Two Men Jailed For Stealing Liquor From Hotel

April 19, 2012

Troy Robinson [44] and Tyrone Ming [51] came back to Magistrates Plea Court yesterday [Apr.18] and pleaded guilty to charges involving stealing $355.80 worth of liquor from the Tucker’s Point Club on 1st April.

Robinson was separately charged with one count each of receiving stolen goods and with damaging Police property. He pleaded guilty to the receiving charge but not guilty to the damage charge.

The Prosecutor chose to drop the second charge of damaging Police property, proceeding only with Robinson’s second receiving charge, which was laid alongside the primary charge of stealing that faced both men.

The facts read out to Senior Magistrate Archie Warner were that on 1st April, bar staff at the Tucker’s Point Club had heard the sound of bottles ‘knocking together’ in the liquor storage area. On investigation, they saw that the liquor cage door was open and they heard the sound of persons moving in the immediate area but outside the building.

A bartender ran outside and saw two men on a motorcycle who were getting ready to leave. The bartender managed to grab the pillion passenger and tried to pull him off but couldn’t do so and the two men rode off. The bartender raced to his own bike and gave chase, but lost the two. Other Tucker’s Point staff called the Police and all gave descriptions.

A few minutes later, in the Devonshire area, patrolling police saw two persons fitting the descriptions getting off a scooter. They accosted them and saw that the scooter had a cardboard box on the foot platform. One man, it turned out to be the rider Robinson, ran off and got away. The other man, the pillion passenger Ming, was caught.

After questioning, Ming admitted participating and said that it was Robinson “who took the stuff.” The stuff was 15 bottles and a mix of whiskey, rum, and vodka. Police picked up Robinson later that same day.

Noting that both men were ‘known to the Court’, the Senior Magistrate asked each man if he had anything to say. Ming said that his last conviction was in 1999. He said: “I was just getting a lift. I just got caught up. I didn’t know what was taking place.”

Robinson was more voluble, saying: “I’d like to apologize. I got a call to go pick up the box from Tucker’s Point. I was talking to Mr Ming when I got the call. We both went to Tucker’s Point. When I got there I saw the box where they said it would be. I never went inside the place.”

When the Senior Magistrate expressed some incredulity at Robinson’s story, Robinson replied: “I’m not a thief. I’ve been out since October. You never give me a chance.”

The Senior Magistrate reminded Robinson of his past, pointing out that he had been convicted of offences in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, and 2005. The Magistrate reminded that these were convictions for theft as well as other offences.

Mr Robinson listened to that with his head bowed. He then raised his head and said to the Magistrate: “This is a system designed to oppress the black man.” The Magistrate said that Robinson was responsible for his own actions.

The Senior Magistrate then sentenced each man. Robinson received twelve months imprisonment, with the sentence commencing from 4th April, the day of his arrest. Ming got thirty days also commencing 4th April.

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  1. Wandering says:

    Young people, it is all about your choices, decisions – separate yourself from folk you were involved with before and those that you know live that lifestyle. Seek the Lord while He may be found, walk His walk and talk His talk.

    • Truth says:

      “Young people”???? These 2 low-lifes aren’t YOUNG – they are 51 and 44 years old!!

      • Wandering says:

        I was encourage those younger than the men charged. not to follow their lead – sorry to have misled anyone

    • Hmph says:

      What are you talking about? The article says these 2 hooligans are aged 44 and 51. They aren’t teenagers, they are grown men old enough to be a papa!

  2. Winnie says:

    To quote Mr. Robinson “this is a system designed to oppress the black man” smh, brother you are 44 when will you ever take ownership of and for your actions? You my brother is locked in mental slavery and need to emancipate yourself, as you are the only person that can do such. Pull your socks, boots, straps up my brother it is never too late.

  3. all clogged up says:

    LOL “This is a system designed to oppress the black man.” This guy has attended one too many ‘polictical’ rallies i.e. The Big Conversation….. LOL

  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    But your honor I’m hooked on the white man’s “Devil Juice” like 80% of the people on this island. Freeeee me Lord from this bondage…AMEN! CAN I HAVE AN AMEN!!!!

    • all clogged up says:

      no you may NOT have an AMEN…… but you can have a drink! hahahahahaha

      • Mountbatten says:

        Where he is going he can have a man everyday . I can’t stand to see an old fool stand before a judge pleading for ‘another chance.’

  5. Just sayin says:

    Lock up the Judges, they are all a waste of time and doing more harm than good.

  6. markus says:

    “You never give me a chance” ahahaha

  7. just think about says:

    Sure the black man is oppressed in this country …this
    is not new information,,,the biggest purportraitors are other black people !
    most black people love to see their own brother and sisters down thats why this story is so funny to some ! and i am sure not all are white… most black bermudians are quick to judge or gossip and slow to help. there is a lot of negativity in such a small place..
    It sicken’s me to be around some people here because the conversation is so limited to trivial stuff like bring down some one,and most of the time they dont even know the person,