BBA Police Club Track Road Race Results

June 4, 2012

With May 24th champion Dominique Mayho not in field, Mark Hatherley took advantage and rode to victory in the Bermuda Bicycle Association’s Road Race on the Police Club Track yesterday [June 3].

Hatherley recorded a time of 1:59:45, with Shannon Lawrence finishing second clocking 1:59:50 and Mark Godfrey finished third in 1:59:51. Alan Mooney was clocked across the line in a time of 1:59:54 finishing 4th and Ian Port finished fifth clocking 1:59:55.

The Men’s Adult B race saw Johan Viver edged out a win with a time of 1:25:23, Daniel Oatley finished second clocking 1:25:27 and Dennis Joell finished third in 1:25:28.

The Adult C Class winner was Clive Hook who broke the tape in a time of 56:01, McQuinn Burch finished second recording a time of 56:06.275 and Edwin Jordan finished third clocking 56:06.933.

In the Women’s Open Division, Gabby Arnold finished first with a time of 59:08, Wenda Roberts finished second clocking 59:23 and Heather Cooper finished third in 59:31. Kalaeb Tannock won the Junior A Class with a time of 1:06:03 and Caleb Simmons finished second clocking 1:06:06.

Zion Dowling rode to victory in the Junior B Class clocking 27:51.578, Robin Horsefield finished second in 27:51.827 and Alyssa Rowse finished third in 28:02.976. Tao Lambert won the Junior C Class with time of 16:56.095, while Benjamin Edwards finished second clocking 16:58.921 and Christian Roque finished third in a time of 17:17.258.

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  1. Y.N.W.A. says:

    Check my boy Mark!!!