22-Yr-Old Man Charged: Handling Ammunition

May 14, 2012

22-year-old Julian Washington of Pembroke was remanded into custody this morning [May 14] to re-appear on Monday 28th May 2012.

Mr Washington faced the charge of unlawfully handling a .45 calibre cartridge on 8th January 2012 in Pembroke Parish. The case must be tried in the Supreme Court so he was not required to enter a plea, and he was remanded in custody.

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  1. Judgement says:

    Who is going to be first to convict this guy (via a comment) before he even gets his day in court

    • Hmph says:

      I don’t know. Neither do I care. I just know that I’m tired of seeing that name in the news.

      • Listen says:

        You don’t know whatsup, so why bother speaking of things to which you know nothing of?

        • prada says:

          All I knw is BPS is doing a lot of one sided arresting and that they are getting away with it because we as bermudians are nd I quote fed up nd we want to see things happening that we dnt care as long as the police arrest nd charge some1 we are fine it doesn’t matter if their guilty or not as long as they are charged nd a jury can and will convict we are happy. Smh bermuda plz wake up nd see what’s going on here b4 what we think is a problem gets worse from bps wrongly arresting and juries wrongly convicting. Remember I said this

  2. Listen says:

    Generally speaking, we don’t see what’s going on here.
    The police are taking over this island.
    Thanks to our fear and our last Premiere.
    Drugs are gonna be sold, someones gotta do it.
    They say its a $6billion dollar industry.
    This is a recession… Worldwide.
    The money is being taken off the streets, in the name of safety.
    Yet more guns are in the island, and the ‘Balance of Power’ is gone.
    Now any fool with a drug addiction can act up and get away with it.
    Now the police and officials can decide how the drugs will be distributed.
    Somebody’s gotta do it.
    Where did all these guns come from all of a sudden?
    R.I.P. to the realest Kings who used to keep your average crook in check.
    Now you have nobody watchin your back.
    People gettin robbed in their own homes.
    Safety is nowhere, its gotten to that.
    So scared we trust any solution from those who we should not.
    We forget our history and put faith in Imperialism.
    The same who brought us to the island as slaves.
    We think time changes things, we don’t know our history,
    So we don’t learn from the present.
    What we guna do?

    • ???? says:

      Well said

    • Fiat Lux says:

      @Listen, I think you should take heed of your first comment because you sound ignorant as hell! Too much weed, too much TV and not enough books or education. We’re always quick to blame the police and the politicians but what about the little ignorant boys, who used to be ace boys, who are now going around robbing and killing each other. I guess the police and politicians pull their strings too…

      • Listen says:

        I would bet money that my level of education extends further than yours. Yes jokah, they certainly do pull strings. You need to wake up and see how Bermuda is no different than anywhere else in the world. I’ve had beef with plenty of these little ignorant boys you speak of. And I’ve seen them do crimes and get put right back on the streets, it’s called plea deals.
        Learn your history. You see, I am educated, and therefore understand politics better than you may ever. So if you think what I’m saying is absurd, you clearly don’t know your history! because it repeats itself!

  3. 42 and somerset guys are all getting time for whatever crime they can put on them,while Parkside guys I see, are all going up and the charges are been drop,not enough evidence,smh who the hell is behind this,I hope they rot in hell, your fast money is going to run out, what happen in the dark, will be shown in the light. Some of us no whats going on, but we can’t speak, cause the system stinks.

    • prada says:

      Hey 1 thing your paying attention and I’m not on no 1 side I’m mutual I can go anywhere but I see the blatant bulls$#t nd its not nice if I can see the fu^$ery I knw clear as day Ray charles can 2. I’m jus saying

    • Are You People Stupid says:

      Um sayin are you retarded are something….42 n Somerset guys are going to jail because they are lose and dumb….they are getting caught they are leaving evidence…what do you expect…obviously these Parkside guys are smarter

      • prada says:

        I think your dumb and you need 2 syop talking aint no uneducated boys smarter [edited] who u gne tell u getting framed that’s gne believe you? Nt the juries they’re fed up remember nd the bps are all saints they dnt do shady things now do they? Rme

  4. STREETCODE says:

    Hang in Julian,Jason % Damon there is a big comspiracy going on in our community, those BIG RATS money lovers story tellers are going to be found out.

  5. street smart says:

    da just wana see the reall ni**z locked up!! ne way parkside are police pets end of story! KEEP YA HEAD UP JU THEY CNT STOP REAL CUZ REAL RECONIZE REAL!

  6. truth says:

    If real recognizes real then face reality and quit lying to yourselves. He just as bad as the rest so his asa needs to rot in jail too. This is all his wrongs catching up to him. NO MERCY!!!

    • Listen says:

      Reality? What is our islands reality? Unfortunately we are not engaged in what is going on in our island. Why? Because we as Bermudian are not listening. We as a community need to learn to listen and listen to learn. Our media and those whom we are governed by only feed us minimum information of what they feel is sufficient (just enough to keep us quiet) to cover up the reality- we are quick to point a finger, discuss it around our kitchen table and make senseless comments, until yet another allegation or negative report entertains our ideal minds. But who are we questioning? Why are we not asking questions as to why our Bermuda has been deteriorating? You can’t be oblivious to the idea that gangs, guns, and drugs issues were created by the boys we see in our newspaper- they have become a product of their environment by a system that was designed for them to fail. Every reaction is a result of an action, and those whom have created the problems, are also the ones who have the solutions…So before you or anyone should suggest that one rot in jail, learn to listen both verbally and non verbally because what you are reading isn’t the reality, it’s just to cover up the true reality of what is really going on in our island.

      • Listen says:

        real talk, you who decided to use my alias to make a point. well put

  7. Duh says:

    Stay strong Juelz! Wish you stayd out of bermy fam! Damn

  8. What’s in the dark will surely come to light who ever it is playing us like a video game will get exposed some time!We need a watch dog set up to attack Goverment an clean up house to bad Paula to busy taking trip like uncle Eward when he was in control she can’t be bother with what’s going on as long as her first class ticket is available see u bermudians later while we are like crabs in a bucket WHO IS BENIFITING off of such a beautiful island going UGLY??????????????????????????

  9. Remember the P.L.P. building is around court street the biggest drug st on the island what type of meeting u all are having round there???????????A better Bermuda????????

  10. Karma says:

    Karma is a bitch aint it Julian hahahahahahaha