James Cooper’s Surreal Reality

March 11, 2012

Bermudian photographer James Cooper’s focus on the surreal in everyday life was recently featured in “ARC”, the Caribbean magazine dedicated to highlighting contemporary visual art and culture.

Mr. Cooper, who attended the University of Virginia, has been photographing for the past decade in Bermuda as well as in the Caribbean and Mexico.

“Cooper’s work pushes reality into the fantastic using the lush tropical surroundings of Bermuda and the people who inhabit it,” said “ARC’s” Allison Harbin in the magazine’s February edition. “His early work is almost entirely underwater, in which figures are swimming with horse masks, or floating serenely over a coral bed while tied to a dozen red cubes. He also depicts his figures surrounded by billowing underwater clouds of sand, spray paint, or colored liquid.”

Ms Harbib continued: “Influenced by Japanese flower arrangements, called Ikebana, his above-water still-lives flirt with the fantastic just as much as they show off their mundane and everyday components; a still life of knives jutting out of an old shoe, a palm tree decorated with balloons, or coral wrapped in brightly coloured string.”

For the full interview with Mr. Cooper and a gallery of his photos, click here.

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