says:

        I’m not sure about that those chickens are hardcore when it comes to feral cats. As I mentioned to mixitup I’ve seen feral chickens attack feral cats. Though I do agree the cats are a help not much for the chickens but definitely for keeping down the rat population & I despise RATS YEEWWK!

        • bermyluv says:

          Those damn cats scratch up my motorcycle paint job. Let me at em….

    • EL LOBO NEGRO says:

      Or the guys who dig in trask cans looking for food?

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Sad when others eat the food some of us waste. Makes me think who is really civilized.

  23. Jobu says:

    No one’s answering the real question here..

    Can you actually eat a feral chicken?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      If they’ve ingested poison NO. If they are healthy go right ahead they most likely more healthy than some mass processed chicken you can buy. I’m sure the ones around the national parks are alright & the wardens will have no problem with them being caught.

      When I was in the regiment we did the Jamaica trip. Anyone who’s been knows they have many feral chickens. One time some locals cooked some up for us with jerk sauce & traded them with our ration packs, chips & candies. They we’re delicious & better than the beans & wieners our ration packs had. Goes to show one man’s pest could be another man’s feast.

    • EL LOBO NEGRO says:

      With the head, feathers, feet off and gutted? Only Jesus Christ can tell the difference. Do you know what FREE RANGE is?

      • not surprised says:

        EL LOBO.. do you know a healthy chicken when you see one? these feral chickens are NOT healthy. if you want to get sick eating them. then by all means.. go ahead. i doubt you will change anyones mind in eating them.
        Tommy.. the ones in the parks are NOT any healthier than those you see in your yard. As i have known people who have admitted to catching the chickens in their yard and let them lose in the parks. (which is also not legal) if you want to do something about them and possibly eat them. by all means, go out and catch them. rather than rant and rave to those who are unwilling to eat them and find them nothing but a nuisance.

  24. Not Surprised says:

    Reading some of these comments, has really made me open my eyes to what many people actualy feel about animals on this rock….POisoning chicken and cats people…really? Let hope a loved family pet isn’t hurt by this or worse yet…someones young child. Cold hearted folks SMDH. The feral Cat population is helping to control rats… and the chickens pest’s of other kind. Yes they get into our gardens but they also help.

    • pest says:

      hey I heard its like 200 of them power to the poisner keep it rooling matter of fact go round the island they r a pain in the rear

  25. pest says:

    Tell me the name of the posion

  26. not surprised says:

    it isn’t so much the chickens that are the problem as it is the noise of the roosters. they crow at all hours!!! not just at the crack of dawn you know?! that being said.. they multiply faster than you can catch them. they eat all your crops, dig up plants to find a cool place to rest during the day and eat any food you lay out for your animals. (if you feed them outside – i do not, but know some that do)
    If government cannot deal with the problem, they should offer a solution! start bringing in cages that people can buy or rent to catch them with. then offer somewhere where people can drop them off, so that they could be dealt with in a more humane manner. euthanizing them comes to mind. feral chickens are not healthy to eat, i would say. i have seen them eating cat food at the feeding stations they have around the island for wild cats. they are at times fed chicken cat food. so if you want to eat them.. think of the ‘mad cow’ first. then think of the time it takes to pluck the damn things. plus, if you have ever worked on a chicken farm, you can tell these wild chickens are not healthy. saying that, i sure wouldn’t eat them!
    Nowhere on this island offers traps for chickens! i have called Everywhere! people are just poisoning the chickens as a last resort. with how the economy is going, government having no money, and lack of jobs available, people rely on their crops to eat. so let’s think of a better solution. it is an island wide problem. poisoning them is not good, catching them and dumping them down spittle pond is not a solution either.