Man Accused Of Violating Domestic Order

June 27, 2012

In Magistrates Court this morning [June 27], Jamal Hawker, 39, managed to avoid being held on remand until trial on Friday 29th June.

Defended by lawyer Marc Daniels, Mr Hawker was charged with violating a domestic order that had required him to have no contact with his wife. It was alleged that on 26th June in Paget Parish, in contravention of a Domestic Violence Order, Mr Hawker had allegedly harassed his wife. Mr Hawker pleaded not guilty.

During a lengthy bail hearing Senior Magistrate Archie Warner was persuaded to grant bail in the amount of $2,000 with one like Surety. In granting bail, Magistrate Warner ordered that until Friday’s trial, Mr Hawker should stay away from his wife.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Clearly the court is unaware of what a dangerous thing that was just done. Domestic orders are put in place for a reason and if it is violated it’s a sign that the law is no deterrent. I’m very surprised that the offender was let out on bail. If anything happens to this lady before Friday, someone in the court should be held responsible.

    • Fruity says:

      I am not surprised AT ALL; they do not care at all about civilians unless it has to do with drugs and guns. Sadly if this woman was to defend herself and succeed in causing bodily harm to him – they’d be QUICK to want her arrested despite the order in place.
      As a victim of this insane ‘law protection’ I hope she able to handle herself and if charged go to jail with her head HIGH because this “domestic” sh*t is sickening! And I can agree it can be male/female but no action is taken seriously by law unless life has been taken.


      “IF” false pretenses then why would the spouse be around for a second time? Its not hard to stay away from the negative factor despite the island being small & if kids are involved there are numerous options to enforce to still keep the two in seperate spaces…. but either way there’ll be no action unless he/she commits murder or close to it ;)

  2. g-gurl says:

    He was already told to STAY AWAY ! DUH

  3. Nonsense says:

    There are always two sides to a story. Did you ever think that she got the protected order under false pretenses. Just a thought!!

    • Unbelievable & Sick N Tired!!!! says:

      If she did, he should be smart enough to stay away from her until he has his day in court or where ever to prove that’s what she did. What if she didn’t. Here’s a fact for you: Abusers become more and more violent the more they feel and/or see that they are losing their victim . . .what if he seriously hurts her????????