Events Unveiled For Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

April 11, 2012

Following a series of meetings, the Diamond Jubilee Committee for Bermuda announced the proposed celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen.

In keeping with the celebrations in the UK and around the Commonwealth, events will be family-centered, inclusive and involve themes central to Her Majesty’s reign. The outline of the proposed celebrations is as follows:

Saturday, 2nd June 2012

  • Departing at noon, a flotilla of local vessels will sail from Hamilton Harbour to Dockyard (mirrors UK event); an open invitation is extended to local mariners, the JL Cecil Smith (the ferry on which HM travelled in 2009) will lead the event.
  • Street festival sponsored by WedCo in Dockyard; entertainment, food, fun for all; and
  • An evening lighting of beacons at various Island locations (mirrors Beacons across the Commonwealth).

Sunday, 3rd June

  • National Worship Service at The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity- Service will be inter-faith and inter-denominational -led by the Bishop of Bermuda.
  • Debut performance of the Jubilee Fanfare, commissioned of Major D. B. Robinson EM, Director of Music, Bermuda Regiment; and
  • Post service Corp of Hamilton sponsored “Picnic in the Park” with entertainment and family events.

Monday, 4th June

  • Charity day – public and private sector encouraged to participate in a charity project in support of local causes
  • Outward Bound, is the proposed Jubilee Charity – for its vital contribution to building character and engendering community spirit in young people
  • The Jubilee Grove: initial planting of Jubilee (Bermuda) Cedar in an area to be designated the Jubilee Grove located at Coney Island; Hamilton Parish (to compliment the reforestation project there) mirrors a UK project with similar aims. Grove opened, tree planted by Premier/His Excellency the Governor.
  • Two Jubilee Scholars, based on academic prowess and all round qualities will be designated and announced as such with a variety of awards to recognize their achievement; and
  • Department of Communication and Information will compile a DVD of the celebrations for presentation to the Palace.

A spokesperson for the Committee said that more details would be released in the coming weeks noting, “Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee has already inspired countries across the Commonwealth and in the Overseas Territories to renew a sense of community and to celebrate those qualities which have exemplified the Queen’s 60 years as Sovereign: commitment, dedication to duty and strong support of charitable causes.”

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  1. Malachi says:

    Couldn’t give a rat’s arse about her or any of her “Royalty” BS!

    • Barracuda says:

      I could .

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Well I wouldn’t give a wiry hair off my huevos about national heros day. Especially since I don’t consider Lois Browne Evans my hero. The queen & her counrty has done more for Bermuda than Lois Browne ever did. You & Ewart need to go live in Jamaica where many claimed a king who refused to leave his plane upon visiting since he saw the locals as ignorant savages. Guess what! When H.I.M. visited Bermuda he was happy to get off the plane & walked happily side by side with our governor content in our colonized island.

      • Somebody's Momma says:

        Dame Lois is a National Hero below are a few others:

        Dr. Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon (‘Mazumbo’)
        Dr. Pauulu Kamarakafego [Dr. Roosevelt Browne]
        Sir Henry ‘Jack’ Tucker.

        Please enlighten us on what the Queen has done for Bermuda.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Firstly the title Dame that many want to hang in front of Lois name was given to her by the Queen even after her party announced a ban on any British titles being given to them. This is why I don’t hang it in front of her name but will in front of Sir John Swan’s. I especially wouldn’t hang it in front of her name since she blatantly announced her plans of succeeding from England soon after she received the title which is outright ungrateful & disrespectful.

          As for the others you have named I agree they are heros but they should be celebrated on Emancipation Day or Heritage Day not by axing as the plp so gracefully puts it the queens birthday celebration. This was done by plp not as a honored gesture towards Dr. Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon, Dr. Pauulu Kamarakafego or Sir Henry Tucker but as a revolutionary tool to push independence & is a misuse of their names & further sign of disrespect to them & our culture. Its quite ironically amusing that they named it national heros day when Jamaica already had a holiday named this many years before. Coincidental? I think not!

          You ask what the queen has done for us & I like to mention before explaining what that the queen is neither the ruler of us nor England but a figurehead representing her ancestors royalty. When I mention what the queen has done for us this is in a whole with her ancestors as she as put before is a figurehead of them. Other than this the queen has had zero say ever since it is the British Government that has ruled since her time but I see you don’t ask me what they’ve done for us & I’m sure you won’t because you already know.

          Now lets go back to when the queens ancestors had a say in the way England & all its colonies were ruled. If it wasn’t for the queens ancestors agreeing to the abolition of slavery years before America our African descended heros would have never had a chance to rise & contribute what they have to Bermuda. Look at America’s history & how its been more of a struggle for African Americans to make it because of the split mentality that even today after a years past civil war still exist. We have had a much less of of a struggle because of the open minded european mentality the royals attained early on. Even after being the first in the west to attain freedom from slavery we also attained freedom from segregation long before our western neighbors. This freedom allowed Lois Browne Evans to become a graduate of King’s College London & Bermuda’s first female barrister in 1953 while America was still under segregation laws. May I enlighten you further if you don’t know King’s College London was founded by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington our queens ancestors. Should I also go on by enlightening you on our queens father who faught in WWI & pushed campaigns & support to further the fight in WWII to achieve the whole worlds freedom including ours. Let me also enlighten you on the fact that our queen, her family & father stayed in london by choice during hitlers bombings to show their undying support & allegiance to go against the fear that the nazi were trying to put the world under. Do you think any of our plp ministers would risk their life for Bermuda?

      • Tommy Chong you have made many valuable contributions to this media nd many that were worth saying but on this I must challenge you to apologize to the family of the late Dame Lois Browne Evans and especially our fore fathers and mothers whom she fought very hard for, both in the black community and the portuguese community,I would urge you to read Dame Lois Bio and her book that she had written for her of her life struggles within a Bermuda who first did not respect her as a black woman,let alone a black leader and then an advocate for freedom that you and I may never know was granted because of people such as herself who did not back down from white supremecy and the forty thieves who once ruled this country and told us blacks we were not worth the spit from their lips. Sir I dont need to attack you or anyone who speaks like this but merely speak the truth and it can speak fot it’s self, when Dame Lois body was carried from the Anglican cathedral on Church street through the streets of Hamilton onto Parleville road and stopped in Honor in front of her residence and then carried to lay her to rest in St. Johns Anglican grave yard, this was done in respect of one of,or if not the greatest Hero known to Bermuda. now I dont get bent out of shape because of your comments but merely hope to help you to desire to educate yourself a little more and if you refuse then maybe others that would read my comments will be inspired to find out more of this Legend in her own Right and the work she did for humanity that help pave the way for equality for all races in our Island. Rest in peace Mom Lois for we still champion your cost.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Yes I know that Lois Browne has helped the progress of the people of Bermuda in some aspects but her lifelong push of independence of those she considered our oppressors has fostered bitterness of other races in her diehard followers. I mean no disrespect but cannot call her a hero when she has partially fixed one issue just to bring about another. Maybe this was because of her younger experiences but it would have helped her to give some realization to her point in life where she saw the change in society that gave her the opportunities she experienced. England & Europe’s open minded mentality grew faster than Americas & still today continues & it would have been good if she harnessed this & pervade it to the ones who came after.

    • JACKIE says:



      • Is it Really negativity or a polite way of being trying to be nice, after all who seems to be really suffering here,AND WHO WAS AT THE HELM TO CREATE SOME OF THIS OR A GOOD PORTION FOR TWO TERMS. we need to disern truth for what it really is and sometimes there is no other way to say it but it would be nice that our leaders also lead by example, because I think outright calling someone a liar on national T.V. does not say much for one who can also be called a liar and far greater.we all have things that one can find fault with but he put himself out there for public scrutiny, if Mr. Brown is so determine to clear his namethen let him do so and then bring the findings to the public but dont go belly aching over something we saw and heard about prior to him leaving office and then come back now after he has been out of office and try and convince us the Govenor is a wolfe in sheeps clothing or are we just plain stupid as he has another chance of taking the light and shine on someone else while he plans his next move, maybe if I was well off and enjoying the fruits of this land I would sit back and shut my mouth and be the better for it but I find myself having to deal with the ilss of society that far out weigh the drug and gun problem any day and it is called survival.lets not forget the good that the good doctor did in his time of office but not forget the greater suffering is more evident now to the point the present administration has to cover its backside to do around about face to keep the party in tact and in power. so Jackie I do take your point well about respect and I for one do agree but every now and then and maybe more then then I get really pissed off about the real accountability that is not been shown and how we as a whole in this country are a laughing stock, so I will leave you with one of my famous quotes, I dont mind being screwed but kiss me when you do it so atleast i can try to enjoy it. that is for whoever wants to try and pick the bones or not pick the bones out of what is being said.

  2. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    I am really confused here. On one hand we want to break loose from the UK, then we turn right around kissing up. Celebrating, accepting Dameships. Lordships, OBEs etc. My biggest disappointment was Dr. Hudson. Shame on you Dr. Hudson. You should have told te EXPLOITER. “Take your award and flush it”

    • Whatever says:

      Will you also be flushing your UK passport down the toilet?

      • Mbaya Avunaye says:

        @ Whatever. Look at my name you IDIOT. I do not have a British Passport. I also never indicated that I love or despise the UK. My post was for those who Say one thing and do the opposite. In case you did not know, Dr Hudson preached for years about what the British has done and still do to the masses. Yet she gets on her knees and bears a title. She is a part of a group that resolved never to accept such from the British.

        • Just saying says:

          Your comment re passport would indicate you are a visitor to our island as the only passport issued to Bermudians by the Bermuda Governmentis a British Passport. While there is a distinction between a British Passport for Overseas Territories and the British Passport issued by British Consulates (ours is generally out of Washington DC) as far as working and residing in the EU; there is no distinction on the support , services and protection provided by the British Consulates around the world. Being a visitor to our island does not preclude your opinion but you should note that it is not voice representing a Bermudian view.

          • Mbaya Avunaye says:

            Sure, you have a PHD in name calling. ‘angry little person,’ ‘immature,’ You assume a lot. If you call living here for over 36 years and happily married to the same wife without ever applying for Bermuda status VISITING. I bet you would love to dangle me upside down overnight for speaking my mind. I love Bermuda it does not mean I love paying homage to the system that Dr. Hudson taught me to mistrust.

        • Whatever says:

          Wow, you’re an angry little person aren’t you?

          You referred to “we” wanting to break loose from the UK. I assumed you were Bermudian (hence also sporting a UK passport- or the right to have one). I was just wondering if you were going to hold on to a passport issued by the hated EXPLOITER in the event of secession. That would also fall under the definition of hypocrisy, no?

          BTW, name calling is rather immature, don’t you think?

  3. Limey says:

    Hahah the British know how to keep their previous and present colonial citizens at bay, and thats by two methods, 1) By Force using the army/navy and 2) Knowing that greed prevails, money and Titles, everyone and i mean everyone doesnt mind recieving a Royal Title, Dame Lois, Dame Jennifer, no matter what your political opinions are on independence, while your still being ‘governed’ you might as well go weak at the knees and bow down and recieve your title!!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Take it easy Limey! The Diamond Jubilee is also held in Canada amongst other countries & is out of respect for the queen as a figurehead & nothing to with current colonization. Even in England many will agree the queen has nothing to do with their government except as a cultural figurehead. There is no force behind it accept the feeling by Bermudians that we must still maintain our culture before we become another American state.

      • Limey says:

        Mate its called a joke, im pro-monarchist, i will be celebrating like every other true patriot with a street party!! As for the role the Queen plays this is my opinion – The Monarchy has no power; it serves to deprive others who would have it and abuse it, imagine a President Blair or President Brown, makes me shudder. Plus the cost of the Royal Family is a fraction of the amount of money spent on the Republican nominee elections, let alone the total spent on the whole USA President election campaign trail.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I figured it was a joke by the, “Hahah” at the beginning of the paragraph. The only reason I pointed out what I did is because I know there’s others here who won’t take it as a joke. There are some who will & do actually believe England controls Bermuda by force; hence the “Take it easy Limey!” at the beginning. I realize this mentality some have is a joke also & England really only treats their remaining colonies like the little children they are & tries to help us back on our feet every time we fall no matter how much we whine & stomp our feet at them. Yes I do get the dry upper lip humor but many don’t as they don’t get monty python & may think they’re insulting their religion & way of life even though they’re just trying to get a laugh. Anyhow I’ll just give a little whistle! & always look on the bright side of life.

          • Limey says:

            Its all about dry humour and sarcasm. My original post im afraid was to antagonise some posters on here, and for that im sorry. I like to see when some of them bite!! Regarding Monty Python, not every Englishman likes it, for me i cant stand it, individually they are amazing. Now if you had mentioned Fawlty Towers, The two Ronnies or Porridge, that would have been right up my street!!!

      • Rapp Bermy!! says:

        SO TRU!!

    • Mbaya Avunaye says:

      Blimey!!! Spoken like a true Limey. Some people will sell their mother for a plugged nickel.

  4. say aint so says:

    @mbaya totally agree
    some of the most materialistic people on the face of this earth, the biggest group of wanna bee’s

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The Diamond Jubilee main representatives are part of the Bermuda Regiment & Government House who are hardcore loyalist that stand to attention & salute the British military colours flags when they go past. The plp does not want to upset those who literally have the biggest guns in Bermuda especially when they will need them if we go independent. If we ever went independent it would have to be done in a way that looks as if it was the Bermudian people’s choice so the government will maintain military support.

    • RealityBites says:

      Hahahahaha – the most ironic thing ever to come out of the mouth of a Bermudian!

  5. two to true says:

    most def…the ones that are quick to turn their nose up are first in line to look good !

  6. YES MATE! says:

    Kernal David Burch’s ex boss’s birthday, huh? Will Paula A Cog be attending her birthday party?

  7. I gotta be me says:

    So, will there be a special holiday on the Monday 4th June to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? A friend of mine said, “Whatever one’s politics, principles, and philosophy, monarchist or republican, most fair-minded people would agree that Elizabeth Windsor is a testament to what a woman can achieve when “affirmative action” enables her to be chosen for employment in a difficult job, fulfills the duties and obligations of that job outstandingly well, and builds her career unencumbered by either prejudice, bigotry, or discrimination. She has shown what women can do. For that alone her achievements should be celebrated. Mother, grandmother, full-time employee in the capacity of international diplomat, holding together disparate nations, most of which were former colonies, many with rusty but valid axes to grind, and binding them together into an international economic and development alliance. Acting in the capacity of advisor to eleven prime ministers, in informed discourse on affairs of state and government. Scrutinizing 3,500 bills and understanding them before passing them into law. As Head of State, welcoming and entertaining other heads of states and dignitaries from around the world. As Head of State, visiting other countries around the world acting as goodwill ambassador, and even treading where former heads of state would have been resoundingly unwelcome. 60 years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and accrued wisdom. A pillar of continuity often in uncertain times. A much-loved figurehead for her people, regardless of class, creed or colour.”

  8. I believe we are still under the Crown and I also believe the Bible has taught us to render unto Ceaser what is ceasers and as long as we are under the cCrown we ought to show respect for the Crown and with that said i just have to wonder if the abuse of the Crown will cost us far greater then we expect down the road,as we have already seen the Royal visits throughout the Commenwealth that has already taken place and will continue to take place througout this years celebrations of Her Majesty’s rein, So why have we not been choosen for one of the Prince and their wives to come to Bermuda, just maybe Govenor Gozney has told Buckingham Palace that those idiots of Bermuda dont want nothing to do with the Crown and as far as Bermudians are concern the Queen is nothing to them or for them and she is a disgrace to the majority of the Bermuda population and the Govenor is just a paid hired hand to watch us while on a paid vacation, well them are some harsh sayings but do we really have folk in Bermuda that think like that, I dont think so but wait a minute there was a British/American Insurance guy who insured him self to both Nations to protect his own interest that I do believe speak like that, now memory aint as good as it use to be but I think that Guy was out of the Island for a minute and now he resurfaced and spoke almost these same things before he left and to make sure we did not forget he spoke them again yesterday, now you wont be talking about the great doctor would you, i not sure but there was a Ewart Brown in todays news that the story broke yesterday and he was saying the same words almost but with his own twist, but what do I know about these things cant believe everything you read or with technology,everything you see, some bogus idiot made these comments and they put an old clipping making it look like that a great former Premier would make such degrading accusations, boy I am glad we cleared that one up, So there you have in Buckingham Palace We love you and why are you not sending down one of your Royal represntatives to pay respect to your loyal servants. (Berbritianish)

  9. Mad Dawg says:

    Every time there is a major Royal Event, like a wedding or Jubilee, it’s an opportunity for Bermuda to have a tourism angle that many competitors can’t have. Tourists who come here would love a Royalty theme.

    Of course, the government here is too filled with anti-colonial venom to see the opportunity.

    • I like my UK passport says:

      I agree – what a wonderful opportunity. We should have been promoting this to our overseas visitors months ago. We know our American cousins love seeing stuff to do with Royalty, it is so different to the usual vacation.

  10. Still remembering the awesome reception The Queen received from the majority of us BERMUDIANS during her last visit to Bermuda not too long ago!

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    last year Bermuda, in its narrow mindedness lost millions in tourism dollars ignoring the Royal Wedding.

    Wether we like the Royals or not does not matter. our primary customers, the Americans, love them. Whats more they like the Britishness, real or percieved, that they see in Bermuda.

    This is what I learned in 18 years on the frontline of tourism in direct contact with visitors for hours everyday.

    Give our customers what they want. They want to see the Union Jack. they want to see the Governor in his silly hat standing next to Paula in her silly hats. They want to see the Police in their Bobby helmets. They almost always asked in royalty has property here or how often did they visit?

    Like them or not this is a chance for Bermuda to earn some much needed tourism dollars putting on a show.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      This is true! I have no idea why some try to Americanize Bermuda when we have America next door. Tourist love the cobble stones in St. Georges & old architecture but our minister cuts this access of for them with cancellation of ferry routes. Still I think we need some fun for the kiddies also as they get tired of seeing old stuff after a while. Fun stuff doesn’t mean we’ve Americanized as london has its Hyde Park events, Brighton has their pier & Eastbourne has their Fort Fun. America didn’t invent fun stuff they just capitalized on it & we are definitely in need of some capital.

  12. Jen says:

    The organizers of the jubilee have done a remarkable job thus far as far as the preparations are concerned. What is great is that not a single day goes by without a new revelation of something that will contribute to the celebrations and above all the fact that the jubilee will take place not only in London but all around the world. That’s why I think it’s great that the members of the Royal family have been promoting the jubilee in the Commonwealth countries as well. As a Canadian I can say that the bond between Canada and Queen Elizabeth has always been very strong and the jubilee is a great opportunity to celebrate her life as well as the values that we and the British have in common.